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Hemp Bombs CBD Edibles Review: Do They Really Work?

Hemp Bombs CBD Edibles

Hemp Bombs CBD Edibles


  • Delicious flavors
  • Incredible benefits of CBD
  • Different sizes for different price points


  • Can be expensive, better to buy in bulk (just like all CBD products)

Millions of people around the world suffer from chronic pain, seizures, anxiety, and depression. Rather than turning to prescription pharmaceuticals, many of these people are searching for a more natural way to manage their symptoms. CBD edibles, like Hemp Bombs, are one of the methods that people just like you are turning to to help manage your conditions.

As someone who is brand new to the world of CBD, I definitely had skeptical hippo eyes when I first received my package of Hemp Bombs CBD edibles. CBD (short for cannabidiol) has been hyped up as being the miracle cure for a variety of ailments like the ones previously listed and more. Like many first-timers, I was wondering: does this stuff really work or is it all just bullshit?

So do Hemp Bombs edibles actually work? Lesa (one of our other reviewers) claims that Hemp Bombs CBD e-juice has helped her anxiety tremendously. Let’s take a look at their line of gummies, syrups, and capsules and find out if they’re worth the money.

Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies

As part of my Hemp Bombs sample pack, I received a bottle of 15 CBD gummies. I’m someone who is quite experienced with regular THC edibles (I live in Nevada where you can just go to a dispensary and buy some) so I knew that I wouldn’t be seeing any effects from these gummies until about 2 hours after I ate them. As with any type of edible, start low and go slow. So I started with one gummy and decided to wait a few hours before redosing.

These gummies taste incredible! They’re so good that it was almost impossible to resist the urge to eat the entire bottle in one sitting. These gummies are coated to with fine, super-sweet sugar; the flavor explodes in your mouth with each bite.

Unlike recreational and medical marijuana that has THC, there are no mind-altering effects with Hemp Bombs or any other CBD product. So once that 2 hour mark hit, rather than getting a “high” feeling I instead felt a wave of calmness and focus. Almost all of my normal day-to-day anxiety was gone and I was able to go about my day feeling like a “normal” person. This is how everyone should feel all the time. All of those benefits without any mind-altering effects. Simply amazing.

Hemp Bombs CBD gummies

Hemp Bombs CBD Capsules

Hemp Bombs also manufactures a line of CBD capsules that have a similar effect to their CBD gummies. If you’re the type of person who knows that you’re just going to eat the entire bottle of gummies in one sitting, or if you just prefer the form factor and convenience of a capsule, then this product is perfect for you.

The mental effects are exactly the same as with the gummies and syrups, with a similar 2-hour delay before you start to notice a difference. These capsules are by far the easiest and most effective way to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

Hemp Bombs CBD capsules

Hemp Bombs CBD Syrup

This is where things start getting crazy.

Gummies and capsules are probably the most common way to ingest CBD (other than by vaping it), but if you’re the type who would rather drink your CBD than this high-quality syrup is the way to go. I picked up a bottle of fruit punch-flavored CBD syrup. The flavor when drinking it straight is top-notch. It doesn’t have any disgusting “medicine” taste to it (unlike cough syrup). It literally tastes exactly like fruit punch.

The cool thing about Hemp Bombs syrup is that you don’t have to drink it straight. Simply pour a small amount of this CBD syrup into your favorite beverage (the fruit punch flavor goes great with any type of fruit juice).

It’s really cool that you can get the benefits of CBD just by pouring a little bit of this delicious syrup into a glass of juice that you’re going to be drinking anyway. It doesn’t get much easier than this.

Hemp Bombs CBD syrup

What’s the research say about CBD?

A 2013 review in the British Journal of Pharmacology found that CBD is effective in helping patients who suffer from some of the following conditions:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Psychosis
  • Inflammation
  • Neurogenerative disorders
  • Anxiety and depression

As with anything, it’s important to consult your doctor to find out if CBD is a good choice for your specific ailment. Some people have reported incredible results from CBD edibles and others have told us that it didn’t do much. Everyone reacts differently. But if you think that there’s a possibility that CBD will help you out, it’s worth it to give Hemp Bombs a try. They have tons of affordable options that will fit just about any budget.

The best place to buy Hemp Bombs CBD gummies, capsules, and syrup is directly from Hemp Bombs. Prices vary.

How do Hemp Bombs CBD edibles compare to the competition? Check out our list of the best CBD edibles and the best CBD e-juices in the world. You should also read our review of Koi vape oil.

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J.R. Reynoldson

About J.R. Reynoldson

VaporVanity co-founder J.R. Reynoldson spends 364 days per year wishing that it was 4/20. He is easily offended by your comments.

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Cannabis Businesses Protected From Federal Government. For Now.


What will you say about cannabis this holiday season?

For many of us, the holiday season means attending a number of office holiday parties. Between trying to snag egg-rolls and chicken skewers there’s a lot of networking, re-connecting, and small talk (so what do you think about Jimmy Garoppolo?). If you’re talking to a stranger, the conversation often leads to “and what do you do?” When I tell them I’m a corporate attorney who advises cannabis businesses, they usually ask about the federal government. Specifically, they ask what’s keeping the federal government from cracking down on the cannabis industry? That’s when I ask them if they’ve ever heard of James Cole, Dana Rohrabacher, and Earl Blumenauer. I then give them a brief history lesson (while keeping an eye out for new appetizers) on the Cole Memorandum and the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment (formerly known as the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment).

We’ve previously covered the tenuous nature of the Cole Memo since U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions can revoke it at any time. Fortunately for the burgeoning cannabis industry, Sessions has managed to restrain himself and has kept the Cole Memo in place. What’s of more immediate concern is the status of the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment (“RBA”).

The RBA prohibits the U.S. Department of Justice (“DOJ”) from spending money to interfere with the implementation of a state’s medical cannabis laws. The RBA has proven to be one of the strongest protections for the cannabis industry since the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals enforced the spending prohibition against the federal government. After that ruling, the DOJ filed a motion to put a stay on one of its cases against medical cannabis growers in Washington (known as the Kettle Falls Five case). In order for the RBA to survive, either the House of Representatives or U.S. Senate appropriations committees need to attach the RBA to a federal spending bill. That federal spending bill then needs to be approved by the House and Senate and then signed by the President. The House is doing its best to keep everyone in the cannabis industry nervous this year as they blocked a floor vote on the RBA back in September. To add to the unease, Congress came dangerously close to another government shutdown this past week as it had until December 8th to pass a budget to fund the government. Congress didn’t pass a comprehensive budget but instead passed a stopgap spending bill to keep the government running – and the RBA in place – until December 22nd.

A two-week extension of the RBA does not come close to providing the stability cannabis businesses in a billion dollar industry need when making strategic business decisions, but it’s better than the alternative: a government shutdown and wild uncertainty. What the stopgap bill does do, however, is buy everyone time to call their local congressperson and Senator to voice their support for the RBA and for an end to the federal government’s antiquated (and unjust and immoral) position on cannabis. What we’ve learned in President Trump’s first year in office is that he hasn’t made cannabis policy a priority and he will most likely sign whatever spending bill Congress puts in front of him.

The President’s lack of interest in protecting the legal cannabis industry means it’s vitally important YOU call your representative to make sure the RBA is included in the spending bill that ends up on the  President’s desk. So make that call and send that email! We don’t want the conversation at the next holiday party to be in remembrance of the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment.

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Totally Wicked eXpedition TNG Juice – Totally Awesome!

Totally Wicked

Totally Wicked


  • Amazing flavor
  • Smooth hit

I get sent a decent number of juices, some I buy, and others I’m sent to review. I have to tell you, I don’t think there’s been a line of juices that I have been more impressed with than Totally Wicked eXpedition TNG line.

From the moment I opened the box I could smell this juice, which is always awesome. They sent me four flavors of the TNG – or The Next Generation – line, including Grape SC, Carrot Cake, Watermelon Clouds and RWHY4.


It smelled so good that I just could not wait to give it a go, so I started almost right away with Grape SC. It smelled even better when I opened the bottle and man, was it an amazing smooth taste. I say was because I used every last drop of this awesome juice. I was expecting it to be a more of a grape soda, but it was just grape bubble gum awesomeness. Oh, and let me add that this line of juice is “optimized VG,” which I what I prefer, so it was just an extra bonus for me.

After falling in love with the Grape SC, I decided to give Watermelon Clouds a shot. Again, I was certainly not disappointed. Full, smooth flavor and a great hit.

If you’ve read any of my other reviews involving any watermelon flavored juice then you’ve seen me say that it can be hard to perfect the watermelon taste. More often than not it seems that the watermelon flavor is elusive and the target is totally missed.

Sometimes this turns into a happy mistake and the juice turns out to be a good flavor but not watermelon. Other times it is just a disaster. With Totally Wicked eXpedition TNG Watermelon Clouds it was straight up watermelon, all night long.



Totally Wicked hit the nail on the head and created a fantastic watermelon juice that, unlike others, is actually watermelon flavored. Trust me, if you are into watermelon flavor, you’ve got to give this one a try. Or, if you are just into a good fruity VG juice, give Totally Wicked eXpedition TNG Watermelon Clouds a shot. I personally haven’t tasted anything like it in an e-juice.

Now, let’s talk Carrot Cake. Again, this is not an easy flavor to nail when it comes to making e-juice. I have tried a good number of carrot cake juices on my own dime and been sorely disappointed.

While I enjoyed the Totally Wicked eXpedition Carrot Cake, I was not as wowed as I was with the Watermelon Clouds. It was a nice, dessert flavor that was not too weak or too strong, it was pleasant taste but it did not blow me away.

It was nice to have a carrot cake juice that did not make me gag like so many other brands. So, in summary, I liked the Totally Wicked eXpedition Carrot Cake juice as a good dessert flavor, but it did not wow me with overwhelming carrot cake flavor.

I would rate this one as good, but could be better. Now, if you vape and you are into a good tobacco taste, then the Totally Wicked eXpedition TNG line’s RWHY4. Both the smell and taste of this juice are impressive, very hardy.

I’m not personally a fan of tobacco flavored vape juice but that certainly does not mean that I can’t recognize a good one when I use it. The optimized VG really makes this a smooth hitting juice, with other the drying throat hit associated with darker juices. Even as someone who would not typically buy this juice, I found it full flavored and pleasant.And, if course, the bonus to vaping tobacco flavored e-juice against smoking a nasty stinky stick is that the smell is pleasant and dissipated quickly!


Totally Wicked eXpedition TNG is manufactured in this United States and offers 12 different juice flavors. Those flavors include Almond Enjoy, Artic Blast, Blueberry Blackberry, Cannoli Philled, Dragon Fruit, Glazed Donut, Gummi Berry and Strawberry Cupcake. After trying the four flavors this company sent me, I must admit that I am looking forward to trying some of these other flavors.

Now, let’s talk about price for just a minute.

These flavors of Totally Wicked eXpedition TNG sell at $19.99 for 30 ml through the manufacturer. For some, this may be a dear price to pay for such a small bottle of juice. Most consumers are used to paying $20 or $25 for a 120ml bottle.

Heck, if I was in the vape shop and saw that it was $20 for a 30 ml bottle, I would probably pass it up to get more for my dollar. But, now that I have had an opportunity to try these flavors I feel they are totally worth the money. Totally Wicked really nailed the flavoring on these and went the extra mile to make them smooth and pleasant to vape. My opinion is that Totally Wicked eXpedition TNG is woth the price and worth giving it a shot.

I know I’ll be ordering some for my own personal stash. The best place to buy Totally Wicked juice at directly from the manufacturer.

Don’t forget to check out our list of the best organic e-juice and the best cheap e-juice so you can find out which e-liquid best meets your unique needs!

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About Lesa Storms

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Advanced Cannabis Business Software WebJoint Can Automate Compliance


Advanced software designed for the cannabis industry can automate reports to maintain compliance with regulations.

Automation can also keep cannabis business operations running smoothly and provide a seamless online customer experience.

Pyrotree Inc, a Los Angeles-based cannabis software company, provides an all-in-one service called WebJoint that operators can use to generate data on point of sale, inventory, distribution and more for required reporting to government agencies.

WebJoint recently announced closing a $1.5 million funding round led by RedTape Ventures. Since 2014, WebJoint has grown to nearly 200 retail clients, and is the only cannabis compliance software with an integrated website builder & eCommerce platform.

Dispensaries that use integrated technology to provide better service have an advantage, whether they’re using their website to alert patients about what’s in stock, or to manage delivery services and track a driver’s location at a given time.

WebJoint is poised to be a leading provider to businesses compliant with all city and state laws moving forward, according to a release.

Pyrotree Inc co-founders Christopher Dell’Olio and Hilart Abrahamian made a stir this year as 22-year-old entrepreneurs by raising millions for their company. They talked to Cashinbis about their all-in-one software, and plans for 2018.

Christopher Dell’Olio – CEO (on left), Hilart Abrahamian – COO (on right) (WebJoint)

How does WebJoint cannabis business software help dispensary operators manage compliance?

Dell’Olio: The need for compliance in Colorado and Nevada means getting down to the metric. What cannabis they’re harvesting, how much, where the product is going – is it going to an edible manufacturer? How many edibles are produced from it? It will be hard for anyone not familiar with regulations.

With our service, the state will be able to track where the product came from, and we can automatically report to the state so operators don’t have to worry about compliance reporting.

In California, everyone has a different way of doing things, but the state is implementing a standard way of operating for management and packaging. We give [dispensaries] the tools to manage their business, and a website as well. You need to have your own brand and website because the market is so saturated that you need to find a way to stay relevant moving forward.

For example with delivery services, you can use your website to dispatch orders and see where drivers are. We’re always looking to those kind of integrations.

Abrahamian: It’s important with delivery services to keep them compliant, and we’re one of the few services that has driver accounts. There are complications coming for delivery services with taxes, and with tax guidelines differing from city to city.

What’s attracting investors to WebJoint?

Abrahamian: It’s an all-in-one software – you can get your licenses set up, and then with WebJoint you don’t have to worry about what data you’re sending to the state.

Dell’Olio: We’re looking to work with investors who understand our vision. They understand the background of the industry and they’re ready to move forward.




What kind of features are dispensary operators requesting?

Dell’Olio: I’ve always had a passion for the cannabis industry since I was 18. Hilart and I started a web design company, and we had a dispensary in San Fernando valley telling us, “We need a website with inventory, point of sale, and patient information.” That’s when we started to realize there was a need for track and trace platforms.

Abrahamian: We were making websites using WordPress when we started. We didn’t know about track and trace or point of sale software. Business owners are asking to be able to sign patients up on the website, verify them, and let them place orders, but the software didn’t exist.

As we developed it, we took advice and criticism from clients – “Why can’t I manage my inventory?” The system is very comprehensive now, from point of sale to being able to generate financial reports.

What is the marketplace that you open up to WebJoint clients?

Abrahamian: With the marketplace, we’re finding the best products out there and featuring them in front of our customers.

Dell’Olio: We have three main categories: distribution and brands, integrations, and website themes. We have specialized WebJoint themes for websites and we’ve opened the gate for any designer to make WebJoint platform themes, sell their themes to dispensaries, and make commission.

What’s the story behind the spider in your logo?

Abrahamian: The spider in the logo is a play off “Web” in WebJoint and it represents that we’re the glue of the industry with our all-in-one software.

What’s ahead for 2018?

Dell’Olio: States that are growing rapidly will slow down once licensing cools off. I see other countries legalizing cannabis – three out of ten calls we’re getting now are from Canada. The seed-to-sale space is very populated. Software companies are getting hacked. Companies are trying to do it all and they’re messing it up, but we’re focusing on what we do best.

Abrahamian: For WebJoint, inventory management. We’re adding the ability to have inventory locations selected, like storage rooms.

Dell’Olio: We’re tracking inventory down to the gram – you can see how much a driver has on them and how much product came out in each location. It’s something the industry needs for delivery drivers.

Any plans to go global?

Dell’Olio: Our salesguy is talking to someone in the UK about how we can offer services. We have a global focus and we’re waiting to see what happens.

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Best Online Vape Stores


Brick and mortar vape stores are everywhere these days, but many vapers still choose to buy vapes online for the wider selections and the likelihood you’ll be able to get a better deal. Finding the best online vape stores isn’t easy though. Anybody can start a store, so how do you know which ones are reliable? How do you know you’ll be getting a good deal? Which stores carry the biggest selections of vape gear or e-juice? Which stores can you trust to ship your products out quickly and provide great customer service if you need anything? We’ve put together this list of the best online vape shops to help you answer these questions.


Best Online Vape Shops


10 – Vape Wild



Vape Wild is a well-known company for their excellent range of affordable e-liquids, but they have a pretty impressive vape store as part of their site now too. It might not be the very best online vapor store you’ll find, but they carry an impressive range of mods, sub ohm tanks, RTAs, RDAs, spare coils, drip tips, batteries, chargers, accessories and much more. In addition to their own extensive line of e-juice, they also offer juice from other companies including Beard Vape Co, Cosmic Fog, Charlie’s Chalk Dust, Element, Kilo, Space Jam and others. Finally, you can also pick up supplies for DIY mixing at the store.


If you’re making a purchase from the US – or any US territory outside the continental US – you get free shipping on any order over $30, with an impressive 24-hour turnaround. For international customers, anybody placing an order over $50 gets $10 off shipping costs. With such a great selection, good prices and a great shipping policy, it’s easy to see why Vape Wild ranks as one of the best online vape stores you’ll find.


You can visit Vape Wild’s store here.


9 – UK E-Cig Store


UK E-Cig Store - Best Vape Shop UK


As the name suggests, the 9th best online vapor store caters mainly to UK vapers, but they have an excellent range of gear and e-juice and also ship internationally. The online vape store carries e-juice from a huge range of companies, including ANML Vapors, Cheap Thrills, Cuttwood Vapor, Dinner Lady, Element, Five Pawns, Mad Hatter, Nick’s Blissful Brews, One Hit Wonder, the Milkman and many more.


There’s also an impressive selection of sub ohm and non-sub ohm tanks, RDAs, RTAs, rebuilding supplies and pre-made coils on offer, covering most of the big-name brands in the industry, such as Smok, Aspire, Uwell, Kanger, Wismec, Wotofo and more. They offer both mechanical and variable wattage/variable voltage mods, and plenty of batteries in the most widely-used sizes. Finally, there are chargers and accessories on offer too.


In short, UK E-Cig Store offers pretty much everything you could need from a vape shop, and offers free tracked 48-hour delivery on orders over £20 within the UK. For other countries, your shipping cost is calculated based on your specific location and order. If you’re in the UK, it’s easily one of the best online vape shops there is, and for anybody outside the UK it’s still worth checking out their selection to see if you can get a better deal.


Visit UK E-Cig Store here.


8 – Mt. Baker Vapor


Mt. Baker Vapor - Best Vape Website


Mt. Baker Vapor’s online vape shop is another example of a company that started out mixing and supplying their own-brand e-juices quickly developing into one of the best vape websites in the industry. As well as their own e-liquids, they also offer juices from a huge selection of brands, including 13 Floor Elevapors, Black Label, Charlie’s Chalk Dust, Mod Milk, NJOY, POET, the Neighborhood and many more.


For hardware, Mt. Baker Vapor is also a great place to buy vapes online, with a massive selection of regulated, unregulated and temperature control mods, as well as more basic vape pens better suited to new vapers just switching from smoking. As well as this, they offer a small selection of rebuildable devices – mainly RDAs but also an RTA – and a nice range of sub ohm tanks and more basic clearomizers. Finally, they also offer plenty of accessories, including batteries, chargers, drip tips and supplies for rebuilding.


Mt. Baker Vapor offers free domestic shipping (via USPS) on any orders over $50 (without tax and shipping), and process most orders within 24 hours of you placing them. There are a range of shipping options for domestic customers, and they also ship worldwide within 3 to 10 business days.


Visit Mt. Baker Vapor here and check out one of the top-rated online vape shops in the industry.


7 – Giant Vapes


Giant Vapes - Largest Online Vape Store


Giant Vapes is one of the more well-known vape stores online, but it’s focus is a little more limited than many of the entries on this list. They do have a range of hardware – including sub ohm and non sub ohm tanks, regulated and unregulated mods, rebuildable atomizers, spare coils, batteries, building supplies and the usual selection of accessories – but they really shine when it comes to their e-liquid selection.


The list of e-juice brands available at Giant Vapes is almost daunting it’s so long. They carry e-juice from ANML, Beantown Vapor, Beard Vape Co, Boosted, Charlie Noble, Charlie’s Chalk Dust, Cloud Company, Cosmic Fog, Cuttwood, Epiclouds, Five Pawns, Jimmy the Juice Man, Pinup Vapors, POET, Sicboy, Space Jam, Suicide Bunny, Teleos, Villain Vapors and tons more. If you’re looking for an e-juice, chances are you’ll be able to pick it up from Giant Vapes. If you’re only looking for e-liquids, Giant Vapes is arguably the most popular vapor store there is.


Giant Vapes offers free shipping on all domestic orders, with first class if your order is under $75, priority mail from $75 to $250 and overnight shipping on any larger orders. They also ship orders on the same day provided it is placed before 5 pm Eastern Time on weekdays or before 2 pm on Saturdays. You can visit Giant Vapes here if you want to check out their vast selection of e-liquids.


6 – VaporBeast


VaporBeast - Ecig Store Online


VaporBeast makes this list of the best online vape stores for its impressive range of e-liquids and hardware and its great prices. The store offers a sizeable collection of mods, with specific sections for temperature control devices, box mods, mechanical mods, unique options and handcrafted wood mods. There are also more basic starter kits and eGo-style devices available for newer vapers, and even a section for “hot and trendy” devices currently taking the vaping world by storm.


The sixth best vape shop does really well for atomizers too, offering a huge selection of sub ohm tanks and more basic clearomizers, as well as rebuildable tanks and dripping atomizers. You can pick up spare coils and rebuilding accessories from the site too, as well as other accessories like drip tips, cases, lanyards and much more. They have batteries and chargers for sale too.


The e-liquid selection might not be quite as big as at stores like Giant Vapes, but they still have a great selection that includes many well-known and up-and-coming brands like Cuttwood, Cosmic Fog, Dinner Lady, Glas, Jam Monster, Kilo, Mad Hatter, Naked 100, Ruthless, Space Jam, Uncle Junk’s and many more.


They offer free shipping on orders to the US for any purchases over $35, and will ship the same day if you place your order before noon Pacific Time.  They’ll also ship internationally to most countries around the world. Visit VaporBeast here.


5 – MyVaporStore


MyVaporStore - Buy Vape Mods Online


MyVaporStore bills itself as “the Electronic Cigarette Superstore,” and even though it’s a marketing slogan, it’s pretty much accurate. It’s easily one of the most visited online vape stores there is thanks to its impressive selection of devices and the well-designed layout of the site. You can find everything you need to get started with vaping here, ranging from the basics right through to tools, wicks and wire that only more experienced vapers will really need.


The selection of mods offered by MyVaporStore is broken down by their power output (with sections for 30 to 80W and 100 to 350W devices), the number of batteries they use, box mods or pen-style devices, options with a built in battery and even ones that use the DNA Evolv chipset. There’s even a whole section for dry herb devices to meet the needs of people hoping to vape something other than e-juice, and one for “pod” style devices that are perfect for new vapers wanting something simple to use.


The range of tanks, rebuildable devices and other atomizers is broken down by brand, although there are specific sections you can use to find eGo-friendly atomizers and rebuildables. These options cover most tanks on the market, with all of the major brands represented, and replacement coils are also widely available. The e-liquid selection is almost good enough to rank them as one of the top e-cig stores in the industry, with tons of juices available from a wide range of brands, including premium-style juices and even nicotine salt e-liquids that work perfectly with pod-style devices.


MyVaporStore also offers free shipping on any order over $75, but only ship domestically, including Puerto Rico, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, and FPO and APO addresses. Visit MyVaporStore here.


4 – Halo Cigs


Halo - Best Vape Website


As far as online vape shops go, most are third-party companies offering a range of products from other companies which manufacture them. However, Halo Cigs makes it to this list thanks to an impressive range of own-brand devices with some Aspire devices to top off the offerings and give extra options to vapers.


Halo is best known for its selection of e-juice, and there are tons of e-juice flavors available under both the Halo and Evo brands, both of which have high-VG options available too. Regardless of the type of flavors you like to vape, there will be plenty to suit your preferences available from Halo. Their devices range from the basic cigalikes through to many capable vape pens and more recently, onto mods in the Reactor series styled after Eleaf devices of varying sizes. Coupled with a wide range of sub ohm tanks and more basic clearomizer-style devices, there is plenty of choice on offer from Halo. The store also has Sony VTC5 batteries available, as well as coils and atomizer heads for your tanks.


Halo will ship both domestically and internationally, with free shipping for domestic orders totaling over $75. If you think this could be the best online vapor store that focuses on their own brand, you can visit Halo here and check out what they have to offer.


3 – VaporDNA


VaporDNA - Best Online Vape Stores


VaporDNA is a firm contender for the title of best place to buy vape mods, and takes third place in our run-down of the best online vape shops. The website has a massive selection of vaping gear and e-liquid, with a constantly-evolving stock list and the newest and trendiest devices always placed front and center of their store. The prices are always great and the selection is really hard to beat, and the site is easy to navigate around to find what you’re looking for.


The selection of mods at VaporDNA is enough to land it on this list alone. You’ll find the most recent devices from every major manufacturer, as well as many less well known names that still put out some great devices. It’s easy to find what you want thanks to the categories, which include DNA box mods, VV/VW mods, ultra portable options and sub ohm vape pens, as well as having a “Vaper’s Chocie” section which lists recommendations from experienced vapers. The range of tanks and atomizers is also hard to beat, with tons of sub ohm tanks on offer and RDAs, RTAs and RDTAs all being well represented. Of course you can also pick up spare coils and rebuilding materials too.


They also have an impressive selection of e-liquids available, from a massive range of brands and easy to browse by either brand or flavor. They also have nicotine salt e-liquids available and pre-filled flavor pods for pod-style devices. Finally, there are dry herb and concentrate devices from VapporDNA too. This is why it’s one of the best places to go if you’re looking to buy vapes online, whatever you’re hoping to vape.


VaporDNA also offers free shipping on all orders over $49 going to the continental US and any overseas territories, including military addresses. They ship worldwide, although there are some exceptions relating to local laws. You can visit VaporDNA here.


2 – VaporFi


VaporFi Online Vape Store


VaporFi is another entry on this list that focuses on its own-brand products, but it has enough variety to make it a top-rated vape shop that doesn’t carry third-party products. The VaporFi store is split up into three main sections: e-liquids, vape devices and accessories, and each one of these is loaded with excellent products suitable for everyone from newer to more experienced vapers.


The e-liquids carried by VaporFi span the most common types of flavors – including tobaccos, menthols, fruits, desserts and candies – and there are also a few premium lines, with one Crafted By line including some options mixed by Cosmic Fog, and the Specialty and Grand Reserve collections. You can also custom-make your own e-juice that perfectly suits your taste and preferences.


VaporFi offers a huge range of mods and vape pens, too. There are sub ohm vape pens that offer great performance in a user-friendly format and higher-resistance options that use less power and are better-suited to mouth-to-lung vaping. The online vape shop also carries mods of pretty much any type, with TC box mods and variable wattage devices being widespread, and there are also all-in-one devices that give you everything you need to start vaping aside from vape juice. The range of sub ohm tanks and clearomizers is also impressive, and there are also a couple of RDAs for any vapers looking for rebuildable devices. You can pick up tons of accessories too, including drip tips, spare parts, rebuilding tools and supplies, and 18650 batteries.


Finally, VaporFi also has a growing collection of dry herb vaporizers available, most notably the Atom and the Orbit vaporizers. These are both great additions to the line-up, catering to the needs of people vaping dry herb either at home or on-the-go.


There is free shipping for domestic orders with no minimum purchase, which is yet another reason VaporFi earns a spot on this list of the best vape stores online. They also ship internationally, so you can pick up vaping gear from VaporFi no matter where you live, depending on laws in your country. Visit VaporFi here.


1 – DirectVapor


DirectVapor - Best Vaporizer Online Store


DirectVapor is our pick for the best online vape store thanks to their ever-expanding product list and always-low prices. The store offers everything a vaper could need, with loads of mods, pen-style devices, tanks, rebuildables, e-liquids and dry herb vaporizers, as well as an impressive range of batteries and accessories.


It’s the best place to buy vape mods online, with a huge selection covering the most popular devices on the market that’s easily searchable by maximum power output, manufacturer, price or the type of mod. If it’s on DirectVapor, chances are you’ve found the cheapest online vape store that carries the mod. The same goes for vape pens, and DirectVapor carries everything from the most basic vape pens to sub ohm capable powerhouse devices. They also have a huge collection of dry herb devices, including portable dry herb devices, desktop units and concentrate-supporting vape pens on offer. They’re arguably the best online store for vaporizers altogether, and easily the best option that also carries traditional vaping gear.


For tanks and atomizers, you’re really spoiled for choice with DirectVapor. There are sub ohm tanks from all of the big names in the industry, an impressive selection of RDAs, RTAs and RDTAs – including all of the rebuilding tools and equipment you could need – and plenty of standard tanks for anybody wanting something to use at lower power settings.


Finally, the selection of e-liquids on offer from DirectVapor might not be quite at Giant Vapes-levels of variety, but there are plenty of big-name brands in the line-up to keep you happy for a long time. The range includes brands such as Alpha Vapes, Beard Vape Co, Charlie’s Chalk Dust, Cosmic Fog, Element, Flawless, Lost Fog, Mad Hatter, Milkman, Motley Brew, Mr. Good Vape, One Hit Wonder, Ripe Vapes and many more.


DirectVapor offers free shipping on all domestic orders, with no minimum order amount required. On top of this, they’ll also ship your products on the same day if you order before 12 pm Eastern Time, and they also offer a price match on anything in-store if you find it cheaper somewhere else. These are all reasons DirectVapor is the best online vape shop in the industry. They also ship worldwide. Visit DirectVapor here.




The best online vape stores listed in this post are all great places to pick up vaping gear, but unlike when you’re looking for the best mod or best RTA, you don’t have to exclusively pick one option. You can check all of the stores listed above when you’re trying to pick up vape supplies online, and make your decision based on who offers the best deal or the specific device you’re looking for. You might end up with a favorite place to buy vape products online, but there are always plenty of options to try out.

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What Does the FDA Really Think About Medical Marijuana?


Everybody knows that because marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug under the Controlled Substances Act, it is illegal to sell under federal law. Last year, the FDA again reviewed the published scientific literature on medical cannabis and recommended that marijuana stay in Schedule 1. The DEA relied upon this finding in its August 2016 ruling upholding the cannabis ban.

What everybody doesn’t know is that the FDA’s website says that it “actively supports the development of drugs from marijuana.”

Some statements are even more emphatic: “FDA needs to do all it can to support the needed scientific research with marijuana to characterize its therapeutic promise.”  What? Is the FDA suffering from cannabis cognitive dissonance? Not at all. Under the Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act (FDCA), the FDA has the power to approve drugs, based on scientific evidence.

The reason cannabis hasn’t been rescheduled is because, according to the FDA, there is not sufficient evidence to show a currently accepted medical use.

Where does the FDA get off saying there is no medical use? A look at the FDA’s history is instructive. Modern drug regulation started in the beginning of the last century, when the market was filled with unregulated patent medicines claiming to cure everything from constipation to cancer. Many of these medicines, e.g., Johnson’s Mild Combination Treatment for Cancer, were merely worthless.

But some were poison. Elixir Sulfanimide was marketed in the 1930s as a raspberry antibiotic syrup. Unfortunately, this elixir contained diethylene glycol, a known toxin, and killed over 100 people, mostly children. The manufacturer performed no safety testing–because none was required. This and other tragedies in the 1930s led Congress to pass the Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act, the first comprehensive law requiring that medicines be proven safe and effective. This history shows the importance that the FDA places on its core mission of making sure that drugs are safe and effective, relying on scientific evidence including human and animal trials.

As previous readers of this blog might recall, the FDA will usually treat any substance that is “intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease,” or that will “affect the structure or any function of the body of man or other animals,” as a drug. The FDA’s key decision in approving new drugs is whether the drug is safe and effective for its proposed uses.

So how do you perform scientific research on an illegal Schedule 1 drug to prove safety and effectiveness?

On its website, the FDA tells you how: “The FDA believes that scientifically valid research conducted under an [Investigational New Drug] application [INDA] is the best way to determine what patients could benefit from the use of drugs derived from marijuana.” The INDA is the method that most proposed new drugs begin the approval process. Once the proposed new drug has undergone the (extensive) testing required by the INDA, the test data can be used to file a New Drug Application (NDA). Virtually all prescription drugs sold in the U.S. are approved under an NDA.

The FDA has already approved three products based on cannabis compounds.

Marinol was approved in 1985 to treat nausea caused by cancer chemotherapy, and Sydros, a liquid form of dronabinol, the active ingredient in Marinol, was approved earlier this year. Cesamet (nabilone) was approved in 1985 and 2006 for nausea and neuropathic pain. The active ingredients in all of these drugs are synthetic forms of THC. So we know that cannabis can be approved as medicine.

Why there aren’t more FDA-approved cannabis drugs?

To find out, be sure to read our next installment, in which we will examine what you need to get an INDA and an NDA. Bring lots of paper or its equivalent; you will need to take notes.

For more on the FDA and cannabis, check out the following:

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Product Review: Silver Stick One Hitter


One hitters have been around for a long time, and honestly they’re never too exciting. If you’re not familiar with them, a one hitter is a cigarette sized pipe made from metal or ceramic with a big enough bowl for about 1-2 tokes. The name of the game here is stealth and convenience. Silver Stick has changed the one hitter game with their 2-piece one hitters that allow you to use a cotton filter. This makes the hits much smoother and eliminates the danger of inhaling an ember, a small and relatively simple change that has made me realize how much I love one hitters!


Silver Stick Review

The Silver Stick one hitter comes in two different sizes, the Large and the Slim. The Slim version claims to hold enough for 2-3 draws, while the Large says 4-6; personally I feel that either one is closer to 1-2 draws… The two models are virtually identical in terms of length, but the Large is a fair bit girthier. Each model sells for $25 USD, or you can get the Leather Dugout set for $55-$89. The Most expensive version is the one pictured below with all the extra goodies.

Found in the box:

  • Silver Stick one hitter
  • 15 Natural cotton filters
  • Stainless steel poker
  • Smell-resistant cap

*Included in the leather dugout set:

  • Leather dugout
  • Metal Clipper lighter


The leather dugout set is really quite nice, and would make a wonderful gift. But honestly for the added price it doesn’t feel worth while. I’d stick with the $25 one hitter and save the $50+ they charge for a leather case / metal lighter.

Adding a cotton filter to a one hitter is a stroke of pure genius! I’ve thoroughly been enjoying the smooth hauls it provides coupled with the convenience only a one hitter can provide. Changing out the cotton filter after every few uses is a bit of a nuisance, but well worth the few seconds it takes.

While I mentioned that the leather dugout set was a bit overpriced, it is really put together quite well. It’s a perfect setup for on the go tokes while staying classy and compact.

The one hitters themselves are made of aircraft-grade alloy and are very efficient at dissipating the heat. If you are rocking hit after hit you’ll notice it gets a bit warm to the touch, but for casual use it’s not an issue whatsoever.

One major potential downside is the constant need to replenish your cotton filters. I’m not sure if there is a cheaper generic option out there, but the folks at Silver Stick offer 100 Cotton Filters for $7.50, which is a pretty fair price in my mind.



Exceptionally smooth hits for a one hitter.

No fear of inhaling burning embers or spent ash thanks to the filter.

Convenient and extremely simple to use.


The price of the Dugout model is a bit much, but it’s a very nice set.

You’ll need to stay on top of your cotton filter stash.

Final Thoughts

There’s really not much else to say about the Silver Stick. It’s a really great one-hitter that works well and feels solid. The price is a bit jarring, but if you’re in the market for a one hitter this is no doubt the one to buy.

Get yours here:


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Best E-Cigarettes 2018

Juul by PAX Labs

The Juul is by far the gold standard in the e-cig world, and for damn good reason. It’s received stellar reviews from prestigious publications around the world (including us).

The Juul utilizes a proprietary pod-based system with a ton of cool, unique flavors. The battery is extremely powerful and is packed in to a unit that isn’t much larger than a standard USB thumb drive. The Juul by PAX is by far the easiest way to get started with vaping for beginners. And if you’re an experienced vaper who wants something simple, and portable for your on-the-go vaping needs, it doesn’t get much better than this. The performance is comparable to the larger mods that you’re used to, without the unnecessary complications.

The Juul is the most popular portable “cig-a-like” on the market right now. Millions of happy customers can’t be wrong.

Juul by PAX Labs E-Cig

Read Review                                                                                             Shop Now

KandyPens RUBI

KandyPens is a rather new entrant into the world of e-cigs. Don’t let that discourage you, however. They have a stellar reputation in the world of wax and dry herb vaping. In fact, they are one of the biggest names in that side of the vaping world.

So how does their first foray into e-cigarettes stack up to the competition? Surprisingly well. Like most other “cig-a-like” style e-cigs, the RUBI utilizes a pod-based e-juice system. Unlike the competition, though, KandyPens allows you to refill the pods with your own juice. So if you have an e-juice brand that you prefer, you can use it. You’re not restricted to a limited line of proprietary flavors. If your the type of person who wants no limitations on your vaping experience, the RUBI is a solid choice.

KandyPens RUBI e-cig

Shop Now

VapeDynamics Cora

The Cora is another excellent choice for the beginning vaper who wants something that is easy to use and effective. If you’ve ever used a Juul, then you know exactly what you’re getting with the Cora. The Cora is essentially a Juul clone. The form factor, performance, and proprietary cartridges are all extremely similar to the much more popular Juul.

The sleek, minimalist design is sure to appeal to anyone who wants to avoid the dreaded “vape nerd” reputation. The Cora simply looks cool. The proprietary cartridge system features magnetized reloading capabilities, meaning that it’s never been easier to swap out pods when you run out of juice.

VapeDynamics Cora e-cig

Shop Now

BO One

The BO One is another less well-known competitor to the wildly popular Juul. This one features a much more modern appearance than other e-cigs. The sleek, sexy, rounded corners make this e-cig look like it was designed by a famous fruit-named tech company. The 3800mAH battery is more than powerful enough to help you push out some of the hugest, most glorious clouds imaginable.

BO One e-cig

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E-Cig vs. Vape

The terms e-cigarette and vape are generally used interchangeably these days, but for the purposes of this list there are some important distinctions.

The word “vape” refers to literally any type of vaporizer. Whether we’re talking about dry herb, wax, dab rigs, mods, or even the portable draw-activated devices in this article; “vape” encompasses them all.

The word “e-cigarette”, on the other hand, is used by many people to describe just about any nicotine e-juice compatible vape. That includes mods, vape pens, and even the devices in this list.

But in this article, we’re reserving the word “e-cigarette” as a term that describes small, portable, pod-based, draw-activated devices. This means that the larger button-activated, tank compatible mods aren’t going to be included here. If you’re looking for the best mods or best mod starter kits, we have lists for those already.

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J.R. Reynoldson

About J.R. Reynoldson

VaporVanity co-founder J.R. Reynoldson spends 364 days per year wishing that it was 4/20. He is easily offended by your comments.

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California Cannabis Industry Bowling Tournament to Earn $4.20 a Strike For Cannabis Charities


A cannabis industry bowling tournament in Los Angeles next week will fundraise for two cannabis-related charities, in the spirit of the season. Bowlers will have the opportunity to raise money for CannaKids and Marine Qweens, earning $4.20 a strike and half as much for a spare.

The California-touring The Big Lebongski Bowling Tournament series, presented by Supreme Organics, takes place 9 p.m. December 17 at Bowlero Mar Vista in Los Angeles.

This is year three for the cannabis industry bowling leagues and the first for The Big Lebongski Tournament. It’s also the first time they’ve bowled for charity.

The trophy designer, Jim Embrescia (left) and Gary Lane (right) with The Big Lebongski trophy.

Organizer Gary Lane, who became active in the cannabis industry in the 1980s when he designed a board game called Trafficking, said “The Big Lebongski is an event I created – it’s a little bit of a reference to The Big Lebowski. The idea is to make it a cannabis industry event and raise money for charity,” Lane said.

California-based charity CannaKids supplies CBD oil to adults and kids, specializing in pediatric cancer, autism and epilepsy. “We are so appreciative to this incredible organization for their generosity towards our patients,” said Tracy Ryan, CannaKids CEO. “So many families suffer extreme financial hardships when their child is stricken with disease, and it’s events like this that allow us to continue to provide free medicine to those in need.”

Marine Qweenz is an organization whose mission is to educate, empower, and inspire those suffering from the residuals of serving in the military. In November, Marine Qweenz held a cannabis veterans ball.

“We do that through the education of cannabis, fitness, and other natural alternatives,” said Tanganyika “Tangy”,CEO/Co-Founder of Marine Qweenz, “So we are more than proud to partner with The Big Lebongski events to help complete that mission.”

Michael Hurt, CEO of edibles manufacturer Supreme Organics, is sponsoring the tournament. Hurt said,“We are also very proud to present The Big Lebongski Bowling Tournament Series and we hope that everyone out there in weedland comes out and joins in on the fun, especially with such a worthy organization benefitting from your on-lane successes.”

The Big Lebongski trophy is envied as much as The Stanley Cup, Lane said. In year two, it was won by a team called Girl Scout OGs, after a popular strain.

The upcoming tournament’s winning team will claim The Little Lebongski bowling trophy plus each team member scores a nifty bowling pin pipe. The victorious squad is also invited to The Big Lebongski Tournament of Champions on April 22 in Burbank, California – where the grand championship team gets to take home The Big Lebongski trophy.

The Big Lebongski trophy is envied as much as The Stanley Cup, Lane said. In year two, it was won by a team called Girl Scout Ogs, after a popular strain.

“Let’s give this away to the grand champions of a series,” Lane said.

Current Tournament of Champions invitees include local champions from Burbank (, San Diego (The Biff Spliffs), San Francisco (Top Shelf Express Delivery), Sacramento (Pure Life Collective) and Orange County (Green Goddess Collective).

Lane encourages cannabis businesses to put together their own bowling teams and join in.

The team entry fee is $420, which provides a donation to one of the charities, and includes a Supreme Organics Goodie Box, 100% cotton, Hanes Beefy-T, The Big Lebongski T-shirt for as many as six team members plus all games, bowling shoes and awards. Visit the website for more information.

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VooPoo TOO Box Mod Review


8.8 Final Score

If you like the design of the new VooPoo TOO mod, then you are going to love this box mod. Under the hood is an upgraded Gene chipset that is one of the fastest and most accurate sets on the market. With a bunch of features like customizing your power output by the second, a pulse soft fire mode for high wattage vapers and powered by either 1 or 2 18650 batteries with an output of up to 180 Watts, this mod is nothing short of awesome!

CHEAP VooPoo TOO Box Mod Deals & Coupons!


VooPoo TOO Mod Only (no tank):

*$55.99 – VooPoo TOO Box Mod – Free US Shipping – Get This Deal!

$69.60 – VooPoo TOO Box Mod – Plus $4.99 US Shipping – Get This Deal!

$71.99 – VooPoo TOO Box Mod – Free US Shipping – Get This Deal!

$89.95 – VooPoo TOO Box Mod – Free US Shipping – Get This Deal!


VooPoo TOO Starter Kit With Uforce Tank:

$72.67 – Coupon “ST15” – VooPoo TOO Starter Kit With Uforce Tank – Free US Shipping – Get This Deal!

$89.90 – VooPoo TOO Starter Kit With Uforce Tank – Plus $4.99 US Shipping – Get This Deal!


* Recommended based on shipping time and price!

In-depth VooPoo TOO 180W TC Box Mod Review

The VooPoo have released a new mod utilizing their successful Gene chipset and the ability to interchange between a single 18650 battery and dual battery function. We take a close look at the new features available and see if it competes in the battle to produce the best vape mod.



VooPoo has tried something new with the design of the VooPoo Too. They have removable stylish sides or doors available in 4 different patterns so you can ultimately change the look of the mod depending on your mood!

VooPoo TOO Mod different designs

The doors slide on and off with relative ease and we enjoyed just fidgeting with the doors, it’s kinda like its own fidget gadget!



Whats different about the VooPoo TOO Mod is that it can hold either one or two 18650 batteries, the difference is that with one battery it can reach up to 80W and with two it reaches 180 Watts. Obviously, the battery life is limited to just the one battery installed.

Front and side view of the VooPoo TOO mod

Along with the updated GENE Chipset, the original we found on the Voopoo Drag, this mod is known to be one of the fastest firing mods on the market, no waiting for that vape, just press the fire button and 10 milliseconds later your vaping baby! This chipset is also recorded as being precise with a 0.1% accuracy score. This is pretty unheard of, but as mods improve over time we will undoubtedly see more companies achieving this goal.

On the side is the firing button, not as big as many, but it’s easy to find in the dark, also has an OLED screen and a plus and minus button to adjust wattage. It also has a USB port and supports USB charging with a whole host of safety protection like reverse charging protection, short circuit, over time, over temperature protection etc.  The top of the mod has the 510 spring loaded connection to fit the majority of tanks.

VooPoo Too OLED Menu

Menu and Functions

Clicking the button 5 times turns the mod on and on the OLED display you can see the battery life of each 18650 battery, resistance, voltage and vape timer. The Nice bright screen that dims when you’re not using it. 3 clicks of the button allow you to enter the menu and change things like wattage to temperature control etc.

It also has a custom power setting, where you can adjust the power for each second the fire button is pressed. Pretty cool feature!

When you install a tank it will ask you if it’s a new coil. If you select yes it does for some reason reset all your settings!

VooPoo TOO doors


The original Gene chipset was awesome, but this upgraded version is nothing short of perfection. Firing this mod is so responsive that you get that full vape experience quicker and easier. Depending on the tank and coils you use this box mod is going to deliver the best vaping experience, as long as you set it up correctly. Is it a mod or e cig to help quit smoking, well it can be, but a bit of experience is really needed in order to set it up to suit.

For the higher wattage vapers, it has a SOFT mode, this protects the coil from burning by creating a pulsing fire, i.e. instead of a consistent wattage, it turns on and off at that wattage to create a softer and smoother vape.

We were so impressed with this mod that if you can grab it cheap then you should grasp with both hands! Take a look at our vape deals page, as this any many mods like it come up for sale quite often!

Packaging of the VooPoo TOO mod

The Not So Good

Huge clouds, tasty clouds, and quick clouds, what more could you ask for! The only real 3 downsides are:

  1. The size of the mod – Although it’s not that big in comparison to other dual battery mods if you’re going to use it as a single battery mod, there are smaller units on the market.
  2. The design – It’s probably not going to suit everyone, with different doors available they have tried to cater for all, but I think it’s really for the more flamboyant vaper out there!
  3. Sliding Doors – The magnetic doors do tend to slide when in operation, not the most dramatic thing, but can be a little annoying for some.


To Conclude

The actual operation of the VooPoo TOO Box Mod can’t be complained about and is right up there as one of the best e cig mods, so responsive and accurate we were so happy with the performance. Custom power curves allow you to customize your vape even further and for the higher wattage users, the Soft mode makes the vape more tolerable and smoother. If you like the look of this mod, you’re going to love this mod all round!

Check out the best deals we found for the VooPoo Too Mod and starter kit:

VooPoo TOO Box Mod Deals


VooPoo TOO Mod Only (no tank):

*$55.99 – VooPoo TOO Box Mod – Free US Shipping – Get This Deal!

$69.60 – VooPoo TOO Box Mod – Plus $4.99 US Shipping – Get This Deal!

$71.99 – VooPoo TOO Box Mod – Free US Shipping – Get This Deal!

$89.95 – VooPoo TOO Box Mod – Free US Shipping – Get This Deal!


VooPoo TOO Starter Kit With Uforce Tank:

$72.67 – Coupon “ST15” – VooPoo TOO Starter Kit With Uforce Tank – Free US Shipping – Get This Deal!

$89.90 – VooPoo TOO Starter Kit With Uforce Tank – Plus $4.99 US Shipping – Get This Deal!


* Recommended based on shipping time and price!