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Kanger Spider 200W Mod Kit Review


Final Score

Kangers new Spider Kit isn’t your regular vape mod, it features an internal 4200 mAh rechargeable battery powering up to 200W, but has a new design to select the number of coils to fire within the tank! That’s right, select either 1, 2 or 3 coils to use and the mod automatically adjusts the power for you to vape! That aside, the mod is cool looking with all the other usual features you would expect from a top manufacturer.

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In-depth Kanger Spider Box Mod Kit Review

KangerTech has been pretty quiet in the marketplace for a little while, unlike their main competitors who seem to be releasing new units on a monthly basis trying to achieve the best vape mod. But now they are back with the release of a new box mod kit known as the Kanger Spider Kit, featuring a 200W Mod powered by an internal 4200mAh battery. The question though, is this mod kit better than the others, or is it one to simply forget about? In this Kanger Spider kit review, we will find out!



The Spider kit comes with a carbon fiber look and if you like triangles, then this mod is for you! It’s covered in them, I guess this is to represent a spider web of some description! It also comes in a number of colors; black, red, green, blue and teal. Colors available of the Kanger Spider 200W mod kitI guess the design is based on their Kanger dripbox 160 but is a little on the larger size, for good reason, it holds an internal 4200 mah battery which is recharged using the USB port located on the back of the mod. Speaking of the back, KangerTech has tried to incorporate a non-slip surface which features a pimple effect, it looks ok but not as cool as the carbon fiber look on the rest of the mod!

The firing button on the front is huge, and you’ve guessed it, a triangle! Again has this pimple texture so it can be found without issue. The tank is actually housed in the center of the top, this is a bit unusual as most mods have the tank position on one side. This is actually a good idea, as you can use any tank with any diameter you like on this baby (well up to around 32mm), without any overhang!

You also have some venting holes on the bottom of the mod, to avoid the internal battery getting too hot.

Front of the Kanger Spider Mod


The front holds 2 screens, both triangles again! The bottom screen is just a battery indicator which features 5 stripes, obviously the fewer stripes the less battery life. This is ok, but I personally prefer a percentage indicator, instead of having to memorize that 3 stipes means 60% etc!

The top screen is an OLED easy to read screen featuring all the basic info you need, like; wattage, resistance, voltage etc. similar to what you find on all of the best e cigs. Below the screen is a wheel to help you navigate through the menu and change the wattage of the mod. This is different and in our opinion a pain in the butt when changing the wattage, it can take some time!

To navigate to the menu section, it uses the standard 3 click activation. There you can change the power, coil type, and the ability to lock the wheel so you don’t accidentally change the wattage when carrying around.

The tank on the Kanger Spider kit

The Tank

On initial impressions, it looks like a pretty standard, top fill tank, but Kanger has introduced something a little clever to this tank. Let’s try to explain! The atomizer head that comes with this tank has 3 coils, within the atomizer are 3 connectors at the bottom and via the tank, you can select whether you want to use 1 coil, 2 coil or all 3 coils. When you change this, the mod also recognizes this change and will change the wattage accordingly, i.e. if you select 1 coil, the mod will change to 60W, 2 coils 120W and if all 3 coils are selected then the mod changes to 180W. Pretty cool huh! There are LEDs on the tank to show you how many coils you have selected. Obviously changing the number of coils also changes the resistance.



Not a bad tasting tank, creates some thick clouds and definitely worth considering. One thing we hated is using 3 coils on the tank adjusts the wattage to 180W which is a little too high for us, so to adjust down to around 100W you have to click the fire button to activate the screen, then start scrolling with this wheel for what seems to be a lifetime!
Side view of the Kanger Spider 200W Mod Kit
Ok, that out the way, the mod actually performs pretty well, at higher voltage we noticed a slow build up, instead of instant power, some may love or hate this. Granted, it’s not exactly the best e cig to quit smoking with but if you’ve tried a number of mods and fancy something a little different, then this mod kit might be for you.


To Conclude

A pretty cool looking mod, with a couple of new features like the ability to choose how many coils the tank fires is innovative stuff! The two main negatives we have is this wheel on the front that takes way too long when adjusting wattage and the internal batteries. Yes, we understand that the internal battery holds 4200 mAh which is huge, but we just prefer the ability to switch batteries and carry on vaping rather than waiting for the mod to charge!

Overall though a great mod kit at a really good price. This is a new kit only available on pre-order at the moment, but be sure to check out our Black Friday Vaping Deals page as this and other mods are sure to be available at unbelievable bargain prices!


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Wismec Reuleaux RX2 20700 200W Review


Final Score

Wismec have releases the Reuleaux RX2 20700 mod which features the use of high amperage 20700 batteries with the option of also using 18650 batteries. The mod is easy to use, comfortable to hold and operate, and slightly smaller than other models they have released. Coupled with the Gnome tank this kit produces some of the best-tasting vapor on the market, making it a sure consideration for one to add to your collection.

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Full Kit incl RX2 20700 Mod and Gnome Tank:

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Indepth Wismec Reuleaux RX2 20700 Mod Kit Review

The Reuleaux dual RX2 20700 vape mod comes either as a kit which includes the Gnome tank or just on its own. But how does this new mod by Wismec compete with its past mods and others on the market? In this review, we take a close look to see how it performs and whether it’s one you should rush out to buy or just one to avoid!

The Reuleaux RX2 in 3 different colors

The Package

The Wismex Reuleaux RX2 20700 comes with the mod in varies colors, the Gnome tank if you buy the kit version. The tank comes with 2 coil heads (0.2 ohms and 0.15ohm) spare glass etc.

Also in the kit comes the normal stuff like USB charger, instructions, and cards on how to use the tank!

Measuring at 81mm tall, 43mm wide, 35mm thick which comes in a little taller than the Wismec Reuleaux GEN 3 and about the same size as the original Reuleaux RX200s.


20700 Battery

You don’t see many vape mods using anything other than 18650 batteries for some reason. This may be due to the size as the 20700 is a little larger and for the extra battery life you get, we do ask ourselves whether it’s really worth it! You still need a recharge in the middle of the day!


The Display

The display screen on the Wismec Reuleaux RX2On the front of the mod below the huge, nicely designed firing button is the bright 1.3inch design that’s easy to read both indoors and outside. Showing the current mode Wattage/temperature, the voltage, resistance of the coil, the amperage as well as the power indicator of both batteries, this may sound a lot, but the design is really easy to read.

Also on the front is a single rocker-style button to adjust the wattage, which is slightly recessed to prevent accidentally changing the settings! The micro USB port is just below this switch, which allows for firmware upgrade and allows 2amp balance charging.

The base of the unit has a switch which unlocks the battery cover, which simply slides off.

Features of the Reuleaux RX2


To access the menu area within the device, you click the firing button 3 times. The mode will then start blinking and with the bottom button, you can select from the menu. You can flick it to temperature mode and choose which coil type your using, for example, stainless steel, nickel or titanium.

You can also lock in your resistance, change the display and some other cool features like putting the device in stealth mode so the display is hidden. This is done by holding the firing button and the down button. You can also lock the up/down button by holding them both down for a couple of seconds. Of course, it has the standard 5 click on and off feature as well!

So really a lot of features that you would expect from any of the high-end or best vape mods.

The battery compartment

Dual Battery

Yes, this mod is a dual battery unit, but the big difference here is that it uses dual 20700 batteries instead of the most popular 18650 batteries.

You can use your old 18650 batteries in this mod though with the use of a sleeve!

The Gnome Tank

Gnome Tank

If you buy the kit, you get the Gnome tank which is a 25mm x 45mm sub ohm tank. It comes with a proprietary 8mm Wide Bore Drip Tip and a Delrin Drip Tip. The tank is a top fill unit, with dual air flow control. The 2 coils that come with the unit are a dual coil 0.15 ohm and a triple coil 0.2 ohm. They do offer more coils but these are the standard ones you’ll find in the kit.

The tank although small is actually quite impressive. Although we love RDA’s, for a standard tank this thing really performs, which brings us to the overall performance!



As we said we were really impressed with the Gnome tank and paired with the Wismec Reuleaux RX2 20700 produces some really good flavor as well as some serious clouds! Love the 510 drip tips and the slight resistance in the air flow.

Front and side view of the Reuleaux RX2The mod is really easy to use, changing the controls and locking them in, if you need to, as well as looking really good! Firing the device is really easy thanks to the oversized firing button, the mod fits perfectly in your hand and a sure contender of best e cig in its class.


Down Side

So was it all great vaping the Wismec Reuleaux RX2 20700? Well no, not really, there were a couple of bad points we found:

  • Now although this is a dual 20700 battery mod, we found that although the battery life is improved, it’s not by much! We still need 2 sets of batteries to last the day.
  • The menu is relatively easy to navigate through, but with only the rocker button to select and change the settings can get a little confusing, at least for us!

Although these are negatives, you really don’t go into the menu on a daily basis and if you did you would probably get used to it, hence my problem!


To Conclude

We were actually really happy with the Wismec Reuleaux RX2, considering it’s a dual 20700 battery mod, it’s really not that big and the performance is just awesome, especially with the Gnome tank that comes with the kit. Granted it’s not the best e cig to quit smoking with but if your looking for a new mod and fancy trying something new, then the Wismec Reuleaux RX2 20700 should definitely be considered.

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VaporFi VAIO Mini Review


Final Score

The new VaporFi VAIO Mini vape mod is one of the simplest mods to use in the industry. The all in one mod features a built-in 1000mAH rechargeable battery and a built-in tank, just charge, fill with your favorite flavor of juice and start vaping, no messing around! This size of this device is amazing and the punch it has with flavor is equally amazing if your new to vaping this device is perfect! If your an experienced vaper though you may want a device with more features.

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Indepth VaporFi VAIO Mini Starter Kit Review

VaporFi have been in the vaping industry for many years now and they have now introduced a tiny vape mod named the VaporFi VAIO Mini. Considering its size and price we don’t expect much, but let’s check out this mod to see how it performs against its competitors and the other best vape mods on the market.

Front and back view of the VAIO Mini mod


Wow, this thing is small! It is so discrete and can even be hidden totally in your hand it is that small! It is an all in one device, known as AIO, which basically means it has its own built-in tank within the device; all you need to do is fill it with juice and you’re good to go!

Considering its size we are amazed they managed to fit a 1000mAh internal battery in, with a constant output measured around 3.7 volts this should last approx 6 hours of constant vaping, good job VaporFi. There’s also no voltage setting, temperature controls or anything to have to worry about!

VaporFi seems to be concentrating on easy to use devices, take their VaporFi VAIO Go, for example, which is their easy to use vape pen.


Using the VAIO Mini

As with many mods and vape pens to turn the device on and off uses the 5 click process, this protects the device from being fired when carrying around with you. There is a fire button on the side which you hold down when you draw on the device.

Removing the Atomizer Base and Atomizer

Changing The Atomizer

To change the atomizer you first have to remove the mouthpiece, this shows the atomizer base which can now be unscrewed. The atomizer can then be unscrewed from this base. When you first receive your VAIO Mini, it’s a good idea to remove the preinstalled atomizer and drop a few drops of juice around the top edges, trying to soak the cotton. This prevents and dry burns, as that can taste horrible.  You should do this each time you change the atomizer also.

Filling the VaporFi VAIO Mini with e-liquid

Filling the Tank

To fill the VAIO Mini you can pull down on the front lever which exposes the fill hole, this is pretty cool as you don’t have to play around with unscrewing atomizers, or removing mouthpieces etc. One thing to be aware of is that you can easily overfill the device, especially when you hold it on its side to refill! Just be aware of this and you should be fine! Make sure you close the fill lever after adding the e-liquid or it might leak all over the place.

The size of the VAIO Mini


The VaporFi VAIO Mini comes with a micro USB cable to charge the internal battery. Simply connect to a power source to begin the charging process. You can check the battery level by clicking the fire button 3 times quickly. Four led lights on the front screen represent a fully charged battery.


Before Initial Use

Once you have primed your atomizer (dripped a few drops of e-liquid in your atomizer) and filled the device with e-liquid it’s a good idea to take a few short breaths through the mouthpiece, this circulates the e-liquid through the atomizer, again stopping any likelihood of dry burns.

This procedure is pretty standard with most vape mods and vape pens.

How the VaporFi VAIO Mini performs


With a 1 ohm resistance and 3.7V output, our expectations were initially low and thought it was mainly for those who vape mouth to lung, which is when you draw into your mouth first then suck the vapor into your lung in a similar way people smoke a cigarette. You can learn more about the different types of vaping here.

But we actually tried both mouth to lung and direct lung inhales and they both worked great!

There is a little resistance in airflow, but this is really only an issue if your use to huge airflow devices and you soon get used to it.

The mod itself doesn’t produce huge clouds, like some of the best e cigs we have reviewed, but then we didn’t expect it would, you need less than 0.5ohm units (sub ohm mods) for that. But what it does produce is a decent flavor and a fulfilled hit.



The VaporFi VAIO Mini comes in a box complete with everything you need to start vaping, well almost!  The Kit includes the following:

1 x VaporFi VAIO All in One Mod

2 x 1ohm atomizers

1 x USB Charging cable

1 x User Guide

Basically everything except e-liquid, but as you need to choose your own custom flavor that is understandable, just don’t forget to add it as it can be really annoying if your kit arrives but you have no juice!

Colors available of the VAIO Mini
Purple version of the VAIO Mini mod

Protection On The Device

The VaporFi VAIO Mini comes with some safety features, for example, if the resistance of the coil is low, or if there is a fault like short-circuited etc the fire button will flash, protecting the user from any overheating, damage or those vaping explosions you hear about in the news. If this happens, it’s best to check the connection of the atomizer.

Again this is pretty standard with most regulated vape mods on the market, but it’s nice to see VaporFi also incorporating it.


To Conclude

The VaporFi VAIO Mini is really aimed at new vapers or those wishing to quit smoking with e-cigs as the draw, is very similar. The ease of use is great, with this AIO device, you just need to add your e-liquid and start vaping, you don’t need to know ohms law to figure out what voltage you need or temperature to use.

Overall a reliable, small vape mod with a great tasting vapor, good job VaporFi.

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Aspire Gusto and Aspire Gusto Mini Review


Final Score

If your new to vaping, or a smoker looking for an easy to use, no frills mod then the Gusto and Gusto Mini from Aspire is one great choice. Supports both mouth to lung and direct lung inhales with some great flavors available we can see why ex-smokers are excited about this pod system. The mini has a built-in 900mah internal battery whilst the standard, larger Gusto has a 1100mah battery, with an output power of just 17W this relatively small battery can last all day. Overall a great mod for newcomers and smokers, but a little short of features for the more experienced.

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Gusto Mini:

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Gusto Standard

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Indepth Aspire Gusto Mini Review

Aspire have been known to produce some of the best vaping products on the market for some time, but now they are changing direction somewhat with a new pod system mod. The Aspire Gusto and Gusto Mini mods are a new era of vape mods hitting the market, known as an all-in-one (AIO) pod system which has the tank, atomizer, and battery all housed in the same unit, known as a closed system making it less likely to leak, smaller and in some cases much more convenient to vape.



Blue version of the Aspire Gusto MiniThe Gusto Mini has a 4.2ml capacity tank, versus the 6ml tank on the Gusto standard model which is only available in the US. The mini has a built-in 900mah internal battery versus the 1,100mah on the standard model; both are charged via the USB cable provided. This saves on buying those 18650 batteries.

There is a led which flashes to indicate when the battery is fully charged, green represents good battery life and as you use the device the led will change to red indicating it requires a recharge.

The atomizer which is built into the tank is at 1.5ohms so perfect for the mouth to lung inhales and those looking at e-cigs to quit smoking as this resembles the same draw process. That said with the relatively low resistance you can actually perform direct lung inhales too.

Simply click the button 5 times, similar to most mods, to switch the unit on, and then click when inhaling to fire the mod up.

That’s it, hence the term all in one and simple to use, there is no playing around with voltage levels, temperatures or resistance settings just click and go!

All the colors of the Aspire Gusto Mini


Pod System

The disposable pods for both the Gusto and Gusto Mini can be bought separately and a number of flavors available were initially low. Luckily Aspire has teamed up with Halo Cigs and now Halo is offering all their flavors for both the mini and standard Gusto! This is great news as all their popular flavors are included, Halo e-liquids are premium class, and they include the following flavors for the Gusto pods:
Pod system on the Aspire Gusto

  • Tribeca
  • Turkish Tobacco
  • SubZero
  • Sugar Twist
  • Cryptic Blast

The Gusto Mini pods hold 4.2ml whilst the standard Gusto hold 6ml of e-liquid and all, obviously, come with a new atomizer installed as they are all built in! This makes it easier for the user as all they have to do is throw away the old pod and insert the new one into the mod, then they are good to go!

Aspire Gusto Mini with USB attached


The Gusto and Gusto Mini are perfect for those new to vaping and want a mod that is easy to use without having to adjust any settings. We thought, with this limitation the performance would be affected, but to our surprise, both units perform really well for both mouth to lung vapers and direct lung inhale vapers.

The size of the Mini Gusto is amazing! With only 900mAh battery though we thought it would require constant recharging, but as it only draws 17W of output the battery actually lasts a long time, all day in fact.


To Conclude

The performance is really good, and although this unit is really aimed at new vapers, we actually really enjoyed using it too, we believe for new vapers this is one of the best e cig devices you can buy. With the simple to use pod system, you can literally figure out how to use this device without reading any instructions, even if you’ve never even seen a vape mod before!

The vape flavors from Halo Cigs really work well with this mod and we truly recommend it for all new vapers out there!

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SMOK G Priv 2 Review


Final Score

Released pretty soon after the original the version 2 upgrade is now here. The SMOK G-Priv 2 is certainly an improvement, both in ergonomics and functionality, producing a 230W output controlled by a new, sharper 2 inch color touchscreen panel to set a trio of output settings, preheat and a host of other stuff from their new SMOK chipset, this mod packs all the features any new or experienced vaper needs. Coupled with the TFV8 X-Baby Beast Tank, this kit is hard to beat.

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Mod Only:

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Full Kit incl Mod and TFV8 X-Baby Beast Tank:

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* Recommended based on shipping time and price!

Indepth SMOK G Priv 2 Review

SMOK’s been hit-or-miss with us lately, with several products that have caught our attention and a few that have left us flat. Still, we’re big fans of the company, so we were eager to test out the new SMOK G-Priv 2 in hopes that this latest version of the Priv would give us reason to cheer. In this SMOK G-Priv 2 review, we’ll examine its capabilities, put it through its paces, and see whether this device is all we hope it might be and see if it’s one of the best vape mods on the market.

The Smok G Priv 2 mod in different colors

Smok Tech

If you’re familiar with SMOK, then you can understand why we’re so high on the company. SMOK always seems to push the envelope when it comes to innovative vaping technology. A few months ago, they broke the mold once again when they released the fantastic original G-Priv 220. That device was filled with all the power any user could wish for and included a handy and well-designed touchscreen that we were sure would change the industry forever. Now, it might seem as though it’s a little too early for the company to introduce an update for that model, but this is SMOK we’re talking about – and they seem to have a good sense of what the market needs, and when.


The Upgrade

Side view of the Smok G Priv 2So, what does this update to the G-Priv involve, you ask? Well, let’s note the obvious before we get into the finer details. Aesthetically, this is a streamlined look that is much more attractive than the original. It’s being touted as “slimmer” and that certainly seems to be the case. It’s also supposedly a more durable device than its predecessor – though we didn’t put it through any stress tests to confirm that notion.


G-Priv 2 Features

The G-Priv 2 is outfitted with 510 threading – making it compatible with most other components in the market. It relies upon 2 high amp 18650 batteries to provide it’s 1.0 – 230.0 W of wattage. Of course, those batteries are not included in the package, so be sure that you have some on hand if you want to use your SMOK as soon as it arrives at your doorstep. Batteries can be charged via the device’s micro-USB charging port.

It offers variable temperature control for nickel, titanium, and stainless steel 316, with temperature control that ranges from 200 to 600 F – or 100 – 315 C, you can read more about stainless and nickel coils here. That’s more than enough variance to ensure that the product accommodates the widest possible spectrum of vaping needs. In temperature control mode, you can achieve resistance ranges of 0.06 – 3.0 Ohms. If you opt for variable wattage instead, you can enjoy a range of 0.1 – 3.0 Ohms.

Like its predecessor, the version 2 comes with a touchscreen display. It also offers shatter-resistant glass, an OLED display screen to monitor and alter settings, and a solid zinc alloy construction that is sure to provide most users with all the durability they’ll ever need in a vaping device. It comes with oversized airflow slots that are designed for optimal customization and a huge central airflow chamber. Perhaps best of all from a design standpoint is that the G-Priv 2 can accommodate that wonderful X-Baby Tank (it even comes with the mod if you buy the kit), which means that it can achieve e-liquid capacity of 4 ml!

The packaging of the G Priv 2 Kit


So, why is that latter point so important? If you’re not into huge clouds of vapor, then the Baby Tank might be something that you’re unfamiliar with. For those who’ve used it, however, it needs no introduction. This thing is a tank atomizer that can flood your room with thick, flavorful vapor. Together with this tank, the G-Priv 2 should be an unstoppable cloud monster that meets all your cloud-chasing needs.

Granted, it’s not the perfect tank for those who are trying e-cigs to quit smoking, but for the more experienced vaper, who want to experience more vapor, this kit is wonderful!

With that said, you can probably guess how our tests went. Yes, the mod provided all the power that we could ask for – and then some. Wattage was consistently good, and we found everything to be extremely convenient to use – with almost no learning curve. In an age where companies sometimes change things just to change things, SMOK’s consistency is refreshing.


To Conclude

That’s why we are so happy to recommend this product to vaping enthusiasts – and especially those who are thrilled at the prospect of achieving the largest clouds without modifying their vaping rigs. With the SMOK G-Priv 2 is one of the best e cig mods out there and there is no need for customization, no special techniques, or other tricks and tactics. Instead, you get a thoroughly well-conceived vaping device that is focused on helping you produce as much thick., flavorful vapor as possible. In other words, SMOK knocked this one out of the park.


Smok is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and they have many models currently on the market:


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Lost Vape Therion DNA 75C Review


Final Score

So two bad things about the new Lost Vape Therion DNA 75C that make it a 9/10 instead of 10/10 and that’s the price and limited output power. You do however get what you pay for and that is one truly unbelievable mod that competes against any mod out there! If you can handle the 75W max output, then this dual 18650 battery mod is going to last and outperform most mods. A Great all round mod, we loved it!

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Standard 75C Model:

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Squonk BF 75C Model:

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* Recommended based on shipping time and price!

Indepth Lost Vape Therion Mod Review

If you’ve been sitting around wondering what Lost Vape has been up to, wonder no more. The company has come out with its reinvented Therion mod and seems ready to take the vaping world by storm. And when we say that, we mean precisely that: this mod appears to be poised to change how we view box mods forever. But is all that hype accurate? Can any new mod truly revolutionize the way we think about vaping technology and all that it can accomplish? In this Lost Vape Therion DNA 75C review, we’ll take a look at this latest entry into the vape mod marketplace, and try to answer those questions.

The side view of the Lost Vape Therion Vape Mod

Design and Cost

Let’s get one thing out of the way right off the bat: this is a pricey device in comparison to something like the Smok Procolor Mod for example. It’s being sold at just under $150, unless you get an awesome deals like those we show above! But this puts it at the upper end of mod pricing – and may just be enough to deter many people from giving it a try. But here’s the thing you need to know about the Therion: this is not just another run-of-the-mill, factory-manufactured, ticky-tacky little box mod. When you buy one, you will be getting a mod that is unlike any other mod on the market – including other Therion mods.

Yes, each of these devices is unique, with its own unique finish that makes it anything but identical to its peers. In effect, you are buying a one-of-a-kind vaping device that could easily pass for a technological work of art. In other words, there’s something special about this product – special enough to warrant true aesthetic individuality.

Lost Vape Therion DNA 75C Multiple Designs

But here’s the question you’ll probably ask – is that unique finish enough to justify that price? Honestly, the answer is probably a simple no. Fortunately, however, there’s more to this product than a snazzy finish. For while many other lower cost mods contain many of the same features Lost Vape piled into this device, this product is in another category altogether.

Squonk BF 75C Model

One note: Lost vape were so impressed with this model they created a squonk mod model, which runs off one 18650 battery and has the bottom fed bottle inplace of the other battery! This model is known as the Lost Vape Therion BF DNA 75C, the BF standing for bottom fed! Obviously the same features but running of just one 18650 battery limits the battery life.

View from the top of the Lost Vape Therion DNA 75C mod

Under The Hood

What do I mean by features? Well, the Therion mod is built around the Evolv DNA board, which makes maximum use of the innovative eScribe software. That software allows maximum customization for devices that use it – enabling you to make your Therion operate according to your wishes. That’s a true game-changer in the competition for the best e cig since it provides the user with the power he needs to make the machine learn his wishes – rather than adapting to the tech’s limitations. It’s about time this became a reality, right?



As for performance, it’s all that you would expect from a company like Lost Vape. It uses two parallel 18650 batteries, which can be charged via the mini-USB port or externally. Those batteries give the device up to 75 watts of power, which can be directed to variable wattage or temperature control mode. We’re big fans of the 18650 batteries, so their inclusion in this design is a major plus. Now, 75W doesn’t sound like much, but with dual batteries, this mod is going to last so a big thumbs up on a vape mod you can use all day.

Modes available on the Lost Vape TherionThat 75w limitation might be the only thing that some users fail to get excited about.  After all, the previous version of the Therion was rated at nearly twice that wattage, which makes this feel like a step backward. To be fair, though, I seldom used my old Therion at anything approaching that wattage level, so it’s not a huge concern from my perspective. I recognize, however, that other users will be hesitant to shell out this kind of money for a device that is less powerful than its predecessor, and that’s too bad.

Many vapers switch to mechanical mods to get better performance, but the Lost Vape Therion 75C does deliver an awesome vape, it performed well in all our tests. Wattage was reliable and consistent, and we were able to use the mod with a number of different tanks and RDAs – something that always appeals to most of our test group. It is important to note, though, that this beautiful device doesn’t really do anything that other 75 watt mods can’t do. Its only real performance advantage is that it’s a Lost Vape product – which means that you can rely on it to continue to achieve those great results for years to come.


To Conclude

So, what’s the verdict? Is the Lost Vape Therion DNA 75C truly revolutionary? This is not a vape mod for those who are new to the market, or those looking for the best e-cig to quit smoking with. You will have nothing to compare it too and not realize the true value of this mod. In some respects, this mod is revolutionary. Its look and software are certainly a step up from many other mods. Performance-wise, though, you may need to consider whether you want to pay this kind of money for a product that is anything but light-years ahead of the competition. I know that I’m buying one, but admit that I’m more drawn to the aesthetics and the brand than its actual capabilities. In the end, you’ll have to decide for yourself whether any 75-watt mod is ever worth that price.

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VaporFi V-Grip 75 TC Starter Kit Review


Final Score

The VaporFi V-Grip 75 Mod is a small single 18650 mod that powers up to 75W. With awesome reliability, simple to use controls and great ergonomics, this is one of the best single battery mods on the market. Caution though, if your looking for an all-day vaping mod, you may need to carry a spare battery with you. This mod is ideally suited for those prebuilt sub ohm atomizer heads.

CHEAP VaporFi V Grip 75 Deals & Coupons!


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* Discount will be automatically applied at checkout!

In-depth VaporFi V-Grip 75 Mod and Starter Kit Review

VaporFi have a long list of products which suit a whole range of vapers, so if you’re after a basic product to try to quit smoking with, or a more advanced mod to get the most of your eliquid then VaporFi pretty much has a product out there for you to try.

Just recently they have released a new mod, the  VaporFi V-Grip 75 TC, which promises to give the best performance for a low powered mod, we give it a test drive to see how well it performs.

The V-Grip in 2 colors

The Power

The mod takes a single 18650 battery which is located under a small magnetic door, so it’s reasonably small in comparison to other mods, but still a decent size to grip. With a single battery means the limitation of higher power performance, capped to 75W, but if it’s used at this high voltage the battery will not last long. This is not too much of an issue because the majority of vapers use between 30-50W depending on the atomizer or coil resistance you use.


The Screen

The led screen is well designed with easy to read displays and simple function with only 3 buttons, i.e. the fire button and a plus and minus button to adjust the settings.

All in all, it’s a really easy mod to understand and use. It also has a stealth mode, which is handy for two reasons, one it saves battery life and two; when vaping in a dark room it doesn’t light up like a Christmas tree so you can subtly vape without everyone noticing, except the huge cloud of vapor and awesome smell that circulates the room that is!

The size of the VaporFi V-Grip 75 TC Starter Kit

The Performance

Remember this mod operates with a single 18650 battery, so you are going to need a spare with you if you expect to vape all day. The higher wattage you use, the shorter the battery life.

That said most prebuilt sub-ohm coils work best around 30-50W and this mod really performs well at these levels.  You can buy the kit which comes with a tank of your choice; we used the Volt 2 and thought it was a great companion for this mod!

Side view of the VaporFi V-Grip modTo turn on the unit you click the button 5 times. Click the fire button 3 times to navigate to the menu to change the different modes and adjust the power or temperature, it’s really that simple.

Over the week that we tested this mod we never had a miss fire or any problems to report. So if you’re after a reliable, simple to use, relatively small and good looking mod, look no further than the VaporFi V-Grip!


Temperature Control

If temperature control mods are your thing, then the V-Grip also caters for you with a range of 100° – 300°C (200° – 600° F). In our tests the mod worked perfectly, maintaining a constant temperature at all times. Choosing between modes is simple, just click the fire button 3 times, change to TC mode and choose your temperature.

It also has prebuilt in memories, so if you have different tanks which operate at different temperatures, you can pre-program them in.

For its size and comparing it with the other single battery box mods, the V-Grip 75 TC is defenitely one of the best box mod kits on the market.


The Negatives

    The disadvantagesThe advantages
  • Only uses one 18650 battery, so you’ll need a spare
  • Design is rather basic
  • Limits to 75W output



  • Great for prebuilt coils and sub-ohm atomizers
  • Can be charged via USB cable
  • Reliable and easy to use

The VaporFi V-Grip 75 TC Bundle Kit contents

Packages Available

You have the option to buy the mod on its own to use with your existing tank, or buy a bundle kit version which includes a Volt 2 Hybrid Tank, Viper Tank or Rocket 3 Tank.

With the bundle kit version, you also get a 18650 battery and a vape juice of your choosing making it possible the best deal and gives you everything you need to begin vaping!

VAporFi are well known for their e-liquids and you can actually combine your own flavors for that custom taste to suit you. This is another advantage of using VaporFi, they can be your single shop for all your needs. We talk about their e-liquids in our VaporFi E-Liquid review, if you want to get a better idea.
Black version of the VaporFi V-Grip 75

The Deals

Currently there are 2 kits available and we have found 2 deals, 1 for each kit!


To Conclude

VaporFi have long been producing some of the best electronic cigarette models on the market and the VaporFi V-Grip 75 is a great example of their quality. The mod is really for those who want a small reliable and easy to use mod that fits comfortably in your pocket and vape around the 50W power range. Any higher and we would suggest going for a dual 18650 mod. With an easy to read screen, easy to use controls and a stealth mode, this mod is one of the best 75W mods on the market.

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Smok Priv One Kit Review


Final Score

If small and cute is your thing, then the SMOK Priv One might be a mod kit that’s on your list, after all, it does produce some lovely flavors and is generally a great mod. For us though, it just doesn’t live up to expectations, yes, it’s better than their competitors, but not enough so to drop everything and rush out to buy it! The smallish 920 mAh battery is enough for a few hours of continuous vape, but an all day vape, no, we don’t think so. If your looking for a vape mod that you can carry in your pocket and not vape every other minute then the Priv One should be considered.

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* Recommended based on shipping time and price!

In-depth Smok Priv One Vape Mod Review

It seems like we’ve been reviewing a lot of SMOK products of late, as the company has been pushing out an array of new products recently like their popular SMOK Procolor 225W Mod. If there’s one thing that we’ve noticed over that time, it’s that many of these new offerings seem to be minor aesthetic upgrades over the company’s previous market entries. That’s not a bad thing, mind you – especially when you consider that SMOK is already one of the most cutting-edge vaping manufacturers in the industry today. Still, we’d be lying if we said that we weren’t a little disappointed in the company’s failure to introduce anything radically different in terms of functionality. In this Smok Priv One review, we’ll see if they break that recent trend with this new product.

The design of the Smok Priv One


First, let’s get one thing out of the way: this device is clearly designed to compete head-to-head with the SV Mi-One. It has a similar body shape, similar dimensions, and even similar capabilities. Again, that’s not a bad thing. However, it’s important to note so that no one assumes that SMOK pulled this basic design out of the ether. Most casual vapers wouldn’t be able to differentiate between the two without a lengthy period of examination.

The Priv One is one of those all-in-one and some argue one of the best vape mods that is great for new vapers and MTL fans alike. It comes with a deliciously simple rectangular design that is relatively short – though it’s slightly larger than the MI-One. The atomizer is built into the design, and the unit comes with a firing button that is much easier to use than the Mi-One. It’s amazing what a slightly-enlarged button can do when it comes to added convenience.

The specification of the Smok Priv One vape mod

Vapor, Taste and Power

Another plus is the coils that SMOK uses for this device. The included SMOK Stick AIO Core coils are extremely well-made and carry a 0.6 Ohm rating. The device’s atomizer translates that into clouds of delicious vapor, thanks to the wonderfully-conceived top airflow control capabilities. At the lowest power settings, you can easily fill a room with the vapor from this device.  Alternatively, you can opt for coils with a lower Ohm rating and focus on flavoring, it does take a little playing around to figure out which vape is right for you but these types of mods generally cater for all. With those low-rated coils, you can get this unit cranking at about 60 watts. That produces a vapor that retains the great taste of your favorite e-juice.

Keep in mind, that these details are all superior to the MI-One – demonstrating that SMOK was committed to beating out that rival in many of the areas that matter most to experienced vapers. And it would be nice to think that the company succeeded in rivaling the Mi-One in every area of concern – but that didn’t happen. There are several areas in which the Priv loses out to that competitor offering.

For example, take the battery. The MI-One offers a 1100 mAh battery to power its activities. Surely, SMOK had to at least consider besting that – right? Not a chance. Instead, the Priv One was designed to run on a 920 mAh battery that you can’t even swap out for an alternative. Why? Who knows. And then there’s the juice capacity. The Mi-One comes with a large 3.5 ml capacity. You would think that SMOK would at least match that. You’d be wrong again. The Priv One can hold only 2 ml of liquid.

Granted this type of mod is really designed for those smokers looking for the best vape and really a step up from the cigalike devices like the Juul ecig, so it’s not going to produce huge amounts of vaper, but it’s small and convient so perfect for carrying around with you.

The size of the Smok Priv One in a hand


Now, here’s the thing about that juice capacity. In our tests, the Priv One was a thirsty little device. With a larger e-juice reservoir, that wouldn’t be a problem. With a mere 2 ml capacity to its name, however, we quickly grew tired of the refilling process. In our view, that’s a real distraction from vaping enjoyment and something that SMOK should have realized before they released this product.

The question is this: does the Priv One’s better coil features and design improvements make up for the less powerful battery and reduced juice capacity? Our review team went back and forth on this issue and ultimately concluded that it does not. The Priv One is a decent device, but we cannot in good conscience recommend it over its rivals, given its inconsistent success in besting other devices.


To Conclude

None of that is to suggest that the Priv One is in any way an inferior vaping device. It’s not and infact SMOK have been known to produce some of the best e cig products in the world. But the Priv One just isn’t so dramatically better than its competitors that it warrants a full-throated recommendation. So, if you need a mod and like the SMOK brand, give this a shot. If you’re looking for a large tank and major power, however, look elsewhere. It’s as simple as that.


Smok is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and they have many models currently on the market:


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Smok ProColor 225W Mod Kit Review and Best Deals


Final Score

SMOK have finally released an upgrade to the Alien kit that was one of their biggest selling vape mods of 2016. Introducing the Procolor 225W kit, with an improved protective finish to prevent the paint chipping and a color LCD screen this mod is beautiful. The few improvements probably don’t warrant an upgrade from the original Alien kit itself, but nevertheless, this mod is one of the best on the market and we just loved it!

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* Recommended based on shipping time and price!

In-Depth Review of the Smok ProColor Mod Kit

Smok is one of the most respected brands in the e-cig industry, so it will always have fans lining up to check out its newest product offerings. That’s certainly true for us, as we’ve been waiting to get our hands on its latest product since rumors first broke that the company was working on an Alien update. While that latest product doesn’t use the name Alien, make no mistake: the ProColor is an updated version of the Smok Alien in pretty much every way that matters. So, what do we think of it, you wonder? We’re glad you asked. In this Smok ProColor Kit 225W review, we’ll analyze this little mod and see whether it was worth the wait.

The box and packaging of the Smok Procolor kit

The Kit

First, let’s note that we’re reviewing the kit – and with Smok, that means we need to mention the packaging. Smok branding is top-of-the-line, and that always shines through in their packaging decisions. In this instance, the kit comes in a great-looking box adorned with the mod’s image on the outside. The goodies, though, are really on the inside of the box. This kit obviously comes with the ProColor mod, which is neatly packaged in a Styrofoam container to protect it during shipping. The kit also includes the micro-USB cable needed for charging, coil heads, spare o-rings, and Smok’s own Big Baby Best sub-ohm tank and extra glass tube. It’s a really nice package with almost everything you need for your vaping adventures.



Features of the Smok ProColor ModThe dimensions of the ProColor are almost identical to that Alien device: 85 mm tall, 46 mm wide and 30 mm in diameter. It also has an eerily-similar design, from the side-firing bar to the hinged battery door. Sure, they made a few minor changes to the old Alien design, but it’s still obvious that the two devices are closely related from a design standpoint. If you like that old Alien kit, then that’s probably a good thing. I loved it, in fact we classed it as one of the best vape mods at the time it was released.

There are also some meaningless features that seem out of place on a vaping device, including an array of lights designed to give you a light show. Why? Who knows, it seems all the best e cig manufacturers are doing it these days! Personally, I’ve always found these types of features to be a waste of design space, and wonder why companies sometimes act like they view these things as toys. If I want a light show, I’m certainly not going to look for it in a vaping device.

On the plus side of the equation, Smok has reportedly taken to heart the many complaints it received about its products’ finish. More attention has been given to the ProColor’s paint job, and the company now provides a clear coating that will supposedly prevent the type of paint-chipping seen with the Alien. Time will tell, but that would be a clear improvement over the Alien.

The display on the Procolor mod

The Display

The display is very attractive and manages to pack in a lot of information in a limited space. You can view details about everything from atomizer resistance to voltage, and even have access to a puff counter. The menu is easy enough to manage, though the reliance on using different presses of the device’s firing bar was actually pretty inefficient – especially when you consider that there are so many other ways to handle that type of navigation. Even a simple mistake can leave you starting at the beginning of the navigation process. That’s a mess.

The device does have temperature control and preheating capabilities – as well as memory mode. Of course, this too has to be accessed using that strange firing button navigation system. Good luck with that. So is this mod really for the expert vaper? Well no not really, if your looking for an e cig to quit smoking then this unit can help too, it’s features are easy to use and has many options for the vaper, like the use of both sub ohm and regular atomizer heads to support mouth to lung and direct lung inhales, put simply this mod covers it all so you won’t need to upgrade once your vaping experience expands.

Battery life seems to be about average, which is what we expected. If yours is fully charged before you leave the house for work, it will likely serve you throughout the day. It’s powered by two 18650 batteries, so there are no surprises there.

Multiple colors of the Smok ProColor 225W Mod kit


As for performance, that’s where the rubber really meets the road. First, let’s dispense with the 225W label that some people seem to view as a promise. While this device is rated for 225 watts, we didn’t get it to perform at those levels. For us, it maxed out at about 190-200 watts – but that’s actually a very impressive number. Many devices don’t actually reach their rated wattage capability, so we’ve come to expect that.


To Conclude

The ProColor was adequate, in our view. Alien owners may not find the minor technical upgrades to be worth their investment, but new buyers should be very happy with the device, it does pretty much everything! Overall, we found the Smok ProColor Kit 225W to be a great mod that should meet most users’ needs.


Smok is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and they have many models currently on the market:


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SMOK T-Priv Kit Review and Deals


Final Score

We have always liked the SMOK offerings to the vaping market, but as we have tested many products the T-Priv just doesn’t give us anything new to be impressed with. That said you still get a quality mod that you would expect! Exceptional performance with a great design giving you a great vape that competes with the best on the market. If however your looking to upgrade your current Smok Mod, then save your money and wait, the new functionality is just not there!

CHEAP SMOK T Priv Deals & Coupons!


T-Priv Mod Only

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Full T-Priv Kit Incl Tank

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$64.79 – Coupon “DNA10” – Full T-Priv Kit Inc TFV8 Big Baby Tank – Free US Shipping – Get This Deal!


* Recommended based on shipping time and price!

Full In-depth Review of the SMOK T-Priv Kit

If you’re a fan of the products offered by SMOK Tech, then you no doubt eagerly anticipate every new innovation they bring to market. And let’s be honest here: there are few companies out there with a better understanding of their market than SMOK we have been a keen fan since their release of the Smok Alien Kit last year, which is still voted as one of the best box mods on the market! The company almost always hits its mark. So, you can understand why we have been so excited to get our hands on the new SMOK T-Priv; we just couldn’t wait to put it through its paces. In this SMOK T-Priv Kit review, we’ll do just that – and see whether this latest entry into the vaping marketplace is good enough to earn our recommendation.

The design of the SMOK T-Priv


Let’s begin with the design. The outer casing is a work of futuristic art and looks like something that Optimus Prime himself would be proud to carry around. From an aesthetic standpoint, this device is about as cutting-edge as anything we’ve seen come down the pike in quite some time. The shell is highly-detailed and covers a layer of LED panels that you can use to give you a little light while you vape.

This is not your typical, sleek mod design, to be sure. Instead, this is a device that hearkens back to a time when we were all accustomed to technology’s hard edges and even harder angles. Of course, SMOK has given those aesthetic details their full attention, as everything from the feature placement to outer finish showcases their commitment to getting it right.

Those LED panels are customizable too –  so you have the ability to alter the transitions, use different color effects, or schedule their illumination cycle. I’m personally ambivalent toward these types of “features” – since I’ve always believed that companies do better when they focus on their core competencies – but for those who really appreciate these types of bells and whistles, this will probably be a real selling point.

The battery door which houses two 18650 batteries offers what we’ve come to expect from SMOK. It’s easy to manage and seals up well without any glitches. SMOK also marked the contacts, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty determining the right way to place your batteries into the device. Again, this is no surprise, given SMOK’s impressive track record with such things.
Designs available for the T-Priv box mod

The LED Screen on the T-Priv mod


From a technical standpoint, this device has much to offer. It includes variable wattage and temperature control modes, with different settings for each. There’s a puff counter for those of you who like to track such things and menu options that allow you to change your LED colors and activities. These and other features are all managed from the device OLED screen – which is probably the one thing that I didn’t really like about the T-Priv.

If you’re accustomed to a slightly larger screen – like the Smok GX2/4 – then the T-Priv screen may take some getting-used-to. It is smaller, and that can make the details seem less impressive than they might otherwise be. Of course, SMOK tried to compensate for that change by limiting the amount of raw data that you see on your screen, but that didn’t really impress us. In fact, it seems a real shame to create one of the most gorgeous mods we’ve ever seen and then take a step backward on the information display.

Performance of the T-Priv box mod


On the performance front, we found the T-Priv to be pretty good. It’s quite large and feels bulky in the hand – not a bad thing, necessarily – but that size isn’t really accompanied by the anticipated increase in power. In our usage, the device seemed to function about as well as comparable mods – which suggests that it doesn’t really contain any new capabilities that make it stand out from SMOK’s previous offerings.

In other words, this is one of those instances in which the company created a great new design to house its standard mod functions. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, mind you – but it’s something that you should keep in mind if you plan on buying this device expecting it to be a major upgrade over prior SMOK products. Yes, it looks much better – but that’s about it.


To Conclude

Packaging of the T-Priv mod kitBasically, this is a mod for those who simply want a really attractive device with the usual features or SMOK fans who are driven to buy everything that the company makes. If you’re in need of a new mod, this is surely a competent, reliable product to add to your collection and as it holds the SMOK name competes as one of the best e cig products available. If you already have SMOK products that are meeting your needs, save your money – since this device probably won’t be a major improvement over what you’re now using.


Smok is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and they have many models currently on the market: