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Leonardo DiCaprio: The Vaping Boss of Hollywood



If you’re wondering who made vaping popular in among Hollywood celebrities, the answer is Leonardo Dicaprio. This actor, producer, environmental activist (among other things) has been vaping for nearly a decade now – ever since the industry was in its infancy – and he was never shy about it.


Celebrity Leo Dicaprio Vaping


These days, tabloids are full of famous people clutching their vape devices, but back in 2009 vaping was still largely under the radar. That is until Leonardo Dicaprio whipped up his cigalike out in public and brought it front and center.


Jack Dawson Is A Cloud-Puffing Cyclist


The evidence that Leo has been vaping since at least 2009 is pretty conclusive. He was caught vaping on camera in March of that year. Funnily enough, Dicaprio was vaping while cycling, which just goes to show that, unlike smoking, vaping doesn’t impede your athletic performance.


Dicaprio Vaping and Biking


Later in the same year he was photographed with his electronic cigarette in a popular New York restaurant. Of course, this was back when indoor vaping was not as heavily regulated. I doubt he would be able to pull a stunt like that today – not with the current war on vaping going on.


Leonardo Dicaprio Vaping Golden Globe


In 2014, his vaping made tabloid headlines again. The Golden Globe award ceremony is probably the last place I would consider appropriate for vaping (mainly because I would be too busy geeking out if I were ever there) but it didn’t phase Dicaprio in the slightest. Those around him also didn’t seem to mind his clouds.


Dicaprio vaping at Golden Globe ceremony


Dicaprio Steps Up His Vaping Game


Leonardo Dicaprio vaping history


While most of his colleagues seem to be content with flimsy cigalike e-cigs, Dicaprio is no stranger to upping his vaping game, as the image shows. In 2016, he opted for Innokin iTaste MVP 2 with an Aerotank Mega vape tank, a setup he showed off during the SAG Awards ceremony.


Dicaprio Vaping Box Mod


That didn’t sit all too well with the American Lung Association, which took to Twitter to scold Leo and to warn people about the ‘dangers’ of vaping, quoting the ill-informed Surgeon General Report. They didn’t get a reaction out of Leo but they did prompt the organizers of the Oscars to state explicitly that ‘vaping at the show would be a problem.


All in all, the fact that we have Leonardo Dicaprio, an unabashed vaper, in our corner can only be positive for the vaping community. Thanks Leo for vaping, you truly are one of us!

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Best E-Juice Brands 2017



Although having one or two stand-out flavors is definitely a good thing, considering how good e-juice vendors overall offerings are is very useful when you’re thinking about placing an order. A vendor might not have any of the best individual juices, but they still put out consistent quality, have great customer service and generally earn themselves legions of happy customers.


Arguably, the best e-juice vendors deserve praise even more than any of the other companies we depend on, because ultimately all our hardware is intended to help us enjoy our e-liquid more. It’s literally the fuel for our vaping experience.


So we conducted a poll to find out the best e-juice brands for this year, and we’re compiling the top 20 based on the results here so you can find out the best places to pick up e-liquid according to the vaping community.


The Poll – Finding the Best E-Juice Vendors


Our poll of the best e-liquid vendors received considerably more votes than any of the others we ran, racking up 35,792 votes at the last count.


We counted up for the top 10 on October 1st, when the poll first closed, but we decided that more than just 10 e-liquid brands deserved to be featured in this post, so we recounted the votes (including any received since October 1st ) on the 4th to produce a top 20. Don’t worry, though – the top three vendors are all in the same order, and in fact, only one of the original top 10 vendors slipped out, and even then it was just to 11th place.


Plus, although the order is still important, and we’ve done our best to make this poll as reliable as it can be, there are undeniable limitations to the approach. Since most vapers heard about the poll over social media, companies who shared it with their fans likely had an advantage of those who didn’t, and those shortlisted from the beginning may also have had a slight advantage over those whose fans had to specifically write them in.


However, e-liquid companies with more social media fans would be expected to have more vapers voting for them anyway (since it probably means they make good e-liquid), and any non-listed vendors could be written in to the “Other” field, so the poll still has a lot going for it.


The point is that while making the top 20 best vape juice brands (or receiving any votes) is a big achievement for a company in such a crowded industry, the precise positions are less definitive, and may reflect bias in the poll rather than one vendor necessarily being more widely loved than another.


We’re also working on a full count of all the vendors who received any votes from their customers, and we’ll publish that separately for anybody who’s interested.


So, with that in mind, here are the top 20 best e-juice brands, as voted by you!


20 – Castro’s Flavors at Wildcat Vapor – 244 votes (1.11%)


Castro's Flavors Wildcat Vapor - Best E-Liquid of 2015


Just making the top 20 best e-juice vendors, Castro’s Flavors is the new place to pick up e-liquids from Joe Castro, the “Joe” from FlavorZ by Joe. They’re all hand-crafted juices, and they span many flavor categories, including tobaccos, coffees and teas, sweet flavors, cereals and breakfasts, fruits, cakes and pies, custards and many more. Among his top-selling and best tasting e-liquid flavors are Moose Milk (cinnamon, honey and butter) and Unicorn Poop (a “tie-dye” fruit roll up).


You also get a wide choice over PG/VG ratio (ranging from 20 to 70 percent VG) and plenty of options for nicotine. The e-liquid are currently priced at $8.99 for a 15 ml, $12.99 for a 30 ml bottle, $17.99 for a 50 ml bottle and $39.99 for a huge 135 ml bottle.


[Note: At the time of the count, there was a three-way tie for 18th place: up-to-date vote counts have been used to put them in a definitive order]


Buy Castro's Flavors e-juice


20 – Jimmy the Juice Man – 244 Votes (1.11%)


Jimmy the Juice Man E-Liquids - One of the Best EJuices to Try


Coming in at 20th place (tie with Castro’s Flavors) is Jimmy the Juice Man, a Chicago-based vendor with a small selection of 7 vape juices that are all widely-loved by vapers. These include Caramel Pear, Crème Brulee, Shurb (raspberry, lime and orange – a vape-able rainbow sherbet) and Strawberry Astronaut (strawberry and apricot).


Shurb is undoubtedly Jimmy’s most popular flavor, earning a spot on our best e-juice flavors list in its own right, but all of the juices are rated highly. They all come in a 60% VG, and a choice of 6 nicotine levels from 0 to 24 mg/ml (the 3 mg nicotine option is a max-VG blend, though). They’re currently priced at $18 for a 30 ml bottle, or $65 for a 120 ml bottle.


Buy Jimmy the Juice Man


19 – Mt. Baker Vapor E-Juice – 244 votes (1.11%)


Mount Baker Vapor - Best Vape Juice


Coming out on top of the three best e-liquid vendors originally tied for 18th place is Mt. Baker Vapor, one of the giants of the industry. Mt. Baker’s offerings are well-known, but they have an extensive collection, spanning beverages, fruits, desserts, nuts, spices, tobaccos, candies and even juices made by the monster-metal band GWAR.


Hawk Sauce (sweet and sour berries with menthol), Thug Juice (berries and melon with menthol) and Moo Juice (strawberries and cream) are among their top-selling liquid vaporizer options, with each often being cited as the best vape juice from Mt. Baker, and you get the choice between 6 nicotine levels and 5 PG/VG ratios. A 15 ml bottle costs just $4.99, a 30ml bottle costs $7.49 and a giant 236ml bottle costs just $34.99.


Buy Mt Baker Vapor E-Liquid



18 – Space Jam E-Juice – 252 Votes (1.15%)


Space Jam E-Juice - Best E-Cig Juice for Vaping


Space Jam E-Juice is another well-known and widely-loved vendor making our most popular e-juice list, with a stellar reputation with vapers and a range of nine vape juice flavors to choose from. Their juice vapors are broadly fruity and creamy, with flavors including Eclipse (a creamy vanilla tobacco), Pluto (melon, bubblegum and mint), Starship1 (kiwi and vanilla custard) and Andromeda (cream, pomegranate and blueberry).


Andromeda is the original Space Jam flavor, and still ranks as the best e-liquid from the vendor for many vapers. Space Jam E-Juice comes in 15 ml bottles for $11.99 and 30 ml bottles for $21.99, with a choice of five nicotine levels (between 0 and 18 mg/ml) and a 50/50 PG/VG ratio.


Buy Space Jam E-Juice


17 – Pinup Vapors E-Juice – 259 Votes (1.18%)


Pinup Vapors E-Liquids - Best Vapor Juice for E-Cig Users


Pinup Vapors is a juice company based in St. Louis that pays homage to 50s pinup girls with the name of the brand and the individual vape juices. They have a range of five fruit and dessert juices, including the sweet fruity mixture Betty, the sweet, tart and fruity Lana and the vanilla custard, butterscotch and caramel Marilyn. All five Pinup Vapors juices are well-liked by vapers, but Betty is arguably the most popular.


Pinup Vapors’ juices are all VG-heavy, with a PG/VG ratio of 25/75 for Marilyn and Betty, 80% VG for Victoria, 85% for Sophia and 95% VG Lana. The blends are all low nicotine, with 0, 3 and 6 mg/ml being the only options, and a 30 ml bottle will run you $22.


Buy Pinup Vapors Liquid


16 – Teleos E-Juice – 285 Votes (1.3%)


Teleos E-juice - One of the Top E-Juice Brands
Photo: No1 E-Juice


Teleos is a unique e-liquid company, formed by two vapers over a thousand miles apart, focusing on innovative flavor combinations and being incredibly thorough to make sure only their very best vapor juice creations make the cut to go on general sale.


They have 15 flavors in total, including Crunch (a Captain Crunchy recreation – cereal, berries, marshmallow and milk), Cloud Science Alpha (strawberries and spun sugar) and the Milk (fruit cereal and milk, with brown sugar and a few other choice ingredients). The PG/VG ratios vary – for example, Eight Bells is 50/50, the Milk is 70% VG and Cloud Science Beta is max VG – but they’re generally VG-heavy.


Teleos juices cost $22 for a 30 ml bottle, and come in 3, 6 and 12 mg/ml nicotine, with 2.5 mg/ml and nicotine-free options available for some juices.


Shop Teleos Vape Juice


15 – Suicide Bunny E-Juice – 336 Votes (1.53%)


Suicide Bunny e-liquid - Most Popular E-Juice


Suicide Bunny needs little introduction, with the Texas-based mixer having a loyal following and Mother’s Milk being among many vapers’ favorite e-liquids. Taking the 14th spot in our best e-juice brands poll, Suicide Bunny offers five regular e-liquids, with the “Obsidian Edition” of Mother’s Milk being an aged edition of the original.


Derailed is a snickerdoodle cookie, cinnamon and banana juice, the O.B. has a secret recipe but it’s a rich creamy e-liquid with many saying it tastes like a sweet cake, Sucker Punch is a fruit and cream blend, and Mother’s Milk is the classic strawberries-and-cream concoction, which many class as the best vape juice money can buy.


Suicide Bunny e-liquids cost $22 per 30 ml, with between 0 and 18 mg/ml of nicotine (depending on where you pick them up) and a PG/VG ratio that’s unstated, but is usually given as 70% VG.


Buy Suicide Bunny E-Juice


14 – Good Life Vapor E-Juice – 338 Votes (1.54%)


Good Life Vapor E-juice - Best Tasting E-Juice We Recommend


Good Life Vapor is a Georgia-based mixer that got its start in 2012, putting out a selection of complex and delicious e-liquids that earned them a respectable spot on our top e-juice poll. With a range of 48 flavors on offer, Good Life Vapor offers plenty of choice in their e-cig juice with something for everyone’s tastes in the line-up but with a few particularly well-liked tobaccos.


Among the many flavors is the strawberry gummy candy Zombie Blood, the watermelon bubblegum Gamma, the graham cracker, tobacco and cocoa El Kamino and the bakery backed tobacco blend Deadly Sin.


The vape juices in the brand’s Signature and Virtu lines are 50/50, but the Nebbia Collection and Seduction line have 70% VG. They’re all available in six nicotine levels, from nicotine-free up to a maximum of 24 mg/ml (including 3 mg/ml). A 30 ml bottle will run you $15, but they’re available in sizes of between 10 and 100 ml ($6 to $35).


Good Life Vapor E-Cig Juice for sale


13 – Sicboy Industries E-Juice – 397 Votes (1.81%)


Sicboy Vape Juice - Top Rated E-Juice as Voted by Vapers


Sicboy is a Colorado-based mixer offering a range of five e-liquids inspired by the creators’ favorite foods, and as well as earning a spot on the top 20 e-juice companies, they also scored two spots on our best e-liquid flavors top 10 for M.B.Y.C. and Deviant. Their aim is to make every flavor they have on offer an all-day-vape, and based on the feedback they’ve received they’ve done a pretty good job of it.


The flavors most often called the best ejuice from Sicboy are the aforementioned M.B.Y.C. (a praline, vanilla ice cream and custard blend) and Deviant (cherry strudel with vanilla ice cream), along with Sicker Than Most (strawberry, blueberry, tangerine and cream) and Catatonic (a blueberry cheesecake with a cinnamon crumble base).


The eliquids come in 65% VG and four nicotine levels, from nicotine-free up to 12 mg/ml. A 30 ml bottle of Sicboy e-liquid will cost you $19.99.


Sicboy Industries E-Cig Juice for Sale


12 – Cyclops Vapor E-Juice – 474 Votes (2.16%)


Cyclops Vapor E-Liquid - Best Vape Juice


Cyclops Vapor is an e-liquid vendor based out of Alabama, taking its name from the mythological creature (and the fact that one of the founders has just one functioning eye), they’re a vendor that takes care over every single blend and focuses on putting out a small number of high-quality juices rather than tons of so-so blends.


Cyclops was the main casualty of the decision to switch to a top 20 and use a later vote-count: originally, they were in 7th place, so some may fairly argue that they deserve a higher spot. However, earning 11th place – and taking over 1/50 votes out of the plethora of vendors on the market – is still very admirable indeed.


Among the six vape juices with names taken from deities, Cyclops Vapor has Colossus (a vanilla custard blend), Poseidon (melon and mixed fruit), Artemis (berry cobbler) and Athena (a green apple blend).


The juices from Cyclops come in 65% VG, with six nicotine levels (from 0 to 24 mg/ml, including 3 mg/ml) to choose from. The juices are available in bottles ranging from 15 ml to 120 ml (for $7.99 to $49.99), with a 30 ml bottle costing $13.99.


Cyclops Vapor E-Juice for Sale


11 – Cuttwood Vapors E-Juice – 507 Votes (2.31%)


Cuttwood Vape Juice - Must-Try E-Liquid Brand


Cuttwood is an LA-based mixer that calls itself “the sauce boss,” with a range of five juices that have earned the mixer a loyal following and a spot on both our best e-liquid brands list and the best individual flavors – for their most famous blend, Unicorn Milk. They’re dedicated to quality, putting their vapor juices through rigorous testing and investing tons of time into research and development to ensure every one is as delicious and high-quality as possible.


Cuttwood has five flavors on offer, the mango, cantaloupe and papaya Mega Melons, the honey, graham cracker, nut, banana and milk Boss Reserve, the fruit cereal Bird Brains, the cinnamon, cream and cereal option Sugar Bear and the strawberry and cream Unicorn Milk. The latter may be widely-considered the best vapor juice from the mixer, but each flavor they offer has it’s staunch supporters.


The PG/VG ratio of the juices isn’t stated, but they’re available in between 0 and 18 mg/ml of nicotine (depending on where you pick them up). The bottles are priced at $11.99 for 15 ml or $21.99 for 30 ml.


Buy Cuttwood Vapors Juice


10 – Beantown Vapor E-Juice – 517 Votes (2.36%)


Beantown E-Liquids - Best E-Cig Juice for New Vapers


Beantown Vapor is a Boston-based mixer, who’s been in the industry since 2010 but started focusing solely on putting out excellent vape juices a couple of years ago. They’ve earned 9th place on our top vapor e-liquid poll for their small-batch mixes and their range of 12 dessert-based, fruity and sweet juices.


Among their offerings are Banana De Leche (caramel and banana), Oh-Face (strawberries and cream – this juice came second in our best e-juice flavors poll), Snozzberry (which tastes like Snozzberry, obviously – a melon and blue raspberry blend), Flesh and Bone (blueberry, peach and pastry) and Soul Custardy (a vanilla custard blend that took third place in the poll).


The juices come in a PG/VG ratio of 33/67, with five nicotine levels available (ranging from 0 to 18 mg/ml, with a 3 mg/ml option). The bottles cost $17.99 for 30 ml and $60 for 120 ml.


Beantown Vapor E-Liquid


9 – Smiley e Liquid – 555 Votes (2.53%)


Smiley e-liquid Savory Flavors


Smiley e Liquid is a California-based mixer whose juices first went on sale in 2014, with a range of fruity, savory and candy flavors and a dedication to quality. The mixer has eight flavors on offer, six through its standard line and two more Psycho X branded e-liquids, and comfortably placed within the top 10 e-liquid brands with over 2.5 percent of the total vote.


The flavors from Smiley ordinarily have self-explanatory names and to-the-point flavors, including Apple Pie, Jolly Watermelon and Vanilla Dream, but the two Psycho X blends Drama Queen (strawberries and vanilla) and Jealousy (apple pie and caramel) break this mold.


The juices come in a 50/50 PG/VG ratio or 70% VG, depending on the specific flavor, and are available in five nicotine levels from nicotine-free to 16 mg/ml. A 15 ml bottle costs $11.99.


Smiley E-Liquid


8 – Dr. Crimmy’s V-Liquid – 586 Votes (2.67%)


Dr. Crimmy's E-Liquid - Best E-Juice of 2015


Dr. Crimmy’s V-Liquid is made by a retired veteran who started vaping in 2009 and has been developing his DIY mixing ability ever since. With a range of 66 e-juice flavors available, Dr. Crimmy earns a spot in our list with over 580 votes from vapers.


The top e-liquid flavors available from Dr. Crimmy include Boston Cream Pie (chocolate, cream and custard), Crimm Brulee (Dr. Crimmy’s take on a crème brulee), Peanut Butter Cookie, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Banana Caramel Crimm and many more.


The juices all come in a choice of PG/VG ratios, from 50 to 80% VG, and 8 nicotine levels from 0 to 18 mg/ml. You also have the option of adding an extra flavor shot, if you want a more intense flavor. The juices cost $20 for 60 ml, $30 for 125 ml and $110 for 500 ml.


Dr Crimmys V Liquid


7 – Mitten Vapors E-Juice – 630 Votes (2.87%)


Mitten Vapors E-Liquid - Best Vape Liquid on the Market


Mitten Vapors is a Michigan-based vendor with a selection of 45 breakfast, dessert, drink, minty, fruity and candy flavors on offer. The mixer takes sixth place in our poll with almost 3 percent of the total vote.


Among their huge selection of juices is #SinkingShip (banana, chocolate, peanut butter and cream), 3 Day Weekend (banana custard), Buddha’s Blend (coffee, butterscotch and Irish cream), Cast-A-Way (melon, strawberry, pear and peach) and Golden Bear (cinnamon, cheesecake and cookie).


Their e-liquids are available in either 50/50 or max VG, with six nicotine level options from nicotine-free to 18 mg/ml (including 1.5 and 3 mg/ml) and with the option of one or two additional flavor shots. They’re priced from $2.99 (10 ml) to $25.95 (120 ml), with a 30 ml bottle costing just $7.99.


Mitten Vapors E-Liquid


6 – Casey Jones Mainline Reserve – 631 Votes (2.88%)


Casey Jones e-juice


The Indiana-based Casey Jones Mainline Reserve took fifth place in our poll by just one vote, with 13 juices on offer – including a pick-your-own yogurt blend – and reasonable prices across the board.


Their e-liquid flavors include the creamy apple pie ‘Murica, the blueberry custard Bomb, the strawberry custard Derail, the fruity blend Forbidden and the creamy pastry and cocoa Massacre, with the vendor specializing in fruit and dessert-based e-liquids.


The vapor juices from Casey Jones are available in five nicotine levels (from 0 to 18 mg/ml, including 3 mg/ml), with most flavors having 80% VG, aside from Two Cans (90% VG) and Pink Rabbit (85% VG). It costs $11.99 for a 30 ml bottle and $27.99 for 120 ml.


Casey Jones Mainline Reserve


5 – Mech Sauce E-Juice – 637 Votes (2.91%)


Mech Sauce E-Liquid - Popular Ejuice Brand


Mech Sauce is based out of Virginia, and earns its spot on our list thanks to its extensive range of 47 e-juice flavors – priced pretty cheaply – and its solid following of vapers. It’s another vendor making this list that shows that a high quality e-juice doesn’t have to come with a “premium” price tag.


Their most popular flavors include Mech Milk (strawberry milkshake), Antidote (strawberry shortcake ice cream), Captain Loopy (the milk left over after a bowl of Fruit Loops), Berry Sabotage (the same concept as Loopy but with Berry Captain Crunch) and Empress Milk (strawberry custard).


The vendor offers plenty of options for PG/VG and nicotine, with a choice between 70, 80, 90 and max VG, as well as six nicotine levels from 0 to 18 mg/ml (including 3 and 9 mg/ml). 30 ml of Mech Sauce costs just $6.50, but prices range from $3.99 for 15 ml right through to $65.50 for 500 ml.


Buy Mech Sauce Vapor Juice


4 – The Steam Factory E-Juice – 919 Votes (4.19%)


Steam Factory E-liquid - Most Popular E-Juice for Vapers


The Steam Factory’s position of fourth place on our best vapor juice vendors poll marks the start of a sharp divide between the top rated juices and the rest, with the difference between 4th and 5th place being larger than that between 5th and 13th place. Needless to say, the Steam Factory has some strong support.


The vendor got started in summer 2013, formed by a husband and wife team who set out to mix the ultimate all-day-vape, as well as looking to produce flavors that appeal to a wide range of vapers.


They have five flavors on offer – Castaway (tropical fruits), Kismet (green apple and pear), Screwberry (mixed berries), Blue Ballz (banana and blueberry) and Muffcake (a half-muffin half-cupcake blend with lemon and mixed fruit), with Muffcake being the most widely-recommended of the bunch.


The eliquids are available in the standard five nicotine levels from 0 to 18 mg/ml (with a 3 mg/ml option) and a 70% VG mix on most, but with Muffcake being a max VG blend. The juices cost $22 for a 30 ml bottle.


The Steam Factory Juice


3 – Boosted E-Juice – 1,233 Votes (5.62%)


Boosted E-liquid Flavors - Best Ejuice Vendor


Another huge step up in terms of votes puts Boosted E-Juice in a comfortable third place in our poll, with the Colorado-based mixer having rapidly gained a following since getting started in late 2013 to early 2014.


Boosted has six premium e-juice flavors on offer: Intercooler (a cranberry, apple and cream blend), the seasonally-available Rear Diff (a pumpkin spice latte inspired blend), B.O.V. (peach, citrus, coconut and tropical fruits), Anti-Lag (strawberry, blueberry, watermelon and cream), Wastegate (raspberry cheesecake with vanilla ice cream) and the legendary Boosted (a creamy strawberry milkshake right out of a 50s-style diner). Boosted convincingly took the top spot in our best flavors poll, too.


The juices from Boosted come in 60% VG, with the standard range of nicotine levels between 0 and 18 mg/ml (including 3 mg/ml). A 30 ml bottle will run you $19.99.


Boosted E-Juice for sale


2 – Vape Wild E-Juice – 1,897 Votes (8.65%)


Vape Wild E-Liquid flavors - The Best Vape Juice Brand for 2015


A huge turnout puts Vape Wild comfortably towards the top of the pack, with just shy of 1,900 votes on the poll. Vape Wild is a Texas-based mixer with a focus on providing the best tasting e-juice for pretty cheap prices – or, as they’d put it, being damn good without being pretentious.


They have a huge selection of almost 140 flavors, spanning breakfast blends, drinks, candies, desserts, fruits, menthols and tobaccos, with plenty of options in each category and some stand-out flavors in the bunch. Smurf Cake – a blueberry cheesecake blend – ranked 9th on our best flavors poll, but other favorites include (S + C)^2 (strawberries and cream), Fruit Hoops (the milk at the end of a bowl of fruit loops), On Cloud Custard (a vanilla custard blend), Sweet Complexity (cream, banana, cinnamon, sugar, vanilla and rum) and Circus Bear (strawberry, banana and custard).


All of Vape Wild’s juices come in a choice of five PG/VG ratios (20%, 35%, 50%, 65% and 80+% VG) and eight nicotine levels ranging from 0 to 24 mg/ml. The price is pretty hard to beat, too, with 10 ml costing just $2.99, 30 ml just $6.99 and the biggest bottles available – a huge 480 ml – being just $59.99.


Read our full Vape Wild review for more information.


Vape Wild e-juice


1 – Black Note E-Liquid – 2,017 Votes (9.2%)


Black Note - Best Tobacco Vape Juice


Black Note takes the top spot on our best vape juice brands list, having gained glowing reviews and praise from across the vaping community for their realistic, three-dimensional and deliciously complex tobacco blends.


Black Note makes naturally extracted tobacco (NET) vape juice, which uses real tobacco leaves for flavoring. The leaves are steeped for six to eight weeks in PG and VG to give all of the flavor notes chance to infuse into the blend. This makes their line-up of six juices unbeatably authentic in taste, with all the depth and complexity of real tobacco coming through with every puff.


Each flavor is a different variety of tobacco, with the Virginia tobacco Prelude, the Burley blend Forte, the sweetened, Cavendish offering Sonata, the robust Kentucky variety Legato, the Virginia and menthol combination Solo, and the Syrian Latakia blend Quartet. Vapers’ favorite flavors vary, but Prelude is particularly smooth and slightly sweet, while still offering a robust tobacco flavor, and Sonata is an outright masterpiece. For smokers looking for the most realistic tobacco flavor, Quartet is arguably the best of the bunch, but it’s a bit more expensive than the others at $39 per 30 ml bottle.


The flavors all come in a 50/50 PG/VG ratio, and in five nicotine levels from 0 to 18 mg/ml, including a dripping-friendly 3 mg/ml option. The juices aren’t the cheapest on this list – with most at $29 per 30 ml bottle – but sometimes you have to pay a bit more for quality. And there’s no doubt you’re getting quality from Black Note.


Check out our full Black Note review for more information.


Black Note Tobacco E-Liquid



Best E-Liquid Vendors (Recommended by ECR Staff)


Those 20 vendors represent the best in the industry according to our poll of vapers, but it goes without saying that not everyone will agree on the vendors featured. So if you’re looking for some extra recommendations, we’ve put together a mini top-10 list of the best vape juice companies as chosen by the staff here at EcigaretteReviewed.


Milkman E-Juice
Buy The Milkman

10 – The Milkman E-Liquid


The Milkman E-Liquid may only have a couple of juices on offer, but both of the options available are exceptional. The namesake e-liquid mixes fruit tart and vanilla ice cream (with some milk, of course), and Churrios is a churros e-liquid, with cinnamon sugar and nutty, honey-infused cereal milk: both are just as delicious as they sound, and come in high VG. A 30 ml bottle costs $18.



Bombies E-Liquid
Buy Bombies E-Juice

9 – Bombies


Bombies is a well-loved mixer with a solid range of juices on offer, including several excellent fruity and sweet e-liquids. The banana, strawberry and berry concoction ‘Nana Cream is undoubtedly the most well-known of their flavors, but we also have a particular soft-spot for the sweetened tobacco blend A Real Nightmare. You can pick up 30 ml of Bombies juice for $14.99.



Cosmic Fog Vape Juice
Buy Cosmic Fog

8 – Cosmic Fog


Cosmic Fog is a very popular e-liquid brand with vapers, only slightly missing out on making the top 20 list based on our poll, but we’d definitely rank them among our favorites. Milk and Honey in particular is a fantastic marshmallow-based juice and a definite all-day-vape for us, but they also offer other unique flavors like the strawberry and ground almond butter Nutz. A 30 ml bottle of Cosmic Fog juice costs $21.95.



Halo Cigs Vape Liquid
Buy Halo E-Liquid

7 – Halo Cigs


Halo is an institution of the vaping industry, and their premium e-liquids have been loved by vapers for many years. For tobacco-lovers in particular there are some great options in Halo’s line-up, including the legendary RY4 blend Tribeca. Belgian Cocoa is another favorite for us, offering a rich, realistic chocolate vape. A 30 ml bottle of Halo juice will run you $19.99. Read our full Halo e-liquid review for more information.



Mt Baker Vapor Vapor Liquid
Buy Mt Baker Vapor

6 – Mt. Baker Vapor


Mt. Baker Vapor made the top 20 list based on our poll, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t give them another mention here: they offer several juices that really knock it out of the park. They have a huge selection of juices on offer, so you’ll undoubtedly be able to find several options well-suited to your tastes. Many vapers love Hawk Sauce, but for us Moo Juice is the undisputed king. Mt. Baker Vapor has great prices, too, just $7.49 for 30 ml.


Mr Good Vape Juice
Buy Mr. Good Vape

5 – Mr. Good Vape


Mr. Good Vape earned some votes in our poll, but they’ve long been favorites here at EcigaretteReviewed. With some fantastic fruit and dessert-based juices in their line-up – including the apple pie, vanilla and cinnamon Dabble Dooyah and the sugar cookie, butterscotch and graham cracker Moon Sugar – we couldn’t let Mr. Good Vape go without a mention. You can get a 15 ml bottle for $11.99.



Vapor Chef Eliquid
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4 – The Vapor Chef


The Vapor Chef is another great e-liquid brand that we’d class among our favorites in the industry, offering a wide range of flavors crafted by an ex professional chef, with the individual components to each flavor being artfully balanced. Our favorites are Honey Pearry and Shmuffer Shmutter, but there are many stand-out juices in the collection. A 30 ml bottle costs $19.99.



VaporFi E Liquid Reserve
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3 – VaporFi (Reserve Collection)


VaporFi did pretty well in our best e-juice brands poll, but we’d specifically class the Reserve Collection as among our favorite juices. The collection features premium flavors, offering more complex and well-crafted blends such as the banana and custard Monkey Business and the melon berry and guava Northern Lights. The juices cost $19.99 for 30 ml. The Grand Reserve collection, which offers six even higher-end blends, is also available for pre-order. Read our full VaporFi e-liquid review for more information.


Five Pawns Vape Juice Review
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2 – Five Pawns


Five Pawns is one of those mixers that every vaper knows, offering a consistently-delicious range of juices. They were close to making this list, but didn’t quite make the cut – although, like Black Note, they had a surge of votes not long after we’d officially counted up. We love most of their juices, but Castle Long and Grandmaster are particular favorites. A 30 ml bottle costs $27.50. Read our full Five Pawns review for more information.



Black Note Vapor Liquid Review
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1 – Black Note


Black Note stormed into the top 10 e-liquid brands poll, but they got most of their votes after we’d officially counted up for this list. They’re a naturally-extracted tobacco mixer, focusing on realistic tobacco flavors that we think are unparalleled in the industry. Prelude is a smooth and mellow blend, but for us the Cavendish blend Sonata is a favorite. The juices cost $29 for 30 ml. Read our full Black Note review for more information.




These companies represent some of the best e-juice vendors in the industry, but as we stressed earlier: our main list has a lot going for it, but it’s not the definitive “best of” for e-liquid companies, and it’s important to consider what you’re personally looking for in a vendor before you make a purchase. We’ll be adding to this post in the coming weeks with some tips for choosing a vendor, so check back soon!


And finally, we want to say a big thank you to everyone who voted on our poll (which is still open for votes, if you want to see an even more up-to-date listing), and, most importantly, to thank all the vendors on this list (and those not on the list) for everything you do to make every day of vaping a pleasure for us all.

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Best Atomizers and Clearomizers



While sub ohm tanks undoubtedly dominate the market for vaping tanks, many vapers are still on the lookout for the best atomizer tank and clearomizer. These devices might not offer the huge vapor production you get with sub ohm tanks, but with generally more restricted airflow and narrower-bore coils, they are great for mouth-to-lung vaping and vapers more interested in intense flavor than huge clouds. But what are the best atomizer tanks in this category? Which tanks show that you can still enjoy excellent performance with resistances above 1 ohm?


What’s the Difference Between a Sub Ohm Tank and a Clearomizer?


The truth is: the distinction between sub ohm tanks and standard clearomizers isn’t as strictly defined as our decision to have two lists would have you believe. If you could stick a coil with a sub ohm resistance in a traditional-style clearomizer, there would be very little you could use to differentiate it from a sub ohm tank.


So this list is going to primarily focus on the best clearomizers in the traditional-style, but the most important factor is the type of vape you get from the tank. In general, standard, beginner-friendly clearomizers have a more restricted airflow better suited for mouth to lung vaping, whereas sub ohm tanks have wider open airflow for direct-to-lung inhales and huge clouds. This means you can have a tank which technically classes as a sub ohm tank but performs more like a more traditional clearomizer, whether in general or with a specific coil. We’ll be including a couple of tanks like this in this list – they’re well-suited to beginners looking for a smoking-like experience, so the fact that they’re technically sub ohm devices isn’t overly important.


The upshot is that there are some differences between the two, but the biggest is performance, so we won’t be sticking to any strict definitions in this post. Check out our new Best Sub-Ohm Tanks list for vape tank options.


Best Atomizer Vape Tanks and Clearomizers


10 – Evod 2 by Kanger


Kanger Evod 2 Clearomizer


The Evod 2 is probably the most traditional clearomizer-style device on this list of the best atomizer tanks. With a 14.5 mm (0.57 inch) diameter, a 1.5 ml tank and an appearance perfectly suited to eGo-style devices, it may not look like anything special on paper, but the performance, ease-of-use and very low price make it a great option for newer vapers. The tank comes with 1.5 ohm dual coils, and fills from the bottom, designed so you can access the coil without needing to empty your tank. This isn’t for the cloud-chasers, but if you’ve just picked up an eGo-style device and you want a capable but simple atomizer, this is one of the most reliable, solidly-performing basic clearomizers on the market.


It costs just $5.95 too, so it’s particularly great for any vapers on a budget.


Buy Kanger Evod Vape Tank


9 – EMOW by Kanger


Kangertech Emow E-Cig Tank


Kanger’s EMOW is very similar to the Protank, which was a legendary device in the earlier days of vaping, but for mouth-to-lung loving vapers – despite its old-style design – the EMOW ranks among the best atomizer tanks on the market. Boasting a glass tank with a 1.8 ml capacity, an adjustable airflow system (which is just like the one you’ll find on the Kanger Aerotank) and a bottom dual coil design (with 1.5 ohm heads as standard), it still has a lot going for it despite being an older-style clearomizer, and the small-bore coils and chimney mean it’s a great device for flavor.


You can pick up the EMOW for $19.95.


Buy Kangertech Emow Clearomizer


8 – Aspire K3 Tank


K3 by Aspire - Best Atomizer Tank


Although you may have to pick this up in a kit, we’d put the Aspire K3 Tank as one of the best e-cig tanks in this class. The glass tank has a 2 ml capacity, and the narrow-bore of the chimney – in combination with the closed-off airflow settings – makes it a fantastic option for anyone looking for a good mouth-to-lung vape. It comes with two 1.8 ohm coils, and with the accompanying battery it offers vaping at 9 to 13 W, which is more than enough for a higher-ohm coil. The two work together well, and are a fantastic option for newer vapers looking for a simple mouth-to-lung vaping experience.


The kit costs $43.


Shop Aspire K3 Atomizer


7 – Triton 2 by Aspire


Aspire Triton 2 Atomizer Vape Tank


This device will be featured on our list of the best sub ohm tanks too, but it ranks on this list for having a 1.8 ohm coil that’s perfectly suited to mouth-to-lung vaping. The tank has 3 ml capacity glass tank, with a top-filling system, adjustable airflow and a 22.5 mm diameter. Of course, as a sub ohm tank, this also comes with the option of sub ohm coils and a different type of performance from your clearomizer-style setup. But with the airflow closed off and the mouth-to-lung friendly coil installed, this device offers a draw like traditional clearomizers with a nice large tank and some more modern design features to make your vaping experience as user-friendly as it can be.


The Triton 2 costs $34.99.


Get Aspire Triton 2 E-Cig Tank


6 – eGo One Tank by Joyetech


Joyetech eGo One Clearomizer


The eGo One is the up-to-date incarnation of the classic Joyetech eGo, with sub ohm capability and plenty to offer vapers of all experience levels. The tank ranks as one of the best atomizer tanks in this class thanks to its 1 ohm atomizer head designed for mouth-to-lung vaping, and in combination with the adjustable airflow, it makes it a fantastic option for vapers looking for a cigarette-like draw in their vaping device. As with the Triton (and some others on this list) it also comes with sub ohm coils (a 0.5 ohm option is included in the kit), so you also have additional options if your preferences change as you get accustomed to vaping. The device has a 2.5 ml tank, which isn’t as big as some other options but is more than enough for non-sub-ohm vaping.


The eGo One kit costs $47.99, but you can also pick the tank itself up for just $13.95.


Buy eGo One Tank


5 – Nautilus X Compact MTL by Aspire


Aspire Nautilus X Atomizer Tank


The Aspire Nautilus has a special place in the heart of many vapers, and the Nautilus X continues in the proud tradition and makes its intent clear: this is a tank for mouth-to-lung (MTL) loving vapers. The result is a device that offers many of the trappings of more modern designs – such as the top-filling system – with higher-ohm dual vertical coils (with two 1.5 ohm atomizer heads included) and an adjustable airflow system you can adjust to your liking. The airflow comes in from the top of the device, with an innovative design intended to remove issues with leaking, and the tank boasts exceptional flavor. It’s also compact (as the name suggests), with a 22 mm diameter but only measuring 45 mm tall, but still offering a 2 ml tank capacity.


The tank costs $29.99.


Buy Nautilus X Clearomizer Tank


4 – Cubis Tank by Joyetech


Joyetech Cubis Clearomizer Tank


The Cubis Tank from Joyetech makes this list of the best clearomizer tanks because as well as being a capable sub ohm tank, it also has two higher-ohm coils that offer a more traditional, mouth-to-lung vaping experience. The tank has a 3.5 ml capacity, with a top-filling, user-friendly design that makes it perfect for newer vapers, and it’s also designed to minimize leaking. For the higher-ohm coils, you get a 1 ohm stainless steel option (used for temperature control vaping) and a 1.5 ohm Clapton coil (which boosts flavor), and the airflow control can be turned right down to suit mouth-to-lung vaping.


The tank is available for $20, and comes widely recommended by vapers who love mouth to lung devices.


Buy Cubis E-Cig Tank


3 – Endura Prism T18 by Innokin



Endura T18 Prism Atomizer Tank


This is one of the newest and best atomizer tanks designed specifically for mouth to lung vaping, with 1.5 ohm atomizer heads, a top-filling design and an adjustable airflow design. It can hold 2.5 ml of juice, which is great for a mouth-to-lung device designed to work at lower wattages. This all combines to make it a solid clearomizer for newer vapers, blending simplicity with a cigarette-like draw, and the no-spill coil swap system (which is also used on the iSub series of sub ohm tanks) makes changing your coils as easy as possible. It’s designed to work with the Endura T18, but the tank’s modern design and mouth-to-lung friendly draw has made it a favorite in its own right too.


You can pick up the tank alone for $11.95 and it comes with the matching battery in a kit for $27.95.


Endura Prism Vape Tank


2 – VaporFi Rebel Tank


VaporFi Rebel Best Clearomizer


VaporFi has a wide and growing range of top-quality vaping devices, and while the prices can get a little high on occasion, the performance, design and reliability is always a step above the competition. The Rebel Tank is an older offering from the brand, but with its Nautilus-like design, 2.6 ohm dual coils and massive 4 ml tank capacity, it still has a lot to offer for vapers looking for a traditional-style clearomizer. The tank has an adjustable airflow system, although most of the airflow settings are pretty tight, and also an adjustable juice flow system so you can tailor the tank’s performance to your juice’s PG/VG ratio.


The tank costs $49.99 direct from VaporFi.


Get Rebel 2 Clearomizer


1 – Aspire Nautilus Mini


Aspire Nautilus E-Cig Tank


The Aspire Nautilus Mini is widely considered to be one of the best e-cig tanks for mouth-to-lung vapers, but it’s important to note that the standard-size version of the Nautilus also has a lot of support from vapers. We’ve combined them here so we can feature other tanks too.


The Nautilus and Nautilus Mini are both stainless steel tanks with Pyrex glass tubes, with the Mini offering a 2 ml juice capacity and the Nautilus offering 5 ml. The devices offer adjustable airflow – with four holes ranging from 0.9 to 1.8 mm that you select by turning a ring – and use bottom vertical coils with resistances of 1.6, 1.8 and 2.1 ohms. They have standard 510 threading, and boast a leak-free design. Even though they aren’t sub-ohm tanks, for vapers not too interested in producing huge clouds, they’re more than capable of meeting your vaping needs.


The Nautilus Mini and the standard-size Nautilus are both listed at $35.99, but currently on sale for $29.99.


Order Aspire Nautilus Mini Atomizer Tank




Even in a market saturated with sub ohm tanks, more traditional style clearomizers still have plenty of staunch supporters, with many vapers who prefer mouth to lung vaping sticking with them even if it means using older designs. While sub ohm tanks may be perfect for cloud-chasers, mouth-to-lung vaping more closely replicates the sensation of smoking and really gets to the heart of what vaping is all about: making the switch to a much safer method of getting your nicotine. So while these devices might not have all the fancy extras and innovative designs you’ll find on newer tanks, they offer something very few modern sub ohm tanks do: an ideal setup for new vapers or those who still want a cigarette-like draw. Some longer-term vapers may scoff at your Nautilus, but if it’s what works for you, rest assured that you’ve found the best clearomizer for you. And that’s all that matters.

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The Clapton Coil: Everything You Need to Know



There are many types of coil widely-used by vapers. From basic kanthal options with evenly-spaced wraps through to contact coils, twisted coils, parallel coils and more, there are many more varieties of coils for vape than you might realize. For vapers who build their own coils in particular, the huge variety in different types of coil is something it’s well worth exploring, but some have become so popular that they’ve found their way into non-rebuildable tanks too. The Clapton coil is the best example of this: a once specialist coil for vape enthusiasts that is now incorporated into many pre-built atomizer heads.


But what is a Clapton coil? Why would you want to use one? How do you make them? Where can you buy them? We have the answers you’re looking for.


What is a Clapton Coil?


Fused Clapton Coil


A Clapton coil gets its name from the fact that the wire’s structure is a lot like that of a guitar string. Most coils are made from single strands of kanthal, but Clapton coils are more complicated. They have a thinner, higher-gauge strand of wire wound tightly around a thicker, lower-gauge core. The wire looks just like a guitar string from the outside, but just constructed from kanthal.


This wire is then used to wrap a coil in the way you normally would. The result usually looks pretty similar to any other coil, but on close inspection the differences are easy to see.


Why Use Clapton Coil Wire in Your Atomizer Build?


Using Clapton Wire


The biggest advantage of using Clapton wire in your RTA or RDA build is that it increases the surface area of the coil in comparison to ordinary wire without increasing the resistance too much. The more surface area there is to get hot, the more e-juice you will vaporize when you press the fire button. This means that the Clapton coil approach is generally better for both vapor production and flavor than a similar coil made from ordinary wire.


Ordinarily, if you use more wire, the resistance will increase as a result. So why use Clapton coil wire? Because the thicker, lower-resistance wire in the core carries most of the current and keeps the resistance of the build low. The outer, thinner wire takes less current, but still heats up quite quickly because it’s in direct contact with the already-hot inner core. This is why people generally use higher-gauge, thinner kanthal for the outer coil, because thicker wire would take a lot longer to heat up.


Downsides to Using a Clapton Coil


There are some downsides to using a Clapton coil, though. The biggest is that it still does take some time to get up to vaping temperature. Vapers call this the “ramp up” time. In general, the ramp up with Clapton wire is a bit longer because of its design. But as long as you have a variable wattage mod, you can easily increase the power to keep the performance consistent.


The other downside is that you’ll generally get through more e-liquid if you use Clapton coils. This is a bit hard to avoid if you want more vapor, though, because the only way you can do that is by vaporizing more e-juice. But it’s still something to keep in mind if you’re considering different types of coil.


Where to Buy Pre-Made Clapton Coil Wire or Pre-Wrapped Clapton Coils


Buy Clapton Coils


If you’re wondering where to buy pre-made Clapton coil wire, or pre-made coils themselves, the good news is that it’s widely available. If you build your own coils, but don’t want to learn how to make Clapton coil wire for yourself, the best approach is to buy pre-made Clapton coil wire. This is available from many places, but DirectVapor has a 15 ft spool available for just $8.95. All you have to do is cut yourself some off and build your coil.


If you’ve never wrapped a coil before and would rather buy the coil ready-made, there are many options on the market. Aside from completely taking the work out of making your coils, pre-made coils also make it easier to enjoy more ambitious builds. For example, this pack of 28 coils costs $14.95, but comes with a wide range of different types of Clapton coil, including spaced Clapton coils, framed Clapton coils, staple staggered Clapton coils and more. You can also find pre-made standard-style Clapton coils from a wide range of stores.


For anybody with a sub ohm tank that has optional Clapton coil atomizer heads, the best thing to do is to search for coils for your specific tank. Many manufacturers offer these, but as an example, you can buy Clapton coil atomizer heads that are compatible with most modern Kanger tanks.


How to Make Clapton Coil Wire for Yourself


How to Make Clapton Coil Wire
Clapton Coil DIY


More hands-on vapers might not be interested in where to buy Clapton coil wire pre-made; you might prefer to build it for yourself. The good news is that provided you have a drill you can use, this is actually pretty easy to do.


What you will need to build your Clapton Coil: You’ll need a supply of kanthal wire, one size for the inner core and one for the outer wrapping. Although you can work with whatever you like, a 24 gauge core paired with 32 gauge for the outside is widely-recommended. Alternatively, 26 gauge for the core and 34 or 36 gauge for the wrapping works well too.



Step-By-Step Guide to Building Your Clapton Coil: There are many great YouTube videos detailing how to make Clapton coil wire, but the general process is quite simple.

  1. First, cut yourself a long section of your core wire, and straighten it out as much as you can. The easiest way to do this is placing one end of the wire in the chuck of your drill (i.e. the part that grips the drill bits) and grabbing the other end firmly with a pair of pliers. Fire your drill to start turning the wire slowly, holding the other end tight with your pliers, and keep going until the wire straightens out.
  2. With the straight piece of core wire, you’re ready to really start making your Clapton coil wire. First, get a length of your wrapping wire. You can either keep it on a spool or cut off a really long section that will give you plenty to work with. Keeping it on the spool will reduce waste, but kanthal is cheap anyway so it’s not a huge deal.
  3. To wrap the Clapton coil wire, you make sure your core piece is centered in your drill chuck, and then insert the end of the thinner, wrapping wire in the side of the drill chuck, between the teeth as they close together. You can put a little loop in the end of the wire to help it grip into the drill chuck. Now you should have your thick core wire sticking out of the front of your drill chuck and one sticking out from the side, at around a 45 degree angle to the core piece.
  4. Now all you have to do is wrap your Clapton coil wire. Hold the wrapping wire in position, right up against the core wire and with the end pointing downwards so it’s ready to wrap around the core. If you have your wire on a spool, it helps to poke a screwdriver through the center so you can hold it but still let the spool turn as needed. All you need to do now is start firing your drill – slowly at first – as you keep the wrapping wire pressed up against the core wire.
  5. The core will start spinning and your wrapping wire will naturally envelop it; you just have to keep it steady and make sure the wraps don’t cross over or stack up on top of one another. Don’t worry if the first few wraps in particular aren’t great. You can cut it off when you’ve done wrapping your Clapton coil wire.
  6. Once you’ve started wrapping and you get into the groove of it, you can speed up the drill and get through the process more quickly. Like the start, the end might not be especially neat, but you can just snip this off when you’ve done.


Clapton Coil DIY


When you’ve made your Clapton coil wire, you can use it pretty much like you’d use any other vaping wire. Wrap a coil, attach it to your RBA and vape away!


Standard Clapton Coils are Just the Start


This post has focused on standard-style Clapton coils. However, as the section on where to buy pre-made Clapton coil wire and pre-wrapped coils showed, there is much more to the world of Clapton coils than this. If you make your own coils in particular, you might want to experiment with fused Claptons, framed Claptons and tons more awesome designs.


Overall, Clapton coils are fantastic when it comes to performance. But there are many types of coil used for vaping, and all have their advantages and disadvantages. The best advice is to explore the options, try out new coils and keep searching for your perfect vaping experience.


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Nicotine Withdrawal Timeline, Symptoms, and Side Effects



One of the biggest benefits of vaping is that it allows you to quit smoking without going through the unpleasant process of nicotine withdrawal. When you stop smoking, your brain is quickly deprived of nicotine. This wouldn’t be an issue, but as a regular smoker, your brain has already adapted to cope with regular influxes of nicotine, so if you don’t get it, you’ll experience irritability, difficulty concentrating, a low mood and other negative effects. This is what drives most smokers who try to quit to light up again, and why vaping can make a huge difference.


Finding out more about nicotine withdrawal and getting the answers to common questions – such as, “is nicotine bad for you?” and “does nicotine cause cancer?” – is essential for anybody considering switching to vaping to quit smoking.


What is Nicotine? Is Nicotine a Stimulant?


Nicotine chemical structure


Nicotine is the primary addictive ingredient in tobacco. It’s an alkaloid that’s naturally found in tobacco, as well as in vegetables such as eggplants, potatoes and tomatoes in much lower quantities.


If you’re wondering “is nicotine a stimulant?” the answer is yes, but it’s a little more complicated than you might expect. Nicotine acts as a stimulant in lower doses, increasing your alertness and reducing your appetite, but in higher doses it acts more like a sedative, promoting relaxation and calmness. Smokers tend to take shallower puffs to get a lower dose of nicotine and a stimulant effect, and deeper puffs for a more relaxing experience.


One of the main benefits of vaping is that you can still control how nicotine affects you in this same way, by either vaping a little for a stimulant effect or vaping more for a sedative effect.


How Much Nicotine is in a Cigarette?


How much nicotine is in a cigarette


If you look on the side of a packet of cigarettes, you might think you know the answer to “how much nicotine is in a cigarette?”, but it isn’t really as simple as this makes out. Nicotine makes up between 0.6 and 3% of the dry weight of tobacco, and the average cigarette contains about 10 mg of nicotine before it is burnt. However, on a pack of cigarettes, the figure cited is likely to be closer to 1 mg. So what’s going on? How many mg of nicotine is in a cigarette?


The value found on the side of a pack of cigarettes is really the “yield” of nicotine, not the nicotine content of a cigarette. When you burn a cigarette, a lot of the nicotine escapes as part of smoke rising up from the tip, and some of it is caught in the filter. On top of this, not all of the nicotine makes it into your blood. So while there is about 10 mg of nicotine in a cigarette, you only absorb about 1 mg per cigarette smoked.


How Long Does Nicotine Stay in Your System?


There are many reasons to ask “how long does tobacco stay in your system?” or more precisely, “how long does nicotine stay in your system?” Getting tested for nicotine might be a requirement of your job, and it could be needed to work out how much your health insurance should cost. However, it’s also an issue you might be interested in to see how long you’ll experience nicotine withdrawal and to understand the nicotine withdrawal timeline.


how long does nicotine stays in the body


Firstly, the half-life of nicotine – the amount of time it takes the level of nicotine in your blood to reduce by half – is just two hours. This is why smokers tend to light up at least every two hours. However, if you’re being tested for nicotine, the answer depends on how exactly you’re tested.


  • Blood tests are a common way to test for nicotine (although the test is really for cotinine, which your body turns nicotine into), and these will generally detect it up to three days after your last use.
  • For saliva tests, nicotine can stay in your system for up to four days.
  • For urine tests, in most cases it can also be detected for up to four days, but if you’re a heavy smoker, it can be detected for up to two weeks or even longer.
  • Hair testing for nicotine is rarely conducted, because it’s expensive and takes a long time compared to other methods. However, nicotine can be detected for several months after you’ve last smoked using this method.


So the answer to “how long does tobacco stay in your system?” isn’t quite as simple as you may hope, but for most purposes (aside from hair testing), the basic answer is three to four days.


Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms


Common Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms


When the nicotine levels in your body start to decrease, you’ll experience many different nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Although you won’t necessarily have all of these symptoms, the possible nicotine withdrawal symptoms include:


  • Cravings for nicotine
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Depression or low mood
  • Anger
  • Weight gain
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Headaches


When you’re experiencing several nicotine withdrawal symptoms at once, alongside cravings, it can create quite intense pressure to smoke a cigarette. Overcoming or avoiding these withdrawal symptoms is essential to staying smoke-free, even if it means finding a safer source of nicotine.


Nicotine Withdrawal Timeline


Quit Smoking Timeline


If you’re preparing to go through nicotine withdrawal, you might be wondering what will happen to you and when you can expect things to get a little easier. A nicotine withdrawal timeline combines information about nicotine withdrawal symptoms with some guidance on when symptoms will appear and subside to prepare you for what’s ahead.


  • 4 hours after your last cigarette: This is when you will get your first cravings for nicotine, as the levels of it in your body reduce substantially and your brain starts to enter withdrawal mode.
  • 10 hours after your last cigarette: As the day starts to wind down, you’ll experience some restlessness, and you may struggle to get to sleep. However, if you stick it out and don’t give into the rising temptation to smoke, you’ll still be able to get a good night’s sleep.
  • One day after your last cigarette: You’ll probably feel unusually irritable when you wake up after your first day without smoking. You’ll be approaching the peak of your withdrawal symptoms now, so you may struggle to deal with the anxiety and irritability without lashing out at your loved ones. They will understand it’s because you’re in nicotine withdrawal, though, so don’t beat yourself up about it too much if you can’t stay in control of your emotions.
  • Two days after your last cigarette: At this stage, many people quitting smoking report experiencing bad headaches. This generally doesn’t last too long, and will probably ease off by the end of the day.
  • Two and a half days after your last cigarette: As the third day wears on, stress and anxiety start to hit you harder. Again, you’re likely to be a bit short with people while you get through the rest of the day. It’s best to do some exercise or drink a lot of water to help you get through the day without succumbing to cravings.
  • Three days after your last cigarette: Now you’re over the worst of the withdrawal symptoms. The cravings will have notably subsided by now, and as long as you remain aware of when you’re most likely to give in to temptation and be extra-vigilant, you’ll find it much easier to stay smoke-free. For example, if you’re going to a bar with a friend who smokes, ask him or her to refrain from offering you a cigarette to avoid unnecessarily tempting you.
  • A week after your last cigarette: Congratulations! After your first smoke-free week, all you have to do is keep up the momentum, continue being wary of situations where you’re more likely to smoke and enjoy your new, healthier life.


nicotine withdrawal timeline


This nicotine withdrawal timeline isn’t universal – your experience could be different – but it gives you a general idea of what you’re likely to go through. Of course, if you vape or use another alternative source of nicotine, you’ll have a much easier time getting through the initial stages.


Does Nicotine Cause Cancer?


Nicotine doesn’t cause cancer, despite what many people assume. This is the most common misconception about nicotine, and it’s easy to see where it comes from. Because nicotine is the chemical most people associate with cigarettes, people are inclined to assume it’s responsible for the most notorious smoking-related disease.


But the question “does nicotine cause cancer?” has quite a clear answer. Decades of people using nicotine through smokeless tobacco and nicotine replacement therapy, and many studies conducted on these people, show clearly that nicotine is not carcinogenic. One notable example is the Lung Health Study, which followed thousands of people for over 10 years and found no link. Some studies suggest that large doses of nicotine may promote the growth of existing tumors, but it doesn’t cause them itself.


Is Nicotine Bad for You?


Is Nicotine Dangerous


Although nicotine is toxic in large amounts and can cause physical dependence, it poses little if any risk to your health on its own. There are many, many harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke, and these are responsible for the health consequences of smoking. The old adage says that smokers “smoke for the nicotine but die from the tar.”


When researchers study people who use nicotine patches, gums and smokeless tobacco, they find no cause for concern. People using nicotine without smoking aren’t more likely to get cancer than people not using nicotine, and they aren’t more likely to have heart problems either. Nicotine is also less addictive if you don’t consume it by smoking cigarettes. It isn’t completely and utterly safe, but the risk it poses is more like the risk from drinking coffee than the risk from smoking cigarettes.


“Is nicotine bad for you?” is a difficult question to answer, but overall the best response is “not really.”


Conclusion – Safer Sources of Nicotine Save You From Withdrawal Symptoms


If you’re hoping to quit smoking, nicotine withdrawal is the thing most likely to prevent you from being successful. But there are solutions to that problem. You don’t have to stop using nicotine to protect yourself from most of the health risks of smoking. Vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking, and gets you plenty of nicotine to help you avoid withdrawal. You’ll still need some willpower to kick your smoking habit, but it makes the toughest times a lot more bearable.


Vaping Electronic Cigarettes Vs. Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes


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Types of Rebuildable Tanks



Vaping can be daunting for a newcomer. With a mess of acronyms like RDA, RTA, RBA and RDTA to contend with, even grasping the basics about the types of rebuildable tanks can seem difficult. But like so many things with vaping, it really isn’t as complicated as it might seem.


The acronyms don’t really matter – what matters is what type of vaping experience you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to tinker and top up to get the results you’re looking for. So here’s a guide to the types of rebuildable tanks to help you get to grips with the options and find your perfect device, with definitions, explanations and pros and cons for each type.


The Very Basics: What is an RBA?


Rebuildable Atomizers Vaping


The best place to start a discussion like this is right at the beginning. The term “RBA” is a catch-all one that just means re-buildable atomizer. So all types of rebuildable vape tanks are also classed as RBAs.


The key feature of an RBA is that you make the coil and wick assembly yourself instead of buying it pre-made (as an “atomizer head”). The coil is made from any one of several materials (but usually Kanthal), and the wick is usually cotton.


Technically, rebuildable atomizers that don’t even have tanks are also RBAs. Anything you have to build your own coil for qualifies. But in practice, when most people say RBA they are referring to a rebuildable tank. This is a little confusing, but it’s just a relic of how the jargon has evolved along with the technology.


RBAs Explained: The Key Features


Building a coil for an RBA is really just completing an electrical circuit using a resistor you made yourself. When you press your “fire” button, it sends electricity through your coil and heats it up, and that’s what vapes your e-juice. So RBAs really just offer two or more points for you to connect your coil and complete the circuit.


Rebuldable Tank Atomizers Explained
The two outer posts are the negative connections and the center one is the positive connection. On this RBA, the positive post is “split” to offer two connection points.


These are usually on posts, but some do the same thing without posts (for example, the Wotofo Conqueror).


RBA Postless Deck


The deck is where all the action happens on any of the types of RBAs. This is where the posts are, where you make the coil and where your vape juice is vaporized. You insert a wick through the coil and position the wick so it can soak up e-juice from the deck and outside it.


The types of rebuildable tanks just use different approaches to getting e-juice to the deck and ultimately, your wick and coil. For example, one RBA might have the tank below the deck and another might have a deck inside the tank. Then, finally, all RBAs have some method of getting the vapor up into the mouthpiece.


Pros and Cons of Rebuildable Atomizers


This immediately shows some important downsides and the upsides of using RBAs overall, and we’ve added some others too. All of these points apply to all types of rebuildable tanks, and RDAs too.




  • It’s much cheaper than buying ready-made coils.
  • Better flavor.
  • Better vapor production.
  • You’re less likely to run out of coils – you can always vape.
  • Let’s you tailor your vaping experience to suit your tastes.




  • Not as simple as using pre-built coils.
  • It’s important to know what you’re doing – you’ll need some basic knowledge of how circuits work and learn how to stay safe.
  • Require a “mod” to use.


What are RDAs? The Non-Tank Rebuildables


RDAs Explained


RDAs are a type of RBA, but aren’t a type of rebuildable tank. It stands for rebuildable dripping atomizer, and in some ways, these are simpler than RBA tanks. RDAs only have a “deck” section, and no tank to feed liquid to the wicks. Instead, you manually “drip” liquid onto the wick before vaping. When the liquid in the wick starts to run out, you drip again to soak the wicks before continuing to vape.


RDAs Explained: How RDAs Work


RDAs Explained
This is a two-post deck, and each has two connection points for coils.


An RDA is the simplest type of RBA, because all you do is connect the coil and insert the wick to use it. They’re composed of a deck section and a “top cap,” which includes the mouthpiece and usually has a mechanism for adjusting the airflow to the coil.


The decks usually have a positive post and one or more negative posts – with two-post designs being common these days. The decks have a lip around the edge to form a “well” that holds a small amount of e-liquid.


So you make the coil, connect it to the posts, check everything works, insert your wick through it and it’s ready to use. Drip e-liquid on the coil and wick, put the top cap on and you’re ready to vape. We have a more detailed guide here (read How to Build an RDA Coil).


Should You Get an RDA?




  • Excellent performance. RDAs are a very direct way to vape. The liquid gets dripped directly onto the wick and coil and is vaporized before going right up to your lips. This means great flavor and vapor production – it’s often hard to beat.
  • Easy to change flavors. There’s no need to empty a tank to change flavor with an RDA. You can directly change the wick whenever you like or just vape until it dries out before changing it.
  • Generally affordable. RDAs are simple and so are usually quite cheap to buy, though they can get expensive too.
  • Great airflow options. RDAs are very well-suited to unique, complex and effective airflow designs. Some user under-coil airflow, some use side airflow and some use both.




  • More labor-intensive than tanks. Having to regularly drip means you have a lot more to do when you’re vaping with an RDA.
  • They’re prone to leaking. Unless you vape whatever is there before you put your RDA away, leaks are a common problem with RDAs in particular.


The Bottom Line on RDAs


A great way to vape for the long-term vaper, RDAs perform well and are affordable, especially in the long-term. The big downside is that you have to drip your e-juice regularly. This can be annoying regardless, but also rules out vaping while driving.


Check out some of our RDA reviews:


Tokugawa RDA by Tendou Vapor

Tsunami by GeekVape

Dog3 by Congrevape

Mutation XS by Indulgence



What Are RTAs?


Rebuildable Tank Atomizer Vaping


RTA stands for rebuildable tank atomizer, and it’s one of the main types of rebuildable tanks. An RTA is really a lot like an RDA, except with a tank surrounding the deck and supplying liquid to it. The deck is encased in a chamber, but there are small openings that allow juice to make it’s way up to the wick and coil. In essence, they work like normal vape tanks but you make your own coil for them.


RTAs Explained: How RTAs Work


In a normal vape tank, there is an atomizer head (containing the coil and wick) at the bottom of the deck in the center, and a central tube running up from it to the mouthpiece. RTAs work in the same way, except the atomizer head is really a small deck that you build your coils on.


RTA Tanks Explained


The deck itself is usually like a smaller version of an RDA deck. The main difference is that under-coil airflow is much more common because it’s the only place the air can really come from. The other major difference is that there are usually small channels that allow e-juice to be fed to the wicks and coils. These occupy the edges of the deck, usually positioned so your wicks naturally fall onto them.


So your coils connect to posts in the same way, and your wicks rest in the small juice channels. Instead of a top cap, the deck is enclosed in a small chamber, which feeds directly up to the center tube and your mouthpiece.


RTA Wick Setup


When the chamber is screwed on and the tank is filled with e-juice, it makes it’s way into the channels and soaks your wicks. With pressure from the inside of the tank and gravity working on your side, your wicks are quickly replenished with e-juice as you vape.


Of all the types of rebuildable tanks, RTAs work the most like ordinary sub ohm tanks.


Should You Get an RTA?




  • Great performance. They perform almost as well as RDAs, and sometimes they’re just as excellent.
  • Refilling is easier than dripping. With tanks of 5 ml or even more being common, you’ll have to fill up a lot less often with an RTA.
  • Still affordable. Using an RTA is cheap for the same reason using an RDA is – the materials you need to keep going are very affordable.
  • Safer to use while driving or doing other stuff. You can easily vape while driving or while working, without the need to drip.
  • Under-coil airflow. RTAs can’t have side airflow like RDAs, but the under-coil airflow systems are great for clouds and flavor.




  • Harder to set up. RTA decks are often short on space, so rebuilding and especially wicking can be a bit fiddly.
  • Performance isn’t always consistent. If you don’t wick your coils in the right way, you can get inconsistent performance with some RTAs.
  • Leaking is common. Under-coil airflow arrangements often lead to leaking through the airholes.


The Bottom Line on RTAs


RTAs are the purest of the types of rebuildable tanks, with performance and functionality just like ordinary sub ohm tanks. If you’re comfortable building coils on a slightly confined deck and don’t like dripping, RTAs are a great choice.


Check out our reviews of purpose-built RTAs:


Conqueror by Wotofo

Bachelor Nano by EHPro


And our reviews of sub ohm tanks with optional/included RBA heads:


Rafale by Uwell

Tornado Nano by iJoy

TFV4 by Smok

Subtank Mini by Kanger Mini

Simba by UD


What Are RDTAs?


Original Style RDTA Atomizer


RDTA stands for rebuildable dripping tank atomizer. As the name suggests, this is a bit of a hybrid of the RTA and the RDA, and they’re often called “auto-drippers.” However, this class isn’t really that clearly defined, and there are big overlaps with other types of rebuildable tanks, including RTAs and the Genesis-style devices we’ll cover shortly.


RDTAs Explained: How RDTAs Work


Originally, RDTAs worked a lot like RTAs but had a system that allowed you to manually send some e-juice to your wick and coils (like the 3D pictured above). For example, the drip tip would serve as a plunger, which you’d push down to pump some e-juice from the tank onto the deck. So in a way, they’d work a lot like an RDA but with the dripping replaced by a quasi-automated process.


The only problem for these types of rebuildable tanks is that they didn’t work consistently. The complicated designs with plungers and moving parts often went wrong. This is why you don’t see traditional-style RDTAs that often these days.


The reason you still see the term used is because the definition of RDTA these days has been muddied quite a bit. In many cases, they’re just like updated versions of Genesis-style atomizers.


RDTA - Auto Dripper


These are very similar to RTAs, except the deck is above the tank and juice is drawn upwards onto it. In practice, most RDTAs these days have holes drilled through the deck and you tilt the device to “auto-drip” some more juice.


Should You Get an RDTA?




  • They (usually) perform well. The original designs might be a bit hit-and-miss, but on the whole RDTAs perform really well, especially the modern style.
  • Easier to build than RTAs. RDTAs generally have a building deck more like an RDA, which makes the process much more forgiving.
  • Easier to top up than RDAs. RDTAs offer dripping-like operation without the need to remove a top cap and keep a bottle of juice with you at all times.




  • True RDTAs are hard to find. The original-style RDTAs didn’t always work well and are consequently quite hard to find.
  • Gravity works against you. Modern-style RDTAs have tanks below the deck, which means gravity works against you when it comes to wicking.
  • A lot can go wrong on older designs. More complicated systems open the door to more problems in use.


The Bottom Line on RDTAs


True RDTAs aren’t often found these days for a reason: they didn’t work as well as vapers had hoped. Newer designs are still great, but are more like Genesis-style RBAs than original RDTAs.


Check out these reviews of modern-style RDTAs:


Quad Flex Survival Kit by Aspire

Avocado 24 by GeekVape


What are Genesis-Style RBAs?


Genesis Style Atomizer Vaping


The main types of rebuildable tanks all have a lot of overlaps in terms of design and function. The biggest overlap, though, is between RDTAs and Genesis-style devices. This is mainly because manufacturers have started calling modern Genesis-style devices RDTAs.


A Genesis-style device (technically it should be Genisis – but the community has long since changed that) is an RTA with the deck above the tank, and holes in the deck for the wick. These were created in 2011 by an E-Cigarette Forum user, and quickly took off among early cloud-chasing vapers. One of the defining characteristics of this type of rebuildable tank is that most were designed to be used with stainless steel mesh as a wick.


Genesis-Style RBAs Explained: How Genesis-Style RBAs Work


Genesis Style Atomizers Explained


Old-style Genesis RBAs all had a very similar design. The upper deck contained one center post, which had adjustable thumb-screws extending up its length so you could trap your coil-end easily, and one contact point on the deck. There were also several holes in the deck itself, which were either used for filling or for inserting your wick. Some also had negative posts, but contact points on the deck were more common.


Because of the design, vapers build vertical coils for classic Genesis-style RBAs. They’d be wrapped directly around a tube of stainless steel mesh, which was inserted vertically downwards into the tank. One common issue with this was short circuits, which could easily form with a metallic wick. Ingenious vapers solved this issue in various ways, but ultimately this was why RDAs and other types of rebuildable tanks quickly became more popular.


Modern Genesis-style RBAs share a lot of characteristics with traditional types, but have a much more user-friendly design. Devices like the Geekvape Avocado are most usefully described as an RDA deck with a tank section underneath. Most use a two-post design, with multiple holes in each post for multi-coil builds.


Modern Genesis Atomizers Vaping


Unlike traditional types, the holes in the deck on modern designs are set up so they work with horizontal coils, and can be effectively used with cotton wicks. You can either setup so the wicks just touch the holes in the deck, or so they hang down into the tank and come in direct contact with the e-juice.


Should You Get a Genesis-Style RBA?




  • Easy rebuilding. The upper deck layout makes building on Genesis-style devices about as easy as on RDAs, especially for modern designs.
  • Excellent performance on modern styles. Many modern Genesis-style devices perform just as well as RDAs. However, older types were often inconsistent.
  • Easier to wick than RTAs. Getting the wick setup is much easier on Genesis-style devices, and you can get consistent performance with the wicks on the deck or hanging down into the tank.
  • Most can be used as RDAs too. If you don’t want to fill the tank, you don’t have to – Genesis-style devices can serve as RDAs too. This is especially true of devices like the Aspire Quad Flex.




  • Old-style designs have a lot of problems. The thumb-screws on classic Genesis-style RBAs were annoying, but the stainless steel mesh is the most annoying part – shorts and hot-spots are irritatingly common.
  • Wicking has to fight gravity. Getting juice to your coils means fighting gravity, so you can get dry hits if you don’t make absolutely sure you’ve soaked your wicks.


The Bottom Line on Genesis-Style RBAs


Genesis-style RBAs didn’t used to be all that great, but the newer style devices are some of the best types of rebuildable tanks on the market. The performance is right up there with RDAs, but they’re much easier to use.


What Are Kayfun-Style RTAs?


Kayfun Style RTA


The Kayfun was an absolute game-changer when it first soared to popularity, and it’s easy to see why. Most types of rebuildable tanks owe their history in part to the Kayfun – or to be more precise, the Golden Greek designs that inspired it – and so it’s not surprising that the Kayfun is very similar to most modern RTAs. When the Kayfun was released, it was most vapers’ first taste of the convenience and great performance offered by rebuildable tanks.


Like RTAs, Kayfun-style tanks have a deck at the bottom of the tank, which is set up perfectly for single-coil builds. This is enclosed by a chamber just like it is on most RTAs, and there are two channels running up the side for your e-juice to get to your coil. This is all surrounded by a tank in the same way as with most RTAs.


Kayfun-Style RTAs Explained: How Do They Work?


Kayfun-style RTAs work just like ordinary RTAs: you connect your coil to the two posts, position it over the big, under-coil airflow and insert your wick. Then you soak the wick and coil manually, screw on the chamber and the tank, then fill up and vape.


Really, Kayfuns are so similar to RTAs that they can’t really be considered one of the types of rebuildable tanks on their own. They’re only included here because of their significance to the evolution of RBAs.


Should You Get a Kayfun-Style RTA?




  • Great flavor. The Kayfun may be lacking when it comes to vapor production, but the flavor from the tank is excellent.
  • Easy to build. The build deck on Kayfun-style RTAs is spacious and well-designed. Modern devices often do better on this front, but it’s still great.
  • Good wicking. The wick is pretty easy to set up on the Kayfun – it still takes some getting used to but once you get the hang of it you won’t have issues.
  • Great for mouth-to-lung vapers. Mouth-to-lung vaping isn’t supported by many devices these days, but the Kayfun is definitely one of them.




  • Outdated. The Kayfun was great for it’s time, but for cloud-chasers in particular there are much better devices on the market.
  • No support for multi-coil builds. Another sign of the time it was made is that the Kayfun is really only set up for single-coil builds.
  • Airflow could be better. The reason the Kayfun isn’t the best for cloud-chasing largely comes down to the airflow, which is more restricted than on modern tanks.
  • Hard to find. Original and older-model Kayfuns are hard to find these days, but you can pick up the newer Kayfun 5.


The Bottom Line on Kayfun-Style RTAs


Kayfun-style RTAs had their moment to shine, and although they’ve fallen out of favor compared to newer models, they do still have a lot going for them. If you’re a mouth-to-lung vaper who likes flavor-chasing and a hint of vape-nostalgia, you should pick one up!


Conclusion: The Overlapping Types of Rebuildable Tanks


The overall lesson from this post is that the types of rebuildable tanks all share some common features, and they all work in a very similar way. Different types have different advantages and disadvantages, but on the whole, the headline benefit for any type of RBA is much better performance at a much lower price. If you’re happy building coils and you want the best performance, they really are the best way to vape.


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Best Vape Pens 2017



For a smoker first making the switch to vaping, or for a vaper who wants to keep things as simple as possible, finding the best vape pen brands on the market is a big priority. Offering vast improvements in performance in comparison to cigalike devices and being considerably more compact and simple than the vape mods many long-term vapers gravitate towards, vape pens are the perfect middle-ground for the vaper who wants solid performance without a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles.


Traditionally, vaporizer pens were basically eGo-style devices, with 650 to 1000 mAh batteries and fairly small, high-ohm coil clearomizers, but the best vape pens for 2017 extend beyond these traditional boundaries, with many devices sporting bigger – almost mod-like – batteries and supporting sub-ohm resistances. This might blur the boundaries between vape pens and mods, but it’s added some excellent performers to the class.


So here’s our list of the best vaporizer pens for e-liquid currently on the market, ranging from the more basic, traditional styles through to the modern, sub-ohm capable beasts that push the category to breaking point.


Best Vape Pens for E-Liquid



10 – Aspire CF-VV+


Aspire CF VV Battery - Best Vape Pen


The Aspire CF-VV+ battery is a bigger device than some of the more basic vape pens, but with substantial battery life and the ability to adjust the power you send to your atomizer, it easily ranks among the top vapes on the market today. The device has a carbon fiber exterior and a single, flat fire button on the front. The voltage can be adjusted from 3.3 to 4.8 V using the dial on the bottom of the device, which allows you to tailor the power output to suit the atomizer you’re using, and the battery has a 1000 mAh capacity. This should last most vapers through a day of use. It also features a spring-loaded 510 connector so it works effectively with a wide range of atomizers and tanks.


The CF-VV+ comes in a kit with the Aspire Nautilus for under $80, offering a 2 ml capacity tank with five spare 1.8 ohm vertical coils, a USB charging cable and wall adapter. Overall, it’s a great deal, and even though it’s a fairly old device, the excellent performance and variable voltage functionality keeps it in the running as one of the best options on the market.


Aspire CF-VV Vaporizer Pen for E-Liquid


9 – Kanger Evod VV



Kanger Evod VV - Best eGo E-Cig


The Evod VV from Kanger is a very similar device to the CF-VV+, in many ways, offering variable voltage through a dial at the base of the battery and a substantial 1000 mAh battery, but being a little cheaper to pick up (priced at $18.95) and widely available outside a pre-defined kit. The device has variable voltage between 3.2 and 4.8 volts in 0.4 V increments, allowing fine control over your setting while still maintaining a vapor pen like simplicity in operation. The device is available in a wide selection of colors, and the eGo/510 threading means it can be used with most atomizers on the market, with a beauty ring being advised for 510 atomizers to cover the eGo threading.

This is another option that’s a little bigger than standard eGo-style vaporizer pens – measuring 5.2 inches tall and having a ½ inch diameter – but the benefit of longer battery life and adjustable voltage makes it more than worth the extra size.


Kanger Evod VV E-Juice Vape Pen


8 – Innokin Endura T18


Innokin Endura - Best Vape Pens 2016


Innokin might be best-known for their MVP series of box mods, but the Endura T18 sees them venturing into the field of entry-level devices, and it’s one of the best vaporizer pens on the market today. The device might be a bit lower in battery capacity and power output than some of the options on this list, but the vape pen still has a lot to offer, with a simple one-button operation, top-filling tank and a sleek, appealing design.


The Endura T18 features a 1000 mAh battery and a 14 watt output when paired with a 1.5 ohm coil, putting the battery as less capable than many bigger devices but still providing more than enough vapor and a long enough battery life for less intensive vapers. It comes with a USB charger, and allows vaping while charging, meaning you never have to go without something to vape. The device is paired with the Prism tank, which has a 2.5 ml juice capacity and uses organic cotton coils for superior flavor. The tank is top-filling, with the top twisting open and revealing ample space to refill. The setup is designed for the mouth-to-lung hits smokers are accustomed to, so it’s a stand-out option for anybody new to vaping.


The Endura T18 comes in a kit with the battery, tank, a replacement coil, USB charger and a unique vape stand, all for $27.95.


Innokin Endura T18 Vaporizer Pen


7 – Apollo Ohm Go


Apollo Ohm Go - Best Vape Pens for 2016


Apollo has been in the e-cigarette industry for a long time, and they’ve kept pace with the developments in the industry by expanding from basic cigalikes to vapor pens and even box mods. Their Valiant kit is still a great option, but their entry into this list of the top vape pens on the market comes in the form of the Ohm Go kit. The device the kit takes its name from puts out a substantial amount of power – up to 50 W when paired with the right type of coil – and is actually self-adjusting, making it a near-unbeatable option for new vapers unsure about appropriate settings and just looking for a simple experience.


The battery has a substantial 1900 mAh capacity, and comes with a USB charging cable, as well as working in passthrough mode so you can vape while you’re charging. All of this makes it a fantastic option for beginners looking to get their first serious device, and the included Portal tank only makes this better. It’s a 3 ml capacity sub-ohm tank, coming with two atomizer heads – one 0.5 ohm and one 1.0 ohm – and designed with ease-of-use in mind. The kit costs $19.95 at time of writing.


Buy Apollo Ohm Go Vaporizer Starter Kit


6 – Eleaf iJust 2


iJust 2 Vape Pen by Eleaf


Eleaf may be best known as the creators of the iStick series of box mods, but the iJust series offer some next-generation eGo-style vape pens, maintaining the simplicity of a classic style vape pen but also supporting sub-ohm resistances. The iJust is a bit chunky, but maintains the vape pen style with just a single “fire” button for operation and a purpose-built atomizer.


The battery for the iJust has a huge capacity of 2600 mAh, which will easily last you through a day of use, and supports resistances down to 0.3 ohms, for a huge output power of up to 80 W. You don’t need to adjust settings or anything like that: just fill the massive 5.5 ml tank with e-liquid, screw it on and vape away. The tank features adjustable airflow, a bottom-filling design and organic cotton coils, allowing you to tailor your vaping experience to suit your preferences without getting needlessly complicated.


The device offers mod-like performance in a much simpler package, and comes in a kit with the tank and USB charger for just $29.50.


Eleaf iJust 2 Vape Pen Starter Kit


5 – Kanger Subvod


Subvod by Kanger - Best Vape Pens


The Subvod sees Kanger putting out one of the best vape pens for e-liquid users today, with a compact-yet-capable battery that supports sub-ohm vaping and a simple, user-friendly design. The Subvod battery has a 1300 mAh capacity, which is lower than some of the options on the list but allows them to keep the size down to 3 ½ inches tall by ¾ of an inch in diameter. It supports resistances down to 0.4 ohms, meaning it’s capable of powering most of the sub-ohm tanks on the market today, and can be charged up via the included USB cable.


The Subvod kit comes with the battery and the Toptank Nano, a 3.2 ml capacity sub-ohm tank featuring adjustable airflow, a glass tank and a top or bottom filling design. The tank comes with a 0.5 ohm stainless steel organic cotton coil, so all you have to get to start vaping is some e-juice. The combination of simple filling on the tank and the one-button operation of the battery makes this a stand-out option for new vapers, and the performance with both of them together is hard to fault.


The kit costs $38.95, making it a fantastic deal for anyone looking for a modern, more powerful vaporizer pen in a slightly less chunky package.


Kanger Subvod Vaporizer Kit for E-Liquid Vaping


4 – VaporFi Rocket



VaporFi Rocket Vape Pen


VaporFi has a wide range of devices on offer, ranging from cigalikes right through to high-powered, temperature control box mods, but their mid-size range includes some of the most popular vaporizer pens on the market. Although the VaporFi Edge offers bigger vapor production and a higher-power vaping experience, as a beginner-friendly vaporizer pen starter kit, the VaporFi Rocket is their best offering. The device features a 1600 mAh battery, and supports variable voltage from 3.2 to 4.8 volts, allowing you to adjust your vaping experience to suit your preferences and the specific juice you have loaded up. The voltage setting is controlled by a ring on the bottom of the battery.


The VaporFi Rocket vaporizer comes with a purpose-built tank, which holds 2.5 ml of juice and comes with one 1.8 ohm atomizer head installed and five more spare. The tank has an airflow control system much like that on the Kanger Aerotank, allowing for fine control over your draw and supporting both mouth-to-lung and straight-to-lung inhalation styles. The VaporFi Rocket tank has a bottom-filling design but both refilling and changing coils are very straightforward, making it a solid option for new vapers.


The VaporFi Rocket comes in a kit with the vape pen, tank, five spare coils, USB charger, wall adapter and user manual for $89.99. This is the most expensive vaporizer on the list, but the build quality is excellent and VaporFi has a stand-out US-based customer support team – a big deal for newer vapers.


Buy VaporFi Rocket Vapor Pen E-Cig


3 – Joyetech eGo One


eGo One - Best Vape Pen


The eGo from Joyetech is basically the original vaporizer pen, so it’s no surprise that Joyetech has one of the best vape pens on the market. Like many manufacturers, although they still put out standard-style vape pens, Joyetech has progressed to larger, higher-power designs while still keeping operation as simple as possible. The eGo One brings the classic device into the modern era of vaping, supporting resistances down to 0.5 ohms and featuring a 2200 mAh battery (with a 1100 mAh version also available), and being paired with a 2.5 ml tank with different atomizer heads to suit either mouth-to-lung or straight-to-lung inhalation styles.


The core functionality of the eGo One is as simple as the older eGo devices, with a single button for firing and little else to contend with, but the huge battery capacity and low-resistance atomizers puts the performance well beyond that offered by previous versions. The tank is also straightforward, with coil-changing and refilling being simple processes, and the adjustable airflow working through a basic control ring. The upshot is that you can’t do much better than the eGo one if you’re a new vaper, or even an experienced vaper looking for a straightforward device.


The eGo One also comes in two sizes, with the 2200 mAh version being the best choice in terms of battery life, and being priced at $47.99 at the time of writing. It comes with a battery, atomizer, two coils, two mouthpieces, USB charger and wall adapter. There’s also an 850 mAh Mini option if you want something more compact, priced at $39.95.


Shop Joyetech eGo One Vaporizer Pen Kit


2 – V2 Pro Series 3



V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer Pen 3-in-1 - Dry Herb, Wax, E-Liquid


V2 Cigs has been a huge name in the industry since it first started taking off, and the Pro Series sees them moving with the trends in the vaping world and even more. The core selling-point for the Pro Series 3 and Series 7 is the ability to vaporize e-liquid, loose leaf and wax, making them more than just normal vaping devices – they’re capable of dealing with anything you want to vape. They really are game-changers.


Although the V2 Pro Series 7 has a bigger battery and a larger loose leaf capacity, the V2 Pro Series 3 is our pick for the best vaporizer pen because it manages to fit all of the same core features into a trimmed-down, vape pen-sized package. The devices work with three different styles of cartridge – one for e-liquid, one for loose leaf and one for wax – and they drop in place magnetically to minimize fiddling. The Series 3 has a 1.6 ml e-juice capacity and a 385 cubic mm loose leaf capacity, and is really designed for e-juice users looking for solid performance. It comes with an e-liquid cartridge and you can add others if you need them.


The V2 Pro Series 3 also features automatic voltage control, so the device dials in the ideal setting for your particular cartridge, and it recognizes which you’re using automatically. The battery is only 650 mAh (compared to 1800 mAh for the Series 7), but this helps the device remain portable, and the performance – regardless of what you’re using – is outstanding.


You can pick up the V2 Pro Series 3 for $59.99, and comes with the vape pen, a USB charger and an e-liquid cartridge as standard, with the option to add extras. If you want the bigger, more capable  V2 Pro Series 7 it’s $169.99, and it comes with both the e-liquid and loose leaf cartridges, as well as USB charger, wall adapter and a pick and brush for dealing with the loose leaf.


Read our full V2 Pro Series 3 review and V2 Pro Series 7 review for more information.


Buy V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer Pen 3-in-1 Vaporizer



1 – JUUL Vapor


Juul Vape Pen for E-Juice


The JUUL by Pax is unlike most vaping devices on the market. It blurs the lines between cigalikes and vape pens, with a unique, USB pen drive-like design and pre-filled cartridges that use nicotine salts to provide a much more satisfying vape. While the other devices on this list are more likely to blur the line in the other direction – arguably being more like mods than vape pens – the JUUL shows that something more cigalike-ish can also knock it out of the park.


The big benefit of the JUUL is that it offers vape pen-like performance while still remaining even simpler than most cigalikes on the market. To use it, you simply drop the cartridge section into the top of the device and inhale from the end like you would from a cigarette, and you can tap the top twice to see your remaining battery level. It’s hard to imagine an easier device to use. Even better, the vapor production is easily in line with what you get from much bigger, more complicated devices. Finally, the high-nicotine e-liquid (50 mg/ml) used makes it satisfying for even the heaviest smokers.


The main downside is the fact that it uses “JUULpods” instead of a refillable atomizer, which means you’re limited to the five flavors offered by JUUL. However, these cover most bases, with one tobacco, one menthol, a fruit medley, mango and a creme brulee option available. This is more than enough for just-switching smokers, and with some extra options for longer-term vapers not interested in tobaccos or menthols.


The JUUL is game-changing for anybody previously put off by the complexity of vape pens, and who finds conventional e-liquid unsatisfying. The JUUL is available as part of a starter kit for $49.99, which comes with the device, the USB charger and four JUULpods.


Buy Juul Vapor Pen



Vape Pen Buying Guide


Vape Pens Keep Getting Better


So there is a lot of choice when it comes to finding the best vape pen for your needs. If you’re looking for something that can vaporize more than just e-liquid, the V2 Pro Series is really the only game in town, but there are also several stand-out devices for new vapers just looking for something to replace cigarettes or for experienced vapers looking for serious, sub-ohm vapor production and huge clouds. One thing is for sure, we’ve come a long way since the days of the first eGos, and things are only going to get better.


Still confused? Here is some basic information about what vaporizer pens are, how they work, how to choose the best vapor pen for your needs and some safety and maintenance tips:


What is a Vape Pen? How Do They Work?

 How E-Cigs Work


The simplest definition of a vape pen (aka “vapor pen”, “vaporizer pen”, “e-pen”) is that it’s a refillable e-cigarette that’s roughly the size of a pen. Really, though, they aren’t the size of regular pens; they’re more like the size of a marker pen or a cigar. They’re composed of two main parts: a long battery and a small tank which is filled with e-juice.


They work like pretty much any other e-cig on the market. The battery sends power to the “atomizer,” which is a fancy word for a coil of wire surrounding some absorbent “wick” material, and this vaporizes the e-juice in the tank and turns it into an inhalable vapor. The atomizer is really at the heart of the vapor pen (and all e-cigarettes), because the coil gets hot when electricity flows through it, and heats the e-juice soaked into the wick to produce the vapor.


Vape pens are almost all “manually” operated, which means they have a button you have to press and hold as you vape. This button starts the flow of current, which in turn vaporizes the juice. The tank is another key component because it ensures that the coil and wick have a constant supply of e-juice. Tanks that fit e-pens are generally around 2 ml in capacity, although some are a bit bigger and some are a bit smaller.


Like many terms used in vaping, though, the definition isn’t particularly clear-cut and there are some devices which blur the boundaries between vaporizer pens and vape mods. Although vape pens ordinarily just operate at a fixed voltage, some vape pens do allow you to set your own voltage, and despite the marker-pen size being a defining feature of vape pens, some are bigger than this and some are smaller. In short, there really isn’t too rigid a definition, but the key features are always there.


Some vapor pens also don’t vaporize e-juice, or vaporize e-juice as well as other things. These are still vapor pens, but they aren’t as likely to have a tank, and may operate in a different way. For instance, dry herb vaporizers need to operate at a consistent temperature (rather than periodically getting hot like e-juice vaporizers), so they use slightly different heating methods.


Types of Vape Pens


There are several different types of vape pens on the market, but for the purposes of looking for the best vape pen, it’s easiest to split them up based on what they’re designed to vaporize. So here’s a brief guide to the different types of vape pens with this in mind:


  • E-Liquid Vape Pens: E-juice vape pens work like we described above: they use an atomizer to vaporize e-juice, which is a mixture of some common solvents, food flavorings and usually nicotine. These vaporize whenever you press a button to start the flow of current through the coil.


  • Dry Herb Vape Pens: Dry herb vape pens are a lot different to e-juice vape pens. These have a chamber, which you fill with your chosen herb (or even tobacco), and this is brought up to a constant temperature when you switch it on. These vape pens are normally switched on and then they remain hot for a “session,” which can vary in length but is usually between 2 and 5 minutes.


  • Wax and Oil Vape Pens: These vape pens are used to vaporize concentrates and waxes, and they work in a relatively similar way to e-juice vape pens. They have coils which heat up when you press a button in the same way, but they often don’t have wicks, because there’s nothing that can really soak up into them, and don’t have tanks either. Instead, the concentrate is applied directly to the coil before vaping.


  • 3-in-1 Vape Pens: These are vape pens that do it all. Most have a changeable cartridge system, so one works for e-juice, one works for dry herb and one works for waxes and oils. This usually means the vaporizer itself is a little more complicated (since it has to either apply periodic heat or maintain a consistent temperature), but overall they’re a combination of the three types described above.


How to Choose the Best Vape Pen


So what should you look out for when you’re trying to find the best vaporizer pen? The key to wading through the options and finding the right device is really thinking about what you’re looking for in a vape pen: there’s no one “best” device for everybody, so you should focus on finding the right device for you.


What Do You Want to Vape?


V2 Pro Cartridges
The e-juice and loose leaf (dry herb) cartridges from the V2 Pro Series 3.


The first thing to consider when you’re looking for the best vape pen is what you want to use it for. Will you only be vaping e-juice? Or are you looking specifically for a dry herb or wax vape pen? If you’re not sure or want to vape all three types, 3-in-1 vape pens are the obvious choice, but otherwise you can choose something specialized to your specific purpose.


The only real problems you’ll run into are if you’re looking for a dry herb vape pen. Many vape pen sized dry herb vaporizers don’t perform very well, heating the herb unevenly and usually leaving some unvaporized. The only real option for dry herb vape pen that actually works is the V2 Pro Series 3, and while there may be other options we’ve not tried or haven’t heard of, this is the only pen-sized dry herb vaporizer we can really recommend at the moment. It’s also a 3-in-1 device, so it’s great whatever you’re hoping to vape. If you want more options for dry herb vaporizers, you’ll have to consider larger devices.


The Size and Capacity of the Battery

 Best Vape Pens - Battery Sizes


Regardless of the type of e-cig pen you’re looking for, battery life is an important factor to consider. In general, bigger batteries are better, but if portability is important, it’s worth considering some lower-capacity, smaller options.


Battery life is shown through its capacity, which is quoted as a number followed by mAh, which stands for milliamp hours. This is quite easy to interpret, too: bigger numbers mean your battery will last longer, if operating at the same power. But larger-capacity batteries are bulkier too – or, for a vape pen, usually longer – so it’s a bit of a trade-off between battery life and portability.


For example, the Endura T18 e-liquid vape pen has a capacity of 1000 mAh, compared to 400 mAh for the smallest Halo Triton vaporizer pen. This tells you that – all else being equal – the Endura will last about two and a half times longer between charges in comparison to the Triton.


Variable Voltage and Variable Temperature


Best Vape Pens - Variable Voltage


Although most vaporizer pens operate at a fixed voltage or temperature, some allow you to choose a setting to suit your preferences. This is really best seen as an extra feature rather than something you necessarily need, because you can get an excellent vape on many devices without variable voltage or variable temperature.


However, some of the better vape pens – regardless of type – allow you to choose one of several settings. For e-liquid and wax vape pens, this is a voltage. For example, the Evod VV has five voltage settings between 3.2 and 4.8 V, which means you can tailor your performance to suit your preference or the specific e-juice you’re using. Most dry herb vape pens operate at a fixed temperature, but larger dry herb vaporizers give you several options for temperature settings, and again, it’s generally better to have options (even if not strictly necessary).


How Big is the Tank?


Vape Pen Tank Size


While you can always fill up again if you drain your tank, ideally you want to avoid doing it too much, so you should consider the size of the tank when you’re buying an e-liquid vape pen. The size of vape pens does limit this a little, because to have a flush fit you can’t have a huge 5 ml tanks (like you’ll find on many sub ohm devices), but it’s always worth checking this to ensure you aren’t buying something with a tiny tank. For vape pens, a 1.5 to 2 ml capacity is about right, but in general, bigger tanks are always better.


Although dry herb vape pens don’t have a “tank,” the chamber size is an equally important consideration. If you can’t get much herb in the chamber, then you won’t be satisfied after a single session, so it’s worth checking this out before you may your purchase. The V2 Pro Series 3, for instance, has a 385 cubic mm chamber, which we found to be plenty of space for a single session, but if you want to vape more between refilling, you can find something bigger than this (like the Pro Series 7 from V2, even though this couldn’t really be considered a “vape pen” due to the size of the battery).


What Type of Coils Does it Use?


Most vape pens use basic single-coil atomizers to vaporize your vape juice or wax, but some incorporate dual coils for better performance. The reason for this is simple: the more coils you have, the larger the surface area to get hot when you vape, and therefore the more you vaporize with each puff. Most wax vaporizers won’t have many options, but some (like the Source Orb V3) do offer dual coil setups too, and these generally offer better performance.


Best Vape Pens - Coil Head Options
A single coil atomizer head (left) and a dual coil one (right).


For e-liquid vape pens, dual coil atomizer heads are reasonably common, and will generally boost both flavor and vapor production, but other setups like vertical coils can make a lot of difference. You can still get an excellent vape with ordinary horizontal single coils (and dual or vertical coils certainly aren’t necessary), but in general you’ll have a more satisfying experience with devices that support dual coil or vertical coil atomizer heads. This isn’t a deal-breaker, but if you’re choosing between a device that supports additional coil types and one that only has single coils, the dual or vertical coil option will probably be better.


How Does it Perform? Check Reviews!


The biggest factor to consider when you’re looking for vape pens isn’t something you can learn from the specifications or features of the device: you need to know how it performs in practice. Although you can infer a little based on the characteristics of the device, the only real way to get to the bottom of this is by reading reviews. The main focus of pretty much any review of a vape pen will be how well it vapes, so it’s always worth checking out vape pen reviews – ideally as many as you can – to see what users are saying about the device.


Finding the Best Vaporizer Pen


Vaporizer Pen for E-liquid


So if you consider all of these factors, you’ll have much more success in finding the right vape pen for your needs. Unfortunately, there’s always some trial and error when it comes to finding something to suit your preferences, but the points above should help narrow your focus onto the devices most likely to be right for you.


The Cost of Vape Pens


As with most things, you tend to get what you pay for with vape pens. There are tons of cut-price options on the market, and while some of these are solid devices, there are many more disappointing options at the lower end of the price range.


For e-juice vape pens, most of the high-quality options covered in the list above are in the range between $20 and $40, although some are a little more expensive. If you stick to this price range you’ll avoid overpaying, but sometimes it’s worth paying a little more for a wider range of features or a better quality device. For example, the 2200 mAh version of the eGo One offers excellent battery life and sub ohm vaping for $47.99, and it’s well worth paying a little more for, and VaporFi’s products tend to be quite expensive but very high quality.


For dry herb and wax/concentrate vaporizer pens, the prices tend to be a little higher. For example, High Times did a run-down of the best wax vape pens – covering 25 different vape pens – and most were priced around the $80 mark. As we mentioned earlier, the V2 Pro Series 3 is the only vape pen we’d recommend for dry herb vaping, and this is priced very competitively at $59.99 for the device and e-juice attachment, with the loose leaf and wax cartridges being optional add-ons at $24.99 each. This still puts it well within the standard range, and it has the added benefit of being a single device that can do it all.


Common Issues With Vape Pens


Once you’ve chosen the best vape pen for your needs, all you need to do is learn to use it and deal with any minor issues that come up in use. Generally, the issues you’ll run into will be very minor, and are generally more common with e-juice and wax vape pens than dry herb ones, so we’ll cover some of the basics here.


E-Liquid Vape Pens: Leaking


E-Cig Leaking Problems


By far the most common problem you’ll into with e-juice vape pens is leaking e-juice. There are many possible reasons for this, but the most common – and simple to solve – is the connections around the tank not being sealed or screwed down properly. Almost all e-juice vape pens have a screw-on bottom section, and it almost goes without saying that if you don’t tighten this down enough you’ll leave gaps for your juice to leak out through. Make sure everything is connected up properly and you shouldn’t have issues.


However, you should avoid over-tightening the tank connections. As well as screwing into place, tanks use “O-rings” to form a tight seal. If you tighten too much, you can actually damage the O-rings and give your e-juice a route out of your tank. It’s hard to quantify how much tightening is “too much,” but in general you should screw everything down so it’s firmly attached but shouldn’t screw it on as tightly as you can. If you’re worried you’ve damaged your O-rings, disassemble your tank and inspect them for damage. If you notice a problem, most devices come with spare O-rings, so you can simply replace the one you’ve damaged.


The main other cause for a leaking vapor pen is juice making its way into the atomizer head or the central tube. If you’re getting gurgling sounds when you vape, this is probably the issue. Firstly, when you refill you should always avoid getting juice down the centre tube. Avoiding flooding can be difficult, but the best advice is to remember that inhaling more sharply or forcefully doesn’t get you more vapor – keep your inhalations gentle and slow and let the vapor come to you. If you suck too hard, you basically turn the central tube into a straw and cause flooding. If you’re still having an issue after softening your inhalations, you probably just need to replace your atomizer head.


All Vaporizer Pens: Connection and Power Issues


Regardless of the type of vapor pen you’re using, all of them need a constant supply of power and a good connection to the atomizer or coil. Problems with power are simple to solve: you probably just need to recharge your device. It could also be that your battery is locked or switched off – simply press the “fire” button five times in quick succession (depending on your device) and this should remedy the issue.


If you try to charge the device but it won’t respond, or if it seems to have power but it doesn’t produce vapor, you may have a connection problem. This is usually caused by the contact pin (where you connect the atomizer) being pushed down too far. This is a bit of a delicate procedure, but you can manually raise it up with the tip of a thin screwdriver.


You should be able to see some space around the edges of the contact point – put the tip of the screwdriver in there and gently wiggle it to raise the contact upwards. Do the same thing all the way around – being careful not to force it too much – and try connecting your atomizer or charger again. If it still doesn’t connect, repeat the process (raising the contact point just a little bit each time) until it does.


You may also run into connection problems because of e-juice built up on the contact point, and this is simply fixed by cleaning it using a Q-tip or paper towel. Of course, it could also be that your vape pen is broken, but it’s definitely worth trying these fixes (and others) before you give up on it.  The same basic advice carries over to other types of vape pen: connection problems are solved in the same way, and if you have any debris or juice on it, that could be causing the issues you’re experiencing.


 Wax Vape Pens: Heating Chamber Issues


Vape Pen Troubleshooting


If you’re having problems with a wax vaporizer pen and the battery or atomizer connection doesn’t appear to be the issue, it could be due to the coil itself within the heating chamber not making contact with the pins. This can be rectified with a bit of manual adjustment with the help of a straightened paperclip or a toothpick, but you have to be very careful since this can irreparably damage the coil if you’re too firm.


First off, look into the heating chamber. The coil starts its spiral towards the middle of the chamber, but around the outside you should be able to see two pins where the ends of the coil connect. The problem is likely that your coil isn’t making contact with these, so you should push down on them (again, gently) with your paperclip or toothpick. The aim is to get the tips making contact with the pins again without distorting or damaging the coil in any way. If this doesn’t work, inserting the toothpick or paperclip in the center of coil and moving it ever so slightly can also help.


Vaporizer Pen Safety Tips


Thankfully, the best vape pens generally come with in-built safety features and there is a limited amount that can go wrong and do you any harm. That said, there are a few useful safety tips you should keep in mind to make sure you don’t run into any issues.


  • Turn off your device when you carry it around: Vaporizer pens are able to be locked or switched off for a reason. When you’re carrying the device around, it could accidentally fire and either ruin your coil or stress the battery too much and cause more serious issues. Turn off or lock your battery when you’re carrying it around (usually by pressing the fire button five times quickly) to remove this danger.


  • Use the included charger: Charging problems are the biggest source of risk with vape pens (even though it’s still not very likely), because despite manufacturer’s intentions to prevent issues, things can go wrong. The risk of charging problems is drastically reduced if you use the charger that came with your device. You could match the power rating of your old charger with a replacement, but it’s better to stick to the manufacturer’s recommended one to avoid any problems.


  • Don’t overcharge: Again, manufacturers generally try to make it so vaporizer pens can’t be overcharged, but it’s a good idea to take your device off charge when you realize it’s done. This is usually shown by an LED on the charger turning from red to green, or perhaps the light on the fire button turning off.


  • Don’t leave it charging unattended or charge overnight: Finally, to both avoid overcharging and so you’re on hand in case there are any issues, it’s better to only charge your device when you’ll be present. If there’s a problem during charging – for example, your device overheating – it’s better to be there to deal with it as soon as you notice it. If you don’t deal with any issues (or are asleep) it will likely get worse and could even cause an explosion.


  • Clean up any e-liquid spills: For those using an e-juice vape pen, it’s important to remember that nicotine can absorb through your skin, so any e-juice spills should be cleaned up right away. Just using warm, soapy water is fine, but you can also use rubbing alcohol (which may be particularly useful for big spills). If you spill any juice on your skin or clothes it’s a good idea to clean your skin right away and change any affected clothes.


It’s worth stressing again that serious issues really aren’t very likely. You don’t need to take these steps to stay safe because your device is dangerous or anything like that; it’s simply to be prepared for the unlikely event that you do have a serious problem. For example, your battery probably won’t overheat during charging, but if you’re really unlucky, taking steps to stay safe could mean the difference between the situation getting worse and your vaporizer pen turning into a firework and you simply losing the vape pen. Of course, the best-rated vape pens have in-built safety mechanisms to prevent this from happening, but you should still take precautions.




Hopefully this guide (and our list of the best vape pens) has given you a basic introduction to vape pens, how they work, the types there are, how you find a good one and how to deal with any issues that may crop up. Of course, this really just scratches the surface, but we have plenty of additional information in our “Basics of Vaping” posts and our safety series which you can check out on our blog. Vaping can seem very complicated when you’re just getting started, but it’s really not as bad as it seems, and when you get to grips with it, your lungs will thank you.

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Top 10 High Drain Batteries for Sub-Ohm Vaping



In this age of sub-ohm tanks, 150 W vape mods and cloud competitions, vape batteries need to be capable of putting out some serious power. We’ve addressed battery safety elsewhere, but the short version is that any given battery can only put out so much current, and if you ask for too much from it, you can have a very bad time (i.e. your battery venting and possibly exploding). That’s why getting the right vaping battery matters.


But finding the best battery for vaping isn’t easy. Our list of the best high drain batteries for sub-ohm vaping aimed to make that a little easier, but sadly it wasn’t entirely accurate. We made the mistake of actually trusting what the manufacturers said: with re-wraps (cells from other manufacturers clothed in another brand’s wrapper) and pulse amp limits masquerading as continuous amp limits, you have to be a lot more careful about which batteries you put in your mod. Thanks to several very helpful comments and a lot of research, we’ve put together a new 2017 list of the best 18650 batteries for sub-ohm vaping.


Best 18650 Batteries for Vaping


We’ve primarily focused on amp limits, but to order the list we also paid attention to capacity, and as well as the best 18650 batteries, we’ve added a couple of 26650 batteries to the list too (placed at the bottom because most vapers still use 18650s, despite the high amp limits and capacities of 26650s). So, without further ado, here’s our list of the top 10 high-drain 18650 batteries for vaping:


10 – Efest Green IMR 26650 (23 A / 4,200 mAh)


Efest 26650 Vaping Battery


Efest batteries are pretty popular in the world of vaping, but they aren’t one of the companies that actually make batteries. They take cells from other manufacturers and put their own branded wrapper on them. In general, these are lower-quality batteries and sometimes manufacturers (including Efest) overstate what they can do.


That said, not all rewraps are bad. In fact, you can still find some high-quality rewrapped batteries based on reviews and tests, and their 26650 option – the Efest Green – performs excellently and has a solid set of specs too. This is easily among the best 26650 vaping batteries on the market, with a 20 A maximum continuous current and a huge 4200 mAh capacity. The well-known battery expert Mooch tested it directly and found that the maximum continuous current may be closer to 23 A, so it’s one of the few batteries that can offer more than the manufacturer claims. You can pick this battery up for $12.95 (all prices at time of writing, August 2017)


Buy Efest Green 26650 High Drain battery


9 – iJoy INR26650 (30 A / 4,200 mAh)


Best 26650 Vaping Battery - iJoy 26650


iJoy isn’t one of the big-name battery manufacturers either, but their 26650 powerhouse has a lot going for it. Although iJoy rate it at 40 A maximum continuous discharge, the more reliable, independently-established rating of 30 A still makes it a great choice for any vaper looking for the best 26650 battery for high drain vaping. With an impressive 4,200 mAh capacity, it’s a long-lasting option and it performs like an absolute beast. If you’re in the market for a 26650 cell, iJoy’s offering costs $12 new.


Buy iJoy 26650 vape battery


8 – Samsung INR 18650-30Q (20 A / 3,000 mAh)


Samsung INR 18650 30Q Vaping Battery


Onto the best 18650 batteries, the Samsung INR 18650-30Q has a slightly better than average amp limit – offering up to 15 A continuous discharge – and an excellent capacity of 3,000 mAh. This uses nickel chemistry (indicated by the “N” in the name), and testing suggests it actually performs reasonably well at 20 A, although it’s better to stick to the 15 A max recommendation for safety purposes. You can pick this battery up for $8.95.


18650 battery Samsung


7 – LG 18650 HE2/HE4 (20 A / 2,500 mAh)


LG 18650HE4 Vaping Battery


The HE2 and HE4 hybrid IMR 18650 batteries from LG both have the same core specs, offering a 20 A continuous discharge limit and 2,500 mAh capacities. The (yellow) HE4 is the newer model (and is actually called the LG DBHE41865), and shows good performance in tests at 20 A, although the capacity drops considerably when tested under the (not recommended) amp-load of 30 A. If you can’t find the HE4, though, the (red) HE2 is still a very dependable battery and may be easier to find in stock. Kidney Puncher claims that they’ve seen tests where the HE2 handles much higher currents, but available tests show a notable capacity and voltage drop when tested at 30 A. As always, it’s best to stay within the battery’s official limits.


LG 18650 HE2/HE4 vape battery


6 – LG INR 18650HG2 (20 A / 3,000 mAh)


LG 18650HG2 Vape Battery



Also offering a 20 A maximum continuous discharge but providing 3,000 mAh capacity, the LG INR 18650 HG2 is up there with the best vaping batteries for sub-ohming. The only reason this isn’t placed above the HE2 and HE4 is that initial testing from Kidney Puncher suggests a fairly poor performance, dropping to around 2,100 mAh when tested under vaping-like conditions on a 0.2 ohm coil (meaning 21 A at the full 4.2 V). Still a great option for the amp limit alone, though.


Buy LGHG2 18650 battery for vaping


5 – Sony VTC6 (20 A / 3,000 mAh)


Sony VTC6 18650 Vaping Battery

Sony’s VTC batteries always feature on lists of the best 18650 batteries for vaping, and for good reason. All of the incarnations do a great job of balancing high current output with battery life, producing a series of cells that perform excellently and are as dependable as they come. The latest cell – the VTC6 – might not have as high a maximum continuous current output as some older models, but the 20 A output combined with a huge 3,000 mAh capacity makes it one of the best 18650 batteries on the market. If you’re looking for a battery with a 3,000 mAh capacity, the VTC6 should be your number one choice. You can pick VTC6 batteries up for $11.95.


VTC6 vape battery


4 – Samsung INR18650 20R (22 A / 2,000 mAh) and 25 R (20 A / 2,500 mAh)


Samsung INR18650-20R Vape Battery


The Samsung INR 18650 (hybrid chemistry) 20R has since been upgraded to the 25R, but that upgrade came with a slight decrease in maximum continuous current. The benefit of the newer version is in capacity, with the 25 R offering 2,500 mAh, which still leaves the 20 R as the best high-drain option for sub-ohming if you only consider the amp limit. The decision is really between an extra 500 mAh capacity or an extra 2 A max discharge. Personally I’d opt for the 25 R for the capacity, but that’s ultimately your decision to make depending on what you need most from a vape battery. Testing shows that both cells do really well, so you’re unlikely to be disappointed whichever you shoot for.


buy Samsung INR 18650 battery


3 – LG HD4 (25 A / 2,100 mAh)


LG 18650 HD4 Battery


LG’s HD4 is a viable contender for the title of the best 18650 battery for vaping, offering an impressive 25 A maximum continuous current rating (based on testing) coupled with a solid 2,100 mAh capacity. It’s pretty close to the HD2C when it comes to its capabilities, but it tops the older HD2 since it’s keeps it’s voltage longer during discharge – offering more consistent performance for vapers. Despite the similarities to the HD2C, it’s a great cell in its own right and is well worth considering if you’re looking for a high amp drain battery for your mod. You can pick up the HD4 for just $4 per cell.


LG 18650 high drain vaping battery


2 – LG HD2C (25 A / 2,200 mAh)


LG HD2C - Best 18650 Vaping Batteries


The HD2C from LG is a 18650 battery that updates the HD2. While looks like a step down in terms of maximum continuous current based on the specs (which give a rating of 20 A compared to 25 A for the HD2), testing confirms that the ratings are probably underselling it. In practice, the HD2C is a 25 A battery, just like the HD2, and it also has a capacity that appears closer to 2,200 mAh than the stated 2,100 mAh. On top of this, it runs at a higher voltage in use compared to the HD2, putting it above it in terms of performance and landing it a respectable spot among the best 18650 batteries for vaping. You can buy the HD2C for $4.50.


LG HD2C 18650 sub ohm vaping battery


1 – Sony VTC4 (20 to 30 A / 2,100 mAh) and VTC5A (25 to 30 A / 2,500 mAh)


Sony VTC4 Vaping Battery


Sony takes the top spot on this list of the best 18650 batteries for vaping because they’ve released so many excellent batteries over the years. The VTC4 and 5A are their best offerings for high-drain vaping, with a stated maximum current rating of 30 A on both cells. However, testing suggests that the 5A tops out at 25 A and the VTC4 is ideally used at a maximum of 20 A. Both of these can technically exceed these ratings (and be used at 30 A as the manufacturers suggest), but for longevity you’d be better off keeping the current slightly lower.


The short version is that the VTC 4 is a great option, priced at $23.95 for two cells, but if you can find the VTC5A in stock (available for $6.50 per cell at the time of writing), the improved 2,5000 mAh capacity gives it a little more potential. For high-drain vaping, Sony really does dominate the best vaping batteries.


Sony US18650VTC4 vape battery for sale


Conclusion – Vape Safe


Choosing the best 18650 battery for vaping is partially about “chuckin’ clouds” and becoming your own mini steam train, but the reason it’s so important is ultimately safety. If you’re looking to draw some serious current from your battery, you need one that can stand up to it, and outside of in-built batteries in regulated mods, this means you need to understand what you’re doing. If you can’t already recite ohm’s law from memory, brush up on it and why it’s important before you go putting together a super-sub-ohm build and trying to fire it with an inappropriate battery.


If you know your stuff, then get yourself a dependable, capable vape battery – ideally one with a bigger amp limit than you really need, since it’s better not to push your battery too close to the limit – and go ahead and wow the crowd at your local cloud contest. Get one of the best vape batteries and you can have fun chuckin’ clouds without worrying about your mod turning into a pipe bomb.


Recommended Vendors for 26650 and 18650 Vape Batteries:



Resources – 18650 Batteries for Vaping:



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Who Stole the Drone: IPCPR 2017 Recap


Significantly. The insurance coverage individuals want to know.

Our protection of the 2017 IPCPR Conference & Commerce Present is nearly completed. There’s another editorial and one editor’s observe, however the meat and bones of recapping this yr’s commerce present can be completed when you determine to cease studying this submit. The editor’s word will describe extra of the method of how halfwheel does the commerce present, whereas that is actually a abstract and a few parting observations.

In no specific order, listed here are 10 massive image ideas concerning the commerce present that I wrote down through the week.


My favourite statistic of the commerce present was: in 2010 there have been 251 exhibitors, in 2014 there have been 351.

Attendance on the IPCPR Conference & Commerce Present has remained largely flat since I’ve been coming to the present (2010), nevertheless, the variety of exhibitors and the dimensions of the present has significantly expanded. That has given individuals the impression that the commerce present is emptier than in yr’s previous, however a lot of that’s individuals’s notion and numerous that has to do with the truth that the identical variety of individuals have been being requested to fill an area that grew 30 % in 5 years.

In considered one of my first conversations three years in the past with Mark Pursell, the ceo of the Worldwide Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Affiliation (IPCPR), he informed me that the dimensions of the present flooring must get smaller. I took that to imply he thought there have been too many exhibitors, in any case, the dialog was happening at a time when the IPCPR was making an attempt to discourage hookah and e-cigarette corporations from exhibiting; seems, it was a way more concerned plan.

This yr, elements of that plan have been obvious and the aisles have been considerably narrower than that they had been in years previous. Throughout set-up and even through the present, it was difficult to inform the place some cubicles ended and others started and if our pictures are any indication, making an attempt to photograph any sales space outdoors of those alongside the sides meant that no less than two different cubicles have been going to be within the shot.


For quite a lot of causes, it was fairly obvious that many smaller corporations have been having a poor commerce present. Sure, corporations like Dunbarton Tobacco & Belief, Basis and Warped all in all probability had good exhibits,1 however after that, it needed to be scary.

5 years in the past retailers would continuously ask me, what firm do I have to go go to, I don’t assume one retailer requested me that query, phrased like that in this yr’s commerce present. As an alternative, retailers ask what product do I have to attempt/see and most of the time, it’s an adjunct that I like to recommend.

I feel there are a selection of causes as to why it’s modified, they embrace:

1. The Market Is Saturated — 5 years in the past many established corporations weren’t popping out with many new cigars. It was not the case that each sales space you visited had a minimum of 20 new SKUs, however now, that’s the norm. Should you take the 20 largest manufacturers by both quantity or income and take a look at their portfolios, it’s almost unattainable to hold each line from anybody firm, not to mention each SKU.

The dimensions of retail humidors has not elevated and as such, retailers are having to be selective about which new Altadis line to usher in or which Padrón SKUs to hold, a stark distinction to 2012.

2. Retailers Have Been Burned Too Many Occasions — From 2011-2013, the will to call the discover Tatuaje or Illusione was a respectable contest amongst retailers and cigar bloggers. In the long run, nobody has actually come near matching the speedy success both a type of manufacturers have had, notably of their means to scale from small cigar producer to medium-size cigar operation.2 Nonetheless, retailers, bloggers and shoppers performed the sport, however the retailers have been the one ones that needed to pay the worth when issues didn’t work out.

There have been a plethora of latest manufacturers and like most companies, lots of them aren’t round at the moment. Retailers acquired caught with product that wouldn’t transfer and with out an efficient option to eliminate it and far of that product continues to be discovered on cabinets all throughout the nation.

Sooner or later, the retailers collectively determined to cease looking for that diamond within the tough or unheard of brand name. The over saturation, the facility of the web and the choice by many retailers to make their very own cigars meant the phantasm of probably profitable was not there and retailers stopped enjoying.

three. FDA Has Some Retailers Scared — There are some, a small proportion, of shops who’re involved about bringing in new product with out having ensures that will probably be FDA-compliant. Whereas this definitely impacts the general shopping for quantity in a big approach, as a result of lots of these retailers are the most important ones, it’s in all probability not that massive of an element for the IPCPR present flooring.

So, many, if not most, small manufacturers had a nasty present. Many in all probability misplaced cash in Vegas and I think some will determine to take a seat out subsequent yr given this yr’s outcomes. The straightforward reality of the matter is for all the explanations above, retailers actually don’t roam the present flooring aimlessly anymore and as such, I noticed cubicles with actually nobody in them regardless of being situated proper subsequent to the cafeteria.

Word: This textual content was written previous to the announcement that FDA can be delaying substantial equivalence filings till 2021. Whereas I feel this was definitely a manufacturing unit at this yr’s commerce present, I feel FDA concern is not a legitimate excuse for not bringing in a model. I feel the information additionally means we’ll see a smaller quantity of producers sittings out subsequent yr’s present, although I think the numbers will nonetheless be a bit down subsequent yr.


The overall perception heading into the present was that California retailers wouldn’t be attending because of the doubling of the state’s cigar tax on July 1. Extra particularly, as a result of they might do their shopping for forward of July 1 and the commerce present as a way to benefit from the pre-increase price.

It was a handy excuse about why this yr’s commerce present can be the worst ever (see under), however I noticed a minimum of a half dozen retailers from California, about the identical quantity I usually see. There’s no debate, there have been definitely much less California shops and I’m unsure most of the shops have been shopping for cigars, notably given many cigar corporations had report Junes because of California retailers loading as much as beat the tax hike, however they confirmed up in a minimum of some capability.

I feel it highlights one essential level: for most of the nation’s prime retailers, the commerce present is as a lot a social occasion as it’s a shopping for occasion.


Virtually each firm I spoke to in Vegas earlier than the commerce present began was extremely involved about attendance and orders. And but, by day three most—outdoors of the smallest of the small—have been breaking out the champagne bottles.

That wasn’t essentially the case on day one, when most of the greater corporations have been involved, however identical to final yr, a light-weight day one was adopted by massive numbers on days two and three.

As we’ve identified prior to now, most “details” on the commerce present flooring are usually “utterly false,” notably when it includes present attendance. So I’m unsure how a lot of individuals’s considerations are the business’s irrational want to complain concerning the commerce present at each flip versus regular worry earlier than an enormous occasion.

Regardless of the case, the overall theme when speaking to medium and enormous corporations was that whereas the variety of orders was both equal or barely down in comparison with years previous, almost each firm informed me their common order was for extra money resulting in higher income in comparison with final yr’s commerce present.


There have been 29 new cigars from Common Cigar Co. this yr—that’s complete cigars, not simply strains/blends—and solely one in every of them will retail for greater than $9. It’s the newest chapter within the firm’s multi-year technique of pricing most of its portfolio considerably cheaper than the market common.

It’s a noble technique, however I’m simply unsure it’s working as properly it could possibly be.

Neither Common’s rivals, nor retailers that I converse with appear to be conscious simply how aggressive Basic is with pricing on a meta degree and as such, I’m unsure it’s resonating in addition to it might be. I’m wondering, if the up to date Partagas 1845 was being priced at $12—almost double what it’s being bought for—would Common actually see a 50 % drop in gross sales?

I nonetheless don’t perceive the technique completely, however I do know there’s loads of room for Basic to raised market its extraordinarily aggressive pricing.


Sooner or later later this yr, three of the most important European machine made/little cigar corporations—J. Cortès, Royal Agio and Villiger—will all have their very own unbiased U.S. operations, one thing that was difficult to think about two years in the past when Villiger was within the means of firing most of its U.S. operation and most business people, not to mention shoppers, had no clue who J. Cortès was.

And but, these three corporations all had their very own cubicles on the IPCPR Conference & Commerce Present and may have unbiased U.S. operations by the top of the yr.

I’m unsure what it precisely means past simply an remark. The three corporations all obtained right here in very totally different manners. Villiger has had a U.S. operation, in various sizes, for years; J. Cortès purchased Oliva final yr and Royal Agio goes out by itself after having distribution agreements with Cusano, Davidoff of Geneva USA and most lately Drew Property.

It’s fascinating that in a world the place a lot of the dialog is about U.S. cigar makers going over to Europe; the European affect within the American market appears to be rising. Three of the most important U.S. cigar corporations are a part of European firms: Altadis U.S.A. (Imperial Manufacturers, plc, based mostly within the U.Okay.), Davidoff of Geneva USA (Oettinger Davidoff AG, based mostly in Switzerland) and Basic Cigar Co. (Scandinavian Tobacco Group, based mostly in Denmark.) Within the final two years, a Brit was appointed as ceo/basic manger of Altadis U.S.A. and a Dutchman was named the brand new president of Common.


For those who have been wagering blind bets on what the wrapper of a random new cigar is, it was Mexican San Andrés versus the sector. It appeared like in all places we turned, there was an organization releasing a brand new cigar with Mexican San Andrés, a far cry from 5 years in the past when Jonathan Drew requested me whether or not he thought shoppers would truly purchase a standard cigar with a Mexican wrapper.

Like most issues in life, I think the recognition of Mexican wrapper is a mixture of push and pull. There’s no query there’s been loads of funding during the last three years within the wrapper—not simply with regards to farming, but in addition processing and promoting—however I think a whole lot of this additionally has to do with the state of Ecuadorian Connecticut tobacco.

Within the final 12 months, the worth of Ecuadorian Connecticut wrappers have skyrocketed on account of declining availability of Indonesian Sumatra wrapper, which pressured European little/machine made cigar corporations to look elsewhere to satisfy their wants. They turned to shade grown wrappers, together with Ecuadorian Connecticut, which has pressured a worth surge. The worth hikes and availability points are drastic sufficient that I think about in a world with out FDA, that is what everybody can be speaking, not simply concerning the present, however all year long as properly.


Talking of the U.S. Meals & Drug Administration, not a ton of individuals have been speaking about it.

There have been definitely producers who have been asking questions on FDA or asking my opinion on issues, however for all people who thought FDA’s deeming laws, which went into impact shortly after the 2016 IPCPR Conference & Commerce Present, would create a unique wanting present, it didn’t occur in yr one.

New product, free samples and new corporations have been all current at FDA. Whereas it definitely appeared to have an effect on simply what number of producers have been there, it solely had a minor impact on what number of corporations didn’t have new product on the present. Per our calculations 26 of the 134 corporations we visited didn’t have new product for the present, a bit greater than what it in all probability was final yr, however in all probability 5 or 6 extra; definitely not double.

If something, FDA had a a lot bigger impression on final yr’s present than it did on this one.


The quantity of conversations concerning the Westgate, one of many official present resorts, was definitely a document excessive. Whereas the conference middle appeared to earn principally constructive suggestions, I by no means heard a single individual say something constructive concerning the Westgate.

I’m positive some individuals thought the lodge was superb; in any case, you get what you pay for, however most individuals had a number of points. I heard complaints concerning the check-in course of, the cleanliness of the rooms, the dimensions of the rooms, the standard of the rooms, the inconsistency of the rooms between the older and reworked towers and maybe most notably, many appeared to really feel like they weren’t knowledgeable as to precisely what they have been shopping for.

I think we’ll see the Worldwide Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Affiliation buy some rooms at both the Renaissance or SLS/The W, lodges situated instantly south and north of the Las Vegas Conference Middle, however neither will probably be as handy, or as low cost, because the Westgate.

The grass is all the time greener and after a handful of years at The Venetian/Palazzo/Sands, most individuals appear to overlook it. It will possibly get so much worse than Las Vegas, the LVCC and the Westgate—so respect the no smoking indicators within the hallways of the conference middle please.

10. WE ARE ON TRACK FOR 1,500 “NEW” SKUs in 2017

On the finish of final yr, I predicted there can be 1,5000 new SKUs for 2017. At present, our 2017 launch listing sits at 1,113. My guess is we’ll get very near that 1,500 quantity and the IPCPR Conference & Commerce Present had lots to do with it. Per our reporting, there have been 681 SKUs that had a proper debut on the 2017 IPCPR Conference & Commerce Present. There are a further dozen SKUs that have been available however aren’t anticipated to formally debut till 2018.

This quantity is definitely down from a pair years in the past, however as I’ve famous earlier than, the decline has been occurring for a number of years. I think that within the trendy cigar space, the quantity of latest cigars peaked in 2014-2015 and we’ll proceed to see a decline within the variety of new cigars for the subsequent couple years as quite a lot of elements take maintain.

We coated 134 cubicles on the 2017 IPCPR Conference & Commerce Present.

  1. 7-20-Four Cigars
  2. A.J. Fernández
  3. Alec Bradley
  4. Altadis U.S.A.
  5. Arturo Fuente
  6. Ashton
  7. Asylum
  8. Battleground Cigar
  9. Berger & Argenti
  10. Black Label Buying and selling Co.
  11. Blanco Cigar Co.
  12. Blue Mountain Cigars
  13. Boutique Blends
  14. Boveda
  15. Casa Fernández
  16. Casa Turrent
  17. Cavalier of Geneva
  18. Low cost Bastard Cigar Co.
  19. Chinnock Cellars Cigars
  20. Cigar In The Bottle
  21. Cigar Oasis
  22. CigarzUp
  23. CLE Cigar Co.
  24. Colibri
  25. Cornelius & Anthony
  26. Crossfire Cigars
  27. Topped Heads
  28. Crux
  29. Curivari
  30. Daniel Marshall
  31. Davidoff of Geneva USA
  32. De Los Reyes
  33. Debonaire Home
  34. Dunbarton Tobacco & Belief
  35. Dominican Massive Leaguer
  36. Dominion Cigar, Inc.
  37. Don Kiki Cigars
  38. Drew Property
  39. E.P. Carrillo
  40. Elie Bleu
  41. Emilio
  42. Epic Cigars
  43. Espinosa Premium Cigars
  44. Esteban Carreras
  45. Fable
  46. Felipe Gregorio
  47. Basis Cigar Co.
  48. Fratello
  49. Garo Cigars
  50. Common Cigar Co.
  51. International Premium Cigars
  52. Gran Habano
  53. Graycliff
  54. Gurkha
  55. FQ Cigars
  56. Hammer + Sickle
  57. HVC Cigars
  58. Illusione
  59. Island Way of life Importers
  60. J. Fuego
  61. J.C. Newman
  62. Jeremy Jack Cigars
  63. Jetline
  64. JRE Tobacco Co.
  65. Joya de Nicaragua
  66. Kristoff
  67. La Aurora
  68. La Flor Dominicana
  69. La Galera
  70. La Palina
  71. La Sirena
  72. La Sonrisa Cigars
  73. La Tradición Cubana
  74. Leaf by Oscar
  75. LH Premium Cigars
  76. The Lotus Group
  77. LUJ Luxurious Cigars
  78. Marrero Cigar Co.
  79. Matilde
  80. MBombay
  81. Miami Cigar & Co.
  82. Micallef Cigars
  83. MLB Cigar Ventures
  84. Mombacho Cigars S.A.
  85. MoyaRuiz Cigars
  86. My Father Cigars, Inc.
  87. Nat Sherman
  88. Nomad Cigar Co.
  89. Oliva
  90. Oscar Valladares & Co.
  91. Padilla Cigar Co.
  92. Padrón
  93. Patoro
  94. Paul Garmirian
  95. PDR Cigars
  96. Perdomo
  97. Phillips & King
  98. Pier 28
  99. Plasencia 1865
  100. Potter Cigars
  101. Powstanie
  102. Prometheus
  103. Pure Aroma Cigars, Inc.
  104. Rabbit Air
  105. Royal Agio Cigars
  106. High quality Importers
  107. Quesada
  108. Rocky Patel Premium Cigars, Inc.
  109. Sacra Folium Cigar Co.
  110. Sans Pareil & La Instructora
  111. Scrim by Hutch
  112. Chosen Tobaccos S.A.
  113. Serino Cigar Co.
  114. Sindicato
  115. Smoking Jacket
  116. S.T.Dupont
  117. Tabacalera El Artista
  118. Tabacalera Falto
  119. Tatuaje & L’Atelier Imports
  120. Topper Cigar Co.
  121. Complete Flame
  122. Vector KGM
  123. Villiger Cigars North America
  124. Classic Rock-A-Feller
  125. Viva Republica
  126. Viaje
  127. Visol
  128. Warfighter Tobacco Co.
  129. Warped
  130. Whiff Industries
  131. White Hat Distribution
  132. XIKAR
  133. Yayabo
  134. Zander-Greg

Davidoff is the official sponsor of halfwheel’s protection of the 2017 IPCPR Conference & Commerce Present.

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Varieties of Rebuildable Tanks



Vaping could be daunting for a newcomer. With a multitude of acronyms like RDA, RTA, RBA and RDTA to deal with, even greedy the fundamentals concerning the kinds of rebuildable tanks can appear troublesome. However like so many issues with vaping, it actually isn’t as difficult because it might sound.


The acronyms don’t actually matter – what issues is what sort of vaping expertise you’re in search of and the way a lot you’re prepared to tinker and prime as much as get the outcomes you’re on the lookout for. So right here’s a information to the kinds of rebuildable tanks that will help you familiarize yourself with the choices and discover your good gadget, with definitions, explanations and execs and cons for every sort.


The Very Fundamentals: What’s an RBA?


Rebuildable Atomizers Vaping


The perfect place to start out a dialogue like that is proper originally. The time period “RBA” is a catch-all one which simply means re-buildable atomizer. So all kinds of rebuildable vape tanks are additionally classed as RBAs.


The important thing function of an RBA is that you simply make the coil and wick meeting your self as an alternative of shopping for it pre-made (as an “atomizer head”). The coil is made out of any one in every of a number of supplies (however often Kanthal), and the wick is often cotton.


Technically, rebuildable atomizers that don’t even have tanks are additionally RBAs. Something it’s a must to construct your personal coil for qualifies. However in apply, when most individuals say RBA they’re referring to a rebuildable tank. This can be a little complicated, however it’s only a relic of how the jargon has advanced together with the know-how.


RBAs Defined: The Key Options


Constructing a coil for an RBA is admittedly simply finishing an electrical circuit utilizing a resistor you made your self. Whenever you press your “hearth” button, it sends electrical energy by means of your coil and heats it up, and that’s what vapes your e-juice. So RBAs actually simply supply two or extra factors so that you can join your coil and full the circuit.


Rebuldable Tank Atomizers Explained
The 2 outer posts are the adverse connections and the middle one is the constructive connection. On this RBA, the constructive publish is “cut up” to supply two connection factors.


These are often on posts, however some do the identical factor with out posts (for instance, the Wotofo Conqueror).


RBA Postless Deck


The deck is the place all of the motion occurs on any of the varieties of RBAs. That is the place the posts are, the place you make the coil and the place your vape juice is vaporized. You insert a wick via the coil and place the wick so it may well take in e-juice from the deck and out of doors it.


The varieties of rebuildable tanks simply use totally different approaches to getting e-juice to the deck and finally, your wick and coil. For instance, one RBA may need the tank under the deck and one other may need a deck contained in the tank. Then, lastly, all RBAs have some technique of getting the vapor up into the mouthpiece.


Execs and Cons of Rebuildable Atomizers


This instantly exhibits some essential downsides and the upsides of utilizing RBAs general, and we’ve added some others too. All of those factors apply to all kinds of rebuildable tanks, and RDAs too.




  • It’s less expensive than shopping for ready-made coils.
  • Higher taste.
  • Higher vapor manufacturing.
  • You’re much less more likely to run out of coils – you possibly can all the time vape.
  • Let’s you tailor your vaping expertise to fit your tastes.




  • Not so simple as utilizing pre-built coils.
  • It’s essential to know what you’re doing – you’ll want some primary information of how circuits work and discover ways to keep protected.
  • Require a “mod” to make use of.


What are RDAs? The Non-Tank Rebuildables


RDAs Explained


RDAs are a kind of RBA, however aren’t a kind of rebuildable tank. It stands for rebuildable dripping atomizer, and in some methods, these are easier than RBA tanks. RDAs solely have a “deck” part, and no tank to feed liquid to the wicks. As an alternative, you manually “drip” liquid onto the wick earlier than vaping. When the liquid within the wick begins to expire, you drip once more to soak the wicks earlier than persevering with to vape.


RDAs Defined: How RDAs Work


RDAs Explained
This can be a two-post deck, and every has two connection factors for coils.


An RDA is the only sort of RBA, as a result of all you do is join the coil and insert the wick to make use of it. They’re composed of a deck part and a “prime cap,” which incorporates the mouthpiece and often has a mechanism for adjusting the airflow to the coil.


The decks often have a constructive publish and a number of unfavourable posts – with two-post designs being widespread today. The decks have a lip across the edge to type a “properly” that holds a small quantity of e-liquid.


So that you make the coil, join it to the posts, examine every part works, insert your wick via it and it’s prepared to make use of. Drip e-liquid on the coil and wick, put the highest cap on and also you’re able to vape. We have now a extra detailed information right here (learn How one can Construct an RDA Coil).


Ought to You Get an RDA?




  • Wonderful efficiency. RDAs are a really direct method to vape. The liquid will get dripped instantly onto the wick and coil and is vaporized earlier than going proper as much as your lips. This implies nice taste and vapor manufacturing – it’s typically arduous to beat.
  • Straightforward to vary flavors. There’s no have to empty a tank to vary taste with an RDA. You possibly can immediately change the wick everytime you like or simply vape till it dries out earlier than altering it.
  • Usually reasonably priced. RDAs are easy and so are often fairly low cost to purchase, although they will get costly too.
  • Nice airflow choices. RDAs are very well-suited to distinctive, complicated and efficient airflow designs. Some consumer under-coil airflow, some use aspect airflow and a few use each.




  • Extra labor-intensive than tanks. Having to commonly drip means you might have much more to do whenever you’re vaping with an RDA.
  • They’re vulnerable to leaking. Until you vape no matter is there earlier than you set your RDA away, leaks are a standard drawback with RDAs particularly.


The Backside Line on RDAs


A good way to vape for the long-term vaper, RDAs carry out properly and are reasonably priced, particularly within the long-term. The large draw back is that you need to drip your e-juice recurrently. This may be annoying regardless, but in addition guidelines out vaping whereas driving.


Take a look at a few of our RDA critiques:


Tokugawa RDA by Tendou Vapor

Tsunami by GeekVape

Dog3 by Congrevape

Mutation XS by Indulgence



What Are RTAs?


Rebuildable Tank Atomizer Vaping


RTA stands for rebuildable tank atomizer, and it’s one of many most important forms of rebuildable tanks. An RTA can be a lot like an RDA, besides with a tank surrounding the deck and supplying liquid to it. The deck is encased in a chamber, however there are small openings that permit juice to make it’s method as much as the wick and coil. In essence, they work like regular vape tanks however you make your personal coil for them.


RTAs Defined: How RTAs Work


In a traditional vape tank, there’s an atomizer head (containing the coil and wick) on the backside of the deck within the middle, and a central tube operating up from it to the mouthpiece. RTAs work in the identical method, besides the atomizer head is mostly a small deck that you simply construct your coils on.


RTA Tanks Explained


The deck itself is often like a smaller model of an RDA deck. The primary distinction is that under-coil airflow is far more widespread as a result of it’s the one place the air can actually come from. The opposite main distinction is that there are often small channels that permit e-juice to be fed to the wicks and coils. These occupy the sides of the deck, often positioned so your wicks naturally fall onto them.


So your coils hook up with posts in the identical method, and your wicks relaxation within the small juice channels. As an alternative of a prime cap, the deck is enclosed in a small chamber, which feeds immediately as much as the middle tube and your mouthpiece.


RTA Wick Setup


When the chamber is screwed on and the tank is full of e-juice, it makes it’s means into the channels and soaks your wicks. With strain from the within of the tank and gravity working in your aspect, your wicks are shortly replenished with e-juice as you vape.


Of all of the kinds of rebuildable tanks, RTAs work probably the most like atypical sub ohm tanks.


Ought to You Get an RTA?




  • Nice efficiency. They carry out virtually in addition to RDAs, and typically they’re simply as wonderful.
  • Refilling is simpler than dripping. With tanks of 5 ml or much more being widespread, you’ll need to refill quite a bit much less typically with an RTA.
  • Nonetheless reasonably priced. Utilizing an RTA is reasonable for a similar cause utilizing an RDA is – the supplies it is advisable to hold going are very reasonably priced.
  • Safer to make use of whereas driving or doing different stuff. You’ll be able to simply vape whereas driving or whereas working, with out the necessity to drip.
  • Underneath-coil airflow. RTAs can’t have aspect airflow like RDAs, however the under-coil airflow techniques are nice for clouds and taste.




  • More durable to arrange. RTA decks are sometimes brief on area, so rebuilding and particularly wicking is usually a bit fiddly.
  • Efficiency isn’t all the time constant. For those who don’t wick your coils in the proper means, you will get inconsistent efficiency with some RTAs.
  • Leaking is widespread. Beneath-coil airflow preparations typically result in leaking via the airholes.


The Backside Line on RTAs


RTAs are the purest of the kinds of rebuildable tanks, with efficiency and performance identical to strange sub ohm tanks. Should you’re snug constructing coils on a barely confined deck and don’t like dripping, RTAs are an ideal selection.


Take a look at our critiques of purpose-built RTAs:


Conqueror by Wotofo

Bachelor Nano by EHPro


And our critiques of sub ohm tanks with elective/included RBA heads:


Rafale by Uwell

Twister Nano by iJoy

TFV4 by Smok

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What Are RDTAs?


Original Style RDTA Atomizer


RDTA stands for rebuildable dripping tank atomizer. Because the identify suggests, this can be a little bit of a hybrid of the RTA and the RDA, they usually’re typically referred to as “auto-drippers.” Nevertheless, this class isn’t actually that clearly outlined, and there are huge overlaps with different kinds of rebuildable tanks, together with RTAs and the Genesis-style units we’ll cowl shortly.


RDTAs Defined: How RDTAs Work


Initially, RDTAs labored lots like RTAs however had a system that allowed you to manually ship some e-juice to your wick and coils (just like the 3D pictured above). For instance, the drip tip would function a plunger, which you’d push right down to pump some e-juice from the tank onto the deck. So in a means, they’d work lots like an RDA however with the dripping changed by a quasi-automated course of.


The one drawback for these kinds of rebuildable tanks is that they didn’t work persistently. The difficult designs with plungers and shifting elements typically went incorrect. This is the reason you don’t see traditional-style RDTAs that always lately.


The rationale you continue to see the time period used is as a result of the definition of RDTA today has been muddied fairly a bit. In lots of instances, they’re identical to up to date variations of Genesis-style atomizers.


RDTA - Auto Dripper


These are similar to RTAs, besides the deck is above the tank and juice is drawn upwards onto it. In follow, most RDTAs nowadays have holes drilled via the deck and also you tilt the gadget to “auto-drip” some extra juice.


Ought to You Get an RDTA?




  • They (often) carry out properly. The unique designs is perhaps a bit hit-and-miss, however on the entire RDTAs carry out rather well, particularly the fashionable type.
  • Simpler to construct than RTAs. RDTAs usually have a constructing deck extra like an RDA, which makes the method rather more forgiving.
  • Simpler to prime up than RDAs. RDTAs supply dripping-like operation with out the necessity to take away a prime cap and hold a bottle of juice with you always.




  • True RDTAs are onerous to seek out. The unique-style RDTAs didn’t all the time work properly and are consequently fairly exhausting to seek out.
  • Gravity works towards you. Trendy-style RDTAs have tanks under the deck, which suggests gravity works towards you in terms of wicking.
  • Lots can go improper on older designs. Extra difficult methods open the door to extra issues in use.


The Backside Line on RDTAs


True RDTAs aren’t typically discovered lately for a cause: they didn’t work in addition to vapers had hoped. Newer designs are nonetheless nice, however are extra like Genesis-style RBAs than unique RDTAs.


Take a look at these critiques of modern-style RDTAs:


Quad Flex Survival Package by Aspire

Avocado 24 by GeekVape


What are Genesis-Fashion RBAs?


Genesis Style Atomizer Vaping


The primary varieties of rebuildable tanks all have a number of overlaps when it comes to design and performance. The most important overlap, although, is between RDTAs and Genesis-style units. That is primarily as a result of producers have began calling trendy Genesis-style units RDTAs.


A Genesis-style gadget (technically it ought to be Genisis – however the group has lengthy since modified that) is an RTA with the deck above the tank, and holes within the deck for the wick. These have been created in 2011 by an E-Cigarette Discussion board consumer, and shortly took off amongst early cloud-chasing vapers. One of many defining traits of this sort of rebuildable tank is that the majority have been designed for use with chrome steel mesh as a wick.


Genesis-Type RBAs Defined: How Genesis-Fashion RBAs Work


Genesis Style Atomizers Explained


Previous-style Genesis RBAs all had a really comparable design. The higher deck contained one middle submit, which had adjustable thumb-screws extending up its size so you may lure your coil-end simply, and one contact level on the deck. There have been additionally a number of holes within the deck itself, which have been both used for filling or for inserting your wick. Some additionally had damaging posts, however contact factors on the deck have been extra widespread.


Due to the design, vapers construct vertical coils for traditional Genesis-style RBAs. They’d be wrapped immediately round a tube of chrome steel mesh, which was inserted vertically downwards into the tank. One widespread difficulty with this was brief circuits, which might simply type with a metallic wick. Ingenious vapers solved this problem in numerous methods, however finally this was why RDAs and different varieties of rebuildable tanks shortly turned extra common.


Trendy Genesis-style RBAs share plenty of traits with conventional varieties, however have a way more user-friendly design. Units just like the Geekvape Avocado are most usefully described as an RDA deck with a tank part beneath. Most use a two-post design, with a number of holes in every submit for multi-coil builds.


Modern Genesis Atomizers Vaping


In contrast to conventional varieties, the holes within the deck on trendy designs are arrange in order that they work with horizontal coils, and may be successfully used with cotton wicks. You possibly can both setup so the wicks simply contact the holes within the deck, or in order that they grasp down into the tank and are available direct contact with the e-juice.


Ought to You Get a Genesis-Fashion RBA?




  • Straightforward rebuilding. The higher deck format makes constructing on Genesis-style units about as straightforward as on RDAs, particularly for contemporary designs.
  • Wonderful efficiency on trendy types. Many trendy Genesis-style units carry out simply in addition to RDAs. Nevertheless, older varieties have been typically inconsistent.
  • Simpler to wick than RTAs. Getting the wick setup is far simpler on Genesis-style units, and you will get constant efficiency with the wicks on the deck or hanging down into the tank.
  • Most can be utilized as RDAs too. For those who don’t need to fill the tank, you don’t should – Genesis-style units can function RDAs too. That is very true of units just like the Aspire Quad Flex.




  • Previous-style designs have loads of issues. The thumb-screws on basic Genesis-style RBAs have been annoying, however the chrome steel mesh is probably the most annoying half – shorts and hot-spots are irritatingly widespread.
  • Wicking has to struggle gravity. Getting juice to your coils means preventing gravity, so you will get dry hits when you don’t make completely positive you’ve soaked your wicks.


The Backside Line on Genesis-Type RBAs


Genesis-style RBAs didn’t was all that nice, however the newer fashion units are a number of the greatest kinds of rebuildable tanks available on the market. The efficiency is true up there with RDAs, however they’re a lot simpler to make use of.


What Are Kayfun-Type RTAs?


Kayfun Style RTA


The Kayfun was an absolute game-changer when it first soared to reputation, and it’s straightforward to see why. Most forms of rebuildable tanks owe their historical past partially to the Kayfun – or to be extra exact, the Golden Greek designs that impressed it – and so it’s not shocking that the Kayfun is similar to most trendy RTAs. When the Kayfun was launched, it was most vapers’ first style of the comfort and nice efficiency provided by rebuildable tanks.


Like RTAs, Kayfun-style tanks have a deck on the backside of the tank, which is about up completely for single-coil builds. That is enclosed by a chamber identical to it’s on most RTAs, and there are two channels operating up the aspect on your e-juice to get to your coil. That is all surrounded by a tank in the identical means as with most RTAs.


Kayfun-Type RTAs Defined: How Do They Work?


Kayfun-style RTAs work identical to atypical RTAs: you join your coil to the 2 posts, place it over the large, under-coil airflow and insert your wick. Then you definitely soak the wick and coil manually, screw on the chamber and the tank, then refill and vape.


Actually, Kayfuns are so just like RTAs that they will’t actually be thought-about one of many varieties of rebuildable tanks on their very own. They’re solely included right here due to their significance to the evolution of RBAs.


Ought to You Get a Kayfun-Fashion RTA?




  • Nice taste. The Kayfun could also be missing relating to vapor manufacturing, however the taste from the tank is superb.
  • Straightforward to construct. The construct deck on Kayfun-style RTAs is spacious and well-designed. Trendy units typically do higher on this entrance, nevertheless it’s nonetheless nice.
  • Good wicking. The wick is fairly straightforward to arrange on the Kayfun – it nonetheless takes some getting used to however when you get the cling of it you gained’t have points.
  • Nice for mouth-to-lung vapers. Mouth-to-lung vaping isn’t supported by many units today, however the Kayfun is certainly certainly one of them.




  • Outdated. The Kayfun was nice for it’s time, however for cloud-chasers particularly there are a lot better units available on the market.
  • No help for multi-coil builds. One other signal of the time it was made is that the Kayfun is actually solely arrange for single-coil builds.
  • Airflow could possibly be higher. The rationale the Kayfun isn’t the most effective for cloud-chasing largely comes right down to the airflow, which is extra restricted than on trendy tanks.
  • Onerous to seek out. Unique and older-model Kayfuns are exhausting to seek out nowadays, however you’ll be able to decide up the newer Kayfun 5.


The Backside Line on Kayfun-Type RTAs


Kayfun-style RTAs had their second to shine, and though they’ve fallen out of favor in comparison with newer fashions, they do nonetheless have lots going for them. When you’re a mouth-to-lung vaper who likes flavor-chasing and a touch of vape-nostalgia, you need to decide one up!


Conclusion: The Overlapping Forms of Rebuildable Tanks


The general lesson from this submit is that the varieties of rebuildable tanks all share some widespread options, they usually all work in a really comparable approach. Differing types have totally different benefits and drawbacks, however on the entire, the headline profit for any sort of RBA is a lot better efficiency at a a lot lower cost. Should you’re completely satisfied constructing coils and also you need the most effective efficiency, they are surely one of the simplest ways to vape.


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