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GeekVape Aegis Review and Deals


Final Score

So if you want an indestructible mod, then the GeekVape Aegis needs to be in your pocket! With shockproof, waterproof and the beautiful aesthetics, this mod looks the part! Does it dance the dance? Well almost! It boasts the use of either a 26650 battery or using the adaptor you can use standard 18650 batteries. We found the mod works a lot better with the 26650, the 18650 battery just lacks that extra little push this mod needs, especially if you’re a bit of a cloud lover! When fully charged, there’s not much different to this mod and all the best units out there. Our only grumble is when the battery starts to discharge the performance goes downhill fast!

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In-depth Review of the GeekVape Aegis

If you’ve ever dropped a vape mod or other vaping device, chances are that you’ve experienced the frustration that can occur when an expensive piece of technology suffers damage from fall impact. It’s never happened to me (knock on wood), but I know friends who’ve experienced it firsthand. Many manufacturers have tried to remedy that problem by using durable alloys and other construction materials to make their devices more impact-proof. Few have succeeded. In this GeekVape Aegis review, we’ll take a look at one product that meets that challenge, and see if its other qualities can match its ability to survive bad luck and accidents.

2 Different side profiles of the GeekVape Aegis mod

The Company Behind The Name

GeekVape is one of the better-known manufacturers out there and has a nice track record of success, producing some of the best vape mods. That should inspire confidence – and it does. With the Aegis, the company brings us a vaping mod that offers a wide range of capabilities to go along with its sturdy construction, waterproofing, and impact resistance. This device is built to last and is designed to occupy a place in the tech world for many years to come.



First, let’s examine its features. The Aegis is a 100W temperature control device, powered by one of two different batteries: the 26650 and 18650. Infact we actually ranked this device as the best 26650 mod. That was a welcome sight for our test group since we have plenty of both on hand. The device exterior is designed around a rubber-coated C-frame for maximum survivability. The battery case inside that frame is covered with a leather exterior too. Features of the GeekVape Aegis box modIn short, it has layers of protection designed to ensure that it lasts and withstands most unforeseen events. It’s been described as “military grade” and with good reason!

If there’s one weakness in that design, it might be the screen. It’s an oversized display that provides easy access to information about settings and other details. However, it also looks like an area that could be vulnerable to any accidental impact in a way that smaller screens wouldn’t. That’s just speculation, though. For all we know, GeekVape took that into consideration and used durable glass in its construction.

Colors and designs of the GeekVape Aegis

Collection of Colors

The device comes in an array of color options, so you can likely find one that catches your eye. The basic color scheme remains consistent, however, with that black rubber on the frame. There are different colors for the fire button, leather, and stitching, though, that allow you to make your choice more personal. For us, the hardest part would be having to choose just one, since they all look so incredible.



Performance wise, there’s a lot to love about the Aegis. Despite using just one battery, the mod can achieve a power output of as much as 100 watts with ease. It offers variable resistance so that you can fire your device at ohms as low as 0.05. It also features many of the most cutting-edge tech benefits offered by other top-of-the-line product offerings, including TCR, watts curve, and other great features. This is science in modding at its best. Granted, it’s not exactly the perfect best e cig to quit smoking with due to the more advanced specs, but if your ready to move onto box mods and a little clumsy, then it’s a great choice!

The performance of the Aegis modIn our trials, we were looking for several key metrics to be met. Could the Aegis produce consistent power, sufficient for our vapor production and taste retention needs? How easy to use were the controls? And how enjoyable was the time we spent exploring this new mod?

Where power is concerned, we had no issues with the Aegis. In our testing period, we discovered that this is one reliable device, capable of providing sustained power for hours. That enabled us to achieve some pretty impressive vapor production that we weren’t certain we could get from this type of mod. Our taste tests were even more impressive, though, as we enjoyed pure e-juice flavor throughout our sessions. There was no drop-off in quality as the sessions wore on – indicating that the mod is designed to provide consistently pure flavor. Well done, GeekVape.

Introducing the GeekVape Aegis Vape Mod


The controls were surprisingly easy to master, and the button layout and performance was excellent as well. Whereas some mod buttons stick when you use them, we had no such problems with the Aegis. As noted earlier, the display provides quick access to information, and everything worked as it should.

The experience was enjoyable as well, right up there with all the best e cig products on the market. There was no frustration due to a steep learning curve, and no problems getting the mod to do what we wanted. That’s important and should signal that this is a great choice for newer mod users. Overall, the GeekVape Aegis performed at a consistently high level, earning it our unqualified recommendation. If you’re in the market for a great new mod, make this one your first choice.

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Joyetech Cuboid Pro 200W Review and Deals


Final Score

If you like touchscreen devices then the Cuboid Pro is going to be right up your street! The mod includes something called TAPTEC™ technology, which gives you a host of features like vibration when activated! With up to 200W of power running from dual 18650 batteries and a 0.1 to 3.5ohm resistance range this vape mod is up there with the best from a reliable manufacturer. A little heavier than your standard mod, due to all the electronics you get packed inside, this mod is going to suit those who love gadgets!

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The Full Joyetech Cuboid Pro 200W Mod In-depth Review

Joyetech continues to be a leading manufacturer of many of the best vape mods in the marketplace today. That trend seems to continue year after year – to the point where most of us take it for granted. With the release of the new Joyetech Cuboid Pro 200W, the company looks to continue its prominent place as an innovation leader. In this Joyetech Cuboid Pro 200W review, we’ll examine the device and see whether they’ve achieved their goal.

The Cuboid Pro Mod without a tank

It’s a Touchscreen!

Sorry, but I had to get that out of the way. Yes, Joyetech has released a mod that offers touchscreen capability – and not just any touchscreen, mind you. Analysts are already hailing this device as the most innovative touchscreen mod available to date. That might not seem like heavy accolades, given that the mod market is just beginning to adopt touchscreen technology, but it matters to those who love cutting-edge features.


The Cuboids

You may already be familiar with the Cuboid mod series; we had the Cuboid Mini, the Cuboid 200W and also the Cuboid Tap. They’ve earned a reputation for being among the best in their class, and the fact that the company keeps coming out with new mods in the line is a great testament to its success. The Cuboid Pro is a fine example of all that the Cuboid series has to offer, in a perfectly-sized 56.0 mm by 30.0 mm by 85.0 mm package. It has an oversized 2.4-inch touchscreen that is a joy to use, offering an easy-to-see 320 by 240 dpi resolution.

That touchscreen responds perfectly to the touch, making this one of the best uses of that technology that I’ve seen in any vaping device. The user interface is intuitive, offering hardly any learning curve at all. Those are all great features that are bound to endear this device to most users who are fortunate enough to hold one in their hands.

The other side of the Joyetech Cuboid Pro 200W


But enough about the touchscreen. There are, after all, a host of other great features that we need to cover. For example, the Cuboid Pro offers the type of power output that we’ve come to expect from that line and is flexible enough to cover variable wattage and variable temperature – with support for a variety of coil types. That output wattage ranges from 1 to 200 watts.

Battery compartment of the Joyetech Cuboid ProYou can also enjoy a variety of resistance levels. In VW mode, you can choose from 0.1 to 3.5 ohms, while in temperature control you can opt for 0.05 to 1.5 ohms. It’s likely that you can find something in that broad range to accommodate your vaping style! Temperature control permits temps ranging from 200-600°F – again ensuring that you have the flexibility needed to accomplish your vaping goals.

All of those features are powered by two replaceable 18650 batteries. That’s great news as well since we’ve always found that battery to be reliable and durable. Given all that is expected from any Cuboid product, it’s important to cover fundamentals like the power source. Joyetech always seems to be on top of important concerns like that.


The Kit

If you but this in a kit, it comes with the Aries tank from Procore. If you get it without a tank, you can choose from a variety of 510-threaded tank options. We didn’t consider the kit since we have so many different compatible tanks in our collection already, but that’s something to remember if this is your first mod purchase (and yes, that’s a spoiler; we’re going to recommend this device).

The Joyetech Cuboid Pro Mod kitWhat other technical capabilities lie within that gorgeous, box-shaped exterior? Well, what about a real-time display for the time? Did you ever wonder what it would be like to have your mod serve as a pedometer? Well, the Cuboid Pro boasts those features as well. Relax, though; it can’t make your coffee or give you a foot massage. That’s probably being saved for the next Cuboid offering.


To Conclude

On the downside (and there’s almost always a downside to everything), the fact that this is a touchscreen device means that your battery will drain quicker than usual. You can minimize that impact by keeping fully-charged spares on hand. Also, this screen is large so – like your cell phone – the display is vulnerable to breaking if you drop it. So don’t drop it.

Despite those caveats, I can’t help but recommend this great device as one of the best e cig devices in the mod category. Its power and ease of use make it well worth the price, and it performed admirably in our tests. If you buy only one new mod this year, this one should be at the top of your list.

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AIMIDI Tank T2 Armored 160W Assessment and Offers


Last Rating

The Tank T2 mod from AIMIDI is their latest vape mod to hit the market, with the TX 160W chip you’ll be able to hearth it from 7W as much as 160W of energy and a sturdy climate proof casing it seems spectacular! Holds 2 18650 batteries and is barely heavier than different mods available on the market however that is because of the design and options. Though we just like the design and the robust chassis, we are likely to have extra issues with tanks breaking slightly than mods, however on the entire, this system delivers, giving a responsive vape that each one forms of vapers will take pleasure in.

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Aimidi Tank T2 Armored 160W In-depth Evaluation

When you had an opportunity to attempt the Dice Plus DNA 200W, then you definitely’ve in all probability been ready to see what AIMIDI would come out with subsequent. Nicely, the wait is over! With the discharge of their new Tank T2 Armored mod, the corporate appears to as soon as once more take the vaping world by storm. On this AIMIDI Tank T2 Armored 160W evaluation, we’ll look at this new mod and see whether or not it’s all that we’d anticipate it to be.

Design of the Aimidi Tank T2 Armored vape mod

The Design

We’ll start with the gadget’s design because it’s clearly constructed to draw consideration. And let’s be clear: when you favor modern, mild vaping units, look elsewhere. The Tank T2 is not any shrinking violet and classed as among the best e cig merchandise within the vape mod class! The Aimidi Tank T2 is a thick, comparatively heavy vaping system that greater than lives as much as its identify.

Is it armored? You be the decide. The producers crafted it from a stainless-steel and polymer alloy mixture – which explains its heavier weight – and even included metallic armor on the edges. There’s additionally a construction-quality influence truss, which ought to assist to guard it towards drops and different disastrous impacts.

The Tank T2 can also be designed to be waterproof and is available in an fascinating array of colour choices that ought to attraction to a big cross-section of vaping lovers. These colours embrace trendy black, silver, blue, and pink – in addition to a camouflage end or military inexperienced choice.  We obtained the silver model, and it’s one of many best-looking mods we’ve seen in a while, however is it among the best vape mods? Let’s see.

The specification of the Aimidi Tank T2

The Specs

The Tank T2 clocks in at a good 321.5g, and measures 105.5mm x 71.1mm x 27.5mm. It’s a sturdy gadget that ought to stand up to even sudden accidents.  If that have been all there was to it, nevertheless, the Tank can be nothing greater than a paperweight – and that’s merely not the case. The system is a bit of powerhouse as properly, powered by two 18650 batteries that present it with a large vary of energy output choices: from 7 watts to 160 watts. You do have to buy them separetely, however we’ve a information on the best way to discover the most effective 18650 battery that ought to assist!

From a chip perspective, the Tank T2 depends upon the TX 160W chip, providing a complete of 5 totally different output ranges. The chip guides the gadget’s options and controls every little thing from its voltage output – a powerful 1 to eight.four volts – to its atomizer resistance, which covers a variety from zero.1 to three ohms. In our checks, we discovered that the mod offered constant and dependable energy output, with little drop off even because the batteries drew nearer to needing a recharge. That’s all the time a very good signal.

Features of the Aimidi Tank T2 Armored mod


This can be a gadget that’s loaded with options. It provides versatile temperature management, and help or Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and Kanthal coils, you possibly can learn extra about stainless and nickel coils right here. Relying in your desired setup, you possibly can obtain temperatures inside a good vary of 200 to 600 levels Fahrenheit – which must be greater than satisfactory to satisfy most vapers’ wants. You’ll be able to management the varied settings with ease from the almost 1-inch show display on the system’s exterior.

From that show, you possibly can change all of the related settings wanted to customise your utilization. For instance, you possibly can alter or monitor the temperature mode, in addition to the output. You possibly can handle your system’s energy output, to raised management its efficiency.

You can even management essential particulars like atomizer resistance. Lastly, you need to use the show to watch issues like battery life, or entry the gadget’s useful puff-counter to see what number of attracts you’ve taken. Every little thing is well-organized, straightforward to learn, and straightforward to make use of.

The packaging of the Aimidi Tank T2 Armored Vape Mod


Whereas the Tank T2 provides a very engaging design and a few very dynamic options versus say mechanical mods, the actual query on everyone’s thoughts is clear: how does it carry out? In any case, even the best-looking mods are nugatory if they will’t meet your vaping wants. We examined the gadget extensively, to see whether or not the chipset and configuration would stand as much as heavy utilization. We’re pleased to say that we obtained the outcomes we anticipated. The gadget was rumored to offer regular energy and consistently-high efficiency, and it definitely lived as much as these expectations.


To Conclude

Lots of people have in contrast the Tank T2 to Geek Vape’s Aegis 100W, which we now have featured in our listing of the perfect 26650 mods however that comparability will not be completely truthful. Sure, they’re each waterproof, however that’s the place any true similarities finish. The truth is that the Tank T2 is a extra highly effective system when it comes to sheer energy output. It’s not as refined in different areas, nevertheless, because the chipset appears to match unfavorably to the Aegis. For customers who simply need constant vaping efficiency with out the necessity for all of the bells and whistles, nevertheless, the Tank T2 Armored 160W is a tool that we will readily advocate.

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Flawless Tuglyfe DNA 250W Evaluation and Offers


Last Rating

Flawless has a fantastic identify within the vaping world and their new mod, the Tuglyfe DNA 250W is a testomony to their high quality and information within the sector. The mod produces a excessive 250W energy score with its inner 1200mah battery. General we might have appreciated to seen a extra environment friendly battery or the power to make use of exterior 18650 batteries, however that’s our solely grievance as this is likely one of the greatest vape mods available on the market proper now.

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The Flawless Tuglyfe DNA In-depth Assessment

Flawless has a brand new entry in its Tuglyfe line, and it’s referred to as the DNA 250W. Naturally, we couldn’t wait to get our palms on it to convey you this evaluation! Now, if you already know something concerning the Flawless label, then you already know one factor for positive: this can be a firm that prides itself on producing cutting-edge vaping units that aren’t simply surpassed by their rivals making them probably the greatest vape mod producers for the extra skilled vaper. Will the DNA comply with in that custom? On this Flawless Tuglyfe DNA 250W evaluation, we’ll present the reply to that essential query.

Make no mistake: Flawless is taken into account by many to be the premier high-tech vape design firm within the business in the present day. Their chipset is seen as probably the most superior piece of tech present in any vaping gadget, and the corporate all the time appears to do a really perfect job of designing their merchandise round its capabilities. At first look, the DNA’s listed capabilities appear to be in line with that document of documented success.

Red version of the Flawless Tuglyfe DNA 250W

It’s All In The Identify!

So, what’s the DNA all about, you ask? Properly, this can be a beautiful mod that gives an exterior construct designed with ergonomic rules in thoughts. It gives regulated wattage management in addition to temperature safety, a preheat function, and a number of onboard controls to give you all the pliability it is advisable to guarantee a customized vaping expertise. If that feels like fairly a bit for one vaping system to handle by itself, simply wait – there’s extra.

The DNA depends on the Evolve Escribe software program to handle its processes. As most skilled vapers already know, that software program has acquired a substantial amount of consideration for its potential to offer customers with a very custom-made vaping expertise that’s unparalleled in in the present day’s market. Together with the system’s highly effective chipset, that software program makes this some of the superior items of vaping tech we’re more likely to see – till the subsequent Flawless product involves market, that’s! In case your not sure if any such mod is best for you, take a look at our information on discovering the correct sort of vape, which ought to assist.


Such Energy!

The system produces energy that ranges from one to 250 watts and boasts a powerful effectivity score of 97%. Its temperature management options are equally spectacular, providing temperature decisions between 200 to 600 Levels Fahrenheit. That’s a fantastic vary that ought to meet most vapers’ wants. The place coils are involved, the DNA helps the complete vary of common decisions: Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Metal. We take a look at the distinction with the coils in our stainless or nickel coil information.


Physique Lovely

These options all arrive inside a strong, zinc alloy chassis that’s adorned with quite a lot of totally different engaging finishes. The corporate’s tugboat emblem can also be featured prominently on the outside, making this a very elegant piece of artwork – in addition to a strong illustration of all that trendy science and technological analysis can accomplish. Briefly, that is one futuristic wanting system that’s positive to start out up conversations wherever you’re taking it.
The side views of the Flawless Tuglyfe DNA 250W
The DNA comes with an inner battery and depends on the 1200mAh LiPo for its energy. Whereas we would like a pair of exterior 18650 batteries that may be changed every time we would like, this one appears able to doing the job it’s been assigned. Perhaps the corporate will do us a favor and rethink that problem in the event that they ever determine to replace this mannequin.

The black and red stripe version

Management is Energy

The controls are straightforward to make use of and embrace a big firing button, and an interface that gives three-button consumer management. Settings may be seen and altered from the gadget’s OLED display, which measures zero.91 inches. The Escribe settings may be accessed from that display as properly, permitting customers to customise many various features of the show. They will additionally configure the mod to make sure that it does what they should present them with probably the most satisfying vaping expertise, albeit, in all probability not one of the best vape system to give up smoking with, for knowledgeable vapers although, that is good.

In fact, there’s a host of different nice options as nicely, from the battery cell monitoring to the chip’s capacity to routinely sense temperature resistance. The gadget has a lock mode, energy lock mode, preset mode, and stealth mode – and that’s simply the beginning. The very fact is that the DNA presents so many desirable advantages that it’s troublesome to cowl all of them on this restricted area. Suffice it to say, that is one heavy-duty piece of cutting-edge know-how and among the best e cig merchandise in its class.


Efficiency and Abstract

On the efficiency entrance, there have been nothing however rave critiques from our check group. All of us loved the facility output and consistency that the DNA provided, and a number of other members of the group have already positioned orders for their very own private gadget. From my perspective, that’s concerning the strongest suggestion that any reviewer can ever supply. The underside line is straightforward: in case you love high-tech units and need an incredible mod that may sustain together with your altering tastes, then get the Flawless Tuglyfe DNA 250W now.

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Council Of Vapor Callisto Package Assessment and Offers


Last Rating

Council of Vapor have a loyal buyer base for good purpose, their merchandise all the time ship in high quality and aesthetics. The brand new Callisto package has an 80W energy restrict operating from a single 18650 battery, which can flip a number of vapors away, however for a small system that is straightforward to hold round with you the Callisto performs rather well. Excellent for many who need to transfer onto making an attempt vape mods or these skilled vapers who want a small system to hold round with them.

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In-depth Evaluation of the Council Of Vapor Callisto Package

Council of Vapor made its first main mark on the vaping business a few years in the past, when it launched the Mini Volt mini-mod. That gadget was a well-liked one in lots of circles and helped the corporate to construct a sizeable and constant base of followers. These followers will certainly be wanting to study extra about this firm’s newest providing, which is yet one more compact mod aiming to make it as among the best vape mods in its class however with much more superior options. On this Council of Vapor Callisto package evaluation, we’ll put this newest product by means of its paces and see whether or not Council of Vapes continues to be one of many prime mod producers within the business.



Let’s start with the system’s look. The mod itself presents a sporty, engaging design that ought to attraction to virtually any vaping fanatic. Even the extra skilled customers who’re use to mechanical mods will recognize this design! The show and controls are all straightforward to see and use, and the high-tech end consists of ergonomic options that make the Callisto an actual pleasure to carry in your hand. Even the location of the system identify appears to have been perfectly-conceived. There’s just one factor that we didn’t like: the shortage of colour choices. That is such a stunning product that it appears a disgrace to restrict the colour decisions to Stainless Metal and Gun Metallic Gray.

Black version of the Callisto Vape ModFortuitously, that was our solely actual grievance in terms of the Callisto. It’s a strong unit that gives the dependable efficiency that the majority customers anticipate. Sure, it’s compact, however it’s powered by a 18650 battery which you can swap out with ease – which is a superb choice for individuals who have additional batteries and don’t need to anticipate a recharge. We do recommend shopping for the perfect 18650 battery you’ll be able to afford as this gadget drains it fairly shortly. The truth that it makes use of one of many extra widespread batteries can also be a fantastic aid for anybody who needs so as to add a brand new gadget to his assortment and nonetheless keep away from shopping for quite a lot of totally different battery varieties.
The Callisto mod on its own without tank

The Callisto’s sporty exterior is the right measurement for snug use, measuring simply 78mm by 27.5mm by 41.6mm. It has a strong really feel to it, because of its zinc alloy development, and will stand as much as even heavy use with none issues. The battery door is straightforward to entry because it gives a pleasant texturized exterior moderately than the graceful floor favored by some fashions. These options assist to make this one of the crucial ergonomically sound units we’ve seen in a while.


Whats Happening Inside

In fact, that’s simply the surface of the gadget. Inside, the system is powered and managed by the corporate’s personal superior chipset. That chip offers the steerage wanted to handle the Callisto’s spectacular array of options – together with its highly effective firing system and a variety of temperature controls. Followers of temperature management will discover this system to their liking because it gives help for all the hottest coil varieties: chrome steel, Ni200 Nickel, and titanium. You’ll be able to study extra about chrome steel and nickel coils right here however the majority use stainless.

The tank on the Callisto

The Tank

The tank is a top-fill Windrunner that gives 2.5ml of capability on your favourite e-juice and unparalleled taste retention. We’d have most popular that the gadget comes with a bigger tank, to make prolonged vaping periods a bit simpler to handle, however 2.5ml is fairly near the usual tank measurement today. Taste is seemingly a precedence for the system since even the coil configuration appeared to be chosen with taste retention in thoughts.

Airflow wasn’t an issue both, because the easy-to-access airflow controls on the underside of the Callisto provided us the management we would have liked to get massive clouds of thick vapor. That, coupled with the setting controls for the gadget, made our cloud-chasing efforts a easy matter. Better of all, there was little by means of a studying curve, since this is among the extra intuitive vaping mods we’ve had the pleasure of making an attempt.

The complete Council Of Vapor Callisto box mod kit


So far as our checks went, the Callisto carried out admirably. We had heard that the vapor manufacturing may be a bit of sparse for some heavy customers, however our expertise was simply the other. With the Callisto, we loved large vapor clouds and nice taste. In different phrases, the Callisto did all the things that it claimed it might do – after which some. It’s not the perfect e cig to give up smoking with because of the direct lung inhale requirement, however when you’re able to up your recreation and luxuriate in vaping on a subsequent degree, then this package must be thought-about.


Remaining Ideas

Whereas we would like that such a gorgeous mod are available a wider array of shade choices, that’s a small element that shouldn’t detract anybody from contemplating this product. The truth is that the Council of Vapor Callisto package is a superb mod in each space of metrics that issues, making it probably the greatest e cig kits for its measurement and energy. That’s why we really feel snug giving it a full-throated endorsement and recommending it to all our readers. In case you’re out there for a brand new mod, get this system at present.

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Aspire Speeder 200W Evaluation and Offers


Ultimate Rating

Aspire design some fairly good wanting mods, and the Speeder 200W is not any exception. With a strong 200W mod and a tank that may deal with the delicate taste juices, this package is a superb addition to your assortment or an incredible mod to start out out with.

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* Beneficial based mostly on delivery time and worth!

Full In-depth Assessment of the Aspire Speeder 200W Mod Package

Should you’re a fan of Aspire mods, you then’re all the time looking out to see what the corporate is popping out with subsequent. The mod business has seldom been extra aggressive, and the battle to provide you with newer and higher mods is intense. Aspire has historically been as much as that problem, although, so one would anticipate that its newest entrant into the market would proceed in that custom. With the introduction of the Speeder, we get a chance to see whether or not this well-known producer continues to be poised on the cutting-edge of vape know-how. On this Aspire Speeder 200W assessment, we’ll look at this new mod and supply our tackle this scorching firm’s latest product providing.

The Design

The Speeder 200W is an attractively-designed gadget, with rubber on the outside that makes it very snug to carry within the hand comparable trying to their earlier Aspire Zelos mannequin that was highly regarded however solely achieved 50W, this beast boasts 200W of energy! Its well-rounded, symmetrical, and ergonomically sound. It additionally is available in three beautiful finishes, together with gold, silver, and the compulsory black. The mod and tank are designed to match completely, making this one mod that you simply’ll be snug displaying off to all your folks! From a design standpoint, there’s nearly nothing to dislike concerning the Speeder and is among the greatest vape mod designs round.

The Aspire Speeder 200 Watt in 3 colorsIf you take a look at that outer casing, you’ll discover that the Speeder has a really strong and cutting-edge design. It’s clear that Aspire meant for this to be an interesting choice for the extra tech-minded vapers on the market, because it’s about as removed from a boring field mod as they might probably get. The Speeder has venting holes on the backside, which additionally occurs to be the place the battery door is situated. The up-down button is under the show display, whereas the hearth button is simply across the nook. Briefly, the design and placement of all of the important elements is nearly good.

The Specification

On the spec entrance, the Speeder boasts equally spectacular credentials. The gadget is comfortably-sized, coming in at 88mm by 31mm by 46mm, and a mean weight. The 2 18650 batteries it requires (they’re not included with the unit) ought to give you constant energy to realize output between 1 and 200 watts. Voltage ranges between zero.1 and eight.4V.

The Speeder is a temperature management gadget and gives temperatures that vary from 200℉ to 600℉. That’s positive to offer most customers with the pliability they should correctly customise their vaping expertise. You will have a number of totally different utilization modes to select from, together with VW, VV, Bypass, temperature management, and extra.

The show display is slightly below an inch, and auto-adjusts for ease-of-use. The controls are straightforward to make use of, so most customers gained’t have any hassle discovering the settings they want as they work to customise their system to go well with their wants. And sure, it’s an OLED display – providing crystal-clear presentation of all of the necessary knowledge it’s essential to see.
The Athos tank part of the Speeder Kit

The Tank

Whereas the gadget doesn’t present up at the doorstep with the batteries you want, it does include the whole lot else. Along with the Speeder mod, you additionally obtain a sturdy Athos tank and an additional drip tip – in addition to a glass tube. There’s additionally one additional A3 Kanthal AF Tri-coil head included within the package deal, 12 O-ring replacements, the USB cable you must cost your unit, a guide, and guarantee card.

The mod chipset supplies monitoring for each batteries to assist guarantee constant efficiency. In fact, as soon as we heard that, we couldn’t wait to get out arms on the Speeder to place it via its paces. We love a problem, in any case.


So, how did the Aspire Speeder carry out throughout out trials? Not surprisingly, it proved its value in each method that issues. Though it’s not precisely the perfect e cig to give up smoking with, we did loved the pliability that the gadget provided. The Speeder permits you to use broad bore drip tricks to maximize your vapor manufacturing, or smaller tricks to improve the flavour. We tried each choices, and located that they have been every very spectacular. We have been blowing big vapor clouds very quickly in any respect, and the Speeder appeared to take all of it in stride. We additionally discovered that the small tip flavor-enhancing choice offered persistently pure style all through our complete check session. Properly finished, Aspire!

Two Configurations

To adjust to the TPD Aspire have launched 2 variations of the package, the one distinction being both a 2ml or 4ml tank. Right here’s what you get within the package:

  • Speeder mod The package of the Aspire Speeder 200W Kit
  • 2ml Athos tank
  • Additional A3(Kanthal AF Tri-coil head)
  • Additional drip tip( Delrin vast bore drip tip )
  • Glass tube
  • USB cable
  • 12x O-rings
  • Warning card
  • Consumer Guide
  • Guarantee card



We have been very impressed with the whole lot that the Speeder has to supply and it is likely one of the greatest e cigs in it’s class. It’s a strong, well-made mod that has quite a bit to supply to nearly any vaper on the market at present. We additionally appreciated the truth that you will get your personal Aspire Speeder 200W mod on-line for round $80! Because of these options and that aggressive worth, we extremely advocate this mod for all intermediate and superior vapers.

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Jac Vapour Collection B Tilt Starter Package Assessment


Last Rating

Jac Vapour have prolonged their vary to incorporate field mods and the Collection B is ideal for a brand new vaper eager to attempt mods for the primary time. Easy to make use of, with all the essential options of the extra superior mods this collection delivers on their promise. Energy output of as much as 50W, powered by a single 18650 battery provides you restricted energy for big clouds, however an amazing tilt design makes it stand out within the crowd.

CHEAP Jac Vapour Collection B Offers & Coupons!


*£44.99 – SERIES-B Tilt 50W (System Solely) – Plus £2.95 UK Delivery – Get This Deal!


* Really helpful based mostly on delivery time and worth!

In-depth Jac Vapour Collection-B Tilt Mod Assessment

If you already know Jac Vapour’s cigalike line, then you definitely already know that this UK firm has a fantastic popularity for churning out top-of-the-line vaping merchandise. What you could not know, nevertheless, is that Jac gives extra than simply these primary units. Actually, the corporate is now concerned in mods as properly and presents a number of progressive merchandise for mod-lovers. A type of is the Collection-B mod, affectionately referred to as the “Tilt” mod. It claims to supply an ideal entry level for cigalike customers or for many who need to attempt vaping to give up smoking and bounce proper into the mod scene and luxuriate in extra of that nice vaping expertise. On this Jac Vapour SERIES-B starter package Evaluation, we’ll see how these claims stand as much as actuality.
Design of the Jac Vapour Series B Tilt


Let’s start with the design. Only one look tells you that this can be a particular and distinctive kind of system. It’s not overly giant, however that comparatively compact measurement belies a wealth of function hidden inside its chassis. The Collection-B’s physique is sufficiently small to carry comfortably in your hand, and also you’ll be proud to take it with you wherever you go. That tilted prime is the rationale it has its nickname and makes for a terrific conversation-starter once you encounter vapers who may be unfamiliar with that sort of design. Its strains are clear, modern-looking, and stylish. That’s not all the time straightforward to realize once you’re designing a field mod.


Underneath The Hood

So, what’s it hiding beneath that hood? Properly, all of it begins with 50 watts of dependable energy that ought to get you thru most vaping periods. The gadget is constructed to deal with the 1x INR18650 25R 2500mAh Battery, you’ll be able to take a look at one of the best 18650 batteries right here, however using which means most critical vapers are already going to have the elements they should get most enjoyment out of this particular unit. The tank is an S-22, which is designed to carry your e-liquid securely when you vape.

There’s a pleasant resistance vary too. You’ll be able to obtain resistance between zero.2 ohm – ohm in the event you use a flat-top 18650 battery that may give you dependable amperage within the twenty-watt vary.  That may present nice flexibility for critical vapers in order that they will customise their expertise to match their tastes. For a corporation that’s greatest recognized for its cigalikes, Jac Vapour is absolutely displaying that it understands the mod market too. Granted it’s not going to compete with the perfect vape mods available on the market, however it’s good for the newbie.
Under the case of the Jac Vapour Series B


Sub Ohm

When you’re questioning whether or not this gadget was truly constructed to deal with sub-ohm vaping, marvel no extra. The very fact is that you simply’re solely going to get the perfect outcomes out of this mod if you use tanks which are made for sub-ohm vaping. Now, it’s by no means going to be a type of vapor-producing wonders – at the least not whereas the gadget depends on simply 40 watts of energy. However most intermediate-level customers are going to be greater than glad with the vapor-production. And when you’re on the lookout for one of the best e cig to give up smoking, then the Jac Vapour model it will in all probability be proper up your alley.
Size of the Series B shown in a hand

Different Options

So far as charging your battery goes, you don’t have to take away it to get a recharge. Based on the system’s score, it’s protected to try this. Nevertheless, it’s in all probability probably that extra skilled vapers will really feel extra snug charging their energy models the old style means. Nonetheless, it’s all the time good to have the choice to do in-unit charging if the temper strikes you. Even whenever you’ve utterly exhausted the cost, it takes solely about two hours to replenish it.

Rear view of the Series B ModThe Collection-B additionally comes with a powerful guarantee and money-back assure. The guarantee lasts as much as 12 months, however covers solely these issues outlined as manufacturing errors. The assure lets you return any faulty gear inside 14 days of supply. That’s all pretty primary, and no actual shock.



In our checks, we teased some good vapor quantity out of the Collection-B, however wouldn’t essentially advocate it for anybody who needs to chase big clouds all day. This isn’t that type of product. It’s, nevertheless, an awesome system for these making their first transition to mods, or anybody who’s on the lookout for a casual-use product that delivers dependable efficiency. In case your after one thing with slightly extra energy or chew, then chances are you’ll need to take a look at one of the best e cig merchandise as an alternative.

With that in thoughts, we will comfortably advocate the Jac Vapour SERIES-B starter package to most newbie and maybe intermediate vaping fanatics. It’s not probably the most highly effective system we’ve ever tried, however it’s straightforward to make use of, constant to a fault, and engaging sufficient to take with us once we depart the home or workplace. It won’t be good in each respect, nevertheless it’s an excellent providing from an ideal firm.

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VapeDroid C1D2 Assessment and Offers


Remaining Rating

The VapeDroid C1D2 is an ideal mod for many who need to begin out with a vape mod that is easy to make use of and dependable. That includes an output of upto 75W powered by a single 18650 battery this mod ought to match most peoples necessities. For those who like large clouds utilizing RDA’s or RTA’s you may need to look elsewhere, however for those who use prebuilt atomizers and tanks then this mod is ideal!

CHEAP VapeDroid C1D2 Offers & Coupons!


*$73.10 – Vape Mod Solely – Free Worldwide Delivery – Get This Deal!

$75.53 – Flash Sale be Fast! – Vape Mod Solely – Free Worldwide Delivery – Get This Deal!

$99.95 – Vape Mod Solely – Free Worldwide Delivery – Get This Deal!


* Really helpful based mostly on delivery time and worth!

In-depth VapeDroid C1D2 Evaluation

The Germans have lengthy been recognized for his or her precision design, so the expectations for any German-designed vaping mod begin out excessive. Ayman Azmy was liable for designing the brand new VapeDroid C1D2 mod, with the precise manufacturing course of executed by Chinese language agency SBody. That collaboration has produced top-of-the-line field mods that must be of curiosity to anybody who loves state-of-the-art vaping merchandise. However can it match as much as its many rivals in immediately’s highly-competitive vaping market? On this VapeDroid C1D2 evaluate, we’ll look at that query and supply our greatest evaluation about how good it truly is.

Front view of the VapeDroid C1D2

The Know-how

First, let’s take a look at the chip that governs this little gadget. The DNA75 chip is the newest in chip know-how, and is suitable with the Escribe software program package deal. That software program provides unparalleled management over your chipset and different system options. For instance, you’ll be able to customise your chip to regulate efficiency settings, or use the software program to vary how info is displayed. There are custom-made graphics and extra. There’s a little bit of a studying curve to get used to how Escribe works, however it’s nicely well worth the funding of effort and time wanted to grasp the software program’s options. All this makes it in direct competitors with different mods available on the market just like the Smok QBox and the Joyetech Evic Primo.



Now on to that design. Made from a strong zinc alloy, the VapeDroid is constructed to face up to even the heaviest of use. It’s a large system, however that shouldn’t deter vapers from contemplating it, because it was designed to be ergonomically sound and can match comfortably in your hand. It even comes with a non-slip outer coating to make it simpler to hold onto – one thing that you simply’ll really recognize if in case you have a behavior of dropping your units. Sure, we’ve all finished that sometimes.

That design consists of all of the vent functionality you’ll possible want, with outsized slots on the VapeDroid’s sides. In contrast to some slot designs, these truly improve the aesthetic attraction of this excellent little unit. In fact, the outer shell incorporates extra than simply vent holes. There’s additionally a stunning OLED display proper on the entrance face, and that’s the place you’ll be capable of monitor all of your interactions with the included software program. You possibly can go together with the bottom Escribe show parts, or customise almost each bit of data that you simply see. Sure, that is good however not one thing we actually search for, that stated it’s a good improve from one of the best cigilike e cigs in case you’re on the lookout for one thing a bit extra highly effective and fulfilling.

The buttons are straightforward to make use of as properly and provide help to management all of these customizations. There’s an enormous energy button proper on the prime. Under which might be two buttons marked plus and minus – and you employ these to interact and work together with the software program. As you may anticipate from German engineering, these buttons work like a allure. They reply simply to the contact, and seamlessly work together with the show. There’s no delay as you typically see with inferior product designs.
Side view of the C1D2

Battery compartment of the C1D2


The gadget might be powered by an 18650 battery and comes with an adapter sled to make that potential, we advise shopping for the perfect 18650 battery you possibly can afford to ensure the mod performs in addition to it ought to. It even has a shifting destructive contact to allow the batter to extra simply match inside the housing. That may come as a consolation to the various vapers who are likely to depend on 18650s as their battery-of-choice. As soon as inserted, you possibly can relaxation comfortably, safe within the information that your battery is held in place by highly effective magnetic seals.

The packaging and box of the VapeDroid C1D2


Even the packaging impresses the attention. The VapeDroid is available in a stunning presentation package deal that accommodates the engaging emblem in a high-tech font. Contained in the field, you’ll discover your new mod and battery adapter, in addition to the standard USB charging cable and a consumer guide that will help you get acquainted with the product. The general packaging impact is so spectacular that we simply needed to admire it when it arrived on the door.

In fact, ultimately, it would be best to break it out of the field and put it by way of its paces. Whenever you do, you’ll shortly study what we found: the VapeDroid performs admirably. It presents nice temperature management with the facility output that may rise as excessive as 75W – greater than sufficient to energy most vapers’ periods. It additionally accepts resistance as little as .1 ohm once you use a kanthal coil. Utilizing temp management mode, you will get sub-ohm vaping at resistances as little as .08 ohm.



The underside line is obvious: this can be a nice mod, though it doesn’t actually compete with one of the best e cig units in its class. We loved dependable and glitch-free vaping that produced large vapor clouds in all our check periods. The battery life was persistently good, making this an ideal mod so as to add to our system assortment. We appreciated it a lot that we’d advocate the VapeDroid C1D2 mod to any vaper who’s in search of the newest high-tech, high-performing gadget!

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Kanger Dripbox 160 Assessment

Ultimate Rating

For these vapers on the market that love RDA’s then Kangers Dripbox 160 is likely one of the greatest mods you should purchase. You possibly can determine on common dripping from the highest or the comfort of the underside fed squonker. With an enormous 160W output operating off 2×18650 batteries, this mod covers most vapers necessities. We personally favor RDA’s for the wealthy style and full clouds they produce so we actually loved vaping the Dripbox 160 and assume you’ll adore it too.

CHEAP Kanger Dripbox 160 Offers & Coupons!


*$43.88 – Full Field Mod Package incl tank – Plus $four.99 US Delivery – Get This Deal!

$46.70 – Full Field Mod Package incl tank – Free Worldwide Delivery – Get This Deal!

$59.95 – Full Field Mod Package incl tank – Free US Delivery – Get This Deal!

$62.22 – Full Field Mod Package incl tank – Free Worldwide Delivery – Get This Deal!

$65.36 – With Coupon “ST15” – Full Field Mod Package incl tank – Free Worldwide Delivery – Get This Deal!

$76.90 – Full Field Mod Package incl tank – Plus $6 Worldwide Delivery – Get This Deal!


* Really helpful based mostly on delivery time and worth!

In-depth Kanger Dripbox 160 Evaluation

Many vapers principally acquired their first publicity to mods utilizing bottom-feeding units reminiscent of RTA’s, though that is barely totally different to actual RDA’s you’ll be able to learn concerning the distinction of RDA’s and RTA’s right here. Then got here alongside Squonkers, a real backside fed RDA gadget that enabled vapers to feed their coils by squeezing a bottle constructed into the mod. This enabled them to hold their juice on the mod, feeding it instantly into the atomizer. It was good for drip-lovers because it meant that they might take pleasure in dripping with out the hassles of carrying their e-juice bottles with them wherever they went.

Kanger’s new Dripbox system is an homage to these backside feeder squonkers, up to date to permit true drippers to manually drip or depend on that bottom-feeding functionality. On this Kanger Dripbox evaluation, we’ll look at the system and see if it’s all its made out to be and whether or not it may be classed as top-of-the-line vape mods available on the market.


Colors available of the Kanger Dripbox 160W

Starter Package

First, the Kanger Dripbox 160 could be obtained in a starter package. That’s an necessary profit for anybody who simply needs to get every part in a single handy package deal and be prepared to start out vaping proper out of the field. The package comes with not solely the mod however the Subdrip RDA that permits customers to feed the liquid from the highest – a favourite method for many drippers today. It additionally comes with a 7ml bottle that may be squeezed on the backside for many who need that bottom-feeding expertise.


Ohh The Energy

The Dripbox 160 depends on two 18650 batteries for energy, we all the time advocate to get the most effective 18650 batteries you possibly can afford, as you’ll have to present these for your self. The gadget permits onboard charging, so that you don’t should take away the batteries each time they have to be recharged – which is one other comfort level that shouldn’t be ignored. The gadget’s micro-USB port allows charging present to move via to the batteries even whereas they’re contained in the Dripbox housing.

The RDA Tank on the Kanger Dripbox 160Dripbox provides a pleasant vary of wattage, various from 7-160 watts of energy. That may present most customers with all the facility they should accommodate their vaping preferences whereas permitting the pliability that ought to attraction to most cloud-chasers. There’s additionally a pleasant vary of temperatures obtainable, because the gadget can hearth at temperatures between 200° F – 600° F. That TC mode allows using Nichrome, Stainless Metal, Titanium, and Nickel 200 coils so long as they’ve a resistance of no less than .02ohm. The gadget comes with Kanther coils for the Nichrome setting.


The LCD display on the Dripbox 160

LCD Show

That is an improved model of the corporate’s prior Dripbox launch, and meaning that you would be able to anticipate plenty of up to date options. That earlier gadget was pretty easy. It had no show for the controls and provided restricted management over its use. This latest model does have an incredible LCD show and three buttons that you should use to regulate totally different settings. Like many vape models, powering the gadget up or down is so simple as clicking the firing button 5 occasions in a row.

The buttons and show display are used to set temperature management, selecting from the totally different coil varieties. It’s also possible to use them to decide on the variable wattage choice, and modify settings for each wattage and temperature. You possibly can even change your show readings from Celsius to Fahrenheit, or vice versa, to accommodate your preferences.


Side view of the Kanger Dripbox 160Airflow and Options

The gadget has air movement controls which you can modify as properly. There are even a few ports which are dedicated to mouth-to-lung vaping. Partaking these ports restricts the airflow as a way to take pleasure in that heat, extra restricted draw that MTL vapers are likely to want.

These options all mix to create a tool that has a tremendous diploma of flexibility. That ought to make the Dripbox 160 an interesting choice for a wide selection of vaping lovers, and elevates this product far above its predecessor. Is it a mod to start out out on, nicely no not likely, and should you taking a look at vaping to give up smoking then this mod actually isn’t for you, it’s extra of a complicated mod, one you’d use to really make the most of your vaping expertise. The bigger query, although, is that this: how nicely does it carry out? Options are good, however they don’t all the time foreshadow efficiency. In our estimation, nevertheless, these options do contribute to an expertise that we consider makes this product Kanger’s greatest providing so far.

The Dripbox 160 Box


For starters, we obtained much more vapor out of this gadget than the previous mannequin. That added energy and temperature management actually helped to spice up cloud manufacturing. On the style aspect of the equation, we’re capable of affirm that the Dripbox 160 offers clear, undiluted taste that we often solely see with units that are available at a a lot larger worth level. Maybe most essential of all, although, the product is straightforward to make use of and compares nicely with the opposite greatest digital cigarettes in it’s class.

With all that stated, there’s nothing to dislike about this system. It presents the facility you want, the management you need, and the efficiency you anticipate from a top quality model like Kanger. In consequence, we’re assured that this product would make a high quality addition to your personal vaping assortment, and extremely advocate it.

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Sigelei Fuchai Duo-Three 175 TC Field Mod Evaluation and Offers


Last Rating

Sigelei is protecting updated with market tendencies with the most recent design of their Fuchai collection. If in case you have heard of customers who encountered issues with temperature management in TC mode with the unique Fuchai 213, the Sigelei Fuchai Duo-Three 175 TC Field Mod will absolutely restore your religion the Sigelei Fuchai collection.

CHEAP Sigelei Fuchai Duo-Three Offers & Coupons!


Single Cowl (holds 2×18650 batteries)

$41.11 – Mod With Single Cowl – Plus $four.99 US Delivery – Get This Deal!

$44.99 – Mod With Single Cowl – Coupon: “DNA10” – Free US Delivery – Get This Deal!

$48.99 – Mod With Single Cowl – Plus $four US Delivery – Get This Deal!

$54.99 – Mod With Single Cowl – Free US Delivery – Get This Deal!

$62.95 – Mod With Single Cowl – Free US Delivery- Get This Deal!

2 Covers (holds 2 or 3×18650 batteries)

$38.99 – Mod With 2 Covers – Plus $eight delivery – Get This Deal!

*$58.49 – Mod With 2 Covers – Coupon: “DNA10” – Free US Delivery – Get This Deal!

$64.95 – Mod With 2 Covers – Free US Delivery- Get This Deal!

* Beneficial based mostly on delivery time and worth!

Full In-Depth Evaluate of the Sigelei Fuchai Duo-Three

There’s a rising new class of mods that allows you to add additional batteries to the setup to extend wattage in the event you want it. One sort is the WISMEC EXO Skeleton ES300 300W TC BOX, whose form stays the identical whether or not you employ two or three batteries. The second sort comes with a further battery cowl which you swap out if you add additional batteries Examples are the SMOK GX2/four and the Teslacigs Invader 2/Three. The Sigelei Fuchai Duo-Three 175W TC Field Mod is presently obtainable as a twin (duo) battery mannequin or a barely costlier three-battery mannequin which comes with two separate battery covers and allows you to change the mod measurement and wattage as you please.

Let’s make one factor clear, there are 2 variations of this mannequin available on the market, the one distinction being that one has an additional battery case to allow the three battery configuration, however it appears that evidently Sigelei have been in considerably of a rush to get this product to market and subsequently the preliminary merchandise solely include the two battery case, you need to purchase the additional case individually!The Sigelei Fuchai Duo-3 with 2 battery cover The 2-battery config handles as much as 175W, whereas the configuration with an additional battery (therefore the identify duo-Three) will improve most output to a powerful 255W. Bizarre they referred to as each variations the duo-Three though they each have the identical capabilities!

Sadly, the 18650 batteries don’t include the system, so how do you select the best ones! Nicely it is determined by what tank and coils setup you’ve got, and fortunate for you, we have now a information to elucidate how to decide on the suitable battery on your mod do you have to want it! Alternatively, you possibly can simply skip all that and try one of the best 18650 batteries available on the market!


Physique Constructing

The brand new Fuchai Duo-Three mod is out there in black, gunmetal grey, pale gold or pale silver, a recent vibrant blue, and purple. The chassis is constructed from a troublesome zinc alloy with a discreet texturized sample of clean micro-holes. The rounded edges look elegant and supply a cushty grip. They’ve taken the concepts from their Sigelei Fuchei 213 and simply improved it! In duo config the size are 85mm tall, 42mm broad and 30mm broad (5.1” x 2.5” x 1.eight”).
The Fuchai Duo-3 with both covers


Shade OLED Display

The OLED Screen on the Fuchai Duo-3
The complete-color display is an inch in measurement with a vertical colour-coded format that makes it straightforward to trace working mode, resistance and temperature when in TC mode, voltage and wattage, battery life, and a puff counter. The massive asymmetrical firing button sits on the prime, and adjustment buttons are positioned slightly below the display. The Micro-USB port will permit firmware upgrades and super-fast charging.


Tank It Up

Because the 510-connector can handle atomizers with a diameter as much as 32mm, you’ll haven’t any drawback matching it to your favourite tank. The Digiflavor Pilgrim GTA or OBS Crius RDTA will work properly, and since the pin is centered, they’ll look sensible. Nevertheless, you may pause earlier than utilizing very giant tanks just like the SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King or the Wismec Reux Tank on the twin battery configuration. They’ll match, and the mod can deal with very low resistance coils, so that you’ll get a terrific vape, however you’ll have to take some care when placing the mod down. An enormous tank on the slender duo config might be prime heavy, and you could want the trio-battery config for that.

Blue version of the Sigelei Fuchai Duo-3

Temperature Know-how

Sigelei’s chipset know-how is superb and can also be absolutely upgradeable. The identical microprocessor handles each variations (it’s the identical mod, simply totally different battery instances as I discussed earlier than). The duo config can hearth as much as 175W whereas the trio config can deal with 225W.

Select this mod for its exact temperature management, the subtle energy pre-heating perform, and Sigelei’s temperature compensation system which screens and adjusts the temperature routinely. This is among the greatest vape mods in its class unquestionably.

The Sigelei Fuchai Duo-Three handles from zero.1 to three Ohm atomizers and has TCR and TFR performance, so customers can adapt the mod to any vaping type utilizing Nickel, Stainless Metal, Titanium or Kantal coils. You’ve got the choice so as to add some critical Watts should you select the Three-battery config, however vaping at 100+W with two 18650 batteries will get some superior clouds. In case you often chug alongside at 50-80W, you’ll haven’t any drawback with battery life.


Versatile Battery Physique

You safe the set of two Li-Ion 18650 batteries with a back-mounted clip-on battery case – which should lock securely right into a small slot on the chassis earlier than the mod will hearth. We’ve got heard remoted reviews that some models have a bit of play on the slot and don’t lock down securely the primary time. The three-battery config battery case operates on the identical precept.

The packet with the Sigelei Fuchai Duo-3


  • 510-threaded and centered pin permits use of favourite atomizers as much as 32mm diameter
  • Slimline and low weight, with the choice of including bulk (additional battery) if you use big atomizers
  • Variable Wattage: – 175W or add an additional battery and go as much as 255W
  • Sigelei’s fashionable preheat performance and temperature compensation controllers
  • Use with any coil you need
  • Vibrant colour show display with straightforward to learn working interface



The Sigelei Fuchai Duo-Three 175W is a welcome addition to the rising variety of mid- to high-wattage mods. It has wonderful temperature management, a low weight and small measurement, however loads of options, and – impressively – is incomes a status for producing no misfires at excessive wattages. It’s properly constructed, glossy and may handle any vaping fashion with no hassle making Sigelei top-of-the-line e cig producers round. It’s fairly priced and can go down a deal with with anybody shifting on from a vape pen as much as superior mod customers. Good one, Sigelei!