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Bombshell E Liquid Review


9.7 Final Score

Not a bad flavor amongst the bunch, but really loved both Lucille and Audrey, so much so I might even start watching their movies! A premium branded eliquid that concentrates on making quality eliquid as opposed to a fancily packaged juice. In our opinion Bombshell is one of the best eliquids on the market especially for those drippers out there!

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Bombshell eliquid review

In-Depth Review of Bombshell E Liquid

So we are on a mission at SmokeTastic and that is to find the best quality eliquid we can, doesn’t really matter on price, just a nice tasting, good selection of flavors and an eliquid that produces the best vape.

We have come across Bombshell eliquid, which was suggested by one of our readers, (thanks, Matty, you know who you are)! So how does this eliquid taste and is it worth the slightly higher price in comparison to other cheaper juices? Let’s take a look!


It’s All About The Brand

First of all Bombshell eliquids have just 5 flavors out, and they seem to be targeting the most loved flavors, so we got out hands on one of each to give them a go! One thing I hate about eliquids is the fancy names they give them, without the user having any idea what they actually are without looking them up online.

Unfortunately, Bombshell eliquids are no different, but instead of calling them a cool fancy name, they have named them after some classic actresses; Audrey, Marilyn, Sophia, Lucille and Elizabeth, I mean how the hell are you suppose to know what flavors they are! I actually wrote on the bottles just to remind me!

So they are all 70/30 VG/PG blend, which happens to be my favorite producing just the right vapor and holds the taste really well. So let’s get on with the individual review of each flavor or should I say, actress…??

We tested each flavor in a regular pre-built coil tank 0.4ohm at 40 watts, and RDA with a 0.3ohm coil at 50 watts and an RTA with a 0.2ohm coil at 60 watts all housed on one of the best vape mods to really give it a thorough test!

The Flavors:

  • Lucille – Well apparently everyone loves Lucy, so how does her eliquid taste? Now we have to say that Lucy tastes pretty good! Advertised as “Spunky Pineapple & Creamy Coconut” it has a subtle taste of pina colada but more pineapple in taste that coconut, which we love. When dripped sometime eliquids can be way too strong, but Lucy tastes even better! Nice and smooth and one of our favourites out of the bunch! 4 out of 5.
  • Marilyn version of Bombshell eliquid

  • Audrey – Our next favourite is beautiful Audrey advertised as “Bold Lemon Bar Kissed With Sweet Powdered Sugar” it sounds too sweet, but the actual lemon flavor is perfectly balanced. Again good on an RDA, RTA or regular tank, which kind of surprised us really. This one is one of our favourites that we class as an all day vape juice! Again have to score this 4 out of 5.
  • Sophia flavored Bombshell eliquid

  • Marilyn – Which we actually guessed right as a flavor, advertised as “Seductive Strawberry Marshmallow Fluff” is another great tasting juice. Now we love strawberry flavored juice like most vapers, so our expectations were high considering the other flavors scored so highly. Now we have to say we were a tad disappointed, I’m sure if we would have tasted this one first we would have been impressed, but as the other flavors were so good, our expectations were just too high. Yes, the strawberry does come through, but to really taste this flavor well you do need to drip it. The flavor just gets lost in a regular tank. Make it stronger guys! Nevertheless, dripping does still create a great taste, so it’s a 3 out of 5 for poor Marilyn. Shame because I really wanted this to be my favourite!
  • Elizabeth – This one scared us a little, as so many other companies try to produce a Cinnamon flavor and just fail. Advertised as “A Decadent Cream Cheese Frosted Cinnamon Treat”  we really hope it doesn’t take like old feet! Glad to report it doesn’t and again another subtle flavor which we think again is best dripped (but then what isn’t when you get a good juice). For us though it’s not a flavor that we would order again, it’s definitely going to be used so hard to give it a score, 2#s too low and 3’s too high so it’s 2.5 out of 5!
  • Sophia – The Bombshell selection is finished with Sophia, advertised as “Sassy Raspberry Lemonade Italian Ice”, for us this just didn’t have the same quality as the other 4 flavors. The combination is too neutral, we feel, one cancelling the other out and thus leaves us wanting more raspberry. But hey, we still managed to finish the bottle, so it couldn’t have been that bad. Our score 2 out of 5.


To Conclude

Overall Bombshell Eliquids are a premium juice brand the perfect companion to the best e cig, but unlike others who feel you’re just paying for the fancy packaging, you really feel you are getting value for money with smooth delicate favors that not only taste good in regular tanks but taste even better being dripped.  We strongly suggest trying all 5 flavors, but Lucille and Audrey are a must! Definitely, one we will be stocking up with! Be sure to keep an eye out for this one on our vape deals page as when this in on sale, we will for sure let you know.

If you can’t wait for the sales though, below are the best deals we found:

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Double Comma Vapes eJuice Review


Final Score

If your after a smooth all day vape then Double Comma Vapes should be on your radar by now! They produce some of the nicest flavors we have tried for some time, without overpowering you so you can enjoy this vape for sometime. It’s common practise for vape juice manufacturers to stack flavoring so high that it tastes really good to start with, but after an hour or 2 you become sick of it, not with Double Comma Vapes though! This is one for the vaper who wants an e-liquid to use all day without switching!

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Full In-Depth Review of Double Comma Vapes E-Liquid

Review of Double Comma Vapes vape liquid
It’s always exciting to get a chance to try an unfamiliar line of e-juices, as it can sometimes introduce us to surprising tastes that we might have otherwise missed. We recently had the opportunity to try out the Double Comma Vapes line and were both excited and skeptical from the outset. We were excited because new tastes are always an adventure. We were skeptical, due to the low prices that these juices sell for. After all, how could an inexpensive e-liquid hope to compare with premium-priced options? In this Double Comma Vapes eJuice review, we’ll try to get the answer to that question.

First, let’s get that price issue out of the way. A 30ml bottle of Double Comma Vapes juice sells for just under $14 a bottle, while you can get twice that amount of juice for a penny shy of $25. That’s an incredibly low price fit for any budget. The juice comes in a variety of nicotine strengths, ranging from 0mg to 6, and is manufactured with an 80/20 ratio of VG to PG. Many premium juices are double that cost, so it’s easy to see why some might assume that these e-liquids must be at the lower end of the quality spectrum.

Our tests demonstrated something else entirely, as we’ll explain throughout this review. There are many flavors in their product line, we’ll review them and compare them to the other vape liquids on the market.

Nitrous Oxide eJuice from Double Comma Vapes

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide reminds me of many of the energy drinks I consumed years ago. It has that lemony flavor that most energy drinks offer, as well as an iciness that we found more than refreshing. While it’s not a straight menthol-type flavor, it’s easy to imagine many menthol fans enjoying this juice product.


Double Clutch Crunch

Cereal-flavored juices have been popular for years now, and Double Clutch Crunch seems perfect to meet those cereal-loving vapers’ taste needs. This juice tastes like Cap’n Crunch, but it’s the peanut butter variety rather than the regular cereal offering. As a big fan of peanut butter, this one was perhaps my favorite of the sweet juices – so I can’t recommend it enough. Others in our group were pleased with its taste profile as well.

Hot Wheelz eJuice by Double Comma Vapes

Hot Wheelz

Another great peanut butter offering comes in the form of Hot Wheelz – only this time, it’s peanut butter and grape jelly. As a fan of both the cream and the jelly, I was really looking forward to trying this one, and Double Comma didn’t disappoint!  This is a fantastic rendition of the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich, ideal to accompany your best vape mod!


Murcielago Macchiato

Coffee-lovers will be thrilled by this flavor offering – especially if they’re fans of iced coffee drinks. It’s reminiscent of the chilled coffee beverages you can get at specialty coffee shops, and offers that great coffee taste with a strong hint of frappuccino for good measure. It’s delicious – though probably won’t get you going in the morning like your regular cup of joe.

Countach Crumble eJuice by Double Comma Vapes

Countach Crumble

Countach Crumble is a sweet combination of peach and butter crumble cake. I’m not a big fan of peach flavored treats, but this seemed to be appreciated by others in our test group. The flavor is pure, sweet, and has a taste that stays with you long after you put down your vaping device. If your after a juice to help you vaping to quit smoking then this one may help!


Skyline Fuel

Are you a fan of grape drinks like Kool-Aid? If so, then Skyline Fuel may become your next all-day vape. This is a sweet grape variety that perfectly captures the essence of that classic drink, in the simplest way possible. While some e-juices try to subdue the grape flavor, offering just enough of a hint of grape to get your attention, Skyline Fuel blasts the grape into your mouth in a way that leaves no doubt about what you’re vaping!


Our Conclusion

The big question, though, is whether Double Comma’s line of flavors meets the high bar set by many premium manufacturers. In our estimation, there can be no doubt: it does! In fact, these products do more than just clear that bar. They leap over it in a single bound, shatter it in pieces, and roar out a challenge that the rest of the vaping world will be hard-pressed to ignore. There’s been a lot done in the industry to help to combat things like popcorn lung with the removal of Diacetyl etc and Double Comma Vapes stand by the quality of juices they provide.

Double Comma is a winner on so many fronts that it’s difficult to know where to begin. Price? Theirs are more competitive than most. Flavor? Pure and simple, and accurate to a fault! Packaging? Their product line offers consistent labeling that should help to secure their brand identity with ease. In short, this is a great line of juices, and we highly recommend them to sweet-loving vapers everywhere.

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Om Vapor E Liquid Evaluate, Coupons and Offers


Ultimate Rating

Shopping for eliquid is among the costliest issues when vaping, so we check out price range costs to seek out one of the best worth. We expect that Om Vapor offers not solely high quality e-liquid’s with some superior flavors, however their costs and offers are even higher! For those who undergo lots of juice and have not the time to combine your personal, we will advocate Om Vapor the place you will get the right vape for a fraction of the worth.

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Extra offers can be added as quickly as they launch them! Bookmark this web page!

The Om Vapor logo

In-depth Assessment of Om Vapor

Om Vapor is an organization that’s dedicated to producing flavorful, protected vaping liquids. They produce their very own liquids in-house, and supply a variety of various tastes which are designed to offer one thing for everybody. Everyone knows that eliquids might be one of the crucial costly piece to vaping, particularly when you’ve got probably the greatest vape mods that create big tasty clouds, so Om Vapor has produced a line for the vaping fanatics. No less than, that’s what the corporate advertises.

My publicity to the corporate was restricted, till I lately had the chance to get my arms on a few of their juice. I instantly took it to our check group in order that we might give this product line the trial run that it deserves. On this Om Vapor e liquid evaluation, we’ll attempt to determine whether or not that is actually an excellent product line or whether or not it’s all simply a lot vacuous vapor.

To try this, right here’s our tackle a number of of the flavors that we managed to check. Consider, that is only a small sampling of their roughly 30-flavor choice. Nonetheless, it ought to present some clues about what sort of merchandise this firm gives, and whether or not one in every of them may be proper in your vaping wants. With out additional ado…

Mindful Monkey eliquid from Om Vapor

Aware Monkey

In fact, I needed to get Aware Monkey – if just for the identify. That is marketed as a mix of whipped cream, banana pudding, and vanilla wafer cookies. When you have a candy tooth, or love bananas, then this can be good for you. I’ve to plead responsible to each of these qualifications, and may truthfully say that this could be my private favourite of the bunch. It’s nice banana style, however with out that overpowering taste that so typically seems when something tries to imitate that fruit.

The Cobra ejuice from Om Vapor

The Cobra WTA

Okay, I grabbed one other responsible pleasure: strawberry ice cream. With this juice, that taste is minimize with the style of cake crumbs and whipped cream to offer a creamy dessert sensation positive to please the palate. Some in our group claimed that the cake crumb style was clear as a bell. In my opinion, I couldn’t detect it, however perhaps that was simply me focusing in on the ice cream taste. Regardless of! All of us appeared to agree that this juice is a winner!



This one is from the corporate’s Reincarnation line, and gives an exquisite mix of milk and honey. It’s a bit of style of the Promised Land in your vaping tank! I discovered this one to be extra milk than honey, however the mix was nonetheless nice. And whereas I want Aware Monkey for its wild style, that is one thing that I might be extra apt to vape every day. It’s mild, subtly candy, and a real pleasure to inhale.

Reality e-liquid from Om Vapor


In search of a brand new tobacco taste? Nicely, Actuality could also be simply the factor you want – as a result of who can’t use a dose of actuality every so often, proper? This juice gives a clean tobacco taste that’s softened by delicate hints of vanilla and caramel. That’s a mixture that I might by no means have imagined potential, nevertheless it one way or the other works. Pure tobacco style with out the tough chew? Who’d have thought it attainable? Om Vapor, in fact.


The Tiger WTA

This can be a nice breakfast-type providing, with milk and apple slices including a pleasant contact to the apple cereal base. I’m unsure if I might use it to switch my actual breakfast – not sufficient energy, thoughts you – however I undoubtedly take pleasure in a draw after that breakfast is completed. It’s scrumptious!

Selection of other Om Vapor juices

The Others

We haven’t tried the whole lot of their line of merchandise, however suffice it to say that their web site provides information about the remainder of their choices. They embrace fascinating choices just like the White Miso, peach, pear, apple, and floral-flavored Lotus WTA, in addition to the important thing lime and coconut cheesecake-inspired Omega WTA. There are flavors providing strawberry citrus pound cake (The Warrior), the inexperienced tea and tropical fruit mix Mantra, and Candy Honey Tobacco – which has a reputation that just about says every thing that must be stated.

The corporate’s costs are actually good they usually even supply low-cost pattern packs to be able to attempt quite a lot of totally different flavors to see which of them strike your fancy. That is good for many who have simply began vaping to give up smoking for instance. From our perspective and checks, we’d advocate that you simply give a number of a attempt, because it’s a digital assure that you simply’re positive to seek out one thing to your liking.

General, the Om Vapor e-liquid line is one which we discover tasty and intriguing and an ideal companion to one of the best e cig that you simply personal. I personally sit up for acquiring a couple of extra flavors (and a few extra of that scrumptious Aware Monkey, in fact) to see how their different choices measure as much as these we’ve already tried. Get yours immediately!

Verify Out Om Vapor’s Greatest Offers For Your self!


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FAQ Guava Blast ELiquid Evaluate


Last Rating

Though the identify is on the market this eliquid appears to be relatively distinctive, with a refreshing and candy style it is in all probability not one for an all day vape, however in case you’re after a pleasant delicate style explosion of Guava, then that is the juice for you!

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$14.99 – 30ml Bottle – Plus $four.99 Delivery – Get This Deal!

* Beneficial based mostly on delivery time and worth!

Editors Notice:

Nicely who would have thought an entire novice reviewing eliquids can be extra fashionable than the professionals! Nicely again by widespread demand is Martins E-Liquid assessment, this time we gave him FAQ Guava Blast, take a look at his hilarious ideas of this juice:
Review of FAQ Guava Blast ejuice

Martin’s Assessment of FAQ Guava Blast

Have you ever ever realized that these crisps in a tube that aren’t actual crisps are decided to make you seem like a fats pig? In case your arms are greater than a toddler then these dangerous boys will make you seem like a hungry hippo. By no means attempt to eat these while in public or behind the wheel, it is going to finish in catastrophe. It is rather like how I made a decision to do this juice as an alternative of one other. I used to be rummaging round in a zipper lock bag as my prime bit on the Geek Vape Griffin 25 Plus was virtually as dry as a camel’s hoof once I realized the zip wasn’t open far sufficient to take away my hand. My hand isn’t the dimensions of a bunch of bananas and the juice is stored in a bag to keep away from the entrance rest room problem or pocket leaks.

When you have ever traveled in a mean velocity zone you’ll understand how troublesome it’s to not break the regulation. What is in Guava Blast?Doing this while making an attempt to focus on replenishing your prime bit with a hand trapped could be very traumatic. At one level, I assumed I’d need to chew my approach out of this. I significantly can’t keep in mind studying this on the warning indicators.


What the hell is Guava blast?

Now, has anybody heard something referred to as Guava blast? No, me neither. My google search historical past would in all probability convey up one thing utterly unrelated within the video context and would mechanically play loudly in a public place. Like these movies, you click on on when a pal tags you in them and instantly get very evil seems to be from the individuals surrounding you. For those who haven’t received a dodgy search historical past then you’re a magician and have came upon that wizard means of clearing it. I’ve no clue how to try this, so if anybody needs to make use of my couch commuter I mechanically go into meltdown. Particularly in the event that they need to search something starting with ‘P’. I run to the web generator and change it off claiming my web could be very poor.
Guava - The name

It’s all Concerning the Identify!

What would make an incredible ejuice? Figuring out what it’s alleged to style like by naming it so can be an ideal begin and of coarse having top-of-the-line vape mods helps too! One which doesn’t make you home windows cloudy, which might trigger you to be raided by the police considering that you simply’re rising a natural substance as your neighbors watch an excessive amount of tv. Greater bottles however everyone knows that we’ve the foolish overpaid individuals who have by no means truly had an actual job have ensured we can’t have that. Perhaps a juice that won’t burn away in a single suck. I do know that I might very a lot take pleasure in a correct identify in order that I do know what I’m getting. Perhaps I ought to begin producing a bleach, name it ‘Lacotani’ and bottle it in drink sized bottles. Little question I wouldn’t be in enterprise lengthy.


Testing Flavors

Going into vape outlets to pick a brand new juice is probably the most thrilling expertise carried out for us vapers in grownup hood, properly aside from these few events within the month your different half isn’t drained, has a headache, have to be up early, and so on, and so forth. Standing there making an attempt out juice after juice wanting to seek out one that you’d order a 32000-litre tanker filled with. Sadly, the tough actuality is that the time you do discover one, the younger teenager behind the counter who has zero customer support expertise, informs you that the one you’ve got simply fallen in love with is out of inventory. Like being in a nightclub, seeing probably the most lovely individual on earth, introducing your self solely to seek out out that they’ve a companion. Typically this can be a lie! These vape outlets are very very similar to nightclubs, they odor a bit funky and the cloud of vape that hits you once you enter already has you making horrible selections. I as soon as went in for a prime internal bit and left with a brand new battery and prime bit. Ought to actually have learn one of the best e cig information first I assume, my dangerous!

As a toddler, I used to be pressured to eat greens that even to today ought to solely be used as a torture technique. My mom used to disguise parsnips as roast potatoes. Sure, I do know, I had a horrific childhood. If a mother or father was to try this to their youngster immediately, they might be reported to social media and a petition to parliament can be created obtain one million signatures, a march can be organized and riots would shortly comply with. I do know what I like and I do know what I don’t like.
Vaping FAQ Guava Blast eliquid

Let Us Vape

Once I lastly retrieved my hand again from the bag and caught a glimpse of the identify written on the bottle, I used to be already previous the purpose of no return. My prime bit being utterly dry, I needed to give this a go. I used to be anticipating it to style like skittles crossed with starburst. That’s the one method I can describe the temporary whiff I caught of the juice while refilling the highest bit. As a dedicated vaper, I didn’t care, I simply needed my lungs to be crammed with a cloud.

As I sit in my automotive, in usually non-moving visitors, I’m sure the automobiles behind me have referred to as the hearth brigade. They have to be satisfied my car is on hearth. If I used to be in America, I’m positive the natives would convey me a steak dinner assuming that I used to be sending them smoke alerts.

Think about that feeling you get simply earlier than you open a packet of skittles and throw as many as you possibly can into your mouth. Your style buds anxiously awaiting all that taste. Your mouth watering like a St Bernard canine watching you eat a wonderfully cooked piece of fillet steak. Getting the primary full hit of this juice is strictly like that. It has your senses wanting you to puff on that prime bit like a choo choo practice. It’s so flavorsome, magical and yummy that you simply can’t even determine the flavors inside this magical liquid.
Martins profile picture


The one that blended this should have been one in every of Willie Wonka’s staff. I can now see why they’ve given it the identify they’ve. They should have tasted this and tried to say one thing else and got here up with ‘FAQ GUAVA’ then added Blast in order that there weren’t sacked.

I might advocate this juice to anybody. I might advocate it to these vapers who’re taking a look at vaping to give up smoking or to these individuals who want slightly pleasure of their life. With each inhale from my prime bit, I can’t get sufficient. Solely completely happy ideas are in my head turning this visitors jam into an actual pleasure.

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Jac Vapour basic starter kit review

Jac Vapour Cigalike Evaluation

August 14, 2017

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What are mechanical mods

What are Mechanical Mods?

August 7, 2017

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80% off vaping hardware

Breazy Large 80% Off Hardware Deal

July 13, 2017

One of many Largest E-Liquid Offers On Prime Branded E-Liquids!

You’d be a idiot to overlook this superior e liquid deal, you don’t see this fairly often and we haggled a 40% coupon code for you!


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We do love prime branded e-liquid nevertheless it’s very arduous to seek out respectable offers, a lot of the eliquid offers we discover are for particular person sellers, so we reached out to Vapor4Life to ask for a coupon for our readers they usually provided us an enormous 40% off! That is nice as we selected Vapor4Life as they carry all the perfect branded ejuice round and getting a deal from them can be like hitting the jackpot! So don’t delay as this deal is simply reside till the 19th July! Seize your bank card and top off on one of the best eliquid manufacturers round. Even should you haven’t tried all of the manufacturers there isn’t a higher time to examine them out!

We’ve reviewed quite a lot of e-liquids from Vapor4Life, and we beloved them, the reason being easy; they’ve the highest manufacturers within the enterprise, some examples embrace:
40% off ejuices

  • Ruthless
  • Beard Vape Co
  • WOW
  • Bare 100 Sweet
  • Moo E-Liquids
  • Area Jam
  • Misplaced Fog
  • Yogi E-Juice
  • Mr Macaron
  • Cosmic Fog
  • Cuttwood
  • The Record Goes On!
      Some of the eliquids in the deal

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VaporFi Flash Sale 20% Off E-Liquids Plus 15% off all Kits


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July three, 2017

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The e-liquids VaporFi offer

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VaporFi are recognized for creating your personal private custom-made vaping flavors, and after some experimienting some customers actually love their very own recipes blended particularly for them. This VaporFi deal provides you an enormous 20% off your eliquid, so begin experimenting and check out your personal taste!
To learn extra about VaporFi you possibly can learn our particular VaporFi eliquid assessment.

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Halo Cigs is one nice e-liquid provider on prime of their kits they promote too! Like best vapers, you need to know that the standard of the e-liquid you employ is of the very best high quality. With Halo Cigs you might have that reassurance. Manufacturing is completed immediately within the U.S., however their essential focus is on high quality and security. Every batch of eliquid is rigorously inspected to make it possible for the standard and style by no means deviates.

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