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Anti-Marijuana Group Tries to Save Face by Spinning Marijuana Poll Results


Smart Approaches to Marijuana

A new poll commissioned by the anti-marijuana group Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) accidentally revealed how unpopular current marijuana prohibition is in the United States.

The poll asked 1,000 randomly-selected registered voters from across the United States their opinion about the federal government’s current marijuana policy. When the poll’s results revealed that the majority of respondents (83%) were pro-marijuana, SAM took action by spinning the story.

SAM, in an attempt to save face, spun the story by publishing an article titled: “Half of Americans support alternatives to full marijuana legalization: poll.”

In reality, the poll reveals that a vast majority of Americans (83%) support marijuana by disapproving of current federal marijuana prohibition.

Poll results:
– 49% support federal recreational marijuana legalization
– 29% support federal medical marijuana legalization
– 5% support federal marijuana decriminalization
– 16% want to keep current federal marijuana prohibition
– 1% of respondents said they were “unsure”

This poll, and many other polls, are proof that Americans have become pro-marijuana and support federal recreational and/or medical marijuana legalization while disapproving of current federal marijuana prohibition.


Photo: learnaboutsam .org / Featured photo: marijuana .com