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The Story of Mouth-To-Lung Vaping


e-cig vape


The other day I was cleaning my garage and I stumbled onto a treasure trove. Or a clearomizer graveyard, whatever you want to call it. I was over the moon! I didn’t see some of that gear for years, and a trip down the memory I experienced was actually a roller coaster of emotion. My Vivi Nova was there, along with the awesome (for that time) Protank Mini. Seeing my Kayfun Mini almost brought a tear to my eye. Don’t get me wrong – I have a lot of gear lying around, but these great (and old) tanks will always have a special place in my heart.


MTL Vaping


I forgot how I enjoyed those tanks in the past and that got me wondering: what happened to mouth-to-lung vaping? I’ll be honest – I didn’t really keep up. Once I moved to sub-ohming, I was only ever interested in bigger and bigger clouds. However, those mouth-to-lung tanks really served their purpose back in the day and I’m not even sure if I would ever be able to move away from the stinkies without them. I love my cloud generators, but chugging on them is definitely not comparable to smoking, and that is what I was looking for at the time.


If you’re a veteran vaper, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you’re a newbie, just breaking into the vaping world, I guess I’m confusing the hell out of you. To put things into perspective, let me tell you a bit more about the good ol’ days of mouth-to-lung vaping.


The Lost Art of Mouth-To-Lung Vaping


Before the over-inflation of sub-ohm gear, vapers were content with mouth-to-lung tanks. Most of them were clearomizers. Think of them as tank predecessors. They looked far less impressive – they were smaller in size, had limited airflow control, and used coils with astronomical resistance ratings from 1, all the way to 1.8 ohm ratings. That’s pretty different from what most vapers are using today.


Mouth-to-lung vaping is a technique that requires you to inhale the vapor in your mouth first, savoring the flavors before drawing it deep into your lungs. It provides you with a better throat hit (mimicking cigarettes) and gives you a chance to really feel the flavors dancing on your tongue.


Also, M2L vaping was a condition of the technology we used. Old systems just couldn’t produce enough vapor for a satisfying lung hit. If you wanted huge clouds, you needed the engineering know-how – the only option was getting a rebuildable atomizer and building your own coils.


That all changed in 2014 when Aspire released Atlantis, the first tank system that came with pre-made coils under 1 ohm. That’s the point when everyone went berserk for cloud-chasing, including yours truly.


atlantis vape tank for MTL vaping


Why Choose Mouth-To-Lung Vaping?


While I’m sure that most of us veteran vapers will sneer (politely and out of view) at mouth-to-lung vapers, thinking they are missing something or are ‘not really vapers’, the truth is that this old-fashioned technique has a lot of stuff going for it.


What’s the appeal of mouth-to-lung vaping, especially in 2017 when there are so many (supposedly) better tanks on the market?


First of all, it’s as close to smoking as you can actually get. If you want to use vaping as a cessation method, you have to think about both your physical and psychological needs. Physical needs can be sorted out with a high nic vape juice – your body is getting the same thing as with cigarettes so there are no withdrawal symptoms. However, psychologically, you know you’re not smoking. With sub-ohm setups (especially if you pair them with a low-nic juice, as you have to in order to keep your throat from burning) there’s no throat hit, there’s no flavor savoring, and there’s no approximation of smoking.



M2L vaping is as close to smoking as you can get, ticking off all the above-mentioned boxes. If you close your eyes, you can pretty much swear you’re smoking the real deal. It’s not 100% same, but considering that you would have to light up a stinky to get the same feeling, I’d say it’s close enough.


There are several other benefits to this vaping technique:


  • M2L vaping uses more affordable gear
  • It also uses up less vape juice on average
  • The flavor is better than with direct inhales
  • The vapor is cooler and more soothing


If you’re a beginner vaper struggling to completely kick your smoking habit, I would suggest you try a mouth-to-lung tank and see how that goes. Sure, your cloud production won’t be comparable to sub-ohm setups, but that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you stop smoking – you can get into cloud-chasing at a later date.


Best Mouth-To-Lung Vape Tanks



Best Mouth to Lung Vape Tanks


Sub-ohm tanks are flooding the market almost on a weekly basis. Being an industry insider, I keep tabs on most of the new releases but I have to admit, even I drop the ball on occasion.

But what about mouth-to-lung tanks?


As I already said, I wasn’t keeping my ear to the ground when it comes to M2L tank releases. However, I did do some digging (and some online ordering) in hopes of catching. Right now, whenever I get bored of my huge clouds, I swap my Uwell 3 for a Nautilus 2 tank. I’m perfectly happy with it and I think it’s a great little M2L tank with a lot going for it.


Here’s a list of M2L tanks that are available in 2017. If you’re looking for a good M2L vaping experience, choose any one of these and you won’t make a mistake.


  • Vaporfi Pro 3 Tank – comes with a no-spill coil swap system and has a 2.5 ml capacity. Very decent flavor and good vapor production.
  • Kanger Subtank Mini – its 5 ml tank means that you don’t have to worry about refilling for quite some time. Can be used for D2L vaping, but, with closed airflow, it’s an M2L beast.
  • Aspire Nautilus X – if you need a bit more flexibility, you can get the Aspire Quad Kit. It allows you to built Nautilus X, which is a great M2L tank that delivers great taste.
  • Aspire Nautilus 2 – built specifically for M2L vaping, Nautilus to is the pinnacle of smoking-like tanks. 2 ml capacity, excellent design, and superb flavor – who wouldn’t want it?
  • Joyetech Cubis – Cubis’ forte is its no-leak top fill system. It’s one of the rare new M2L tanks I had the pleasure of trying out and I wasn’t disappointed. You won’t be either.
  • Innokin Endura T18 – the Prism T18 tank is another one designed specifically for M2L vaping. It has a 2.5 ml capacity and comes with flavorful 1.5 ohm atomizer heads.


Of course, there are more options out there. A lot of manufacturers will throw in good high resistance coils with their new tanks in an effort to satisfy as many vapers as they can. Kanger Aerotank Plus and Smok TFV4 Mini are just two that come to mind, although they are predominately geared toward direct-to-lung vapers.


So, Is Mouth-To-Lung Vaping In Decline?


vapers worldwide


Well, it might have been in decline back in 2014, when D2L tanks first entered the scene. However, I don’t believe it’s in decline now and it most certainly isn’t dead, as some vapers are professing. Mouth-to-lung vaping still serves a purpose and even though it’s no longer my cup of tea, it seems to have a lot of fans, especially among beginner vapers.


How about you? Are you an M2L vaping fan? Drop down by the comment section and let me know which are your favorite mouth-to-lung tanks. I’m sure that I didn’t include everything up there and if there’s something really good on the market right now, let me know so I can add it to the list.

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Best Disposable E-Cigarettes


Finding the best disposable e-cig is often the first step towards making the switch to vaping. While long-term vapers will advise you to choose a rechargeable and re-usable device, if you’re just looking to try vaping out, the best-rated disposable e-cigarette gives you the highest-quality experience for the least investment. There will always be some downsides of a disposable e-cig compared to rechargeable vape pens or even cigalikes, but there are loads of great options out there if you know where to look. Here are our picks for the best disposable e-cigs to try out.


Best Disposable E-Cigs


5 – Zig Zag Disposable


Zig Zag - Best Disposable E-Cigarette


ZigZag is a well-known brand to smokers, and thanks to a partnership with V2 Cigs they’ve entered the vaping arena with one of the top disposable e-cig options on the market. They have a basic cigalike appearance and the ZigZag logo adorns the cartridge or “butt” part of the device. Like a traditional cigarette (and all disposable devices) you simply inhale from the tip in order to vape with the ZigZag disposable.


They come in two different nicotine levels – 1.8 % or 2.4 % (18 mg/ml or 24 mg/ml) – and you can pick them up in traditional tobacco or menthol flavors. This is all you really need from a disposable e-cig, and it makes them well-suited to smokers trying vaping out for the first time. They’re advertised as offering 400 puffs, and while you’re more likely to get around 300 unless you only take small puffs, this is still really good for a disposable electronic cigarette.


You can pick up Zig Zag Disposables in five-packs for $24.95. This is a great deal, working out at just under $5 per disposable.


4 – NEWhere Disposable


NEWhere Disposables - Best Disposable Ecig


The NEWhere disposable makes this list thanks to its great battery life and solid vapor production. The disposable e-cigarette is notably bigger than many devices, but this allows it to offer more puffs than most competitors, advertised as offering up to 800 puffs. In practice it runs out after more like 500, but it’s still excellent in comparison to the alternatives, and is more than enough to get you through a day of full-time vaping.


The NEWhere disposable comes in a choice of three different flavors, including a disposable menthol e-cigarette, a tobacco option and a grape flavor. The nicotine levels vary with the flavor, so the tobacco option contains 2.2 % nicotine (22 mg/ml), the menthol option has 1.8 % (18 mg/ml) and the grape has 0.8 % (8 mg/ml). This means there are plenty of options, regardless of how much nicotine you need, although a free choice of nicotine levels for each flavor would have been better.


You can pick up this e-cig for $9.99 individually or in a three-pack for $24.99.


3 – Vapor4Life WOW Disposable


Vapor4Life Disposable Vapes


WOW Disposables from Vapor4Life are often ranked among the best disposable e-cigarettes on the market, thanks to their excellent vapor production and impressive cigarette-like design. The WOW disposables come in tobacco and menthol flavors, which do a good job of replicating the smoky taste of tobacco and the cooling hit of menthol you’d get from a cigarette. The vapor production is improved by the low-resistance coils used, which helps you get more vapor than you would with the higher-resistance coils used in most disposables.


The unique design of the WOW disposable is most obvious through the soft, cigarette-like tip Vapor4Life has included. This is advertised as “chewable,” and although we wouldn’t exactly recommend doing that, the key point is that it feels very much like a cigarette when you’re vaping. The 2.6% nicotine level (equivalent to 26 mg/ml) gives the vaping experience a cigarette-like throat hit too, so the disposable vapes are pretty satisfying. The battery lasts for about 200 puffs, which isn’t as high as some of the other options on this list, but it’s still pretty impressive.


You can pick up individual WOW disposables for $7.99 (tobacco here and menthol here), or pick up a five-pack for $37.99.


2 – White Cloud Fling Wide Disposables


Fling Wide Disposable - Longest Lasting E-Cig Battery


White Cloud’s Fling Wide disposables take the category to the next level, and are well deserving of a spot on this list. The original Fling disposables were great, but the Wide options improve the battery life massively, and pack plenty of e-juice into the cartridge. With the Fling Wide disposables, you get a 700 mAh battery – which is better than many vape pens – and a massive 3 ml of e-liquid pre-filled into the cartridge. This makes it more viable as an all-day vaping device than any other option on this list. Even the Wide Mini options have an impressive 450 mAh battery, which would still likely last you through a day of vaping.


The huge range of flavors available is another reason the Fling Wide Mini finds itself on this list of the top disposable e-cigarette devices. As well as the standard tobacco and menthol blends (with multiple options for each), they also offer fruity and dessert flavors, including cinnamon, mango, chocolate, Fraise Crème (a strawberry and cream flavor) and many others. There are 24 different flavors available in total, far exceeding the number of options from most disposable e-cig brands. There are tons of nicotine strengths available, too: 0%, 0.8%, 1.6%, 2.4%, 3.6% and 5.4%. Even if you’re a really heavy smoker, there will undoubtedly be the right option for you here. But this also offers an option for a disposable e-cig no nicotine option if that’s what you want.


If you’re looking for the longest lasting e-cig battery in the class, the White Cloud Fling Wide disposables cost $9.95 each or $44.95 for a five-pack, with more savings available for bigger purchases. You can pick them up here.


1 – V2 Cigs Disposables


V2 Disposables - Disposable E-Cig Brands


V2 Cigs’ disposables get our pick for the best disposable e-cig model on the market today, thanks to a great balance between performance, portability and price. The disposable vapes are advertised as offering 400 puffs, and if you take small puffs you get around this out of a charge, although you’ll usually end up with more like 300 puffs. It only measures just over 10 cm / 4 inches, though, which keeps it really portable and puts them a step ahead of the Fling Wide devices, despite benefits to both approaches.


The performance from the V2 Cigs Disposables is the main reason for their placement on this list. The vapor production is excellent throughout their charge, offering an impressive cloud of vapor for such a simple device. Although they only come in tobacco or menthol, both of these flavors are really well captured, too, making it a really pleasant vaping experience all-round. All of the V2 Cigs Disposables come in a 1.8% (18 mg/ml) nicotine strength, which is perfect for just-switching smokers and therefore a great level for most people first trying out a disposable e-cig.


You can pick up the V2 Cigs Disposables in a five-pack for $24.95, which makes them a great deal for anybody new to vaping and unsure whether they’ll want to invest too much. You can also get 10-packs for $44.95 if you want to save more per disposable e-cig. For the most popular disposable electronic cigarette on the market, it’s a really excellent price either way.



Disposable E-Cigarette 101


Disposable e-cigarettes are fairly simple in operation and design, but if you’re brand new to vaping, you might still have questions. What are the pros and cons of the top disposable ecig devices? Where do you buy them from? Are gas station e-cigs ever really as good as the ones you pick up from dedicated vaping companies? Here are the answers you’re looking for.


What is a Disposable Ecig?


Disposable Ecig


Disposable vapes are devices that are ready-to-vape, and you throw out when they’re done. They’re “cigalike” devices by design, so the top-reviewed disposable e-cigarette options look similar to a traditional cigarette. They have a battery section (the long part which would contain tobacco on a combustible cigarette) and a cartridge section (which would be the butt on a combustible cigarette). They come charged and ready-to-vape, and all you do to use them is inhale from the end in the same way as you would from a conventional cigarette. Disposable vapes are entry-level devices intended for smokers interested in trying vaping out.


The benefits of disposable e-cig devices include:


  • Easy to use.
  • Portable.
  • Affordable.
  • High nicotine – great for just-switching smokers.


The downsides are more related to the format’s limitations, and so even the most popular disposable ecigs have flaws like:


  • Unsustainable for long-term vaping – it’s much cheaper in the long-run to use rechargeable models.
  • Limited battery life.
  • Vapor production isn’t as good as bigger devices.
  • Little choice in flavor or nicotine level.


Where to Buy Disposable E-Cigs: The Gas Station or the Online Vape Store?


You might see disposable e-cig options as “gas station e-cigs” or “convenience store e-cigarettes” since they’re usually the type you’ll run into at gas stations or local stores that don’t specialize in vaping. You may find something from reputable companies – such as blu – at your local gas station or at a online vape store, and if you do, this will undoubtedly be the best gas station e-cig you can find. Unfortunately, gas stations don’t usually have much variety when it comes to disposable e-cig, and so many of the options there are lower-quality devices intended to get custom from interested smokers who haven’t researched the options.


The advantage of picking up the top disposable e-cig devices from dedicated vaping stores is that they’re more dedicated to high-quality and making sure you have a good experience. The White Cloud Fling Wide disposable, for instance, has an impressively large battery and comes in a huge array of flavors, and you’re unlikely to get anything this high quality from your local gas station. That isn’t to say gas station e-cigs are necessarily bad, you’re just more likely to end up with a disappointing device if you choose it based on convenience. This is OK, provided you remember that there are likely better options on the market.


Can I Buy Electronic Cigarettes in Stores?


Can I Buy Electronic Cigarettes in Stores


If you don’t want to use an online or brick and mortar vape store, you may be wondering “Can I buy electronic cigarettes in stores?” and might also have related questions such as “do gas stations sell e-liquid?”


The short answers are yes and yes, but the reality is that gas station e-liquid is usually not very tasty at all and the electronic cigarettes you buy in ordinary stores are unlikely to be particularly impressive. While the e-cigarette price at gas station sellers might be lower – between $5 and $10 for a basic disposable and not much more for a rechargeable – the devices themselves are generally low quality. The same goes for gas station e-juice: it’ll be cheap but you’ll still probably regret buying it. Generally, it’s better to spend more and get one of the best disposable vape options on the market than saving money and getting something crappy.


You can always check out disposable e-cigarette reviews before buying if you use online stores, too, whereas from a gas station you’re stuck with whatever they have for sale.




Finding the best disposable e-cigarette can be challenging, but with some high-quality options put out by reputable manufacturers, it’s still possible to find good disposable vapes. The number of disposable e-cig brands is smaller than the number making rechargeable devices, but that just makes it a little simpler to find the best disposable ecig, if you do your research before you buy. But if you enjoy your vaping experience with a disposable e-cigarette, you should definitely consider a longer-term solution for the future so you save as much money as possible.

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Chewing Tobacco History, Facts, and Side Effects


Chewing Tobacco Facts and Health Effects


In the past several years, the war on smoking has been intensifying ever so slightly. Numerous health organizations are joining in; holding rallies, quit campaigns, producing anti-smoking commercials, and so on. We still have a long way to go, but, at least, we seem to be on the right path.


However, while the use of combustible cigarettes seems to be going down, a much more sinister practice is on the rise. Chewing tobacco has been making a comeback in recent years, in part thanks to it being promoted as a safer alternative to smoking. I’ve even seen it (and other smokeless tobacco products, such as snuff) compared to electronic cigarettes, just because they don’t produce smoke.


This is an extremely dangerous practice since most medical experts agree that chewing tobacco is at least as addictive as smoking. It contains at least 28 known carcinogens and causes short and long-term health problems. On the other hand, recent vape-related studies are mostly cautiously positive, with researchers finding it difficult to link vaping to major health conditions.


History of Chewing Tobacco


history of chewing tobacco


Chewing tobacco has a long and interesting history that dates back to the Native peoples of the Americas. They would chew the bitter leaves of the tobacco plant, often unprocessed and unrefined, to extract nicotine. Whether it was feeding an addiction or a religious practice, it’s difficult to say. Native Americans did use smoking in religious ceremonies, but we can’t really link chewing tobacco with that.


Chewing tobacco spread worldwide with the arrival of the first colonists. They refined the process because they didn’t like the taste of raw tobacco leaves. Their tobacco was smoke-dried and spices and sugar were added to it to make it more palatable. The recipe has remained pretty much the same since then, with different manufacturers adding their own proprietary twists.


Quickly after that, the chewing practice spread across the world. Soldiers, sports players (baseball players in particular), dignitaries – well, we can say that they are partly to blame for popularizing it. Today, it’s known by many names, such as chaw, daps, dip, chew, and others.


chewing tobacco in sports


In recent years, we’ve been seeing a rise in the use of snuff tobacco as well. While not chewing tobacco, it falls under the broad umbrella of smokeless tobacco. Snuff is basically finely ground tobacco leaf that the users inhale, or ‘snuff’, through their nose.


Chewing Tobacco Facts


I’ve already mentioned that chewing tobacco is considered less harmful than smoking. While there is some truth in that (it has not been linked to lung cancer, which seems to be caused by combustible cigarettes and cigars, at least when examined in the context of tobacco consumption), saying that it’s less harmful than cigarettes is ridiculous. It’s like comparing getting hit by a car going 50 mph or a bus going equally fast. In both cases, you’re likely to end up dead because of it.


Let’s take a look at a couple of chewing tobacco-related facts:


  • Smokeless tobacco is used by more than 300 million people in over 70 countries Most of the use falls off to chewing tobacco and it’s used most heavily in Southeast Asia (with India and Bangladesh leading the pack by accounting for 89% of users).
  • More than 3 in every 100 adults in the US use smokeless tobacco (chewing tobacco or snuff). Men are more likely to use it (6.7 %) than women (0.6 %), and there are around 6 % of youth using it (under the age of 18).
  • More than 250,000 people worldwide die from illnesses connected to smokeless tobacco. Primary causes are heart disease and cancers of the mouth, pharynx, and the esophagus.
  • Chewing tobacco users are exposed to more nicotine than smokers. Depending on the brand, some chewing tobacco products can contain up to 4.5 mg of nicotine (as opposed to 1 or 2 mg typically found in cigarettes).
  • A study also confirmed that people who use smokeless tobacco exclusively have 5X higher biomarker for the cancer-causing nitrosamine.



chewing tobacco facts


The picture doesn’t look all that pretty now, does it? Despite the regular claims (mostly by smokeless tobacco manufactures) that chewing tobacco is safer than smoking, your best bet would be to ditch the habit completely, with or without the use of (far safer) electronic cigarettes.


Does Chewing Tobacco Cause High Blood Pressure?


The reason why I wanted to take a closer separate look at whether or not chewing tobacco causes high blood pressure is simple – high blood pressure (hypertension) is a very silent and sneaky killer.


Hypertension causes numerous health problems, with some being:


  • Increased risk of stroke and mini-stroke
  • Increased risk of heart attack
  • Damage to the arteries
  • Increased chances for an aneurysm
  • Enlarged left heart (potentially fatal condition)
  • Can cause kidney scarring and kidney failure
  • Has been linked to early onset dementia


Are you putting yourself at risk if you use chewing tobacco?


The answer is somewhat complicated. Some experimental trials have found that chewing tobacco (and other forms of smokeless tobacco) will cause an acute (momentary) elevation of systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and pulse.


These studies are backed by a recent one done by a Mayo Clinic cardiologist, Dr.Virend Somers. This particular study followed 16 young men and measured their responses 30 minutes after using snuff. The results showed an increased heart rate (15 beats per minute or 25 %), a rise in systolic blood pressure (12 mmHg or 10 %), and an increase in bloodstream adrenaline (more than 50%).


Up until recently, these effects were attributed to nicotine, which is logical considering that it’s a vasoconstrictor. However, new (albeit controversial) studies are producing some curious results, namely that pure nicotine actually lowers blood pressure. Further studies will be needed to determine the truth – is nicotine responsible for high blood pressure or are other chemicals and compounds in chewing tobacco and cigarettes to be blamed?


Even though it seems that chewing tobacco doesn’t cause chronic hypertension, it’s been linked to an increase in heart disease for people who already suffer from it. Additionally, acute bouts of high blood pressure might be enough to damage your arteries and blood vessels supplying your brain and heart with oxygen and nutrients.


The real question then becomes:  is chewing tobacco really worth the risk?


Short-Term and Long-Term Effects of Chewing Tobacco



chewing tobacco health issues


As if high blood pressure wasn’t the cause sufficient alarm, chewing tobacco has more short-term health effects that you need to take into consideration. These include:


  • Irritation and inflammation of gum tissue
  • Mouth sores caused by repetitive chewing
  • Increased tenderness of lips, gums, and oral tissue
  • Halitosis (bad breath)
  • Increased heart rate
  • Reduced physical performance


Long-term effects are also present:


  • Tooth decay attributed to added sweeteners
  • Increased tooth sensitivity to cold and hot
  • Increased chances for several types of oral cancer: pharynx, larynx, and esophagus
  • Increased chances of developing stomach cancer
  • Severe damage to gum tissue, which can cause tooth loss
  • Extremely painful sores in the mouth that make it difficult to eat
  • Leukoplakia – lesions on the mucous membranes (cheeks and floor of the mouth)
  • Greatly reduced senses of smell and taste
  • Possibly a lifelong addiction to nicotine


Chewing Tobacco Negative Health Effects


Quit Chewing Tobacco Today


Whatever the excuses you were using so far; that chewing tobacco is safer than smoking, or that you, at least, won’t get lung cancer – it’s time to stop using them and to commit firmly to quitting. As you can see, chewing tobacco is not what it’s cracked up to be and carries a lot of health risks. There are a lot of sites out there with great information on how to kick that habit – generally, if you follow the advice for smoking cessation, there’s a good chance you will be able to get rid of tobacco chewing as well.


Of course, you could always try vaping to substitute for chewing tobacco nicotine intake. Are there any vapers here who’ve managed to get rid of their chewing habit with electronic cigarettes? Please share your experience with us, I’m sure struggling ‘chewers’ would be grateful!

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Best Cheap E-Juice


The rise of the premium e-juice brand has made life a little difficult for anybody looking for the best cheap e-juice. The most-recommended brands seem to be getting more and more expensive, and it might seem like you have to spend quite a bit to find anything high-quality. But that isn’t always the case. In fact, there are tons of options out there for cheap vape juice, and many of them put out consistently delicious flavors.


Inexpensive e-juice might not sound particularly appetizing, but the truth is that you really don’t need to pay very much to get something high-quality. Here are our top 10 picks for the best cheap e-juice.


Best Cheap E-Juice: The Top 10


10 – VaporFi


VaporFi E-Juice - Cheap Vape Juice


VaporFi’s e-juice comes in several tiers, and although it’s one of the most expensive options on this list, the basic offerings are still far from expensive. The standard VaporFi e-juices cover a huge range of flavors, with tobacco, menthol, fruit dessert and candy flavors well-represented in the line-up. All of their vape juices come in a choice of PG/VG ratios – either 50/50, 70% PG or max VG – and either 0, 3, 6, 12 or 18 mg/ml of nicotine.


Their Caramel Tobacco (RY4) blend is a classic from the line-up, with a robust tobacco backing nicely covered with the sweetness from the caramel components. Strawberry Banana is a solid fruity option from the selection, balancing the two fruits really well and offering a sweet but fresh taste. More dessert-like options such as Peanut Butter Cookie add another dimension to the line-up, and make it a great brand no matter what you prefer to vape.


The standard e-juices from VaporFi cost $15.99 for a 30 ml bottle. This does make them expensive in comparison to some of the other options on our cheap vape juice list, but it’s still a great price for some quality e-liquid. We have a review of some VaporFi e-liquids here.


9 – The Sauce LA


The Sauce LA Cheap E-Liquid


The Sauce LA has a range of delicious e-juice on offer, but their dedication to low prices puts them in the running for the best cheap e-liquid on the market. With a range of fruity, sweet and beverage-inspired flavors, they have the air of a premium juice mixer but the keep the prices really suitable for vapers on a budget. Although many of their e-juices come widely-recommended, the caramel, marshmallow and Rice Krispy treat Open Road and the Froot Loops and sweet milk blend Capone are two of the most popular offerings. However, other options like Caramel Waffle Cappucino and Mango Tropical Blast are also great options depending on the type of juices you like.


The juices from the Sauce LA come in either 0, 3 or 6 mg/ml of nicotine, which is great for longer-term vapers looking for more affordable blends. The PG/VG ratio is fixed at 20/80 (so 80% VG), so they’re a great option if you have a sub ohm tank or rebuildable and are looking for some cloud-friendly e-juice to try out. If you’re brand new to vaping, these last two points might not make them ideal, but if you have some high-quality vape gear and you’re happy with lower-nicotine, they’re a fantastic mixer.


The price is why they’re on this list, though, with 30 ml for $9.99, 60 ml for $19.99 and a massive 120 ml e-juice bottle for $29.99. The buy-one-get-one (BOGO) deals are where you save the most, though, with one example offer providing 240 ml of juice for just $24.99. Check out the selection here.


8 – Mr. Good Vape


Mr Good Vape Bulk E-Juice


Mr. Good Vape has been around for some time, but their e-juices are as delicious as they always were. The big difference is that the juices now come in 100 ml bottles, but luckily the price has been kept really low which makes them one of the best value e-juice options in the industry today. The available line-up has decreased substantially since we reviewed the liquids, but the ones that remain are really excellent. They all come in 70% VG, with a choice between 0, 3 and 6 mg/ml of nicotine.


Moon Sugar is a blend of sugar cookie, butterscotch and toasted graham cracker, and is a truly fantastic e-juice flavor for lovers of sweetness. Sweet Lovin’ is a candy e-juice, with strawberry and watermelon candy mixed with pink bubblegum. Finally, Melon Head is a blend of cantaloupe, Hawaiian papaya, sweet mango and a touch of citrus. All of these flavors are really enjoyable, and although there aren’t any tobacco or menthol flavors, longer-term vapers in particular will enjoy at least something from the line-up.


You can pick up a 100 ml bottle of Mr. Good Vape e-juice for just $19.95, which makes it an awesome deal for bulk e-juice purchases in particular. It’s easily one of the top cheap e-liquid brands around today. We have a review of Mr. Good Vape’s juices here (from 2015).


7 – Vape Craft, Inc.


Vape Craft Inc Affordable E-Juice


Vape Craft Inc. was founded in 2013, and although they’re not the biggest name in the industry, they’ve earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the best places to pick up inexpensive vape juice. With a selection of 25 e-juice flavors covering candies, beverages, fruits, tobacco, menthol and desserts, you’re bound to find something you enjoy in the line-up, and the prices are always impressively low. All of their juices are 70% VG, and come in either 0, 3, 6 or 12 mg/ml of nicotine.


Some of their most popular flavors include Nectar Custard, a vanilla custard e-juice mixed with a sweet nectar that adds a unique sweetness to the flavor, and Strawberry Milk, which is self-explanatory but still really delicious. They only have one tobacco e-juice on offer – Rich Tobacco – but it’s a great option for any just-switching smokers or vapers looking for an affordable tobacco blend. If you’re looking for cheap e-liquid, there are some really impressive options in the line-up.


Vape Craft, Inc. makes this list because of this quality combined with fantastic prices. A 15 ml bottle costs just $3, but the best deal is for 120 ml e-juice bottles, which are just $15 each.


6 – FuZion E-Liquid


FuZion Vapor Cheap E-Liquid


FuZion E-Liquid isn’t the most affordable option on this list, but it’s much more affordable than many of the e-juice brands in the industry. The quality of the e-liquids is also great, with a line-up of 26 flavors in total, with the Standard and Basics line-ups in particular offering excellent value-for-money. The Standard and Basics e-juices come in a 50/50 PG/VG mix as standard, but the more expensive Premium juices are a higher-VG blend. The nicotine levels included in the Standard line juices are 0, 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 mg/ml, but the Basics line only has from 0 to 12 mg/ml and the Premium ones only come in 0, 3 and 6 mg/ml.


The Basics e-juices are simple, one-note flavors like those new vapers start with, including Grape, Raspberry and Strawberry. These aren’t particularly exciting, but they’re definitely a viable option if you’re looking for cheap ejuice but don’t need big bottles. The flavors in the Standard line-up are more interesting, though, and are the best choice if you’re looking for bulk e-juice at a reasonable price. Some of the most well-known flavors include Unicorn Blood, which is modeled after fruity rainbow drops, and Krankberry, a blue raspberry candy blend.


The Standard line e-juices come in 30 or 60 ml bottles, with the bigger bottles costing $16.99 direct from FuZion or $19.99 from VaporDNA. The Basics line only come in 30 ml bottles, but the $8.99 price-tag makes them a good option if you’re looking for cheap e-liquid.


5 – Jam Monster


Jam Monster - Bulk Vape Juice


Jam Monster is a premium-style mixer with affordable prices and a simple goal: to produce the best jam and toast e-juices you’ve tried. The e-liquids make this list thanks to the huge 100 ml bottle size combined with very reasonable prices all-round. The classic line-up includes three flavors, but they’ve recently added a fourth too. All of the e-liquids are 75% VG, making them a fantastic option for cloud-chasing vapers looking for a place to pick up bulk e-juice. They come in either 0, 3 or 6 mg/ml of nicotine.


The flavors all have a toast and butter backing, and the main thing that separates each flavor is the type of jam flavor used in the juice. The names tell you everything you need to know: Strawberry, Blueberry, Apple and the new blend Grape. Although all of the options are tasty, the Strawberry option is really the stand-out option from the selection. We’ve reviewed the three original e-liquids here if you’re interested.


Jam Monster’s e-juice comes in 100 ml bottles, and they cost $29.99 each. This makes them a competitive option even among cheap vape juice brands, but the flavors are really hard to fault, so you won’t miss out on quality either.


4 – Naked 100 E-Liquid


Naked 100 - Cheap Vape Liquid


Naked 100 is a very popular mixer, and although they’re highly-ranked even if you don’t consider price, they’re one of the top e-juice brands for vapers on a budget. The e-liquid comes in 60 ml bottles as standard, and as well as the price remaining low, the flavors themselves are consistently delicious. It’s a lot more like a premium e-juice brand than a discount e-juice, but the prices are really great regardless. The Naked 100 e-liquids are all 70% VG, and come in either 0, 3, 6 or 12 mg/ml of nicotine. This is really great for everyone, with the highest level even being enough to satisfy vapers just switching over from smoking.


There are 18 e-liquids in the line-up in total, with a standard line, some menthol options and a selection of candy blends. The standard line is heavily focused on fruity combinations, although there is one tobacco option in there too. Some of the popular options from the line-up include Hawaiian Pog, a blend of pineapple, orange and guava, Go Nanas, a banana and cream mix, and Frostbite, a pineapple, honeydew, cantaloupe and menthol blend. That said, all of the flavors are really well-captured, so even if these don’t appeal to you, there will be some that do.


Naked 100 makes this list because their 60 ml bottles are priced at just $21.95 each. They aren’t the most affordable e-juice on the list, but for a balance between affordability and quality, they’re really hard to beat. You can check out our review of Naked 100 here.


3 – Vista Vapors


Vista Vapors - Cheap E-Cig Juice


Vista Vapors is one of the kings of cheap vape juice. Like many cheap vape liquid companies, they offer a substantial range of flavors that get the job done. Although the flavor combinations aren’t as impressive as you’ll find with some of the more premium e-juice brands, the juices cover most common types of flavor and the prices are always low. They offer you more mixing options than many brands in the industry, with a choice between 50/50 PG/VG or max VG blends, and a huge range of nicotine levels on offer: 0, 1.5, 3, 6, 9, 12 and 18 mg/ml. You can also add extra flavor shots if you like your flavors strong.


The flavors available from Vista Vapors span tobaccos, menthols/mints, fruits, beverages, desserts, candies and others. The range is really too big to do justice to here, but the selection is really extensive and a great offering from one of the best cheap e-juice companies on the market. Some of the most popular juices include Cinnamon Roll, Strawberries n’ Cream, and Shamrock (modeled after Shamrock shakes from McDonald’s), but there are tons more great options in the selection too.


Vista Vapors is one of the best places to pick up cheap e-liquid, with 17 ml bottles costing just $4.99 each, 30 ml bottles priced at $7.49, 102 ml bottles for $16.99 and massive 128 ml bottles for $23.99. You can buy the juices here and read our review here.


2 – Mt.  Baker Vapor


Mt Baker Vapor - Bulk E-Juice


Mt. Baker Vapor is a vaping institution. They’re so well-known it’s hard to imagine any longer-term vapers who hasn’t at least tried some of their flavors, but they’re a close contender for the title of best cheap e-juice mixer thanks to their always-low prices. They do a really good job when it comes to mixing options, offering you a choice between 0, 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 mg/ml of nicotine, and either 50/50 PG/VG, 70% PG, 70% VG or max VG. This is really impressive, suitable for basically any setup or any level of nicotine use.


Mt. Baker Vapor’s cheap e-liquid covers tobaccos, menthols, fruits, beverages, candies, desserts, cereals, and nuts and spices, making them a suitable mixer for pretty much anybody, regardless of your personal tastes. There are so many Mt. Baker Vapor flavors that it’s hard to cover all of them, but Hawk Sauce, Cinnamon Roll and Moo Juice are all popular options. Hawk Sauce combines blackberry, raspberry, sweet and sour gummies, and a touch of menthol for a really unique taste. Cinnamon Roll is self-explanatory but really delicious, and Moo Juice is an amazing strawberry and cream blend.


The prices of Mt. Baker Vapor’s juices cement its place as one of the most popular cheap e-juice vendors in the industry. A 30 ml bottle costs just $7.99, a 60 ml bottle costs $13.99 and a massive 240 ml bottle is just $39.99. This makes it a particularly good place to place bulk e-juice orders, and you can find the juices here.


1 – Vape Wild


Vape Wild Cheap E-Liquid


Vape Wild takes the top spot on this best cheap e-juice list for their substantial line-up of e-juices, their always-high quality, and the fantastic prices for their juice. In many ways, they’re comparable to Mt. Baker Vapor, but they have a dedicated following of vapers for their arguably better flavors. They give you plenty of options when it comes to your mix, with a choice between 0, 1.5, 3, 6, 9 and 12 mg/ml of nicotine, and either 50/50 PG/VG, 65% VG or max VG (which is 80% or more). Again, this is suitable for the vast majority of vapers, and you can tailor your order to suit your device really easily.


The cheap vape juice from Vape Wild covers the most common types of flavor in the industry: fruits, desserts, tobaccos, candies and menthols, with tons of options in each category so you’ll be guaranteed to find something you love. Some of the most popular Vape Wild e-juice flavors are (S + C)2, a strawberries and cream blend with more robust flavors than the original mix, and On Cloud Custard, which is widely-regarded as one of the best vanilla custard e-juices you can find. Smurf Cake is another classic, which is a blueberry cheesecake blend, and we could go on. Vape Wild may offer cheap e-liquid, but the quality is really excellent.


Vape Wild has the best cheap e-liquids, and the prices are as good as you’d expect from a mixer earning that title. 10 ml bottles cost $2.99, 30 ml bottles are $6.99, 60 ml is $11.99, 120 ml e-juice bottles are $19.99, 240 ml is $34.99, and a huge 480 ml is $59.99. All sizes bigger than 30 ml come with multiple bottles, but the prices are exceptional regardless. You can read our review of Vape Wild here, and pick up the juices direct from the mixer.



Cheap Vape Juice: Everything You Need to Know


Finding a high quality cheap e-juice is the most important thing if you’re wanting to vape as affordably as possible, but you might be left with several questions. How much does e-juice cost most of the time? Is there any benefit to expensive e-liquid at all? How much do vapers spend on e-liquid on average? Is it worth getting into DIY e-liquid if you want to save money? We’ve collected some information here to answer these questions and more.


How Much Does E-Liquid Cost?


How Much Does E-Juice Cost


The cost of e-liquid varies quite substantially, depending on what type of e-liquid you vape. The cheapest e-liquid really doesn’t cost much at all. For example, the Dollar E-Juice Club has 200 ml bottles for just $25.99, about 13 cents per ml, and the Sauce LA’s BOGO deal offers 240 ml for $24.99, just over 10 cents per ml. However, this is towards the bottom end of the cost. At the other end of the scale, expensive e-liquids like Five Pawns’ offerings cost $27.50 per 30 ml (about 92 cents per ml) and Black Note’s Quartet is $35 per 30 ml (about $1.17 per ml).


However, as a general answer to “How much does e-juice cost?” a figure in the middle is about right. For Cosmic Fog, for instance, the price of $23.95 per 60 ml bottle comes out to 40 cents per ml, and Element E-liquids are a bit more expensive at $24.95 for 60 ml, about 42 cents per ml. There is a lot of variation, but for tasty e-juice outside of the most affordable e-juice brands, about 40 cents per ml is a decent estimate.


How Much Vapers Spend on E-Liquid on Average


How Much Vapers Spend on E-Liquid on Average
From ECF’s Big Survey 2014


The question of how much vapers spend on e-liquid on average isn’t an easy one to come up with an answer for. As noted above, the cost of a bottle of e-liquid varies wildly, and on top of this, the amount of e-liquid vapers get through per day varies quite a lot too. There aren’t any recent surveys on the topic, so the best we can do is look at ECF and Reddit posts on the topics and the responses. While it varies substantially, especially depending on the type of e-cig you’re using, between 5 and 10 ml per day is a good estimate.


Using the 40 cents / ml “average” cost of vapor juice, this can be used to work out how much vapers spend on e-liquid on average. At a 5 ml per day consumption over 30 days, it would work out to $60 per month on e-liquid. For a 10 ml consumption, this would be $120 per month.


These estimates are very rough, and of course they would vary depending on the specific e-liquid you’re vaping. With the cheapest e-liquid, a 5 ml per day consumption would be $15 per month, and 10 ml per day would be $30 per month. For the most expensive e-juice, 5 ml per day would be $175.50 per month and 10 ml per day would be $351 per month. Of course, nobody would really vape so much expensive e-juice per day, but this shows how much variation there can be depending on your habits and choices.


Cheap E-Liquid vs. Expensive E-Liquid: The Pros and Cons


So if you’re wondering whether it’s worth picking up the best cheap vape juice, or whether you should just focus on quality without worrying much about cost, what should you do? Here, we’ll go over some of the pros and cons of cheap e-liquid vs. expensive e-liquid.


Cheap E-Liquid


Bulk E-Juice



  • Wide selection of flavors. Ordinarily, cheaper e-liquid brands have more e-juice flavors on offer than more expensive mixers.
  • Less cost per month. This is obvious: if you want to save as much money as possible, cheap e-juice flavors are the way to go.
  • More variety in PG/VG and nicotine. As a general rule, more affordable e-juice companies offer a selection of PG/VG ratios and a wider selection of nicotine levels. This means you’ll have an easier time finding e-juice that suits entry-level devices and just-switching smokers.
  • They can still be delicious. Just because you get cheap e-juice doesn’t mean you’ll get bad e-juice. There is plenty of cheap good e-juice (such as the options listed above), so as long as you do your homework you’ll still get something great.




  • Simpler flavors. As a general rule, you’ll find simpler, one-note flavors if you’re buying e-juice for cheap. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but some vapers prefer unique and complex flavors.
  • Bigger risk of low-quality. You can find affordable e-juice that’s tasty, but there are many more crappy options than you’ll get with more expensive e-juice.
  • Some flavors are often disappointing. Some flavor types work better than others with inexpensive e-juice. Cheap tobacco e-juice, for example, rarely captures the nuance and complexity of tobacco, and often tastes unpleasant.
  • Minimal packaging and crappy bottles. One way to cut costs is to spend less on things like bottles. This means you’re more likely to get your e-juice in a basic plastic bottle with affordable brands.


Expensive E-Liquid


E-Juice Prices - Expensive E-Juice



  • Complex flavors. In general, more expensive e-liquid has more complex and unique flavor combinations than inexpensive e-liquid. You’re much less likely to find a basic, one-note flavor in a premium line-up.
  • Specialist mixers. More expensive e-juice brands are more likely to specialize in a specific type of flavor. This can be really good if you have a favorite flavor type, because you get find a mixer that’s solely dedicated to those flavors. For example, Black Note is a tobacco specialist and Mad Hatter focuses on candy and dessert flavors.
  • Higher-VG mixes. As a general rule, expensive e-liquid from premium brands are more likely to be high-VG, cloud-friendly blends. This is great for vapers using sub ohm or rebuildable devices and any cloud-chasers.
  • More robust flavors. You’re much more likely to find a really flavorful vape juice from more expensive mixers.




  • Less viable as “everyday” e-juice. The cost of expensive e-juice makes it a bit difficult to only use high-quality e-juice as your “everyday” e-juice.
  • Prices can get really high. You know you’ll be paying more for “premium” e-juice, but sometimes the prices are so high it’s almost as if you’re paying for the “label,” rather than the quality. Castle Long Reserve by Five Pawns is a great example of this.
  • Less choice in nicotine level and PG/VG ratio. You’re rarely given a choice of PG/VG ratio with premium juices, and nicotine levels tend to be lower, making them a less viable choice for just-switching smokers.
  • Fewer flavor choices, especially smoker-friendly options. The downside to the widespread specialist mixers is that some flavors – tobaccos in particular – are harder to find in premium vapor juice brands.


Guide to Buying Cheap Vape Juice


If you’re looking for the cheapest vaping liquid you can find, it can feel like you’re entering a bit of minefield. How can you be sure you’ll be getting something delicious, rather than a basic flavor that will ultimately disappoint? Is it really worth taking the risk? Here’s a brief guide to buying affordable e-juice to help you make sure you get something you’ll enjoy.


  • Look for guarantees of quality. No matter how inexpensive an e-juice is, it should use USP-grade nicotine, PG and VG, and ideally have lab results available to verify that the nicotine strengths are accurate and to show whether diacetyl or acetyl propionyl is present.
  • Choose brands that offer choice. More PG/VG options and more nicotine level options are generally a good sign for budget e-juice companies. Since companies like Vape Wild and Mt. Baker Vapor do really well on this front, there is no reason to choose a company that doesn’t offer the sort of mix you’re looking for.
  • Look for the flavors you like, not the raw number of options. E-liquid companies offering inexpensive e-liquid often have huge ranges of flavors, but don’t be drawn in by the raw numbers alone. It’s better to look at the selection for the types of flavors you like than the total number of flavors altogether.
  • Read e-juice reviews. The most important piece of advice is not to be sold based on price alone. Yes, the e-liquid might be cheap, but checking out e-juice reviews from reputable reviewers gives you the full story about whether the brand is worth trying out.
  • Consider bulk e-juice purchases to save money. Even if the juice isn’t particularly cheap when you buy a small bottle, you can often save money with bulk e-juice, even from more expensive brands. This is a great way to get value e-juice without sacrificing quality.
  • Don’t choose the cheapest just because it’s the cheapest. You can still save a lot of money without choosing the very cheapest e-juice on the market. As long as you aren’t paying much more, prioritize quality over cost.


DIY E-Juice Guide: The Best Way to Save Money


Basic DIY E-Juice Guide


If you’re serious about saving money and getting the best value e-liquid to suit your preferences, DIY mixing is definitely worth considering. Instead of pre-mixed flavor combinations with premiums slapped on, you simply buy the ingredients individually and mix them yourself. PG, VG and food flavorings are all really cheap, and nicotine base is also much more affordable than you’d imagine. The only downside is that you have to put a bit of time into planning your mixes and there is an up-front cost to buy everything you’ll need.


So what do you need to make DIY e-juice? Pick up some nicotine base (72 mg/ml is ideal, but lower is OK for most purposes too) from a reputable seller (such as Nude Nicotine), and use a store such as EcigExpress to pick up PG and VG, or alternatively you can find some on Amazon, Ebay or various other places online. Just make sure you get USP quality and you’ll be fine. The main thing left to pick up is flavorings. You can go individually to companies such as the Flavor Apprentice, Capella, LorAnn Oils, Flavor West and many others, but stores like EcigExpress which cater to DIY mixers carry many of these flavorings all in one place.


Finally, pick up some empty bottles and blunt-tipped syringes (for adding precise quantities of ingredients) for your mixing. You can mix by weight instead of by volume if you pick up some accurate scales too. If you get some that are accurate down to 0.01 g you’ll be able to mix very precisely.


It’s a good idea to check out recipes for DIY e-juice, and really we could make this DIY e-juice guide much longer if we went into this in detail. However, the DIY_ejuice subreddit and are both great sources of recipes. You can use these to guide your flavoring purchases in particular. They’re also a great resource for “clone” recipes, which are mixes designed to approximate popular e-juice flavors. In particular, clones make DIY mixing a fantastic way to make the best cheap vape juice for yourself.


When you’ve got your equipment and your ingredients, you’re ready to mix. If you’re using a recipe, it will probably provide you with percentages for each of the flavorings, and you can choose your nicotine level and PG/VG ratio to suit your preferences. The best advice is to use a calculator like that offered by Steam Engine. You enter how much e-juice you want to make, your target nicotine strength and PG/VG ratio, the details about your nicotine base (how strong and whether it’s PG or VG based), add your flavorings and their percentages, and it tells you exactly how much to add.


The only thing left to do is to go through the actual mixing process. Make sure you measure everything accurately using your syringes and/or scales, because precision is vital to getting the finished product you’re looking for. Use a separate syringe for your nicotine to avoid cross-contamination. Once you’re done, place the cap on your bottle firmly and shake it up to make sure it’s thoroughly mixed. You can vape it right away if you like, but most mixes benefit from a short steep before you vape.


DIY mixing has tons of advantages, and although bulk vape juice purchases can be pretty inexpensive, there is no other way to make affordable vape juice to suit your specific preferences so closely.




Getting the best cheap e-juice can be as easy as choosing one of the brands from our list and placing an order, or as complex as getting all of the ingredients and making it yourself. But the key point is that there are tons of ways to save money when you’re vaping, and you can do it without sacrificing the quality of your e-liquid. If you’re in the market for cheap e-liquid, take a bit of time over your choice if you’re buying pre-made, or learn the basics for yourself and go DIY. If you do either of these right, you won’t be disappointed.

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The Illustrious History of Vaping – From Hookahs of Yore to First E-Cigs


Patent of first invented e-cigarette


If you’re new to vaping, you might be under the impression that it’s a relatively new thing. You would only be partially right – the first e-cig (as we know it today) was only introduced in 2003, in China, from where it spread to the rest of the world during the following couple of years.


However, vaping has a far richer history – although the act itself wasn’t called that until a couple of millennia later. In fact, a number of cultures enjoyed the sweet-smelling act of immersion in various herbal vapors. The first medium used for that was not an atomizer – it was a far less advanced pile of hot, steaming…stones!


Vaping in the Ancient Times


vaping ancient times in Egypt


While it might be a bit of a stretch to call this vaping, the Egypt-based Scythians had a vapor-related practice. An ancient historian Herodotus, also called ‘the father of history’ for his great contributions to the field, writes: “The Scythians take some of this hemp-seed and throw it upon the red-hot stones; immediately it vaporizes and gives out such a vapor as no Grecian vapor-bath can exceed; the Scythians, delighted, shout for joy.”


According to some accounts, Safavid Dynasty moguls used what we today called a hookah, or a water pipe. Its variants exist to this day and are used mostly in Islamic countries where there’s a strong tradition of inhaling the vapor of scented herbs.


Both practices are fairly removed from modern vaping but are, nonetheless, a part of vaping history. To come to modern-day e-cigs (or, at least, to a device that resembles them), we have to fast-forward some 1500 years into the future.


Vaping in the 20th Century – The Emergence of the First E-Cigarette


Not even many hardcore vapers know this, but the first e-cigarette prototype was conceived back in 1927. A man called Joseph Robinson filed a patent request (the patent was granted in 1930) that was related to an electric vaporizer. The original document notes: “My invention relates to vaporizing devices for holding medicinal compounds which are electrically heated to produce vapors for inhalation.” The device was not intended as a nicotine delivery tool, but, still, the resemblance to 2nd generation vape pens is still visible. As far as we know, not a single prototype was ever produced and the invention was not commercialized at that time.


history of vaping in 1927 e-cig patent



The 1960s & Vaping


Herbert A. Gilbert is generally credited with creating a device that all other e-cigarettes are modeled on. He received a patent for it in 1965 but the device didn’t take off, mostly because tobacco companies were not really interested in a substitute for combustible cigarettes. Gilbert created several prototypes of his new vape device but it’s not really clear whether or not he ever experimented with using it as a nicotine delivery system.





The 1980s & the First Recorded Use of the Term ‘Vaping’


In 1981, Phil Ray, who is credited with inventing the microprocessor, decided to do himself a favor and quit his nasty habit of smoking. He invented a device that delivered nicotine without combustion. In effect, the device had a nicotine-soaked paper in it and would release it when puffed on.


He partnered with Dr. Norman L. Jacobson and they managed to get their company off the ground, selling their device all over the Western United States. Unfortunately, their delivery system was flawed (nicotine has a low evaporation point so the device had a very short shelf life), and they were forced to sell their invention to another company. It’s a fascinating story and you can learn more about it here.


Despite the fact that their device failed (and that it wasn’t really an e-cigarette), they are the first ones to use the terms ‘vaping’ and ‘vapers’, which kind of makes them a big deal, at least in my book.



Non-Combustible Cigarettes Patent History



Hon Lik and the Dream of a Modern E-Cigarette


Hon Lik and invention of modern electronic cigarette


The first e-cigarette was dreamed up! Well, sort of.


In 2000, a pharmacist from China, Hon Lik, fell asleep and dreamt that he was drowning. All of a sudden, the water turned to vapor. I could say the rest is history, but here’s a bit more background. Hon Lik was a smoker, like his father. He watched his father die of smoking-induced cancer so that probably had something to do with his prophetic dream.


In any case, he patented his dream back in 2003. The first e-cig used a high frequency, piezoelectric ultrasound-emitting element, which vaporized the liquid containing nicotine. Although it looked similar to what we see today, that first electronic cigarette operated on very different principles.


Modern vape mod


Hon Lik named his invention Ruyan (resembling smoke) and his company, Golden Dragon Holdings, started marketing it in China. In 2005, it appeared on the European market and, by 2006, it started making slow progress in the United States (here’s the first US import ruling concerning e-cigs).

Umer and Tariq Sheik and the First Cartomizer


As I already mentioned, Hon Lik’s e-cig involved ultrasound – zapping vape juice using a completely different technology than what we use today. As such, it required a lot of moving parts and it wasn’t really user-friendly or convenient. British entrepreneurs, brothers Sheik, made everything simpler when they invented a cartomizer. Essentially, a cartomizer combined a coil with the tank, and the invention was adopted by a number of cigalike brands at the time.


Sheikh brothers e-cigarette patent drawing of e-cig cartomizer



Vaping as We Know It Today



New Vape Mod Devices


Trying to list all the breakthroughs in vaping technology here would make for a really, really long read. Suffice it to say that, after 2008 (when vaping gained a footing in Europe and the US), vapers themselves started experimenting with devices. They modified household items such as Radio Shack plastic boxes and flashlights to accommodate larger batteries in an effort to create devices that could deliver more flavor and vapor. Eventually, vape manufactures caught on and started designing vape mods (short for modified) to satisfy a growing segment of vapers who wanted more.


Today, we have countless designs and vape technologies in use – all the way from vape pens and mods, to temperature control and squonk devices. The question remains; how many people in the world are actually using those devices? Do we know how large the vaping community really is?


Not exactly, but let’s crunch up the numbers.


The Number of Vapers Worldwide in 2017


vapers worldwide population


Estimating how many regular (every-day) vapers there are in the world is no easy task. Unfortunately, we don’t have the data for most countries, and even the data that we do have is mostly guesswork. However, we can say that a number of vapers worldwide is not lower than 20 million. This is a pretty conservative number – personally, I believe it to be double than that but without concrete evidence, it’s hard to prove that.


Let’s take a look at what we do know.


  • A 2015 CDC report estimates that there are over 9 million regular vapers in the United States. However, the number of occasional users is probably a lot higher.
  • According to ASH figures, there are 2.8 million vapers in the United Kingdom.
  • Waterloo University puts the number of vapers in Canada between 300K and 1 million.
  • Approximately, 4 million Italians vape on a regular basis.
  • Around 10 million French citizens have experience using an e-cigarette.
  • Australia is estimated to have around 130,000 regular vapers.
  • Some surveys show that there are possibly around 7 million vapers in Asia.


Adding everything up, we come to a rough estimate of 30 million vapers in the world, discounting South America, which has a very small vaping scene due to over-regulation. However, let’s assume that not everyone is a regular vaper, which brings us down to 20 million. You have to keep in mind that the data here is pretty old. As far as we know, the real number of vapers worldwide could be double this (and I bet it actually is), so around 40 million, or it could be lower (which I seriously doubt).


Vaping Close To a 100 Year Anniversary (Sort Of)


If we take Robinson’s first invention back in 1927 as the inception of vaping (disregarding hookahs, of course), we’re only 10 years shy of the first 100 years of vaping. On the other hand, if we credit Gilbert with the first e-cigarette, they we’ve already passed the 50-year mark. Whatever the number you subscribe to, it’s evident that vaping has a long and rich history. Hopefully, it will be around for at least that long, if not longer.

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Best E-Liquid (UK)


E-liquid fuels your vaping experience. With the nicotine you’re looking for and a range of delicious flavours, finding a supply of tasty and well-made e-liquid is essential to enjoying your vaping experience. So UK vapers might find themselves wondering, what’s the best e-liquid in the UK? The good news is that many of the best e-liquid brands overall will ship to the UK, even if they don’t have a dedicated UK seller, so your options are wide open. But that doesn’t help much if you’re looking for some recommendations. The basic question, “what is the best e-juice in the UK?” still needs an answer. Although it’s hard to be objective when it comes to taste, here are our suggestions.


Best E-Liquid in the UK


10 – V2 Cigs


V2 Cigs Platinum E-Juice UK


V2 Cigs might be more known for their recent Pro Series of multi-function vaporizers than their e-liquid, but their UK distributor offers all of their e-liquid flavours at excellent prices. Vapour2 has 14 “Platinum” e-liquid flavours available for anybody looking for affordable e-cig liquid. The available flavours include V2 Red (a Marlboro-inspired flavour), Sahara (Camel-inspired), Congress (Parliament-inspired), Gold Tobacco, Menthol, Bold Leaf Menthol, Menthol Tea, Grape, Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee, Vanilla and Cola.


The flavours might be a little simpler than those offered by many of the companies on this best UK e-liquid list, but every one of them is well-captured and a great choice for newer vapers. The e-juice is also PG-based, which means it’s one of the only companies on this list whose offerings cater to vapers using simpler devices, particularly top-coil clearomizers or ones without great wicking. They come in either 0, 6, 12 or 18 mg/ml of nicotine.


V2 Cigs’ e-liquids cost £5.99 per 10 ml bottle.


9 – Vape Wild


Vape Wild - Best Vaping Liquid UK


Vape Wild is a huge name in the e-liquid industry, with a massive range of e-liquids on offer across a wide range of flavour categories. They’re based in the US, but have international shipping and so we’ve included them in our top UK e-liquid list. Vape Wild has tons of flavours, covering beverage, breakfast, candy, dessert, fruit, menthol and tobacco, so there’s bound to be something in the line-up that suits your tastes. We’ve tasted a selection of their e-liquids in our reviews (here and here), but the short version is that most of the juices they offer are absolutely delicious.


Vape Wild gives you plenty of choices for customizing your e-juice. The flavours come in 0, 1.5, 3, 6 9 and 12 mg/ml of nicotine, and you can choose a half and half, 65% VG and 80% + VG for your PG/VG ratio. This is one of the reasons they’re among the best e-liquid brands in the industry, and it makes it really easy to tailor your vaping experience to suit your preferences. There are some fantastic individual flavours in the selection too, with (S + C)2 (a strawberries and cream blend) and On Cloud Custard (a vanilla custard e-juice) being among the most popular options, with the latter arguably being the best custard e-juice in the UK.


Another huge advantage of Vape Wild is that it’s a great option if you’re looking for cheap e-liquid in the UK. They don’t overcharge for their e-juice, with an impressive price of $2.99 (around £2.20) for a 10 ml bottle.


8 – Halo Vapour Co. (E-Cigarette Direct)


Halo Vapour Co - Diacetyl Free E-Juice


E-Cigarette Direct’s Halo Vapour Co. e-liquids make this list thanks to their impressive range of flavours, great prices and high-quality. They have 20 e-liquids in their selection, including solid tobacco options (like American Red and Classic Virginia), menthols (Spearmint Breeze and Menthol Blast), tons of fruity flavours (including Summer Strawberry, Apple and Apricot, and Manic Mango), sweet options (like BlackJack Twist and Pear Drops), desserts (like Cherry Bakewell and Vanilla Ice Cream) and the coffee blend Coffee Cream. There is something for everyone there, with plenty of all day vapes in the selection.


The e-liquids from Halo Vapour Co. all come in a 50/50 PG/VG ratio, which makes them suitable for pretty much any device you may have. They’re all lab-tested to ensure you get diacetyl free e-juice, and come in 0, 3, 6, 12 and 18 mg/ml of nicotine, which is pharmaceutical grade. If you’re looking for the highest-quality UK e-liquids, Halo is a great company to check out.


You can pick up a 10 ml bottle of Halo Vapour Co. e-juice for £3.99. You can also check out our review here.


7 – Dinner Lady


Dinner Lady E-Juice - Best E-Liquid UK


Dinner Lady is a little different to the entries so far on this list, since they only offer a comparatively small range of four flavours. However, those flavours are all absolutely delicious, with multiple flavours beautifully balanced with one another and blended to perfection. The vaping juices might not be ideal for just-switching smokers, since they only come in 0, 3 and 6 mg/ml of nicotine, but if you’ve been vaping for a while or have a sub ohm tank, they’re all worth considering in your search for the best UK e-liquid. All of the e-juices come in a 30/70 PG/VG ratio, making them some of the most popular e-liquid for clouds as well as for flavour.


The four e-juice flavours available from Dinner Lady are: Strawberry Custard, Cornflake Tart, Lemon Tart and Rice Pudding with Jam. Strawberry Custard is a self-explanatory mix of strawberry and custard, with some butter caramel thrown in too. Cornflake Tart is a syrup, jam and cornflakes blend. Lemon Tart has notes of lemon curd, pastry and meringue. And finally, Rice Pudding with Jam is just what it sounds like, with raspberry jam. The depth of the flavours and their multi-tonality puts them ahead of much of the competition, and is a big part of why they’re up there with the best vaping liquid.


You can pick up 30 ml of Dinner Lady e-liquid for £9.99.


6 – Naked 100 E-Juice


Naked 100 - Best UK E-Liquid


Naked 100 is a relatively new mixer, but one that’s picked up tons of support from vapers in time they’ve been around. Although they’re based in the US, they’re readily available in the UK too and deserve a spot on this list. The company offers a wide selection of fruity, menthol, candy and tobacco flavours, with options such as Berry Belts (a strawberry sour belt candy option), Go Nanas (a creamy banana flavour) and Frost Bite (menthol, pineapple, honeydew and cantaloupe) offering well-captured fruit bases with extra twists to separate them from the competition. There are tons of great e-juices in the line-up, and they’re well-worth trying if you’re looking for the top e-liquid brand in the UK.


The e-liquids are all 70% VG, which makes them a solid option if you’re looking for a great e-liquid for clouds. The flavours all pop out and every component is well-captured, but the fruits in particular are really great. The e-juice is available in 0, 3, 6 and 12 mg/ml of nicotine, and it comes in 60 ml bottles as standard. However, short fill versions are available and come with a separate 10 ml bottled nicotine shot, so you can buy from UK sellers and mix your own 60 ml, 3 mg/ml version to still comply with the TPD.


You can buy the e-liquids direct from the US for $21.95 (about £16.30) for a 60 ml bottle. You can also check out our review here.


5 – Charlie’s Chalk Dust


Charlie's Chalk Dust E-Juice UK


Charlie’s Chalk Dust has made a name for itself over the years, putting out an excellent range of flavours, built on interesting combinations of well-replicated components. Its spot on this list comes thanks to its well-captured fruits and delicious dessert e-juices in particular. The brand has a couple of main lines of e-juice, the white and black labels. The white label options include the blueberry and watermelon Big Berry, the apple cinnamon and milk Mustache Milk and the apricot pastry Drama Swirl. The black label range features the strawberries and milk Slam Berry, the sour apple Jam Rock and the creamy vanilla Sweet Dream.


The brand doesn’t stop there, though, with the Pacha Mama line-up featuring a bunch of impressive fruit combinations including Strawberry, Guava, Jackfruit, and Mango, Pitaya, Pineapple. They’ve also added the Meringue line-up, with three juices (called Mr., Ms. and Uncle Meringue), and there are also two gold-labelled options, CCD3 (sea salt savoury caramel and ice cream), and a Campfire, smores-inspired flavour. The PG/VG ratio of the juices varies, but all are above 60% VG, so they give you great clouds, but more than anything, Charlie’s Chalk Dust makes this list for offering some of the best e-liquid flavours in the industry.


The juices aren’t ideal for just-switching smokers, though, since they’re only available in 0, 3 and 6 mg/ml of nicotine, but they’re well-deserving of a spot on this best e-juice list and worth trying out if 6 mg/ml of less of nicotine is enough for you. You can pick up bottles from the US for $21.95 per 60 ml (about £16.30) or TPD-friendly 10 ml bottles at £14.99 for three from inside the UK.


4 – Halo Cigs


Halo Cigs Vape Liquid UK


Halo Cigs is a vaping institution. They’ve been around since vaping first started to pick up steam, and their place on this list is a testament to the still-awesome quality of their liquids. Their most popular e-cig liquid by far is Tribeca, an RY4-style tobacco e-liquid with notes of caramel and vanilla, which is widely-regarded as one of the best e-juice flavours in the whole industry. However, they offer many really excellent e-juices, far from limited to this example.


They offer tons of other great tobacco options (including Turkish Tobacco and Torque 56), plenty of menthol options (such as the peppermint Kringle’s Curse and the punchy, powerful Sub Zero), several dessert flavours (like Belgian Cocoa and the doughnut-inspired Sugar Twist) and plenty of fruits as part of the Evo line (like Wild Watermelon and the peaches-and-cream Fuzzy Summer). Halo Cigs doesn’t reveal the standard PG/VG ratio, but you can choose higher-VG (70%) versions of all of the juices. They come in 0, 3, 6, 12 and 18 mg/ml of nicotine.


You can pick up Halo’s e-liquids direct from the company at $7.99 (about £6) for a 10 ml bottle, or from UK sellers for £15.99 for a pack of three 10 ml bottles. For some of the best vaping liquid in the UK, it’s a great price, even though there are more affordable options around.


3 – Element E-Liquid


Element E-Juice - Best E-Liquid UK


Element E-Liquid has really made a name for itself thanks to its well-captured and consistently-delicious range of e-juice flavours. Their position on this best UK e-liquid list is all down to the quality of the flavours they put out. They have specific lines for nicotine salt e-liquids, tobacco flavours, a Dripper Series (high-VG e-liquids with fruity a dessert flavours), the FAR series (which features fruity and sweet flavours, with plenty of slushie-inspired options), Emulsions (mixtures of two popular Element flavours) and the Tonix line-up (which features options like Peppermint, PB and Blueberry Jam and Cherry Almond).


The short version is that Element’s line-up has something for everyone. There are so many great flavours on offer it’s hard to do them justice, and if you’re looking for a all-day vaping liquid, the selection is a great place to start. The PG/VG ratios vary, but they’re always over 50% VG and most are higher-VG than this. They come in either 0, 3 or 6 mg/ml of nicotine.


You can pick up Element E-Liquid from the US for $24.95 (about £18.65) for a 60 ml bottle.


2 – VaporFi


VaporFi E-Liquid - Best E-Juice UK


VaporFi does a little bit of everything. With mods, portable dry herb, vaporizers, simpler devices, tanks and RDAs in their line-up, it’s no surprise that they offer a wide range of e-juices too. The liquids from VaporFi make this list because they offer a great mixture of affordable, less-complex blends and premium-quality mixes. The standard mixes cover most types of flavour, including tobacco, menthol, fruity options, candies and desserts, and are all made in an FDA-registered lab with USP-grade ingredients. The juices may be simpler than some of other blends offered by the mixer, but they’re the most affordable options on offer and there’s something for everyone in the line-up.


VaporFi really earns its spot among the best e-liquid options in the UK thanks to its more specialist lines. The more premium offerings include more complex blends like Raspberry Mocha, Key Lime Cookie and Deep Fried Apple Pie, adding multi-component flavours and more eye-catching designs that come in 70% VG as standard. But the Grand Reserve Collection takes it to the next level, with unique flavour offerings such as Rainbow Custard, which blends crème Anglaise custard with ripe strawberries and juicy tangerines (and is our pick for best custard e-juice UK), and Havana Beach, which mixes mild tobacco with sweet caramel, cream and coconut candy for a unique twist on an RY4-type flavour. These blends are all 70% VG or max VG, depending on the flavour.


You can pick up the liquids directly from VaporFi. The prices vary based on the specific line-up the juices come from, and they’re all available in 0, 3, 6, 12 and 18 mg/ml of nicotine.


1 – Black Note


Black Note E-Liquid Flavours


Black Note is a specialist mixer, but if you’re looking for tobacco e-liquids in the UK, there is nowhere better to buy from. They take top spot on our list because of their approach: rather than mixing tobacco flavours from combinations of artificial flavourings, their e-juices use real tobacco leaves for flavour. After a 6 to 8 week steep in PG and VG, the flavours from the tobacco infuse into what will become the finished e-juice, producing a realistic and nuanced tobacco flavour that is impossible to recreate any other way. If you’re looking for the best vaping liquid in the UK and you have tobacco flavours in mind, Black Note is the undisputed king.


The juices from Black Note come in one main line and the new V line. The original flavours include the Virginia tobacco blend Prelude, the Cavendish tobacco Sonata, the burley tobacco Forte, an Italian Kentucky variety Legato, the menthol Solo and the Latakia (a Syrian blend) tobacco Quartet. The V collection consists of blended mixtures rather than specific tobacco, with Jazz offering American tobaccos, Pop featuring English tobaccos and Reggae adds a menthol blend onto a naturally-extracted Virginia tobacco. The e-juices all use a 50/50 PG/VG ratio, and come in 0, 3, 6, 12 or 18 mg/ml of nicotine.


The prices for Black Note’s juices depend on the line. Most of the options from the main line-up are $29 per 30 ml bottle (about £21.70), with the exception of the specialist Quartet, which is $35 for a 30 ml bottle (£26.20). The V line-up liquids are blended tobaccos, and are priced at a more affordable $23 per 30 ml bottle (£17.20) to reflect that. It’s a higher price than many other options, but for some of the best e-liquid in the UK, it’s well worth paying a little more.



Importing E-Liquid and the TPD: Can You Buy From the US or Elsewhere?


The EU’s TPD places restrictions on e-liquids sold within the EU, so you may be wondering how this affects our best e-liquid UK list and the brands in it. The short version is that some countries covered by the TPD permit cross-border sales, and the UK is one of them. This means that even though the TPD limits the maximum bottle size to 10 ml and the maximum nicotine strength to 20 mg/ml, if you purchase from outside the EU for personal use, these regulations don’t apply. You can buy nicotine liquid in the UK from other countries, although this isn’t the case for people living in some other EU countries.


Technically, businesses need to be registered with the MHRA to allow cross-border sales to the UK, but the enforcement of this rule appears to be lax. Technically, there is a small risk a sale from an unregistered vendor will lead to problems at customs, but this is generally very unlikely. In short, you’ll be able to import e-juices from the US for personal use without issues, although you may be charged a customs fee depending on the value of your order.




Finding quality UK e-liquid is a crucial part of enjoying your vaping experience, but with the best e-liquid in the UK list above you have plenty of options for great e-liquids to choose from. What constitutes the best tasting e-liquid depends on personal preference to some degree, but the brands above have a track-record of producing high-quality e-juice that ordinarily is met with approval by vapers. So there’s only one thing to do: make some selections and find yourself some new all day vapes!

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Best Vape Starter Kits


Finding the best vape starter kit you can afford is one of the best things you can do if you’re trying to make the switch from smoking. While many new vapers opt for something affordable that’s just good enough to get the job done – a basic vape pen, for instance – quitting smoking is much more difficult without a quality device. If you’re looking for something that performs well and offers a satisfying vape as well as being pretty affordable, getting the best e-cig kit you can find is an effective approach.


It’s not easy to choose the best vape kit, though, and so we’ve compiled this list to offer some recommendations. If you need a primer on the basics of vape kits, including what to expect when you pick one up and what to look out for, check out the sections at the bottom of the article.


Best Vape Starter Kits – The Top 10


10 – Innokin Endura T20


Innokin Endura T20 Beginner Starter Kit


For new vapers, many vape mods and more advanced devices can seem too complicated to start vaping with, and the draw is often too loose for the mouth to lung (MTL) inhales that smokers are used to (this is explained in more detail in this post). If this sounds like your experience, the Innokin Endura T20 could be the device for you, and is easily one of the best vape pen starter kit options on the market today.


The Endura T20 has a 2 ml capacity, top-filling tank and comes with an in-built 1,500 mAh battery. The top-filling design of the tank makes it really easy to use, even for a new vaper, and the impressive battery means you’ll be able to keep vaping through the day on a single charge. The vape pen only has a single button for operation, so all you have to do is fill up the tank and press the button to start vaping. The higher-resistance (1.5 ohm) atomizer heads are perfectly-suited to MTL vaping, and the device performs excellently in terms of both vapor production and flavor.


The Endura T20 vape starter kit includes the device, the tank, an atomizer head, 2 replacement drip tips, a tip for the drip tip, a USB charging cable and some spare O-rings. You can pick it up for $24.95.


9 – Smok Stick V8 Big Baby Beast Starter Kit


Smok Stick V8 - Best Vape Starter Kit


The Smok V8 Big Baby Beast Starter Kit is one of the best vape kits on the market, blurring the boundaries between vape pens and mods to offer a very capable device that is still easy to use and pretty portable. It works just like most vape pens, with a single button on the body of the tube-shaped device and a top-filling tank attached to it. The big difference is that it’s specifically designed for sub ohm vaping and offers top-notch performance.


The Smok Stick V8 is powered by a substantial 3,000 mAh battery, which is more than enough to keep you going through a day of vaping on a single charge. It works based on the voltage of the battery, so there is no need to dial in settings or anything like that, you just fill up and vape. It’s paired with the TFV8 Baby Beast tank, which has a 5 ml capacity and comes with 0.15 ohm and 0.25 ohm coils, and features a simple top-filling system. The result is voluminous vapor production and clear, well-defined flavor no matter what type of e-juice you’re using.


The Smok Stick V8 Big Baby Beast e-cig starter kit comes with the battery, the tank, two coils, a USB charging cable, a bag of spare parts and O-rings and an instruction manual. You can buy it for $39.95.


8 – Joyetech eGrip II


eGrip II - Best Vape Starter Kit


The eGrip II isn’t like most devices on this list. It’s an “all in one” vape mod, which means that the tank and battery are contained in a single unit, and this factor along with the box mod form factor puts it in the running for the title of best vaping starter kit. If you’re just switching from smoking and you want a device that can do it all, even though it’s been out for a while, it’s still one of the top vape kits you can pick up.


It looks like most box mods, but has a 3.5 ml tank built into the body, which can be easily accessed by unscrewing the mouthpiece. The coils screw into the underside of the mouthpiece, and this makes it really easy to use, even for a brand new vaper. The kit comes with a 0.25 ohm “notch coil” (which refers to the unique design of the coil) designed for direct-to-lung inhales, a 1.5 ohm Clapton coil atomizer head designed for MTL vaping, and an RBA head which you can use to build your own coils. It puts out between 1 and 80 W in VW mode and has temperature control (TC) which supports nickel, titanium, stainless steel 316 and also has adjustable TCR.


Throw in the clear, well-presented display, the logical, easy-to-use menu system, the internal 2,100 mAh battery and the excellent performance and it’s easy to see why this is one of the best vape kit choices you can make. The kit costs $49.95, and comes with the device, the two coils and RBA head, a drip tip, a USB charging cable and an adaptor so you can use it with ordinary 510-threaded tanks.


7 – Innokin Coolfire IV TC100 Starter Kit


Coolfire 4 TC - Best Vape Starter Kit


Innokin’s Coolfire IV TC100 makes this list of the top vape mod kits for it’s cool, slim-line design, impressive power output and TC functionality. The mod has a curved body, designed to fit comfortably in your hand as you vape, and it has an OLED display screen, two adjustment buttons and a fire button on the front edge.


The mod puts out up to 100 W of power, which is more than enough for the vast majority of vapers. If you’re looking for huge clouds, you might be better with a higher-power device, but unless you’re a fairly extreme vaper you’re unlikely to have an issue. The TC mode supports nickel, titanium and stainless steel coils, and gives you a choice of ramp-up wattage. All of this is powered by a 3,300 mAh battery, which can comfortably last you through a day of use.


The vape mod starter kit comes with the iSub V, a 3 ml capacity sub ohm tank that comes with one stainless steel coil (which can be used in either TC or VW mode) and a kanthal coil for VW vaping, both 0.5 ohms in resistance. You also get a black drip tip, a 2 amp quick-charging USB charging cable, a vape band and some replacement O-rings. This is easily one of the top cheap vape mod kits on the market, priced at just $59.95.


6 – Joyetech eGo AIO D22 XL


eGo AIO D22 XL - Best Vape Pen Starter Kit


Like the eGrip II, the eGO AIO is an “all in one” style e-cigarette, but the more beginner-friendly design and the vape pen like layout makes this one of the top recommended vape pen kits. The device takes most of its design cues from the older eGo AIO, with a top cap and mouthpiece that screws off to reveal a 3.5 ml tank built into the body of the device. It packs an impressive 2,300 mAh battery, which puts it right up there with the best vape pen devices on the market in terms of battery life.


The kit comes with two 0.6 ohm stainless steel coils, which are optimized for the MTL vaping style new users ordinarily prefer. Combined with the adjustable airflow, this makes it really easy to set up the device to suit your preferences. With the airflow turned right down, the device works great for MTL vaping, but with the airflow open the vapor production improves substantially. When it comes to ease of use, it couldn’t get much simpler: you unscrew the top cap and fill up into the big opening, and the atomizer heads simply screw into the underside of the top cap.


The kit is completed by a USB cable, instruction manual and a spare mouthpiece for the device. It’s easily a contender for the title of best vape starter kit, and the price is excellent at just $23.95.


5 – Smok Alien 220 W


Alien 220 W Box Mod - Vape Starter Kit


The Smok Alien series has made a huge mark on the vaping industry, and the Alien 220 W kit is easily one of our favorite vape mod kits on the market. It’s a dual 18650 battery mod, which makes it a great option for more serious or longer-term vapers looking for something that can support higher-power vaping throughout the day.


As the name suggests, the maximum power setting on the Alien is 220 W, which puts it up there with the very best mods in the industry for cloud chasing vapers. The mod also features temperature control, which works with nickel, titanium and stainless steel coils, and supports any coils down to 0.06 ohms in resistance. The unique design features a firing bar along one edge of the mod, so you simply squeeze it to fire. Add in the sizable and crystal-clear display and rounded, ergonomic design and it’s easy to see why the Alien 220 W is a well-loved mod.


The Alien 220 W kit is one of the top-rated vape starter kits thanks to the pairing of this mod and the excellent TFV8 Baby Beast tank. This top-filling sub ohm comes with 0.15 and 0.4 ohm coil heads, and has a 3 ml e-liquid capacity. Combined with the Alien 220 W, it offers astounding vapor production and clear, well-defined flavors.


The kit is completed with a spare glass tube for the tank, a USB charging cable and an instruction manual, and you can pick it up for just $59.95.


4 – Halo Reactor Mega Kit


Reactor Mega Vape Starter Kit


The Halo Reactor Mega kit isn’t the most powerful device on this list, but it’s a popular vape mod kit thanks to its huge in-built battery and slimline design. The Reactor Mega vape starter kit is built around the mod of the same name, which features a 5,000 mAh internal battery, which is a huge offering that can easily get you through a whole day of vaping and probably closer to two.


The maximum power output from the Reactor is only 80 W, but realistically this is more than enough for most vapers, and means you’ll be able to get even more vaping out of the device on a single charge. It also features TC vaping with nickel, titanium and stainless steel coils, providing support for any TC tank you may have and working perfectly with the tank included with the vape starter kit.


The Reactor tank included with the kit has a 5 ml capacity, has an easy-to-use, top-filling design and comes with two 0.15 ohm Ni200 coil heads. With the included coils and the mod, you can enjoy a TC vaping experience right out of the box, and with the adjustable airflow opened up all the way, you get some pretty impressive clouds too. The mod has a dedicated mode button between the two adjustment buttons, which makes it really easy to switch between TC and wattage mode.


This contender for the title of best vape kit is topped off with a USB charging cable, a wall adapter and an instruction manual. You can pick up the kit directly from Halo for $75.


3 – VaporFi Vex 150 TC Starter Kit Bundle


Vex 150 TC Starter Kit - Vape Mod Starter Kit


This kit from VaporFi offers a lot more flexibility in terms of what you receive and some extras that aren’t included in most of the vape kit offerings on this list. It comes with the dual 18650 Vex 150 TC mod, which is a solid offering in its own right, but also gives you a choice between four different atomizers – three sub ohm tanks and one RDA – and comes with two high-drain 18650 batteries as standard.


The Vex 150 TC forms the backbone of the vape mod starter kit, and as the name suggests, it offers up to 150 W in VW mode and supports TC vaping with Ni200 coils as standard. The TC mode also has an adjustable TCR option, so you can set it up for other coil types using their appropriate TCR values. It supports coils down to 0.1 ohm in resistance, and has some handy extra features like stealth mode and a memory mode for your most commonly-used settings.


The options for the atomizer included are one of the things that puts this in the running for the best vape mod starter kit. You can pick between three sub ohm tanks, all of which are top-filling: the 3.5 ml capacity Vibe, the 4 ml capacity Viper and the 5 ml capacity Vulk. They all feature adjustable airflow, and the Viper and Vibe both have compatible temperature control coils. The final option is the Venom RDA, which features a two-post, Velocity-style build deck with in-deck airflow holes and changes color when you run it at higher wattages. Getting the very best vape starter kit for your needs just means taking a bit of time to consider the options and learn about what each has to offer.


Finally, the Vex 150 TC kit comes with two high-drain 18650 IMR batteries, each of which has a 2,500 mAh capacity to ensure you can comfortably keep vaping throughout the day. It’s all topped off with a 30 ml bottle of custom vape juice – if you’re looking for a vape pen starter kit with e-juice, it might not be a pen, but it’s one of the best e-juice containing kits on the market. The short version is that this kit gives you everything you need to start vaping in style, and costs just $145.99.


2 – Pax JUUL


JUUL Starter Kit - Best Vape Starter Kit


The JUUL is a unique device, to say the least. With a “pod” system reminiscent of cartridges in cigalike e-cigs – which are simply placed into the top of the device before you start vaping – and a strange, USB stick like design, it might seem like a strange device to find in one of the best vape pen starter kits on the market. But the JUUL’s odd appearance and unique functionality doesn’t detract from how impressively satisfying it is to vape.


The JUUL’s pods are available in five different flavors – Virginia Tobacco, Cool Mint, Fruit Medley, Crème Brulee and Mango – with four included in the kit, and each has a huge nicotine level of 5% (by weight). You might think this would make the JUUL unpleasant to vape, but it’s one of the best e-cig kits for new vapers because the nicotine salts used in the e-juice make it much smoother than most e-liquids on your throat. The short version is that you’ll be able to vape the very high-strength nicotine pods without an unpleasant throat hit. You get a satisfying amount of vapor and a very satisfying hit of nicotine.


The battery of the JUUL is pretty small – just 280 mAh – but it lasts long because the JUUL only operates at low power, and it recharges in just an hour. The biggest benefit of the JUUL – and one of the main reasons it ranks among the best e-cig kits for new vapers – is that it’s so easy to use for new vapers. It brings the satisfaction you’d normally associate with a mod while managing to be even easier to use than a basic cigalike. The kit costs $49.99 (with free shipping) and comes with the device, four pods and a USB charger.


1 – V2 Pro Series 7


V2 Pro Series 7 Vape Starter Kit


V2’s Pro Series changed the vaping game. While most devices on the market only support e-liquid or concentrates or dry herb, the Pro Series can do it all. With three interchangeable cartridges, which connect to the main device magnetically, the Pro Series 7 is one device that can handle all of your vaping needs. The Pro Series 7 takes the title of best vape starter kit for combining this impressive flexibility with a 1,800 mAh internal battery and three options for voltage or temperature setting, depending on what you’re vaping.


The magnetic cartridge system means that all you have to do to use the Pro Series 7 is drop the appropriate cartridge into the opening at the top of the device. The mod automatically detects which cartridge you have installed – with an e-liquid cartridge and the dry herb cartridge included in your kit as standard – and puts itself in the appropriate mode. Then you can select your setting by pressing the fire button twice in quick succession, and then pressing it again when the desired setting is shown (one light for low setting – 3.7 V or  390 °F/200 °C – and three for the highest – 4.7 V or 440 °F/225 °C). In dry herb mode, you hold down the button to start the chamber heating, and in the other modes you simply press to vape like you would with an ordinary e-cig.


The V2 Pro Series 7 is the best-rated vape mod kit for anybody looking for some flexibility from their device, and it offers that flexibility in a stylish and easy-to-use package. The kit comes with the vaporizer itself, the e-liquid cartridge, the dry herb cartridge, a pick and brush for the dry herb cartridge, a USB charging cable (which also attaches magnetically) and a wall adapter. This is all available direct from V2 for the impressive price of $129.99 (for a limited time – ordinarily $149.99).




Vape Pen Starter Kits: A Brief Guide


The top 10 of the best vape starter kit choices above gives you everything you really need to know to find a suitable ecig starter kit for your needs, but you might feel a little overwhelmed by all of the options. What is supposed to be included in a vape kit? Is it ever worth picking up cheap vape kits? Are there any vaporizer kits that are better than others for beginners? What’s the best vape to buy? Here’s a quick run-down of some extra details to help you make your decision.


What is a Vape Kit?


What is a Vape Kit?


A vaping starter kit is simply a box or bundle which contains almost everything you need to start vaping. A kit will always contain a vape pen, vape mod or even a cigalike battery and some sort of atomizer, whether a tank, clearomizer, cartomizer, “pod” or – less commonly – something a bit more advanced like an RDA. These are the two key components of your vaping experience: the thing that vaporizes the e-juice (your atomizer) and the thing that powers the vaporization (the battery). To go with this, vapor starter kits generally also include spare coils for your tank and a USB charger for the battery.


However, an e-cig vaporizer kit doesn’t contain everything you need to start vaping in most cases. Sometimes, a vape mod kit will include a device which requires separate batteries, and in these cases there is rarely a battery (or two) included with the kit. Similarly, all vaping requires e-liquid, but most kits don’t include e-liquid as standard.


What Should You Look For in a Vape Pen Starter Kit?


Vape Mod Starter Kit With Juice


So if you’re trying to find the best-rated vape pen starter kit, what should it include? The basic components – a battery of some type and an atomizer – are absolutely essential. There is a lot of variation in how exactly this might be accomplished, but you can generally make your decision based on how comfortable and familiar you are with vaping. If you’ve tried vaping before but want better performance, the best advice is to get a vape mod starter kit with a sub ohm tank included. These are just about as easy to use as basic vape pens, but the performance is markedly improved. If you want something simpler, a vape pen or pod-style kit (like the JUUL) is the best choice.


Regardless of the type of device you choose, always check how many atomizer heads (or pods) are included with the kit. For any type of tank or clearomizer, the top e-cig kit options will offer at least two coils. These tend to last two to three weeks each, although this does vary, so two coils will be enough to give you an idea of whether you’ll enjoy vaping and whether it’s worth picking up more coils for the same tank in a future purchase. If you’re using a pod-style device, there should ideally be at least four pods included, because these are also your source of e-juice and will run out much more quickly.


Although some of the best-reviewed vape mod kits will also include vape juice (such as the VaporFi Vex 150 TC kit), this isn’t common and you’ll need to pick up some e-juice separately in any case. Getting an e-juice starter kit or a vape pen starter kit with e-juice is ideal in some ways, but the benefits are quite limited, so you shouldn’t make this a priority.


Finally, most vapor starter kits will come with either a vape pen or a mod that has a battery built in. This is a benefit for most beginner vapers because it’s simpler, and so there are some definite advantages to in-built battery mods. However, batteries are generally affordable, and do provide more flexibility because if you run into any issues, you can simply buy new batteries rather than needing a whole new device. Similarly, you can bring spare batteries out of the house with you – charged and ready to go – which you can’t do with in-built battery mods.


So if you’re looking for the best e-cig kit, there is a lot to consider, but in general the most important thing to think about is whether you primarily want something simpler to use or something that performs with the best of them.


Are Cheap Vaping Starter Kits Worth Considering?


If you’re new to vaping or you want to be frugal for any other reason, you might be considering various cheap vape mod kits. The question is: can you get good vaping kits without spending too much?


As always, the rule that “you get what you pay for” does hold true. In general, if you choose a cheap e-cigarette kit just because it’s cheap, it’s probably not going to be the best when it comes to performance or reliability. That said, if you do a little bit of research, you’ll be able to find a really good vaporizer starter kit without spending too much. For example, the Joyetech eGo AIO D22 XL kit costs less than $25 and performs excellently. Most of the devices we’ve shortlisted in our “best vape starter kit” list aren’t particularly affordable, but it’s equally clear that you don’t have to spend a lot to get started.


What’s the Best Starter E-Cig Kit?


eGo AIO - Best Vape for Beginners


New vapers might be put off by some of the more complex and feature-packed mods on this list. If this feels like you, you may be wondering “what’s the best starter e-cig?” or “what’s the best vape pen for beginners?” The good news is that many devices – ranging from simple pod systems through to vape pens and even some mods – that are well-suited for beginners. In general, if you choose a vape pen like option – for example, the Endura T20, the eGo AIO D22 XL or the Smok Stick V8 Big Baby Beast – you’ll have no problem getting to grips with it as a beginner. The first two devices are arguably the ideal choices if you’re looking for a great vape pen for beginners, because they both support MTL (mouth to lung) vaping, which comes more naturally to smokers.


If you’re looking for vape mods for beginners, the decision is a little harder to make, but you can still find great devices that will meet your needs. The eGrip II is a great option if you don’t mind a bit of complexity because of its all-in-one design, but the Halo Reactor Mega is one of the simplest mods you’ll find that still offers a wealth of features. As long as you’re comfortable with electronic devices, you won’t have an issue adapting to using a mod, but if you want something as simple as possible, stick to vape pens or pod-style devices like the JUUL.


 Check Vape Starter Kit Reviews Before Buying


One final piece of advice for anybody looking for the best vape pen starter kit is to check out a few reviews of the kit in question before making your purchase. The mod or vape pen might sound great on paper, but reviewers test the devices extensively, and generally give you a much more realistic picture of the pros and cons of various options. If you want to get the best e-cig kit you can, checking reviews is absolutely essential.


Conclusion: Choose Wisely to Maximize Your Chances of Quitting


The key point to keep in mind is that if you get the best vape mod or vape pen starter kit for your needs, you’ll have a better chance of successfully switching to vaping. Taking your time over your decision and thinking about what you want from a vape kit is better than just diving in without thinking and choosing the first affordable option you come across. There are some excellent starter kits out there, and if you choose carefully, you’ll have a much better chance of choosing one that works for you.

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Best Online Vape Stores


Brick and mortar vape stores are everywhere these days, but many vapers still choose to buy vapes online for the wider selections and the likelihood you’ll be able to get a better deal. Finding the best online vape stores isn’t easy though. Anybody can start a store, so how do you know which ones are reliable? How do you know you’ll be getting a good deal? Which stores carry the biggest selections of vape gear or e-juice? Which stores can you trust to ship your products out quickly and provide great customer service if you need anything? We’ve put together this list of the best online vape shops to help you answer these questions.


Best Online Vape Shops


10 – Vape Wild


Vape Wild - Best Online Vape Stores


Vape Wild is a well-known company for their excellent range of affordable e-liquids, but they have a pretty impressive vape store as part of their site now too. It might not be the very best online vapor store you’ll find, but they carry an impressive range of mods, sub ohm tanks, RTAs, RDAs, spare coils, drip tips, batteries, chargers, accessories and much more. In addition to their own extensive line of e-juice, they also offer juice from other companies including Beard Vape Co, Cosmic Fog, Charlie’s Chalk Dust, Element, Kilo, Space Jam and others. Finally, you can also pick up supplies for DIY mixing at the store.


If you’re making a purchase from the US – or any US territory outside the continental US – you get free shipping on any order over $30, with an impressive 24-hour turnaround. For international customers, anybody placing an order over $50 gets $10 off shipping costs. With such a great selection, good prices and a great shipping policy, it’s easy to see why Vape Wild ranks as one of the best online vape stores you’ll find.


You can visit Vape Wild’s store here.


9 – UK E-Cig Store


UK E-Cig Store - Best Vape Shop UK


As the name suggests, the 9th best online vapor store caters mainly to UK vapers, but they have an excellent range of gear and e-juice and also ship internationally. The online vape store carries e-juice from a huge range of companies, including ANML Vapors, Cheap Thrills, Cuttwood Vapor, Dinner Lady, Element, Five Pawns, Mad Hatter, Nick’s Blissful Brews, One Hit Wonder, the Milkman and many more.


There’s also an impressive selection of sub ohm and non-sub ohm tanks, RDAs, RTAs, rebuilding supplies and pre-made coils on offer, covering most of the big-name brands in the industry, such as Smok, Aspire, Uwell, Kanger, Wismec, Wotofo and more. They offer both mechanical and variable wattage/variable voltage mods, and plenty of batteries in the most widely-used sizes. Finally, there are chargers and accessories on offer too.


In short, UK E-Cig Store offers pretty much everything you could need from a vape shop, and offers free tracked 48-hour delivery on orders over £20 within the UK. For other countries, your shipping cost is calculated based on your specific location and order. If you’re in the UK, it’s easily one of the best online vape shops there is, and for anybody outside the UK it’s still worth checking out their selection to see if you can get a better deal.


Visit UK E-Cig Store here.


8 – Mt. Baker Vapor


Mt. Baker Vapor - Best Vape Website


Mt. Baker Vapor’s online vape shop is another example of a company that started out mixing and supplying their own-brand e-juices quickly developing into one of the best vape websites in the industry. As well as their own e-liquids, they also offer juices from a huge selection of brands, including 13 Floor Elevapors, Black Label, Charlie’s Chalk Dust, Mod Milk, NJOY, POET, the Neighborhood and many more.


For hardware, Mt. Baker Vapor is also a great place to buy vapes online, with a massive selection of regulated, unregulated and temperature control mods, as well as more basic vape pens better suited to new vapers just switching from smoking. As well as this, they offer a small selection of rebuildable devices – mainly RDAs but also an RTA – and a nice range of sub ohm tanks and more basic clearomizers. Finally, they also offer plenty of accessories, including batteries, chargers, drip tips and supplies for rebuilding.


Mt. Baker Vapor offers free domestic shipping (via USPS) on any orders over $50 (without tax and shipping), and process most orders within 24 hours of you placing them. There are a range of shipping options for domestic customers, and they also ship worldwide within 3 to 10 business days.


Visit Mt. Baker Vapor here and check out one of the top-rated online vape shops in the industry.


7 – Giant Vapes


Giant Vapes - Largest Online Vape Store


Giant Vapes is one of the more well-known vape stores online, but it’s focus is a little more limited than many of the entries on this list. They do have a range of hardware – including sub ohm and non sub ohm tanks, regulated and unregulated mods, rebuildable atomizers, spare coils, batteries, building supplies and the usual selection of accessories – but they really shine when it comes to their e-liquid selection.


The list of e-juice brands available at Giant Vapes is almost daunting it’s so long. They carry e-juice from ANML, Beantown Vapor, Beard Vape Co, Boosted, Charlie Noble, Charlie’s Chalk Dust, Cloud Company, Cosmic Fog, Cuttwood, Epiclouds, Five Pawns, Jimmy the Juice Man, Pinup Vapors, POET, Sicboy, Space Jam, Suicide Bunny, Teleos, Villain Vapors and tons more. If you’re looking for an e-juice, chances are you’ll be able to pick it up from Giant Vapes. If you’re only looking for e-liquids, Giant Vapes is arguably the most popular vapor store there is.


Giant Vapes offers free shipping on all domestic orders, with first class if your order is under $75, priority mail from $75 to $250 and overnight shipping on any larger orders. They also ship orders on the same day provided it is placed before 5 pm Eastern Time on weekdays or before 2 pm on Saturdays. You can visit Giant Vapes here if you want to check out their vast selection of e-liquids.


6 – VaporBeast


VaporBeast - Ecig Store Online


VaporBeast makes this list of the best online vape stores for its impressive range of e-liquids and hardware and its great prices. The store offers a sizeable collection of mods, with specific sections for temperature control devices, box mods, mechanical mods, unique options and handcrafted wood mods. There are also more basic starter kits and eGo-style devices available for newer vapers, and even a section for “hot and trendy” devices currently taking the vaping world by storm.


The sixth best vape shop does really well for atomizers too, offering a huge selection of sub ohm tanks and more basic clearomizers, as well as rebuildable tanks and dripping atomizers. You can pick up spare coils and rebuilding accessories from the site too, as well as other accessories like drip tips, cases, lanyards and much more. They have batteries and chargers for sale too.


The e-liquid selection might not be quite as big as at stores like Giant Vapes, but they still have a great selection that includes many well-known and up-and-coming brands like Cuttwood, Cosmic Fog, Dinner Lady, Glas, Jam Monster, Kilo, Mad Hatter, Naked 100, Ruthless, Space Jam, Uncle Junk’s and many more.


They offer free shipping on orders to the US for any purchases over $35, and will ship the same day if you place your order before noon Pacific Time.  They’ll also ship internationally to most countries around the world. Visit VaporBeast here.


5 – MyVaporStore


MyVaporStore - Buy Vape Mods Online


MyVaporStore bills itself as “the Electronic Cigarette Superstore,” and even though it’s a marketing slogan, it’s pretty much accurate. It’s easily one of the most visited online vape stores there is thanks to its impressive selection of devices and the well-designed layout of the site. You can find everything you need to get started with vaping here, ranging from the basics right through to tools, wicks and wire that only more experienced vapers will really need.


The selection of mods offered by MyVaporStore is broken down by their power output (with sections for 30 to 80W and 100 to 350W devices), the number of batteries they use, box mods or pen-style devices, options with a built in battery and even ones that use the DNA Evolv chipset. There’s even a whole section for dry herb devices to meet the needs of people hoping to vape something other than e-juice, and one for “pod” style devices that are perfect for new vapers wanting something simple to use.


The range of tanks, rebuildable devices and other atomizers is broken down by brand, although there are specific sections you can use to find eGo-friendly atomizers and rebuildables. These options cover most tanks on the market, with all of the major brands represented, and replacement coils are also widely available. The e-liquid selection is almost good enough to rank them as one of the top e-cig stores in the industry, with tons of juices available from a wide range of brands, including premium-style juices and even nicotine salt e-liquids that work perfectly with pod-style devices.


MyVaporStore also offers free shipping on any order over $75, but only ship domestically, including Puerto Rico, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, and FPO and APO addresses. Visit MyVaporStore here.


4 – Halo Cigs


Halo - Best Vape Website


As far as online vape shops go, most are third-party companies offering a range of products from other companies which manufacture them. However, Halo Cigs makes it to this list thanks to an impressive range of own-brand devices with some Aspire devices to top off the offerings and give extra options to vapers.


Halo is best known for its selection of e-juice, and there are tons of e-juice flavors available under both the Halo and Evo brands, both of which have high-VG options available too. Regardless of the type of flavors you like to vape, there will be plenty to suit your preferences available from Halo. Their devices range from the basic cigalikes through to many capable vape pens and more recently, onto mods in the Reactor series styled after Eleaf devices of varying sizes. Coupled with a wide range of sub ohm tanks and more basic clearomizer-style devices, there is plenty of choice on offer from Halo. The store also has Sony VTC5 batteries available, as well as coils and atomizer heads for your tanks.


Halo will ship both domestically and internationally, with free shipping for domestic orders totaling over $75. If you think this could be the best online vapor store that focuses on their own brand, you can visit Halo here and check out what they have to offer.


3 – VaporDNA


VaporDNA - Best Online Vape Stores


VaporDNA is a firm contender for the title of best place to buy vape mods, and takes third place in our run-down of the best online vape shops. The website has a massive selection of vaping gear and e-liquid, with a constantly-evolving stock list and the newest and trendiest devices always placed front and center of their store. The prices are always great and the selection is really hard to beat, and the site is easy to navigate around to find what you’re looking for.


The selection of mods at VaporDNA is enough to land it on this list alone. You’ll find the most recent devices from every major manufacturer, as well as many less well known names that still put out some great devices. It’s easy to find what you want thanks to the categories, which include DNA box mods, VV/VW mods, ultra portable options and sub ohm vape pens, as well as having a “Vaper’s Chocie” section which lists recommendations from experienced vapers. The range of tanks and atomizers is also hard to beat, with tons of sub ohm tanks on offer and RDAs, RTAs and RDTAs all being well represented. Of course you can also pick up spare coils and rebuilding materials too.


They also have an impressive selection of e-liquids available, from a massive range of brands and easy to browse by either brand or flavor. They also have nicotine salt e-liquids available and pre-filled flavor pods for pod-style devices. Finally, there are dry herb and concentrate devices from VapporDNA too. This is why it’s one of the best places to go if you’re looking to buy vapes online, whatever you’re hoping to vape.


VaporDNA also offers free shipping on all orders over $49 going to the continental US and any overseas territories, including military addresses. They ship worldwide, although there are some exceptions relating to local laws. You can visit VaporDNA here.


2 – VaporFi


VaporFi Online Vape Store


VaporFi is another entry on this list that focuses on its own-brand products, but it has enough variety to make it a top-rated vape shop that doesn’t carry third-party products. The VaporFi store is split up into three main sections: e-liquids, vape devices and accessories, and each one of these is loaded with excellent products suitable for everyone from newer to more experienced vapers.


The e-liquids carried by VaporFi span the most common types of flavors – including tobaccos, menthols, fruits, desserts and candies – and there are also a few premium lines, with one Crafted By line including some options mixed by Cosmic Fog, and the Specialty and Grand Reserve collections. You can also custom-make your own e-juice that perfectly suits your taste and preferences.


VaporFi offers a huge range of mods and vape pens, too. There are sub ohm vape pens that offer great performance in a user-friendly format and higher-resistance options that use less power and are better-suited to mouth-to-lung vaping. The online vape shop also carries mods of pretty much any type, with TC box mods and variable wattage devices being widespread, and there are also all-in-one devices that give you everything you need to start vaping aside from vape juice. The range of sub ohm tanks and clearomizers is also impressive, and there are also a couple of RDAs for any vapers looking for rebuildable devices. You can pick up tons of accessories too, including drip tips, spare parts, rebuilding tools and supplies, and 18650 batteries.


Finally, VaporFi also has a growing collection of dry herb vaporizers available, most notably the Atom and the Orbit vaporizers. These are both great additions to the line-up, catering to the needs of people vaping dry herb either at home or on-the-go.


There is free shipping for domestic orders with no minimum purchase, which is yet another reason VaporFi earns a spot on this list of the best vape stores online. They also ship internationally, so you can pick up vaping gear from VaporFi no matter where you live, depending on laws in your country. Visit VaporFi here.


1 – DirectVapor


DirectVapor - Best Vaporizer Online Store


DirectVapor is our pick for the best online vape store thanks to their ever-expanding product list and always-low prices. The store offers everything a vaper could need, with loads of mods, pen-style devices, tanks, rebuildables, e-liquids and dry herb vaporizers, as well as an impressive range of batteries and accessories.


It’s the best place to buy vape mods online, with a huge selection covering the most popular devices on the market that’s easily searchable by maximum power output, manufacturer, price or the type of mod. If it’s on DirectVapor, chances are you’ve found the cheapest online vape store that carries the mod. The same goes for vape pens, and DirectVapor carries everything from the most basic vape pens to sub ohm capable powerhouse devices. They also have a huge collection of dry herb devices, including portable dry herb devices, desktop units and concentrate-supporting vape pens on offer. They’re arguably the best online store for vaporizers altogether, and easily the best option that also carries traditional vaping gear.


For tanks and atomizers, you’re really spoiled for choice with DirectVapor. There are sub ohm tanks from all of the big names in the industry, an impressive selection of RDAs, RTAs and RDTAs – including all of the rebuilding tools and equipment you could need – and plenty of standard tanks for anybody wanting something to use at lower power settings.


Finally, the selection of e-liquids on offer from DirectVapor might not be quite at Giant Vapes-levels of variety, but there are plenty of big-name brands in the line-up to keep you happy for a long time. The range includes brands such as Alpha Vapes, Beard Vape Co, Charlie’s Chalk Dust, Cosmic Fog, Element, Flawless, Lost Fog, Mad Hatter, Milkman, Motley Brew, Mr. Good Vape, One Hit Wonder, Ripe Vapes and many more.


DirectVapor offers free shipping on all domestic orders, with no minimum order amount required. On top of this, they’ll also ship your products on the same day if you order before 12 pm Eastern Time, and they also offer a price match on anything in-store if you find it cheaper somewhere else. These are all reasons DirectVapor is the best online vape shop in the industry. They also ship worldwide. Visit DirectVapor here.




The best online vape stores listed in this post are all great places to pick up vaping gear, but unlike when you’re looking for the best mod or best RTA, you don’t have to exclusively pick one option. You can check all of the stores listed above when you’re trying to pick up vape supplies online, and make your decision based on who offers the best deal or the specific device you’re looking for. You might end up with a favorite place to buy vape products online, but there are always plenty of options to try out.

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Best 18650 Battery Chargers


Most vapers who use mods have an interest in finding the best 18650 battery charger. Some mods come with in-built batteries, but many require separately-purchased batteries an offer more flexibility and longevity as a result. But not all vape charger units are created equally. Not only can the prices vary, the charging speed and the reliability of the chargers can differ substantially.


Finding the best vape battery charger means considering various factors including safety, accuracy and how many batteries it can support. Most chargers do the job well enough for most purposes, but if you want the best charger for 18650 battery mods, here are our picks.


Best 4-Bay 18650 Battery Chargers for Vaping


We’ve split this list of the best 18650 battery charger options into two groups, one for 2-bay chargers and one for 4-bay chargers. Here are five of the best 4-bay battery chargers for vaping if you have multiple vape devices and want to minimize your charging time.


5 – Nitecore D4


Nitecore D4 - Best Vape Battery Charger


Nitecore is a huge name in chargers, and many of the best 18650 battery chargers in this list are made by them. The e-cig battery charger has four independent charging bays, so you can charge multiple batteries (even of different types) simultaneously. When you insert a battery, the charger automatically detects the type of battery you have installed (apart from LiFePO4, which you have to select) and switches to the most appropriate charging mode. It supports most sizes of Li-ion battery – 26650, 22650, 18650, 17670, 18490, 17500, 18350, 16340(RCR123), 14500 and 10440 – as well as Ni-MH, IMR, LiFePO4 and NiCd options.


The 18650 battery charger has an LCD display so you can see the charging status of each battery you have installed, and if any have finished charging. The charging speed isn’t as high as some of the options on this best vape battery charger list, at 375 mA (i.e. 0.375 A) for four batteries simultaneously charging and 750 mA (0.75 A) for two batteries. It does have all the expected safety features, though, with reverse polarity, overheating protection, and over-charge protection.


The Nitecore battery charger costs $29.99.


4 – Efest Lush Q4


Lush Q4 - Best Charger for 18650 Battery


This device is in the running for the title of best charger for 18650 battery mods thanks to its fast-charging, nice design and affordable price. The Q4 has a simple, no-button design, and has four independent battery bays which you can use to charge a wide variety of vaping batteries. These include 18500, 18650, 22650 and 26650, as well as many other sizes, both Li-ion and LiMn. The display is relatively simple – with each just informing you if the slot is charging – but this makes it easy to get the key information at-a-glance.


If you’re charging three or four batteries, the Lush Q4 operates at 0.5 A, with 1 A charging for two batteries and 2 A charging for a single battery. These settings are automatic, though, so you can’t choose to charge at a slower rate without charging more batteries simultaneously. It automatically stops charging when your battery reaches 4.2 V, and has reverse polarity, over-voltage and short-circuit protection.


The Lush Q4 costs $21.95.


3 – Xtar VP4


Xtar VP4 E-Cig Charger


The VP4 from Xtar is a reputable charger with four independent bays that works with a huge range of lithium ion batteries. As well as being one of the top-rated 18650 battery charger units, it also supports 18350, 18500, 22650, 26650 and many other sizes of battery (although others aren’t commonly used for vaping). This means you can use it as a vape battery charger for any size of battery you’ll come across when you’re vaping.


It has an LCD display screen which shows information for the charging status of each battery you have loaded up. It can charge four batteries simultaneously at 0.25 or 0.5 A, or two batteries at 1 A, with the outer bays offering faster charging. There is a precision cut-off to ensure your batteries aren’t charged to over 4.2 V, it can wake up “sleeping” or over-discharged batteries, and has plenty of safety features like reverse polarity and short circuit protection. Some other units on this list have more features, but the VP4 offers everything you’ll need for most purposes.


You can pick up the Xtar VP4 for $39.90.


2 – Efest LUC V4


Efest LUC V4 - Vape Mod Battery Charger


Efest’s LUC V4 is a fairly basic-looking but still effective entrant on to this list, with four independent bays and support for most Li-ion and LiMn batteries. As well as 18650 batteries, it also supports 10440, 14500, 14650, 18500, 17670, 18700, 26500 and 26650 battery sizes. The charger is also features a USB charging port, which isn’t especially important but is a nice extra for charging your smartphone or other devices. It has a display that shows each battery’s charge level, and can charge at 0.5, 1 or 2 A (with the fastest speed only available when charging two 26650 or 25550 batteries).


This Efest 18650 charger has protections against overcharging, short circuits and reverse polarity, and it can be used to revive any batteries still at 0.6 V or higher. The vape charger offers pretty much everything you need from an 18650 charger, and you can pick it up for $29.95.


1 – Nitecore i4 Intellicharger


Nitecore i4 Intellicharger - Best 18650 Battery Charger


The i4 Intellicharger from Nitecore strikes a great balance between low price and excellent performance, and this earns it our pick as the best vape battery charger in the category. The unit has four independenly-controlled bays, and it automatically detects the battery you have installed and chooses the most appropriate charging method. It’s compatible with all of the battery sizes you could need for vaping – including 18350, 18490, 18650, 22650 and 26650 – and many more, and supports Li-ion, IMR, LiFePO4, NiCd and Ni-MH batteries.


The e-cig battery charger works at different speeds depending on how many batteries you’re charging simultaneously. For four batteries, it runs at 375 mA (0.375 A), for two it runs at 750 mA (0.75 A) and for a single battery it works at up to 1.5 A. There are three LED indicators to show the charge level of the battery in each slot. As you’d expect, it also features overcharge, short circuit and reverse polarity protection, as well as a feature to prevent charging for excessive amounts of time (cutting off at 20 hours).


You can pick up the best 18650 battery charger in the class for just $19.99.


Best 2-Bay Battery Chargers


If you aren’t likely to need to charge four batteries simultaneously, the best 2-bay battery chargers for vaping will give you more than enough options for charging your batteries.


5 – Efest Lush Q2


Lush Q2 E-Cig Battery Charger


The Lush Q2 is the smaller version of the Q4 from Efest. While the features are essentially the same as on the larger unit, it still deserves a mention on this list of the best vape battery chargers for vapers who can get by with two independent battery bays. Like the larger version, it has displays for each battery bay, but doesn’t give any indication of charge level until your battery is fully-charged. It supports 18500, 18650, 22650 and 26650 vaping batteries, along with many others you’re unlikely to come across in a mod. It supports Li-ion and LiMn chemistries.


The Lush Q2 charges single batteries at 2 A and reduces this to 1 A when you have two batteries inserted. This is an impressive charge speed for two batteries, and is one of the reasons it earns a spot among the best vape battery charger devices. However, like the Q4, this is automatically selected. It features over-charging, reverse polarity and short circuit protection, and can recover batteries with over 0.6 V left in them.


The Lush Q2 is available for $15.95.


4 – Efest LUC V2


Efest LUC V2 Vapor Battery Charger


The LUC V2 is a smaller version of the V4 from Efest, and it takes a spot in the best 18650 battery charger countdown thanks to its solid selection of features and clear, well-executed display. It features two independent battery bays, with a USB output too so you can charge your cell phone or other device if you want to. The LCD display shows the current charge level for the batteries in each bay, and also displays the charging current. The LUC V2 supports most common vaping battery sizes, including 18350, 18500, 18650 and 26650, which makes it suitable for most vapers’ needs. It supports Li-ion and Li-Mn batteries.


The LUC V2 charges two batteries simultaneously at either 0.5 or 1 A, which is more than enough for most purposes. It has the standard set of safety features you’d expect for any device on this list: over-charging protection, short circuit protection and reverse battery polarity protection. It can also revive batteries provided the remaining voltage is at least 0.6 V.


The LUC V2 is available for $24.95.


3 – Nitecore i2 Intelligent Charger


Nitecore i2 18650 Battery Charger


The i2 Intelligent charger from Nitecore is a scaled-down version of the i4, with just two independent bays but all the same features that earned the larger device a spot on this best vape battery charger list. The i2 works with Li-ion, IMR, Ni-MH, NiCd and LiFePO4 chemistries, and covers a wide range of sizes. For an e-cig battery charger, the most important sizes covered are 18350, 18490, 18650 and 26650, but many others work with the i2 as well.


When you’re charging two batteries simultaneously, the i2 Intelligent charger works at 0.5 A, but this increases to 1 A when you’re only charging a single cell. There are LED lights to give a rough display of your current charge level, with marks for 30%, 80% and 100% charged, and a red LED to show a slot charging at 1 A. It can revive low voltage batteries, and has over charge, over time, short circuit and reverse polarity protection.


The i2 Nitecore battery charger costs $16.99.


2 – Xtar VC2 Plus


Xtar VC2 Plus 18650 Charger


The VC2 Plus from Xtar makes this list thanks to its wide compatibility, affordable price and impressive range of features. It has two independent bays for batteries, and also features a USB output port, allowing it to charge other devices along with vaping batteries. The VC2 plus also works as a power bank, which is a really handy extra feature. Like many of the top vape battery chargers, it automatically recognizes the type of battery you’ve inserted and adjusts its behavior accordingly. It supports pretty much any battery you’ll use for vaping, including 18350, 18490, 18500, 18650, 22650 and 26650, as well as many others including huge 32650 options. It can be used with Li-ion, IMR, INR, NiMH and NiCd batteries.


One of the features that puts the VC2 Plus in the running for the title of best charger for 18650 battery using vapers is the option of controlling charge speed. It either works at 0.5 or 1 A, which is great for vapers looking for a quick charge on multiple batteries simultaneously. It also has a countdown timer when you’re charging – as well as an accurate display of the current charge level – so you know exactly how long it will take. It can revive low-voltage batteries, and it has short circuit, over-charging and reverse polarity protection. Unlike most options, this is actually an 18650 USB charger, which is powered by any standard USB port or wall adapter.


The VC2 Plus costs $15.99.


1 – Nitecore SC2


Nitecore Battery Charger - SC2


The best 18650 battery charger in the two bay class is the SC2 from Nitecore. This is especially good if you have batteries that can cope with high-amp charging, because it works at 3 A with a single cell. However, with two batteries you can also have one slot working at 3 A and the other working at 2 A, which is particularly impressive. This makes it the best choice for anybody looking for a fast vape mod battery charger. You can select your charging speed from 0.5, 1, 2 and 3 A, which is a great feature that makes it really easy to use the charger with any vaping battery. Like the i2 and i4 chargers, the display uses LED lights to show your charging current and the charge level of your battery.


The SC2 supports a wide range of sizes of Li-ion, IMR and LiFePO4 batteries, including important vaping battery sizes 18350, 18490, 18650, 22650 and 26650, as well as many others. It also supports Ni-MH and NiCd batteries ranging from AAAA to D. It also has a USB charging port that operates at up to 2.1 A of current. It can recover low-voltage batteries, and has protection for short circuit, reverse polarity, over-time and over-charging.


The SC2 is available for $29.99.



18650 Battery Charger Basics


The lists above offer all of the basic information on your options when you’re looking for the best charger for 18650 battery mods, but you might not be sure of the basics of how you should charge your batteries, how to charge safely, or what type of thing you should look out for when you’re making your decision. This section will give you a run-down of the main things you need to know.


A Charging Guide for Vapers: How to Charge Your Batteries


How to Charge 18650 Battery


If you’re wondering how to charge 18650 battery mods, the answer is thankfully pretty simple. Vaping batteries are really just like any other battery – they have a positive end (which has a protruding button section) and a negative end (which is completely flat). The positive end usually has an indented ring around the tube of the battery too so this is generally easy to identify.


To charge, remove the battery from your mod. You don’t access the battery section in the same way on every mod, but generally speaking there will either be a cap to unscrew to get access or a panel you can remove. When you remove the battery, identify the positive and negative ends.


Battery chargers are usually explicitly labeled with a “+” and a “−” sign for the positive and negative ends. You simply insert your battery in the correct polarity. Don’t worry if you get it wrong, though, good chargers – like all of those in our 18650 vape battery charger lists above – throw up an error message if you insert it the wrong way around.


Then plug in and switch on your vape battery charger. In most cases, this is all you need to do. The charger identifies that you have a battery inserted, and sets itself in the appropriate mode for what you have inserted. You won’t encounter vaping batteries with unusual chemistries, so there is rarely any need to press anything. For example, if you had an LiFePO4 battery, you’d need to press a button on a Nitecore battery charger to put it in the correct charging mode. But vaping batteries are basically all Li-ion, IMR or INR, so you won’t need to do this.


This is really all you need to know when it comes to how to charge a vape battery. Good chargers (like all of those listed above) will at least stop charging and give you an indication when the battery is fully charged, and most will give you a continuous indication of the charge level. Simply wait for it to be fully charged and when you notice it’s done, remove the battery or batteries and re-insert into your mod.


Vape Safety Guide for Charging a Battery


As long as you buy one of the high-quality options from our list of battery charger units, you’re unlikely to run into safety issues when you recharge. However, it’s still a good idea to know the basics of battery charging safety. So here’s a brief bullet-point vape safety guide for charging a battery:


  • Make sure your charger has over-charge protection. Over-charging your batteries regularly will impact its lifespan and could lead to more serious issues as a result of the stress on the internal components. The best advice is to get a battery with over-charge protection. Even if you do, though, it’s still worth removing your batteries from charge as soon as you notice they’re done.
  • Don’t leave your batteries charging unattended. You’re unlikely to run into issues with a high quality vape battery charger, but it’s still good advice to not leave your batteries charging unattended. It’s also better to not leave them charging overnight.
  • Charge away from heat sources or flammable materials. Overheating can cause issues with lithium-ion batteries, so it’s best to avoid charging near heat sources or in direct sunlight. Keep your charger away from flammable materials too, just in case there is a problem.
  • Check how quickly your battery can charge. Batteries ideally shouldn’t be charged at higher than 0.8C, where 1 C is the capacity of the battery. So if you have a 2,000 mAh capacity battery, it shouldn’t be charged at a higher current than 1.6 A. Find out your battery’s capacity and multiply it by 0.8 to find this number (in the example above, 2,000 mAh ×8 C = 1,600 mA = 1.6 A). Technically, lower-speed charging is better for maintaining battery life, so really it’s better to charge at 0.5 C. In this case, multiply the capacity by 0.5 to find the safe charging current. In the example above, this would be 2,000 mAh × 0.5 C = 1,000 mA = 1 A.
  • For in-built battery devices, use the recommended charger. If you have a vape pen, hookah pen, internal battery mod or a cigalike, using the charger that came with your device is the best way to stay safe. The hookah pen charger you get with your device will definitely be safe, so just stick with it. Although you can match the output on your original charger with the output on your new charger, it’s easier to just use the manufacturer’s charger if possible.
  • Don’t buy cheap chargers. Battery chargers don’t seem important, but they really are. Don’t just choose the cheapest charger you can find. Stick with reliable manufacturers and choose one of the e-cig charger options listed in the lists above to stay safe.


Choosing Your Vape Battery Charger


Choosing a Vape Mod Battery Charger


As long as you stick with a reliable manufacturer and recommended vape battery chargers, you’re unlikely to run into issues when charging your batteries. However, you do have to choose a specific charger somehow, so here are some general tips for getting the right one for your needs.


  • 2 bays or 4 bays? Although it might seem like getting a charger with more bays is automatically better, if you only have a couple of vape mods, you might be able to save a bit of money by getting a smaller but still high-quality charger. However, if you have several batteries and are likely to get more, 4-bay battery chargers (or even bigger ones) don’t cost too much more.
  • How quickly does it charge, and does it let you choose charging speed? Provided your batteries can take the higher current safely (see the previous section for details), the top 18650 battery chargers can generally charge at a higher current. Charging more slowly is generally safer anyway, but if you’re likely to be in a rush getting a faster charger is generally better. The best vape battery charger devices give you a choice of how fast to charge.
  • What are the safety features? The best vape battery charger devices have a range of safety features too. The most important is over-charge protection, but short circuit protection and reverse polarity protection are important too. There should also be some venting for the heat generated by charging.
  • What is it compatible with? Although every entry on the lists above class as 18650 battery chargers, you may have other sizes of battery too. Check which batteries are compatible with your charger prior to making your purchase.
  • Check an 18650 battery charger review before buying. Looking at specs and features gives you a broad idea of what a charger can do, but there is no substitute for checking an 18650 battery charger review for the device you’re considering prior to buying.


Conclusion: Don’t Sacrifice Quality for Price


Getting a high-quality, safe battery and a high-quality vape battery charger is essential if you’re going to stay safe when you vape. Our best 18650 battery charger lists are a great guide, but if you decide to pick something up not listed above, make sure it’s high-quality and not just something you’re picking up because it’s cheap. Safety should be paramount when making your choice. Don’t worry too much, but remember that it’s not worth cutting corners when it comes to chargers.

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A Clean Vape Pen Is A Happy Vape Pen – A Guide to Cleaning E-Juice, Wax & Dry Herb Vape Pens


How to Clean Vape Pens


Keeping your vape pen clean is the real secret of getting a consistently good flavor out of it. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Regardless of the vaping material you use, it will eventually build up in the heating chamber (or the tank) and might completely alter the taste you’re getting, making it rather unpalatable after a while. There are also health and safety issues involved here – an unmaintained vape pen can develop firing problems, which will shorten its life, and the residue that accumulates will result in an unhealthy, polluted vape.


Luckily, vape pens are very easy to clean and it won’t take you more than 20 minutes every week to ensure that your pen is good to go at all times. This short guide will walk you through the cleaning process for three different types of vape pens:


  • E-Juice vape pens – predominantly use a tank and are filled with PG/VG e-liquid.
  • Dry herb vape pens – use a heating chamber with a screen that’s filled with dry material.
  • Wax vape pens – use a ceramic chamber that is filled with wax.


The cleaning process is slightly different for each of these. However, they should all be cleaned on a regular basis, which will depend on your use. Ideally, you want to clean your vape juice vape pens whenever you switch to a different e-juice (to avoid lingering flavors) or at least once a week. Dry herb pens should be emptied and casually cleaned after every use, with thorough cleanings scheduled on a once per week basis. Wax vape pens benefit from twice a week cleanings because the residue gets really sticky really quick and can seriously mess with performance.


Cleaning Your E-Juice Vape Pen


Before attempting to clean your vape pen, it’s always smart to familiarize yourself with its anatomy. Most pens are pretty simple, consisting of a battery and a tank with an atomizer (heating element).

clean e-juice vape pen


How you clean your vape pen will depend on whether or not it can be disassembled. Some pens have integrated tanks which cannot be removed. These can never be 100% clean as it’s impossible to rinse them out without getting the battery wet so they are cleaned with a Q-tip and a lot of patience. Vape pens that can be taken apart can be cleaned more quickly and easily.


ecig anatomy


  • Unscrew the tank from the battery but make sure to remove the atomizer. Atomizers usually can’t be thoroughly cleaned (although careful maintenance can extend atomizer life) and will have to be replaced after a while (read more on that in our vape tank cleaning guide). If your atomizer still serves its purpose, set it aside and don’t clean it at this time.
  • Wipe down the battery with a damp cloth and make sure that no liquid has seeped inside through the connector. If it did, turn the battery upside down to allow the liquid to seep out and carefully soak it from the connector with a Q-tip. However, if this happens you will likely notice some issues with the pen’s performance right away.
  • Take apart the tank (glass, drip tip, O-rings, and upper and lower base) and soak the parts in warm water. You can add rubbing alcohol, baking soda, or vinegar to facilitate cleaning. Use a small, soft brush (a toothbrush for kids will do) to clean all the parts.
  • Leave the parts out to dry or wipe them down with a paper towel. Clean the connectors on both the tank and the battery to make sure there’s no residue or small pieces of dirt. Assemble your vape pen (don’t forget the atomizer), put in some vape juice, and vape on.


Cleaning a Dry Herb Vape Pen


Dry herb vape pens have a battery, a heating chamber with a mesh, and a mouthpiece. All parts are pretty small and sensitive so take extra care not to disturb anything or you might render your pen useless.


cleaning a dry herb vape pen


  • Disassemble your dry herb pen and place the parts on a table in front of you. Have paper towels, a small cleaning brush, and Q-tips close at hand.
  • Take the heating chamber out and empty it gently. Tap the contents out on a paper towel and keep an eye out for the mesh (a small metal screen) so you don’t lose it.
  • Clean the inside of the chamber with a small brush. Do the same with the mesh, making sure that you dislodge any particles that might be clogging it. Do not use water or rubbing alcohol because of the wiring. Be careful when cleaning around the coil and try not to disturb it (bend or break it), otherwise you’re going to have to replace it.
  • You can usually clean the mouthpiece by rinsing it in hot water but check the user manual first. If that’s not an option, clean it with a Q-tip to the best of your ability.
  • Clean the connectors on the battery and the heating chamber to ensure a quality connection. If there’s residue on the connectors you might need to tackle it with a Q-tip soaked in rubbing alcohol or warm water.
  • Assemble your vape pen again and wipe it down. Now that it’s clean, it’s good to go mano a mano with your favorite dry herb again.


Cleaning a Wax Vape Pen


clean a wax vape pen


Wax vape pens have a ceramic heating chamber, similar to the one for dry herbs. They also have a battery and a mouthpiece. They are more difficult to clean because wax is very sticky and tends to get into the small nooks and crannies so it might take you a bit more time to do it properly.


  • Before disassembling the vape pen, activate it and let it heat up. This will make the cleaning process a bit easier as the heat will loosen up any caked residue.
  • When the pen heats up, turn it off and take it apart. Place the parts on the table in front of you and make sure you have Q-tips, paper towels, some warm water, and rubbing alcohol close at hand.
  • Depending on the manufacturer and the setup, you can either clean the heating chamber by dumping it into warm water/rubbing alcohol, or by using a Q-tip soaked in rubbing alcohol. Gently stab at the heating chamber and rub it until no residue is visible on the Q-tip.
  • Since wax easily seeps down to the coil, you will need to clean it as well. Use a Q-tip and as little rubbing alcohol as possible, making sure that you don’t disturb or damage the coil and the wicking because you’re going to need to replace them if you do.
  • Clean the threading of the heating chamber and the battery with a damp paper towel to remove any residue or dirt that might interfere with the connection.
  • Use a Q-tip to clean the mouthpiece. If you can completely detach it, it’s a good idea to clean it under running warm water because it’s going to go faster.
  • Leave all the pieces out to dry completely before reassembling the vape pen. Once they are dry, put the vape pen back together and it will be good to go.




Clean your vape pens often and they will last longer. A bit of preliminary maintenance will ensure that the pen works properly and it also helps if you ever need to use the warranty – poor cleaning habits and nonexistent maintenance can potentially invalidate it.


clean your vape pens properly


How often and how do you clean your vape pens? Are you a slob or an OCD cleaning freak? Say hi in the comment section and let us know. You’re welcome to share your cleaning tips with the rest of the vaping world – beginner vapers are sure to appreciate it!