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Bombshell E Liquid Review


9.7 Final Score

Not a bad flavor amongst the bunch, but really loved both Lucille and Audrey, so much so I might even start watching their movies! A premium branded eliquid that concentrates on making quality eliquid as opposed to a fancily packaged juice. In our opinion Bombshell is one of the best eliquids on the market especially for those drippers out there!

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Bombshell eliquid review

In-Depth Review of Bombshell E Liquid

So we are on a mission at SmokeTastic and that is to find the best quality eliquid we can, doesn’t really matter on price, just a nice tasting, good selection of flavors and an eliquid that produces the best vape.

We have come across Bombshell eliquid, which was suggested by one of our readers, (thanks, Matty, you know who you are)! So how does this eliquid taste and is it worth the slightly higher price in comparison to other cheaper juices? Let’s take a look!


It’s All About The Brand

First of all Bombshell eliquids have just 5 flavors out, and they seem to be targeting the most loved flavors, so we got out hands on one of each to give them a go! One thing I hate about eliquids is the fancy names they give them, without the user having any idea what they actually are without looking them up online.

Unfortunately, Bombshell eliquids are no different, but instead of calling them a cool fancy name, they have named them after some classic actresses; Audrey, Marilyn, Sophia, Lucille and Elizabeth, I mean how the hell are you suppose to know what flavors they are! I actually wrote on the bottles just to remind me!

So they are all 70/30 VG/PG blend, which happens to be my favorite producing just the right vapor and holds the taste really well. So let’s get on with the individual review of each flavor or should I say, actress…??

We tested each flavor in a regular pre-built coil tank 0.4ohm at 40 watts, and RDA with a 0.3ohm coil at 50 watts and an RTA with a 0.2ohm coil at 60 watts all housed on one of the best vape mods to really give it a thorough test!

The Flavors:

  • Lucille – Well apparently everyone loves Lucy, so how does her eliquid taste? Now we have to say that Lucy tastes pretty good! Advertised as “Spunky Pineapple & Creamy Coconut” it has a subtle taste of pina colada but more pineapple in taste that coconut, which we love. When dripped sometime eliquids can be way too strong, but Lucy tastes even better! Nice and smooth and one of our favourites out of the bunch! 4 out of 5.
  • Marilyn version of Bombshell eliquid

  • Audrey – Our next favourite is beautiful Audrey advertised as “Bold Lemon Bar Kissed With Sweet Powdered Sugar” it sounds too sweet, but the actual lemon flavor is perfectly balanced. Again good on an RDA, RTA or regular tank, which kind of surprised us really. This one is one of our favourites that we class as an all day vape juice! Again have to score this 4 out of 5.
  • Sophia flavored Bombshell eliquid

  • Marilyn – Which we actually guessed right as a flavor, advertised as “Seductive Strawberry Marshmallow Fluff” is another great tasting juice. Now we love strawberry flavored juice like most vapers, so our expectations were high considering the other flavors scored so highly. Now we have to say we were a tad disappointed, I’m sure if we would have tasted this one first we would have been impressed, but as the other flavors were so good, our expectations were just too high. Yes, the strawberry does come through, but to really taste this flavor well you do need to drip it. The flavor just gets lost in a regular tank. Make it stronger guys! Nevertheless, dripping does still create a great taste, so it’s a 3 out of 5 for poor Marilyn. Shame because I really wanted this to be my favourite!
  • Elizabeth – This one scared us a little, as so many other companies try to produce a Cinnamon flavor and just fail. Advertised as “A Decadent Cream Cheese Frosted Cinnamon Treat”  we really hope it doesn’t take like old feet! Glad to report it doesn’t and again another subtle flavor which we think again is best dripped (but then what isn’t when you get a good juice). For us though it’s not a flavor that we would order again, it’s definitely going to be used so hard to give it a score, 2#s too low and 3’s too high so it’s 2.5 out of 5!
  • Sophia – The Bombshell selection is finished with Sophia, advertised as “Sassy Raspberry Lemonade Italian Ice”, for us this just didn’t have the same quality as the other 4 flavors. The combination is too neutral, we feel, one cancelling the other out and thus leaves us wanting more raspberry. But hey, we still managed to finish the bottle, so it couldn’t have been that bad. Our score 2 out of 5.


To Conclude

Overall Bombshell Eliquids are a premium juice brand the perfect companion to the best e cig, but unlike others who feel you’re just paying for the fancy packaging, you really feel you are getting value for money with smooth delicate favors that not only taste good in regular tanks but taste even better being dripped.  We strongly suggest trying all 5 flavors, but Lucille and Audrey are a must! Definitely, one we will be stocking up with! Be sure to keep an eye out for this one on our vape deals page as when this in on sale, we will for sure let you know.

If you can’t wait for the sales though, below are the best deals we found:

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Naked 100 E-Juice Review


Naked 100 Review - E-Liquid Review


Most e-juice mixers think complexity is king. Why focus on a few well-executed simple fruity flavors when you can choose a few exotic fruits and add a bunch of impressive-sounding ingredients like Madagascan vanilla or crème anglaise, throw together a convoluted, pretentious description and charge tons of money for it? Well thankfully, not every mixer has the same philosophy. Naked 100 is a creation from Schwartz E-liquid and their focus is explicitly on simple, clean flavors without any extraneous ingredients. They aim to provide hard-hitting, delicious and high-VG fruit flavors without the nonsense. The question is: do they get the job done? We’ve vaped nine juices from the line-up for our Naked 100 E-Juice review to find out.


Packaging and Design


The Naked 100 e-liquids come in glass 60 ml bottles with child-proof caps that have dripper spouts attached. This is pretty standard for the industry these days but it’s still exactly what you want to see, so no complaints here at all.


Naked 100 Label Design


The design fits in nicely with the minimalistic ethos of the company, with uncluttered labels featuring the company name, the flavor name and key information about the bottle (size, PG/VG ratio and nicotine level) sitting proud in the center. To the right, there are three symbols showing the components of the flavor – for example, Lava Flow has a picture of a strawberry, pineapple and a coconut, so you know what the juice will taste like right away. The other side contains all of the expected warnings, as well as a batch number and expiry date.


Naked 100 E-Liquid - Warnings and Batch No


Overall, the bottles do everything they need to in impressive style, so there are no complaints here at all.


Mixing Options


The juices from Naked 100 are all 70% VG blends, with no choice of PG/VG ratio available. However, the high-VG mixes are suitable for the vast majority of tanks and atomizers on the market today. The vapor production is consistently excellent, and the PG content is still enough to offer a satisfying throat hit when paired with a high-power device. Unless you have a very basic vape pen and a clearomizer, you won’t have an issue with the PG/VG ratio of the Naked 100 e-juices.


For nicotine strengths, there are four options available: 0, 3, 6 and 12 mg/ml. This is plenty of choice for modern atomizers, and only just-switching smokers will realistically need 12 mg/ml. Again, if you were using a basic vape pen, an 18 mg/ml option would be useful, but the Naked 100 juices are intended to be used on modern atomizers like sub ohm tanks. Overall, they offer everything you need when it comes to nicotine levels.


Naked 100 E-Juice Review: The Flavors


Naked 100 Vape Juice Review

Lava Flow – Rating 3.5/5


Accuracy: This is a mixture of strawberry, pineapple and coconut, intended as a fruity cocktail-inspired e-juice. The flavors come through pretty well, with the pineapple and coconut hitting you in equal measure at the start of your draw and the strawberry backing the whole thing up throughout. The coconut is the most accurate-replicated component, despite the subtle nature of the flavor, and the sharpness from the pineapple complements it well.


Overall: This juice is enjoyable but not the best in the line-up. The overall flavor is nice – the fruits mix together well and the coconut does a good job of pulling the whole thing together. The only issue is that the coconut is too prominent in the mix; it isn’t a vibrant enough flavor to carry the e-juice on its own. If the strawberry had been dialed up a little in the mix it would be much better.


Very Berry – Rating 4.5/5


Accuracy: This is a blueberry, blackberry and lemon mix; another straight-up fruity flavor from Naked 100. The flavor components all come through well, with the lemon hitting you strongly on the nose, the blueberry carrying the bulk of the flavor and the blackberry comes through towards the end of your draw and lingers afterwards. Every element here is beautifully captured and impressively realistic.


Overall: This is a great combination that makes for an excellent e-liquid. The flavors all come through distinctly at different times but complement each other really well. The lemon adds a bite, the blueberry creates a warm, soft backdrop and the blackberry finishes it with a touch of sweetness and a stronger flavor in general. It’s a fantastic fruity e-juice, all-round – definitely one to pick up when you place an order.


Amazing Mango – Rating 4/5


Accuracy: As the name suggests, this is a mango flavor, but it’s backed up with touches of peach and a little bit of cream to top it off. Like with the others in the line-up, all of the components come through here, well-balanced with each other but all individually distinguishable. The mango and peach seem to come through equally – both beautifully captured – and the cream provides a soft backdrop for the whole thing.


Overall: This is another quality fruity flavor from Naked 100. The mixture of peach and mango gives the juice a slightly floral quality which may be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your tastes. However, the two flavors work really well together, and the cream does a good job of softening the whole thing and helping it go down easily. The floral qualities stop it from being an all-day vape for me, but it’s a good juice regardless.


Hawaiian Pog – Rating 5/5


Accuracy: This is a passion fruit, orange and guava e-juice, intended to taste like a freshly-squeezed Hawaiian cocktail. The result is pretty good; the passion fruit definitely takes center-stage in the flavor, but the bite of the well-captured orange is present throughout too. The guava isn’t as easily detectable, but it adds some sweetness throughout and helps to round out some of the sharper elements.


Overall: This juice is really delicious. It’s a beautifully-executed tropical fruit mixture, with a perfect balance of citrusy sharpness and sweetness making it a really pleasant flavor to vape. Like the other juices from Naked 100, the fruit flavor is really clean and natural, helping the juice avoid excess sweetness while still packing plenty of flavor into every puff. This is an all-day vape and definitely one to try if you like fruity flavors.


Naked 100 Candy Line Up


Yummy Gum – Rating 4.5/5


Accuracy: This is intended as a strawberry chewing gum flavor, put out under Naked 100’s candy line-up. The juice definitely accomplishes its goal. The strawberry flavor comes through clearly, and it’s completely enveloped in a candy-like sweetness that evokes memories of luminous-red chewing gum. The flavor doesn’t really set out to do anything else, so it does great on the accuracy front.


Overall: It’s hard not to enjoy this e-juice. The strawberry is captured pretty well, but if you’re a fan of candy e-liquids, the sweetness of the flavor is what really makes it excellent. The sweetness is quite intense, but the fruity baseline prevents it from becoming sickly after you’ve been vaping it for a while. It isn’t the most interesting flavor there is, but if you’re a fan of sweet e-juices and strawberry, you’ll love it.


Berry Belts – Rating 4.5/5


Accuracy: This is advertised as a mixture of strawberry candy and citrus flavors, mixing sweetness and sharpness for an interesting candy blend. The flavors do come through as intended, with the sweetened strawberry being the most notable but being quickly followed up by sharpness from the citrus components. The two blend together nicely, with the sharper elements being rounded out by the sweetness but still providing some respite from the candy-sweetness of the strawberry. Both key elements are nicely captured; it isn’t perfect but you know what you’re vaping from the first puff.


Overall: This is another candy e-juice from Naked 100 that strikes a great balance between toothache-inducing sweetness and a natural fruity flavor. The citrus elements take it to the next level, adding another dimension to the flavor and another reason to keep coming back for more. It isn’t Earth-shatteringly delicious, but even for someone like me who isn’t usually too big on candy flavors, it’s a fantastic e-juice that I could comfortable vape all day.


Sour Sweet – Rating 5/5


Accuracy: This e-juice aims to capture the flavor of gummy sweet and sour candy, offering a blend of sugary sweetness backed by a slight bite of lemon and lime. The e-liquid achieves what it sets out to really effectively, with a realistic lime flavor coming through immediately. It’s realistically biting and sharp, but the sweeter elements of the flavor soften the taste nicely. The lemon blends with this well, but isn’t too easy to pick out against the backdrop of the rest of the flavor.


Overall: This is another excellent e-juice in the Naked 100 Candy line-up, combining sweet and sour elements expertly. The sweetness here is more muted than in the other candy juices, but it works really well with the more prominent lime notes. Even if you wouldn’t normally vape candy e-juices, you’ll love this as long as you’re a fan of lime. It’s a great e-liquid; probably a bit too strong in flavor to be an all-day vape but, excellent none-the-less.


Naked 100 Menthol Review


Brain Freeze – Rating 4/5


Accuracy: This is from the Naked 100 Menthol line, and the minty backbone of the flavor is topped off with exotic fruits like kiwi and pomegranate as well as touches of strawberry. The menthol is the first thing you’ll notice by a long way. It offers a powerful and cooling hit of menthol that really strikes the top of your mouth and your nose as you inhale. The exotic fruits come through faintly throughout your draw, adding some fruity complexity but ultimately being drowned out a little by the strong menthol.


Overall: Brain Freeze does what the name suggests. The strong, icy hit of menthol really characterizes the flavor and makes it a great choice for menthol-loving vapers. The fruity undertones do a great job of taking it away from being a one-note menthol offering, though, and the hints of sweetness the fruits add are what keep you coming back for more. The juice could have been better if the fruits were slightly more prominent in the mix, but it’s still a very enjoyable flavor.


Frost Bite – Rating 5/5


Accuracy: This is another offering from the Menthol line, and features pineapple, cantaloupe and honeydew melon in addition to the menthol. The result here is a little different to Brain Freeze. Even though the menthol is still hard-hitting and icy cool, the pineapple blends with it closely and the mixture hits you together, producing a fruity flavor with a menthol edge rather than a menthol with fruit undertones. The sweetness of the honeydew melon comes through nicely, but I don’t pick up too much from the cantaloupe.


Overall: Frost Bite is an awesome menthol e-juice for anybody wanting more than a basic minty taste. The fruit components are the star of the show, and the pineapple in particular colors the taste and takes it away from a standard menthol. The minty punch is still there, though, so ex-menthol smokers will get what they’re looking for from the liquid. This is an all-day vape for me, and easily one of the best menthol e-juices I’ve tried. If you’re into menthols, I’d highly recommend it.

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Mad Hatter I Love Blue Raspberry Candy eJuice Review by Martin


Final Score

Although it’s really hard to give a score to e-liquid flavors, we all loved the new flavor from Mad Hatter, although the name is ridiculously long! The I Love Blue Raspberry Candy eJuice has a sweet lemonade and raspberry taste thats subtle enough not to be sickly when you vape all day. So yes in our opinion it’s classed as an all day vape juice. If you fancy a refreshing change from your boring reliable flavor, then this is going to refresh your pallet and wake up those taste buds! Good job Mad Hatter!

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Full Review of Mad Hatter I Love Blue Raspberry Candy eJuice

Yes, you lucky readers, we passed this one to our favorite writer Martin, we always love his opinion as a kinda newbie to vaping, so it’s great to hear what he has to say! This time we caught up with him on holiday in Venice, check out his review:
Vaping some clouds

Vaping In Venice

Sat in the baking sunshine in one of the most amazing settings on earth, Venice, with only the clouds above being from an airplane or me! Yep, that’s right, I’m vaping! The sweltering heat has me slightly nervous as I have read that people are suffering from third-degree burns after their e cig batteries have exploded. Now I am not one for worrying about things like this as the likelihood of my 3-year-old battery exploding, which are in my new Smok ProColor 225W mod, are very low but it did get me thinking that this might somehow be a scare tactic to get us hooked on those nasty cigarettes again. With every puff, I take from my top bit, apparently called a TFV8 Big Baby Tank, I feel the battery getting warmer. Good job I have an ice-cold beer to place it next to just at arm’s length to be on the safe side. It wasn’t normal for me to be willing to sacrifice a beer in this way but better safe than sorry.


The Tourist Thing

Walking around the beautiful city of Venice was like being taken back in time. Not hundreds of years, just 5 years. Many people from across the globe walking around smoking actual real cigarettes. With every shop, I was dragged into to look at tat with an extortionate price tag on I kept my eye out for e-liquids. There were so many shops and not one single vape shop. It was a good job I packed enough to see me through the duration of my holiday ensuring I had enough spare in case that volcano went off again and all the flights were grounded like what happened in 2010.

The city of VeniceVenice is a city that is like no other, apart from not being able to get vaping supplies easily, it has no road network and everything is moved by boat. Should that made up thing that they keep changing the name of actually happen, ’climate change’, these guys are already ahead of the game? They have more boats there than London has taxis. As we move around the city doing the tourist thing, we visit some amazing buildings which will wow anyone. Modern architecture is like they have run out of ideas. Take the Shard in London. Someone sat there for a few months trying to design an inspirational landmark and realizing that they have no imagination they break a window to use the glass as a way of ending their life. They look down at the shard of glass and think oh that will be cool to make a building. It is ugly and ruins the landscape of London. People have a fear of being accused of copying other people’s work. There is a reason these historic buildings are still standing and have the wow factor. Stop trying to be all hip and down with the youngsters and design buildings that are like the older ones with all the mod cons.

There was a glass factory in Venice which I felt like going to sabotage them if they had any input in creating the glass bottles for any e-liquid company. Fortunately, I had forgotten all about this when I tried to visit the factory. As I wasn’t in a group of more than 10, I was ushered away like a peasant.

Imagine being out on a safari with bumpy roads full of potholes, some large enough to consume a house. You will be getting thrown around the vehicle like a rag doll. So, if you were to have a glass bottle in your pocket or backpack full of your favourite e-liquid and this smashes, not only will you turn into a beast that wants to wrestle all the animals you see as they have caused you to be without your vape but you will have e-liquid all over your leg or inside your backpack. Yes, it will smell nice and maybe you will be lucky to have escaped bleeding to death hoping the shards of glass haven’t punctured your vital organs. As you can tell, I am not a fan of the glass bottle unless it contains vodka.

Mad Hatter I Love Blue Raspberry Candy E-Liquid

Time For The Review

Back in my hotel room, I decide that now is the time to try this new funky looking bottle of e-liquid. Having managed to transport it to Italy safely without any leaks, I remove the lid and gave it a sniff. If it doesn’t pass the sniff test then it would be poured down the toilet. As I looked at the name thinking, ‘oh for goodness sake what the hell is a blue raspberry?’, I was taken back. The smell was sweet and instantly made me want to drink it. Luckily, I could remind myself that drinking the liquid would probably turn me into a mutant. The bottle reminded me of those heroes in a half shell and the toxic ooze. They mutated after being covered in it so I had to be on the safe side and ensure there was no spillage.

Mad Hatter ELiquid bottleI topped up my top bit (tank) which I managed to do without spilling it on the bed sheets and having to listen to the wife moan about it for the next few days/weeks/months…. I laid back on my bed and pressed play on my tablet. I only had a few episodes of Blindspot left to watch. As I filled my room with a cloud hoping that the smoke alarm wouldn’t go off which would result in a 100 Euro fine, I was blessed with a smooth and wonderful flavor. I have no idea what the flavor was but I liked it, kinda like a lemonade raspberry taste. My tongue was tingling and my senses were in deep joy. My room not only looked like a nightclub but also smelt so sweet.


Final Thoughts

This flavor has really impressed me and would be one that I could vape all day, even though I’m not mad on sweet flavors. You do need a pretty good e-cig to get the most out of this ejuice. The bottle is great, easy to refill most tanks without any spills, in fact as I use it more and more I am becoming fastly addicted to it. Definitely going to buy some more of this one! Happy vaping Y’all!

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Vista Vapors Review


Vista Vapors Premium E-Juice Review


Vista Vapors is like an e-juice company with multiple personality disorder. Most companies either offer a huge range of fairly low-priced, “everyday” e-juice or a much smaller selection of high-end, complex blends. Vista Vapors does both, with a pretty big selection of simpler blends and then tons of different premium lines of juice under its belt as well. You can pick up the basic blends for $4.99 for a 17 ml bottle, and most of the premium ones costing $14.99 for a 30 ml bottle. There’s a lot to explore, so let’s dive into our Vista Vapors review.


We’re trying out the entire Happy Tongue range, along with several of the more affordable blends and Atlantic from the Vista Select range.


Packaging and Design


In line with the two tiers of e-juice from Vista Vapors, there are two tiers when it comes to the bottles and design too.


Vista Vapors Review - Packaging and Design


On the simpler end, you have the standard line of e-juice. These come in plastic bottles with standard dripper tops and have a straightforward design. There’s an image to represent the specific flavor on the front of the label, for example, a strawberry cheesecake for the flavor of the same name. The labels also show the nicotine strength, the size of the bottle, the PG/VG ratio, and a customized “this bottle is made for…” followed by your name.


Happy Tongue Review - Packaging and Design


The design of the other lines depends on the theme for the line. The Happy Tongue line has a kind of vibrant, candy-like style, with big, soft letters and garish colors. The Vista Select line has a nautical theme, with the Ocean Series having an anchor logo and the Cloud Series having an octopus logo. Others range from the rustic-looking Tobacco Barn line to the heavy metal-ish Denial to the “hangry” panda on the Hangry line. The actual bottles are glass and they have the usual child-proof dripper tops.


Overall, they’ve done a great job with the design on the premium lines, and the cheaper juices get the job done but aren’t really in the same league.


Mixing Options


All of the e-liquids from Vista Vapors offer a good selection of nicotine strengths. The basic blends come in seven strengths, from 0 to 18 mg/ml, with 1.5, 3 and 9 mg/ml in addition to the usual 6, 12 and 18 mg/ml options. The premium blends have all the strengths up to 9 mg/ml. This is OK, because these are really for longer-term vapers, who don’t usually vape high-nicotine liquids.


The PG/VG ratio on the basic juices is 50/50, but with the option of changing to max VG if you prefer. Again this is great – most vapers with a preference lean towards VG, but 50/50 will work on any atomizer. The premium lines are max VG blends, and so you’ll need a modern tank to get the most out of them. Any sub ohm tank, rebuildable atomizer and most clearomizers will work without issues, but some older or simpler designs will need the 50/50 blend.


For the standard juices, you can also opt to add a flavor boost to your mix. This is a great option if you’ve tried a flavor before and it doesn’t quite have enough punch for your tastes, or if you generally wish all e-juice flavors were more robust. You can also mix your own custom blend if you want more control over what you vape.


The Flavors


Vista Vapors Review – Happy Tongue Series


Happy Tongue by Vista Vapors Review

Scoopernova – Rating 4/5


Accuracy: This is advertised as a cream, yoghurt, strawberry and peach blend. The flavors work well together, with the cream in particular forming the bulk of the flavor. The fruit mixture hits you on the nose, with the strawberry and peach coming through at different points through your draw. Overall, it does what’s advertised – although the yoghurt seems a bit lost in the mix.


Overall: Scoopernova is a really pleasant juice to vape. The combination of a creamy base and fruit is usually great, but the fact that the cream is prominent means everything goes down nicely. The strawberry is especially good, but the peach is still delicious and livens up the flavor when it comes through. It’s not the most exciting e-liquid in the world, but it’s one you’ll love none-the-less.


Tropical Snowman – Rating 4.5/5


Accuracy: This is a sweet and sour fruit and cream combination, but with the emphasis on mangos and mixed fruits, and a “gentle creamy finish.” The concept is like Scoopernova, but the fruits are the star of the show here. The sourness comes from the mixed fruit, which has a sharp, berry-like flavor to it, and the sweetness of the mango backs the whole thing up. The cream comes through too, but it really is a finish rather than a major component.


Overall: This is a really great juice. It might not be easy to pick individual fruits out of the mix, but the blend has a vibrant, exotic taste and is nicely softened by the touches of cream. If you’re a fan of fruity e-juices, this will be among your favorites from the line-up. Shifting the balance towards the fruit gives it more character than Scoopernova, but it still enjoys the benefits of the cream.


Perfect Peel – Rating 4/5


Accuracy: This is a blend of berries, vanilla and “freshly peeled” bananas. The banana hits you straight away, with a realistic enough flavor but slightly alcohol-like tones. The berry is sharp and well-executed, but takes a back seat in the mix. The vanilla doesn’t have much of an impact compared to the much more flavorsome fruits.


Overall: This is another solid fruity mix from Vista Vapors, and one it’s hard to see many people disliking. It isn’t perfect, though. The harsher notes from the banana are the main issue, adding a slightly unpleasant edge to the taste that means the juice benefits from a brief steep with the cap off. The berries add some depth to the overall flavor, and blend well with the overall taste, but this is another flavor that you’ll enjoy but won’t exactly blow you away.


Fiz Whiz – Rating 4/5


Accuracy: This is a combination of blueberry and citrus fruit, aiming to evoke memories of the type of cheap sodas you drank as a kid. The result is pretty good, with a definite lemonade-like taste hitting you right away. This is quickly followed by a fairly subtle aroma of blueberry, which is just strong enough to color the flavor, but not so much that it overpowers it. It tastes just like a cheap, fizzy blueberry drink you’d pick up with your pocket money, so it does just what it sets out to.


Overall: This is great as a nostalgic treat, but it manages to be tasty enough to enjoy even without that. The flavor is another one where the well-executed fruit makes it hard to dislike. The focus on the more lemonade-like elements of the flavor gives it a really broad appeal, but like many of the juices in the Happy Tongue line, it’s not one you’ll get hugely excited by. The flavor is tasty, but not “Oh-my-god-you-have-to-try-this” tasty.


Circus Ring – Rating 5/5


Accuracy: This is described as a “variety of melon flavors with a sweet candy finish,” and right off the bat it hits on the key points. The melon flavor is easy to pick up, with a fairly generic but pleasantly sweet taste that’s reminiscent of honeydew. The candy elements come through well too, enhancing the natural sweetness of the fruit but stopping short of becoming sickly.


Overall: This is my favorite juice from the Happy Tongue lineup. It has the same authentic, well-captured fruity flavor as many of the juices in the collection, but the candy elements pair perfectly with the melon. It manages to have a robust taste without pushing the sweetness too far. The candy elements don’t detract from the melon’s natural deliciousness, either. It’s an all-day vape for me.


Vista Vapors Review – Vista Select Series


Vista Select Review

Atlantic – Rating 5/5


Accuracy: This juice is described as a “sweet wave of caramel deliciousness.” That isn’t a lot to go on, but the juice still does what it sets out to. With a pleasantly sweet, rich, caramel flavor hitting you right away, you definitely get what you’re looking for. The flavor is more than just caramel, though, with elements of nuttiness and banana coming through alongside the caramel.


Overall: Atlantic is an excellent juice for anybody who loves sweeter flavors. The sweet caramel dominates the flavor, but the complexity added by the other components is what really brings it to life. It might not be to everyone’s taste – especially if you aren’t big on sweeter juices – but it has a lot to offer for sweet-toothed vapers like me.


Vista Vapors E-Juice Review


Vista Vapors Review - Standard E-Juice Line

American Tobacco – Rating 4.5/5


Accuracy: This is a self-explanatory e-juice flavor, but unlike most affordable tobacco e-liquids you’ll find, it genuinely does a good job for accuracy. Many basic tobacco e-liquids are an odd mixture of unpleasant mustiness and faint sweetness, and miss the mark by a long way. While this does use that simplistic base, the overriding flavor is a realistic smokiness, which makes the whole thing work as a combination.


Overall:  American Tobacco might have the blandest name you could come up with, but the vape juice itself is a pleasant surprise. They’ve captured the tobacco impressively well, and there are hints of sweetness along the way to keep the whole thing enjoyable. It might not be able to compete with NET mixers like Black Note, but it’s pretty damn good. If you’re just switching from smoking, this could easily be one of your favorites in the selection.


New Menthol – Rating 4/5


Accuracy: This is another self-explanatory flavor, and from the first puff it’s impossible to miss the menthol here. The icy cool mintiness hits you with all the nuance of a sledgehammer, creating a sharp throat hit but settling down a little on the exhale. There’s nothing else to the flavor, though – it’s in-your-face menthol and that’s it.


Overall: If you smoke menthol cigarettes, this juice will probably be right up your alley. The flavor is punchy and robust, and the menthol is pretty well-captured overall. The only downside is that it’s likely too heavy on the menthol for many vapers. I used to smoke menthol cigarettes, but after years of vaping, this much menthol is a little hard to cope with. Overall, it’s a fantastic option if you’re a new vaper, but if you’ve been vaping for a while, only true menthol-lovers will enjoy it.


Honeydew – Rating 4.5/5


Accuracy: As the name suggests, this liquid offers a honeydew melon flavor, but it’s combined with a tart green apple to make it more interesting than a standard blend. Both fruits come through really well. The honeydew takes center-stage, with a realistic sweetness and an authentic melon flavor. The apple blends nicely with the characteristic flavor of the melon, adding some bite to the overall package but still being distinct enough to pick out individually.


Overall: Honeydew is a delicious fruity combination. It keeps things simple enough that you can enjoy the individual flavors, but the two components complement each other perfectly. The only real downside is that this isn’t the most exciting flavor in the world, but when something simple is pulled off this well, you don’t need complexity or novelty. If you like fruity e-juice, you’ll love this.


Shamrock – Rating 5/5


Accuracy: This is a juice modeled after McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes, which is a vanilla and mint combination, dyed green for some Irish flair. The juice does a pretty impressive job of capturing the flavor. It’s minty, but a much more subtle mint than New Menthol, and the vanilla is pronounced, further taking the edge off the menthol-like components.


Overall: This is another awesome flavor from Vista Vapors e-liquid, and one that it seems like most vapers would enjoy. The mint is well-replicated and pleasantly gentle on your tastebuds, softened considerably by the sweet, soothing vanilla that backs it up. The combination produces a soft, all-day-vape friendly flavor, with plenty of character from the mint but an overriding gentle sweetness that keeps you coming back for more.


Ice Cream – Rating 3/5


Accuracy:  This juice is a vanilla ice cream blend, and on the whole, it does just what it needs to. Vanilla is an inherently subtle flavor, so what really carries the taste of this juice is the creamy notes than underpin the whole thing. The vanilla is still easy to pick up, but it’s mainly there to add color to the smooth, velvety cream that really characterizes the juice.


Overall: This is a tasty e-liquid, but it doesn’t quite do enough to keep you coming back. You’ll fill up a tank and enjoy the subtle-but-pleasant flavor, but probably switch to something else after it’s gone. The problem isn’t with the execution of the flavor, but more that the flavor combination itself doesn’t offer much of interest. It’s a combination of two things that are slightly sweet, smooth and generally enjoyable, but ultimately fairly bland. Mixing this liquid with something else would make it awesome, but by itself it’s nothing special.


  Vista Vapors’ huge selection of e-juice is full of absolute gems. This is true for the premium blends you’ll pay a little more for, but most surprisingly, the “standard” juices on offer are actually really well executed too. While not every flavor I tried was too my taste, there wasn’t one bad flavor in the bunch, and many of them I tried were potential all-day-vapes. With the great prices on many of the juices, plenty of choices for nicotine level, the option to make them max-VG and a huge selection of flavors, Vista Vapors might not have the pretentious, “premium e-juice” trappings, but the selection and execution are hard to fault.

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Double Comma Vapes eJuice Review


Final Score

If your after a smooth all day vape then Double Comma Vapes should be on your radar by now! They produce some of the nicest flavors we have tried for some time, without overpowering you so you can enjoy this vape for sometime. It’s common practise for vape juice manufacturers to stack flavoring so high that it tastes really good to start with, but after an hour or 2 you become sick of it, not with Double Comma Vapes though! This is one for the vaper who wants an e-liquid to use all day without switching!

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$6.99 – Coupon “TRYTHREE” – 90ml for $6.99 Get This Deal!

Full In-Depth Review of Double Comma Vapes E-Liquid

Review of Double Comma Vapes vape liquid
It’s always exciting to get a chance to try an unfamiliar line of e-juices, as it can sometimes introduce us to surprising tastes that we might have otherwise missed. We recently had the opportunity to try out the Double Comma Vapes line and were both excited and skeptical from the outset. We were excited because new tastes are always an adventure. We were skeptical, due to the low prices that these juices sell for. After all, how could an inexpensive e-liquid hope to compare with premium-priced options? In this Double Comma Vapes eJuice review, we’ll try to get the answer to that question.

First, let’s get that price issue out of the way. A 30ml bottle of Double Comma Vapes juice sells for just under $14 a bottle, while you can get twice that amount of juice for a penny shy of $25. That’s an incredibly low price fit for any budget. The juice comes in a variety of nicotine strengths, ranging from 0mg to 6, and is manufactured with an 80/20 ratio of VG to PG. Many premium juices are double that cost, so it’s easy to see why some might assume that these e-liquids must be at the lower end of the quality spectrum.

Our tests demonstrated something else entirely, as we’ll explain throughout this review. There are many flavors in their product line, we’ll review them and compare them to the other vape liquids on the market.

Nitrous Oxide eJuice from Double Comma Vapes

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide reminds me of many of the energy drinks I consumed years ago. It has that lemony flavor that most energy drinks offer, as well as an iciness that we found more than refreshing. While it’s not a straight menthol-type flavor, it’s easy to imagine many menthol fans enjoying this juice product.


Double Clutch Crunch

Cereal-flavored juices have been popular for years now, and Double Clutch Crunch seems perfect to meet those cereal-loving vapers’ taste needs. This juice tastes like Cap’n Crunch, but it’s the peanut butter variety rather than the regular cereal offering. As a big fan of peanut butter, this one was perhaps my favorite of the sweet juices – so I can’t recommend it enough. Others in our group were pleased with its taste profile as well.

Hot Wheelz eJuice by Double Comma Vapes

Hot Wheelz

Another great peanut butter offering comes in the form of Hot Wheelz – only this time, it’s peanut butter and grape jelly. As a fan of both the cream and the jelly, I was really looking forward to trying this one, and Double Comma didn’t disappoint!  This is a fantastic rendition of the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich, ideal to accompany your best vape mod!


Murcielago Macchiato

Coffee-lovers will be thrilled by this flavor offering – especially if they’re fans of iced coffee drinks. It’s reminiscent of the chilled coffee beverages you can get at specialty coffee shops, and offers that great coffee taste with a strong hint of frappuccino for good measure. It’s delicious – though probably won’t get you going in the morning like your regular cup of joe.

Countach Crumble eJuice by Double Comma Vapes

Countach Crumble

Countach Crumble is a sweet combination of peach and butter crumble cake. I’m not a big fan of peach flavored treats, but this seemed to be appreciated by others in our test group. The flavor is pure, sweet, and has a taste that stays with you long after you put down your vaping device. If your after a juice to help you vaping to quit smoking then this one may help!


Skyline Fuel

Are you a fan of grape drinks like Kool-Aid? If so, then Skyline Fuel may become your next all-day vape. This is a sweet grape variety that perfectly captures the essence of that classic drink, in the simplest way possible. While some e-juices try to subdue the grape flavor, offering just enough of a hint of grape to get your attention, Skyline Fuel blasts the grape into your mouth in a way that leaves no doubt about what you’re vaping!


Our Conclusion

The big question, though, is whether Double Comma’s line of flavors meets the high bar set by many premium manufacturers. In our estimation, there can be no doubt: it does! In fact, these products do more than just clear that bar. They leap over it in a single bound, shatter it in pieces, and roar out a challenge that the rest of the vaping world will be hard-pressed to ignore. There’s been a lot done in the industry to help to combat things like popcorn lung with the removal of Diacetyl etc and Double Comma Vapes stand by the quality of juices they provide.

Double Comma is a winner on so many fronts that it’s difficult to know where to begin. Price? Theirs are more competitive than most. Flavor? Pure and simple, and accurate to a fault! Packaging? Their product line offers consistent labeling that should help to secure their brand identity with ease. In short, this is a great line of juices, and we highly recommend them to sweet-loving vapers everywhere.

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Jam Monster E-Juice Review


Jam Monster Review


It seems like there’s an e-juice company for every niche type of flavor these days. From tobacco connoisseurs like Black Note through to companies specializing in desserts and sweets, there is no shortage of small-scale, boutique outlets catering to the whims of vapers with specific tastes. Jam Monster is firmly one of these such brands, offering three e-liquids all inspired by jam and toast combinations, with three different jams – Strawberry, Apple and Blueberry – completing their line-up. The bottles are huge, the flavors sound awesome and the design has a quirky appeal, but do the e-juices live up to expectations? We’ve tried the line-up for our Jam Monster e-juice review to find out.


Packaging and Design


Jam Monster Review - Bottles


Jam Monster does an excellent job with both packaging and design. The bottles are contained in boxes, which have the same design as the bottles themselves. The main colors are based on the flavor of the jam – red for strawberry, blue for blueberry and green for apple – all of which look like they’re dripping down the bottle, revealing a jam-jar like checkered pattern at the bottom.


There is also a little evil-eyed silhouette of a jam monster at the bottom, menacingly holding up a spoon of jam. Overall the look is great – it’s quirky but there is definite character, and the result is a visually-appealing set of bottles.


There’s also all the information you could need printed on the bottles’ labels and the outer boxes. They have “Jam Monster” and the name of the flavor written across the front, as well as the nicotine strength, the PG/VG ratio and the usual set of warnings. Every bottle has a “born on” date and a batch number, which is a definite confidence-booster when it comes to quality.


Jam Monster E-Liquid Packaging


Jam Monster has taken a pretty smart step and paired up with a couple of other companies – Wick n’ Vape (the company responsible for Cotton Bacon) and Chubby Gorilla. The 100 ml bottles are made by Chubby Gorilla, and are fat, squat, squeezable plastic bottles with dripper spouts. They’re also child-proof, so you have to push down on the cap as you unscrew it. As a cool little extra, you get a small pack of Cotton Bacon “Bits” inside every box alongside your bottle.


Overall, the packaging and design from Jam Monster is hard to fault – some vapers might prefer glass bottles or smaller containers but on the whole they’re great.


Mixing Options


Jam Monster PG/VG Ratio


The Jam Monster e-liquids come in a fixed PG/VG ratio of 25/75, with three-quarters of the finished product being VG. This PG/VG ratio firmly places Jam Monster as a choice for longer-term vapers, although anybody with a sub ohm tank or other modern atomizer should be able to vape the juices without issue. In general, though, the throat hit is fairly mild with Jam Monster e-juices, but the vapor production is substantial, making them a great choice for cloud-chasing vapers.


Owing to the long-term vaper focus of Jam Monster and the broader move towards lower-nicotine e-liquids in the vaping industry, Jam Monster’s e-juices only come in 0, 3 or 6 mg/ml of nicotine. A 12 mg/ml option in particular would have been good for newer vapers just switching from smoking, but realistically these e-juices aren’t really intended for fresh switchers. Plus, if you have a tank or atomizer efficient enough to use with 75% VG e-juice, 6 mg/ml e-juice will probably be satisfying for you anyway.


While there could have been more options here from Jam Monster, overall the mixing options available get the job done.


Jam Monster E-Liquid Review The Flavors


Jam Monster Review - Flavor Reviews

Strawberry – Rating 5/5


Accuracy: All of the flavors from Jam Monster are toast, butter and a type of jam, with the name of the flavor just telling you the flavor of the jam included. So for the Strawberry, the strawberry jam flavor takes center-stage, and it’s beautifully captured on the whole.


The flavor of the fruit comes through, but there’s a realistic, jam-like sweetness to it that makes it come across as more of a candy or dessert flavor than a fruity option. The toast is especially noticeable at the start of your draw, but adds depth throughout, although it isn’t as well-captured as it is in Craft Vapery’s “It’s Toast!”. As for the butter, it probably adds some richness but you don’t really taste it specifically in this flavor.


Overall: Strawberry is a really hard e-juice to criticize. The fruit is well-captured and subtly-supported by the bready elements from the toast. The result is an e-juice that’s sweet and tasty but comfortingly well-rounded, making it a solid choice for an all-day vape. This is the winner from the whole line-up for me – even 100 ml of it just doesn’t seem like enough.


Apple – Rating 4.5/5


Accuracy: The Apple jam option from Jam Monster picks up where Strawberry left off. There’s the same undercurrent of toast, and the velvety richness of the butter is definitely detectable in this one, but then it’s topped off by the apple flavor that gives the juice its name. The apple here isn’t particularly realistic – it’s more like a candied apple, with a heavy emphasis on the sweetness and a fairly muted bite.


Overall: This is another great juice from Jam Monster. The apple doesn’t hit as hard as the strawberry did as a flavor, but the soft nature of the taste and the candy-sweetness means it goes down just as easily. It also means the toast and butter components have more of an active role in this flavor, which adds another dimension to the juice and complements the fruit well. Overall, it’s a really enjoyable flavor, albeit not quite reaching the heights that Strawberry does.


Blueberry – Rating 3.5/5


Accuracy: As you’ll expect by now, this is the same as the other e-juices but with blueberry as the main flavor instead. The flavor is immediately more comparable to the apple than the strawberry, due to the subtlety of the blueberry. Again this means that the toast and butter come through a little more strongly than they do in Strawberry. Here though, the blueberry flavor is really quite muted. Although you can pick up some characteristic tones, it doesn’t really jump out of the mix and make you pay attention.


Overall: This is another great flavor from Jam Monster, on the whole. It doesn’t quite live up to the standard of the other two in the line-up, because of the unimpressive nature of the blueberry. But it does still go down well, with the base flavor of the buttery toast being enjoyable on its own and being helped down quite nicely by the notes of blueberry. If you like subtler flavors, this could easily be your favorite from the three, but for me it’s just a little bit lacking.


  Jam Monster isn’t going to set the world of vaping alight and be the must-have e-juice everyone’s talking about, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vape it. Every single flavor in the line up is enjoyable in its own way, and while Strawberry absolutely knocks it out of the park, for fruit and candy-loving vapers, every single one is a potential all day vape. At a pretty impressive price of $29.99 for a huge 100 ml bottle, they’re affordable enough to be well worth picking up.

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Om Vapor E Liquid Evaluate, Coupons and Offers


Ultimate Rating

Shopping for eliquid is among the costliest issues when vaping, so we check out price range costs to seek out one of the best worth. We expect that Om Vapor offers not solely high quality e-liquid’s with some superior flavors, however their costs and offers are even higher! For those who undergo lots of juice and have not the time to combine your personal, we will advocate Om Vapor the place you will get the right vape for a fraction of the worth.

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Om Vapor Repeatedly has some superb offers, we’ll hold you knowledgeable of all the newest and greatest under!


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Extra offers can be added as quickly as they launch them! Bookmark this web page!

The Om Vapor logo

In-depth Assessment of Om Vapor

Om Vapor is an organization that’s dedicated to producing flavorful, protected vaping liquids. They produce their very own liquids in-house, and supply a variety of various tastes which are designed to offer one thing for everybody. Everyone knows that eliquids might be one of the crucial costly piece to vaping, particularly when you’ve got probably the greatest vape mods that create big tasty clouds, so Om Vapor has produced a line for the vaping fanatics. No less than, that’s what the corporate advertises.

My publicity to the corporate was restricted, till I lately had the chance to get my arms on a few of their juice. I instantly took it to our check group in order that we might give this product line the trial run that it deserves. On this Om Vapor e liquid evaluation, we’ll attempt to determine whether or not that is actually an excellent product line or whether or not it’s all simply a lot vacuous vapor.

To try this, right here’s our tackle a number of of the flavors that we managed to check. Consider, that is only a small sampling of their roughly 30-flavor choice. Nonetheless, it ought to present some clues about what sort of merchandise this firm gives, and whether or not one in every of them may be proper in your vaping wants. With out additional ado…

Mindful Monkey eliquid from Om Vapor

Aware Monkey

In fact, I needed to get Aware Monkey – if just for the identify. That is marketed as a mix of whipped cream, banana pudding, and vanilla wafer cookies. When you have a candy tooth, or love bananas, then this can be good for you. I’ve to plead responsible to each of these qualifications, and may truthfully say that this could be my private favourite of the bunch. It’s nice banana style, however with out that overpowering taste that so typically seems when something tries to imitate that fruit.

The Cobra ejuice from Om Vapor

The Cobra WTA

Okay, I grabbed one other responsible pleasure: strawberry ice cream. With this juice, that taste is minimize with the style of cake crumbs and whipped cream to offer a creamy dessert sensation positive to please the palate. Some in our group claimed that the cake crumb style was clear as a bell. In my opinion, I couldn’t detect it, however perhaps that was simply me focusing in on the ice cream taste. Regardless of! All of us appeared to agree that this juice is a winner!



This one is from the corporate’s Reincarnation line, and gives an exquisite mix of milk and honey. It’s a bit of style of the Promised Land in your vaping tank! I discovered this one to be extra milk than honey, however the mix was nonetheless nice. And whereas I want Aware Monkey for its wild style, that is one thing that I might be extra apt to vape every day. It’s mild, subtly candy, and a real pleasure to inhale.

Reality e-liquid from Om Vapor


In search of a brand new tobacco taste? Nicely, Actuality could also be simply the factor you want – as a result of who can’t use a dose of actuality every so often, proper? This juice gives a clean tobacco taste that’s softened by delicate hints of vanilla and caramel. That’s a mixture that I might by no means have imagined potential, nevertheless it one way or the other works. Pure tobacco style with out the tough chew? Who’d have thought it attainable? Om Vapor, in fact.


The Tiger WTA

This can be a nice breakfast-type providing, with milk and apple slices including a pleasant contact to the apple cereal base. I’m unsure if I might use it to switch my actual breakfast – not sufficient energy, thoughts you – however I undoubtedly take pleasure in a draw after that breakfast is completed. It’s scrumptious!

Selection of other Om Vapor juices

The Others

We haven’t tried the whole lot of their line of merchandise, however suffice it to say that their web site provides information about the remainder of their choices. They embrace fascinating choices just like the White Miso, peach, pear, apple, and floral-flavored Lotus WTA, in addition to the important thing lime and coconut cheesecake-inspired Omega WTA. There are flavors providing strawberry citrus pound cake (The Warrior), the inexperienced tea and tropical fruit mix Mantra, and Candy Honey Tobacco – which has a reputation that just about says every thing that must be stated.

The corporate’s costs are actually good they usually even supply low-cost pattern packs to be able to attempt quite a lot of totally different flavors to see which of them strike your fancy. That is good for many who have simply began vaping to give up smoking for instance. From our perspective and checks, we’d advocate that you simply give a number of a attempt, because it’s a digital assure that you simply’re positive to seek out one thing to your liking.

General, the Om Vapor e-liquid line is one which we discover tasty and intriguing and an ideal companion to one of the best e cig that you simply personal. I personally sit up for acquiring a couple of extra flavors (and a few extra of that scrumptious Aware Monkey, in fact) to see how their different choices measure as much as these we’ve already tried. Get yours immediately!

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VIP Affinity E-Liquid Evaluate


Last Rating

VIP Affinity ELiquid do supply some actually good flavors, however be warned! Some initially style actually good however they quickly get a bit sickly, so attempt them out for a day earlier than committing to bigger orders! We personally liked the Tranquility and Serenity flavours, which produce such a clean and what we class as an awesome all-day vape!

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Full In-depth Assessment of VIP Affinity E-Liquids

Review of VIP Affinity E-LiquidOne of many largest joys of the vaping expertise is the chance to check and luxuriate in quite a lot of totally different e-liquid recipes that you simply’ve by no means beforehand encountered. Whereas some individuals discover that one particular juice and simply keep it up yr after yr, the extra adventurous amongst us wish to department out and check out new liquids. In the event you’re a courageous soul in quest of new style adventures, then the VIP Affinity line is perhaps simply up your alley. On this VIP Affinity e-liquid evaluate, we’ll attempt to offer you a greater concept about what you possibly can anticipate.


VIP Affinity

The VIP Affinity line is a perfect e-juice choice for a companion to the most effective vape mod you might personal. So, in case you’re desirous about utilizing it with an affordable vape pen system, assume once more. With its 70% VG and 40% PG base ratio, this can be a thick juice that the majority regular coils can’t deal with that nicely. You’ll want a sub-ohm setup to really get probably the most out of each draw.

You also needs to know that these liquids come in several strengths. When you is perhaps tempted to seize the strongest you’ll find – choosing a 6% nicotine power, for instance – I’d advocate making an attempt one thing on the decrease finish. The nicotine degree comes throughout as stronger than it’s, so you must in all probability select the three% power. In any case, you possibly can all the time go up in nicotine content material if that decrease degree is just too weak for you.

3 flavors from VIP Affinity

The Flavors

The flavour names are considerably obscure, since they’re designed to be unique and thought-provoking slightly than descriptive. Take Tranquility, for instance. It’s a fruity mix that mixes strawberries and keenness fruit with scrumptious ice cream and vanilla pods. It gives simply the correct quantity of creamy taste, with out being so overpowering that it’s virtually troublesome to abdomen. Out of all of the choices we tried, that is the one that might greatest function an all-day vaping taste with the perfect e cig you’ve gotten.

Our second-favorite was the Serenity III. Add milk, yogurt, and mango collectively, think about how that might style, and also you’ve received a reasonably good concept about what Serenity is all about. For sure, this one was troublesome to place down as soon as we began vaping with it.

Packaging of VIP Affinity ELiquidsThe Nirvana IV has a reputation that must be troublesome to stay as much as, however with almonds, brown sugar, and milk, it begins from a agency basis. I anticipated one thing that was a bit like baked items, and wasn’t dissatisfied within the least. And although some e-juices appear to have sure accents that leap out at you when you’re vaping, this one doesn’t. The truth is, it’s troublesome to make out any of the person recipe components. As an alternative, all of them simply mix collectively to create a completely new style sensation – as all one of the best recipes do. In case your new to vaping and taking a look at vaping to give up smoking then this taste may convert you as soon as and for all!

The Karma II is one other fascinating taste, that mixes a milky sensation with rose syrup and cardamom seeds – for a spicy taste. Let’s be trustworthy right here: you may see the phrase “rose” and assume that a flower is a wierd taste to incorporate in an e-juice. You’re proper! However, from our perspective, it really works. Once we vaped with it, the Karma produced a spicy style – and when you might undoubtedly odor and style the rose, it simply gave your complete expertise a special sensory sensation. Frankly, this isn’t one thing that I might use every day, however it’s a nice diversion that makes for a pleasant after-dinner deal with.


Our Abstract

So, what’s the decision, you ask? Nicely, every of the flavors we tried have been straightforward to vape, with a wealthy VG-heavy base that gave us voluminous clouds of vapor to take pleasure in. The tastes have been all sound too, with some extra nice than others. General, we discovered the expertise fairly pleasurable, and extremely advocate this thrilling array of juices in your personal vaping wants.

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FAQ Guava Blast ELiquid Evaluate


Last Rating

Though the identify is on the market this eliquid appears to be relatively distinctive, with a refreshing and candy style it is in all probability not one for an all day vape, however in case you’re after a pleasant delicate style explosion of Guava, then that is the juice for you!

CHEAP FAQ Guava Blast Offers & Coupons!


*$21.95 – 60ml Bottle – Free delivery with orders over $50 – Get This Deal!

$14.99 – 30ml Bottle – Plus $four.99 Delivery – Get This Deal!

* Beneficial based mostly on delivery time and worth!

Editors Notice:

Nicely who would have thought an entire novice reviewing eliquids can be extra fashionable than the professionals! Nicely again by widespread demand is Martins E-Liquid assessment, this time we gave him FAQ Guava Blast, take a look at his hilarious ideas of this juice:
Review of FAQ Guava Blast ejuice

Martin’s Assessment of FAQ Guava Blast

Have you ever ever realized that these crisps in a tube that aren’t actual crisps are decided to make you seem like a fats pig? In case your arms are greater than a toddler then these dangerous boys will make you seem like a hungry hippo. By no means attempt to eat these while in public or behind the wheel, it is going to finish in catastrophe. It is rather like how I made a decision to do this juice as an alternative of one other. I used to be rummaging round in a zipper lock bag as my prime bit on the Geek Vape Griffin 25 Plus was virtually as dry as a camel’s hoof once I realized the zip wasn’t open far sufficient to take away my hand. My hand isn’t the dimensions of a bunch of bananas and the juice is stored in a bag to keep away from the entrance rest room problem or pocket leaks.

When you have ever traveled in a mean velocity zone you’ll understand how troublesome it’s to not break the regulation. What is in Guava Blast?Doing this while making an attempt to focus on replenishing your prime bit with a hand trapped could be very traumatic. At one level, I assumed I’d need to chew my approach out of this. I significantly can’t keep in mind studying this on the warning indicators.


What the hell is Guava blast?

Now, has anybody heard something referred to as Guava blast? No, me neither. My google search historical past would in all probability convey up one thing utterly unrelated within the video context and would mechanically play loudly in a public place. Like these movies, you click on on when a pal tags you in them and instantly get very evil seems to be from the individuals surrounding you. For those who haven’t received a dodgy search historical past then you’re a magician and have came upon that wizard means of clearing it. I’ve no clue how to try this, so if anybody needs to make use of my couch commuter I mechanically go into meltdown. Particularly in the event that they need to search something starting with ‘P’. I run to the web generator and change it off claiming my web could be very poor.
Guava - The name

It’s all Concerning the Identify!

What would make an incredible ejuice? Figuring out what it’s alleged to style like by naming it so can be an ideal begin and of coarse having top-of-the-line vape mods helps too! One which doesn’t make you home windows cloudy, which might trigger you to be raided by the police considering that you simply’re rising a natural substance as your neighbors watch an excessive amount of tv. Greater bottles however everyone knows that we’ve the foolish overpaid individuals who have by no means truly had an actual job have ensured we can’t have that. Perhaps a juice that won’t burn away in a single suck. I do know that I might very a lot take pleasure in a correct identify in order that I do know what I’m getting. Perhaps I ought to begin producing a bleach, name it ‘Lacotani’ and bottle it in drink sized bottles. Little question I wouldn’t be in enterprise lengthy.


Testing Flavors

Going into vape outlets to pick a brand new juice is probably the most thrilling expertise carried out for us vapers in grownup hood, properly aside from these few events within the month your different half isn’t drained, has a headache, have to be up early, and so on, and so forth. Standing there making an attempt out juice after juice wanting to seek out one that you’d order a 32000-litre tanker filled with. Sadly, the tough actuality is that the time you do discover one, the younger teenager behind the counter who has zero customer support expertise, informs you that the one you’ve got simply fallen in love with is out of inventory. Like being in a nightclub, seeing probably the most lovely individual on earth, introducing your self solely to seek out out that they’ve a companion. Typically this can be a lie! These vape outlets are very very similar to nightclubs, they odor a bit funky and the cloud of vape that hits you once you enter already has you making horrible selections. I as soon as went in for a prime internal bit and left with a brand new battery and prime bit. Ought to actually have learn one of the best e cig information first I assume, my dangerous!

As a toddler, I used to be pressured to eat greens that even to today ought to solely be used as a torture technique. My mom used to disguise parsnips as roast potatoes. Sure, I do know, I had a horrific childhood. If a mother or father was to try this to their youngster immediately, they might be reported to social media and a petition to parliament can be created obtain one million signatures, a march can be organized and riots would shortly comply with. I do know what I like and I do know what I don’t like.
Vaping FAQ Guava Blast eliquid

Let Us Vape

Once I lastly retrieved my hand again from the bag and caught a glimpse of the identify written on the bottle, I used to be already previous the purpose of no return. My prime bit being utterly dry, I needed to give this a go. I used to be anticipating it to style like skittles crossed with starburst. That’s the one method I can describe the temporary whiff I caught of the juice while refilling the highest bit. As a dedicated vaper, I didn’t care, I simply needed my lungs to be crammed with a cloud.

As I sit in my automotive, in usually non-moving visitors, I’m sure the automobiles behind me have referred to as the hearth brigade. They have to be satisfied my car is on hearth. If I used to be in America, I’m positive the natives would convey me a steak dinner assuming that I used to be sending them smoke alerts.

Think about that feeling you get simply earlier than you open a packet of skittles and throw as many as you possibly can into your mouth. Your style buds anxiously awaiting all that taste. Your mouth watering like a St Bernard canine watching you eat a wonderfully cooked piece of fillet steak. Getting the primary full hit of this juice is strictly like that. It has your senses wanting you to puff on that prime bit like a choo choo practice. It’s so flavorsome, magical and yummy that you simply can’t even determine the flavors inside this magical liquid.
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The one that blended this should have been one in every of Willie Wonka’s staff. I can now see why they’ve given it the identify they’ve. They should have tasted this and tried to say one thing else and got here up with ‘FAQ GUAVA’ then added Blast in order that there weren’t sacked.

I might advocate this juice to anybody. I might advocate it to these vapers who’re taking a look at vaping to give up smoking or to these individuals who want slightly pleasure of their life. With each inhale from my prime bit, I can’t get sufficient. Solely completely happy ideas are in my head turning this visitors jam into an actual pleasure.

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Apollo ELiquid Assessment


Ultimate Rating

One magnificence about Apollo is that the flavors they produce appear to resemble the label on their bottles! This can be a breath of recent air as many suppliers are utilizing funky names which offer you no clue! They do style good as properly, though it is exhausting to inform if you’re in a vape store and take a number of drags, often by the point you get house your sick of it and making an attempt arduous to eliminate the style from the atomizer. Good for Apollo that this isn’t the case with their flavors, we take pleasure in vaping them day in, day trip! Great things!

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We’ve tried and examined numerous eliquids through the years, so we thought it may be a good suggestion to ask an entire beginner vaper to check out some eliquids for us and inform us what they assume. Right here’s a assessment by Martin within the UK, who as you possibly can inform, isn’t precisely acquainted with the vaping phrases!

Martin’s Evaluation of Apollo Eliquid (Strawberry Cream Cannoli)

Apollo E Cigs E Juice bottle
After discovering the perfect e cig for my wants, I discover myself strolling down the excessive road doing my impression of The Flying Scotsman, with the clouds being emitted from my lungs, I received the impression that the native inhabitants have been getting irritated. Brief from being chased alongside the street by an indignant crowd with pitch forks, though these would in all probability be sensible telephones as we’ve got a have to movie completely every part, I shortly put away my 80’s disco cloud machine and headed to the carpark.
Filing the tank with the juice

Submitting her Up!

I checked my prime bit, which has a see-through glass, and observed I used to be virtually out of juice. Why can we name it juice once we can’t drink it? Anyway, I had this new taste to attempt to this was the perfect second. Although the automobiles queuing up behind me on the carpark exit didn’t agree. Earlier than placing my coin into the machine to launch me from carpark captivity, I fumbled round for the brand new juice. After round 10 seconds there was an irate bunch of inpatient motorists starting to dribble from the mouth. After a fast squirt into my prime bit I used to be good to go.


Prime Tip #1

Prime tip for motorists, don’t attempt to fill your prime bit on the transfer as you’ll spill some and stroll round all day with a urine sort stain round your crotch space.

Fortunately I’ve the most effective vape mods, so it’s fairly straightforward to carry there!
Mixing eliquid flavors

Mixing of Flavors

As earlier than, it’s a must to suck the earlier taste by way of. There’s a stage if you assume that the each blended collectively would make an excellent taste and you’re the grasp and can give it a very cool identify like ‘The Hobgoblin’. Then realization hits you that the silly names given to the juices forestall you from with the ability to make an knowledgeable choice of what one to pick to place into your prime bit and savor the flavour. I’ve made this error earlier than and ended up having a juice which tasted like the within of a tramps sleeping bag. Sure, I might’ve gone onto the web and researched what the precise taste was however who has time for that?

I had an extended journey house forward of me because the roads are suffering from these objects that the occupants do not know what to do with them. Visitors mild after visitors mild, it appears that evidently individuals are amazed that the lights will go inexperienced after sitting on pink. They’ve an entire psychological breakdown as to what to do subsequent, for these of you that wrestle you have to cease driving instantly and take the bus.


Again To The Juice!

The flavour is lastly coming via and at first, I used to be anticipating strawberry cannelloni, which I assumed can be bizarre as I really like cannelloni however not with strawberry. After checking the bottle, it was clear, I should have spent my life in a cave as I’ve no clue what Cannoli is (I’m from the UK in any case)! This one was instantly yummy and proves to be one more reason why I’m hooked on vaping!

Flavors from Apollo E CigsA number of extra sucks in and I used to be empty with at the very least one other 10-minute drive forward of me. I panicked. I’m going to should danger the stain as if I’ve no management of my entrance rest room features. I opened the highest bit which does have a useful slide throughout suck half so not lose it underneath my peddles. I opened the juice and the lid determined to go exploring within the underworld of beneath my seat. Like opening a three pack of condoms together with your first, I felt that the lid wouldn’t be wanted as this juice can be gone inside a couple of hours.

Thinking your good lookingLike being in a nightclub and considering that you simply’re going house with the best-looking individual in there and getting down and soiled as you start the deed you go to sleep. Nicely, that precisely what my battery did. As a sensible telephone proprietor, I understand that mobiles at the moment are principally landlines as they spend extra time plugged in than they do being cellular. I used to be ready. A spare battery in my pocket is all the time a should together with an in-car charger for these longer journeys. All I needed to do was mission unattainable and alter the highest bit onto one other battery with out getting coated in a sticky substance.

Success and I nonetheless have a minimum of a 5-minute drive with because of the various uncoordinated drivers of this lovely land. They wrestle with the idea of the go and cease peddle and to spice it up, the automotive producers add one other peddle and gears. If I might be strung up on the nearest submit for daring to vape on a bus then I might journey on public transport adopted by a really deep clear and scrub once I get off. I took the bus final yr and labored out that there have been at the least 50 tooth between us, 32 of them being mine amongst 20 passengers. Not saying that each one of people who journey on public transport are toothless however on this expertise, they have been.
Strawberry Cream Cannoli flavor

The Taste

The strawberry was superb, my entrance room was like an 80’s disco, a lot to the disgust of the opposite half, who all the time bangs on at me concerning the clouds. I’m positive that when you’ve got a non-vaper in the home you’ll get the identical headache.

With a whole lot of juices, what it says on the entrance shouldn’t be the truth of taste, particularly those with bizarre names however this one was spot on. Beforehand I had educated myself on all the risks of vaping explosions and unwanted effects of vaping like popcorn lung and stuff, by taking the bottle to the bathroom so didn’t really feel the necessity for the extracurricular studying of this bottle ought to I want the sit down on the thrown.


My Abstract

Martins profile pictureEventually a maker who make the flavour written on the bottle. These guys are beginning to excite my style buds, like the best way the considered an alcoholic beverage does in your method residence from work on a Friday. The best way that choosing up a bag of nicely know chewy sweets that youngsters and grownups love them so do.

This juice is clean and an all-day one in the event you take pleasure in these types of flavors. I need to warn you that in case you do spill some over your groin space and run out of this juice be ready to be making an attempt to vape your clothes that it was spilt on. Take it from me that this isn’t potential and you’ll be requested to go away the grocery store while making an attempt to aim this.

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