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Cool Vape Tricks – From Beginner to More Advanced Tricks


Vape Tricks for Beginners and Professionals

Vape tricks for beginners and more advanced vapers

It’s about time we had some good old fashion fun around here, and what better way than amusing your friends with some pretty cool vape tricks? Sit back as you are about to learn some pretty basic and easy smoke tricks that not only are reasonably easy to learn but also look pretty cool too, which is the important thing!

Yes, we hear you, the smoke rings are the most obvious place to start, as every smoker and vaper can pretty much do this. The fact is though this isn’t true! We do have to learn it though as imagine this, you start showing your friends some pretty cool vape tricks you’ve learnt from this page and then one of your friends says, “Oh I love how they do those smoke rings”, it’s pretty important you can do it right, or your credibility as the world’s greatest vape trickster is on the line! It is quite difficult to master though, so instead of just starting with the most famous vape trick, we’re going to start with easy tricks that anyone can learn, and move on from there. Blowing smoke rings or o’s will be in the more advanced category, where we move onto some pretty amazing vape tricks.

Hopefully, by the time you’ve finished this tutorial, you will have a few cool tricks up your sleeve to impress others, or simply to entertain yourself, so let’s get on with it:


Easy Vape Tricks For Beginners!


The Dragon aka The Dragons Breath Trick

The Dragon Breath Vape Trick

This is one of the simplest tricks that looks pretty cool! The trick is where you blow the vapour simultaneously out of your nose and the sides of your mouth making it look like it’s coming from 4 directions and has a look of a dragon’s breath.

How It’s Done:

You do need a vape pen or mod that creates a lot of vapour, we have a list of the top 5 sub ohm vape tanks, any of these will work really well with this trick.

The important skill you need to perform this trick is to be able to close your mouth whilst opening the sides of your mouth; this is simply done by closing your mouth and trying to smile, hold it there and get ready to blow. That’s the hardest part!

The last part is to simply use the method above and also breath out your nose at the same time, this takes a little practice, the best way is not to blow out to fast, just do it slowly. Voila, you have the breath of the dragon!


The Ghost Hit aka The Ghost Inhale Trick

Ghost Inhale Vape Trick

This is a really popular trick within the vaping community, although when I was a smoker, I never heard of it!

Ghost inhaling, is when you exhale a little vapour, suck it up really quickly leaving a ghost-like vape in its wake. It looks pretty cool trust me and is relatively easy and quick to learn. You do need a good amount of vapor in your mouth to perform this trick, so it’s advised that you have one of the best e cigs you can get hold off.

How It’s Done:

Inhale some vapour straight into your mouth without letting it go to your lungs, hold it there for a few seconds to allow it to settle. Try to push out a small amount of vapour without actually blowing all the vape out. Then open your mouth wider and suck it all up! Here’s a video to see how it’s done:


The Waterfall

This is a real simple vape trick that anyone can perform, it’s not really a trick as to more of a demonstration of how thick vape clouds are. The effect is simply showing the vapour coming out of a bottle or glass and falling onto a table giving the effect of a waterfall.

How It’s Done:

Really simply take a big breath of vapour and slowly exhale all that vapour into a glass or bottle. Let the vapour settle for a second and slowly pour it onto the table. That’s all there is to it, you’ve produced a pretty cool magical waterfall!


The Tornado aka The Table Tornado Trick

The Tornado Vape Trick

This is where you exhale a huge amount of vapour onto a table, once the vapour is settled with your hand you create a mini tornado right in front of you. It looks pretty cool once you get it right and is really easy to do!

How It’s Done:

Again you’re going to need a vape that produces a lot of vapour, so check out the list we linked to earlier for some ideas.

The hardest part of this trick is getting the vapour in the middle of the table without it blowing away. Obviously, you can’t really do this trick outside or where there is a breeze and it does take a little practice blowing the right amount of vapour.

Put your head down to the same height of the table and slowly exhale the vape onto the table, alter how hard you exhale until you have a nice stable amount of vapour lingering on the table. Then with your hand, slowly come in from the side as if your going into shake someone’s hand when you’re in the middle of the vape pool lift your hand up as if your high fiving someone from the bottom. That’s it, you have your own little tornado!


French Inhale aka Irish Waterfall Trick

The French Inhale Vape Trmaidth=

This is one trick thast does take a little practise, but once mastered looks really cool. It’s a common trick that many master pretty quickly.

It involves exhaling slowly from your mouth while breathing in from your nose producing, a weird looking vapour running from your mouth up into your nose!

How It’s Done:

As I said this is a relatively easy vape trick to perform once you know the secret! Of course, it’s impossible to blow out your mouth while breathing into your nose so your actually just pushing the vapour our slowly with your mouth. Do this by holding the vapour in your mouth (not your lungs) and slowly close your mouth, then breathing in relatively hard through your nose. The important thing to remember is to have enough breath left after initially breathing the vapour into your mouth.

Note: There is a slight alternative to this known as the Bane. This is exactly the same technique but you smile, showing your teeth whist performing the French inhale. This produced stands of vapour instead of one solid flow. Try it, it’s pretty cool!


Note: There is a slight alternative to this known as the Bane. This is exactly the same technique but you smile, showing your teeth whilst performing the French inhale. This produced stands of vapour instead of one solid flow. Try it, it’s pretty cool!



More Advanced Vape Tricks – For Serious Vapers!

That’s the quick and easy vape tricks out the way, so now let’s get on with the more impressive tricks that take a lot of practice, but when done right is just purely amazing. This is a completely different field from above as it does take a lot of time to master. It’s probably best that you get hold of one of the best box mods or best vape pens for these tricks, as you are going to need a lot more vapor to make the trick look even better.

Most of the more advanced vape tricks are variations or use the blowing o’s or smoke rings along with another trick. We’re going to start with the smoke rings and show you the more advanced smoke tricks you can perform with this.


Blowing O’s aka Smoke or Vape Rings

Blowing O’s or Vape Rings

More than likely you know exactly what this is, you’ve seen your friends do it and it does look pretty cool. It involves vaping a relatively large amount of vapour and blowing O’s or rings, out of your mouth.

How it’s done:

The hardest part of this vape trick is to find a technique that works for you. We’re going to cover the easiest way possible here, hopefully, you can utilize this to achieve your own technique to create the biggest ring possible.

First vape as you would usually if you’re doing a normal vape to the lung. Then you want to exhale a small amount of vape to get rid of the exhale vape from around your mouth.

The second part of this trick is getting your mouth into the right shape, this takes practice and does require you to make some adjustments. Bear in mind everyone’s mouth is different, and therefore the shape of your mouth to perform the perfect O will be different to others too. Generally, it needs to start off as if your yawning but trying to hide your teeth with your lips.

Third is the blowing out of the ring or O, again there are a couple of ways of doing this, like using your tongue and tapping on your cheek, but try to master the cough technique as this will help you with later tricks we look at. This is done by performing a tiny controlled cough like motion with your throat, creating a pulse just large enough to push the vapour through your O lips.

That’s it really, the rest is just practise practise, and of course, practise!


Push & Bend O’s

Pushing vape rings

This is really another step to blowing O’s but does look pretty cool. It involves blowing an O and moving it with your hand which increases in size and moves exactly where you want it to go!

How It’s Done:

You do need to master blowing an O and in this case, it has to be a pretty fast moving O. Have your hand by your face whilst doing this, to avoid any unnecessary breezy when moving into position. Once you’ve blown out your O, follow it with you flat shaped hand, about 2 inches behind, making sure not to break the O. It is this that takes the time after you have perfected your O of course.


Double & Triple O’s

Double and Triple Os Vape trick

You can see we are moving on pretty quickly here, but once you’ve mastered the blowing of the O, the next obvious trick is how to perform the double or even triple O ring.

This is where you have O rings coming from both sides of your mouth and even in the centre.

How it’s Done:

You do have to master blowing O’s or rings before you start this trick and you also need some pretty thick clouds so try to pick a juice that’s relatively higher in VG content, i.e. 70% or more.

The first thing is to place 2 fingers in the centre of your mouth and opening your mouth in the same way as you did when blowing regular O’s.

Secondly, you need to perform a similar technique you mastered earlier when blowing out the O’s, using the cough action, but a lot more scaled down and more rapid. This should be producing double O’s now.

Thirdly, slightly open your fingers on your lips to produce a third hole in the centre of your mouth and adjust your airflow to suit. This should now be producing triple O’s.

It does mean playing around with your cough, to perfect and takes even more time to perfect than blowing O’s.


JellyFish Vape Trick

The JellyFish Vape Trick

Ok, now you’re ready for what we think is the coolest vape trick, the JellyFish. This is where you blow a large O ring and follow through the centre with just the right amount of vapour to produce a perfectly looking JellyFish floating around your room!

How It’s Done

So you thought mastering the O was difficult, well be prepared to practise just the same amount of time again to perfect your JellyFish!

This trick involves three of the tricks you have already learnt previously, ie:

  1. Blowing O’s
  2. Pushing O’s
  3. Ghost hit

The first thing you want to do is blow a nice big O and start following it at the same pace the O is moving.

With your hand slowly push the O until it’s reached the required size, whilst doing this take another drag from your vape mod.

Slowly get behind the O with your mouth and perform the Ghost hit without actually drawing it back into your mouth. This is the bit that takes the practise as you can distort the O with any movement from your arms or face.


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Top 5 Sub-Ohm Tanks


Sub ohm tanks are responsible for transforming the vaping market, ever since the first release back in 2014 these types of tanks have single-handedly kept vapers vaping! To complement the best e-cig or vape mod, you need a good tank, so which are the top 5 Sub-Ohm tanks on the market?

Well to answer that question we have to consider a number of factors like (but not in any specific order):

  1. Capacity – The amount of eliquid the tank holds, higher the better really!
  2. Flavor – How well the tank delivers the flavour from the juice.
  3. Coil longevity – How long a typical coil will last without needing to be replaced.
  4. Airflow – How clear is the airflow and what adjustments can be made.
  5. Cloud content – How much cloud does it produce


So let’s get on with the list of the best sub ohm tanks.


Number 5

The Cleito EXO by Aspire

Aspire Cleito EXO

The Cleito EXO from Aspire is a really well-made tank featuring an easy to adjust top airflow control and made from PCTG and a chemically resistant tank. This is with the aim of enhancing the flavor from your vape and boy does it perform its task! The Cleito Coils are based on the Clapton coils with large wicking areas which also improve the saturation of the organic cotton, avoiding any of those unnecessary dry hit. The coils come in both 0.2-ohm for wattages around 50-75 watts and 0.4-ohm sizes for wattage around 40-60W.

Overall many users are really happy with the improved flavor generated by using the Aspire Cleito EXO. The only drawback we could see is the limitation of adjusting your airflow.

The FireLuke Sub-Ohm Tank

Number 4

FreeMax FireLuke Sub-Ohm Tank

FreeMax the were one of the first to introduce a bubble like tank system to allow a larger capacity of juice. With a top fill and bottom airflow control along with sextuple coil system this tank delivers in taste, volume of cloud and taste.

The tank holds 5 ml of ejuice and as you would expect has a number of different coil options to choose from.

Nice smooth airflow, but with multiple coils you’re going to need more power so really only a dual 18650 battery mod will do! Check out our list of the best vape mods to help. The tank also comes in a whole range of designs and colors making it easy to match both your mod and personal taste.


Number 3

HorizonTech Arco 2 Sub-Ohm Tank

The Arco 2 Sub-Ohm Tank

The Arco 2 Sub-Ohm Tank from HorizinTech is a little secret tank that’s been hiding in the background of most review sites for a longtime but one tank that should be considered!

With this tank, HorizonTech has introduced a parallel 0.2-ohm coil system which produces some of the best flavors from a coil we have seen, not sure if the flax paper they have also installed in the coil makes any difference, but this coil just works!  They have a number of designs available some include a colored glass option whilst others are clear.

Overall an awesome flavor and vapor produced by this tank, their new innovative flax paper parallel coil system is one great producing coil! Make sure you check out our vape deals page as many of these tanks often appear at crazy discounted and cheap prices!

The TFV8 Sub-ohm Tanks from SMOK

Number 2


Whether it’s the Big Baby Beast, X-Baby, TFV8 Cloud Beast, or any other design based on the TFV8 coil these tanks rock and probably one of the most popular out there right now. It’s true that SMOK produces a lot of different version of this tank and are constantly tweaking the design but in our opinion, the TFV8 has it all.

You just have to look at all the starter kits that include this tank, to see how well it works with all sorts of setups! Most of these tanks hold around 5ml of juice, have a top fill system with a top sliding cap to make it even easier and really decent airflow. This particular tank seems to be a favorite with smokers who are looking for the best e-cig to quit smoking as the resistance and coil choice is so vast.

The taste and vapor content are really good here and with an easy to adjust airflow and multiple coils available it doesn’t take long to tune in your perfect vape!


Number 1

The Crown 3 Sub-Ohm Tank

Uwell Crown 3 Sub-Ohm Tank

Well as the name suggests this is the 3rd version of this tank, and they seem to have got everything right at last! Well the other version wasn’t that bad either!

Again another 5ml tank which seems to be a common amount with our top 5, it also boasts an anti-leaking top fill system with dual ports to allow air to escape, a simple plug and pull system to replace the coils. The 3 slot adjustable airflow is mounted on the bottom and the coils are the vertical mounted with 3 wicking slots.

Overall this tank produces some of the best flavors and vape clouds on the market, regardless of the e-liquid flavor we tried. Not really sure why as there is no real great innovative technique used here, but sometimes things just work and that’s certainly the case with the Uwell Crown 3 Sub-Ohm Tank.

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CBD Oil To Vape – The Best CBD Vape Oils and User Guide


CBD Vape Oil, CBD Hemp Oil and CBD E-liquid

There seems to be a lot of discussions about CBD oils for vaping right now and with that comes a lot of confusion! In this guide you will learn the basics of CBD oil, how to vape it and hopefully, understand exactly what it is and the difference with other types of cannabis oils on the market.


The Basics of CBD Oil

CBD is short for Cannabidiol and is derived from the hemp of the male cannabis plant, it is because of this production method that the term CBD hemp oil is often misused to describe this CBD vape oil. Although the two terms are often used to describe the same thing, they are not the same at all:
Basics of CBD

  • CBD Hemp Oil: Typically used in lotions, balms, and other oils that can be rubbed directly onto the skin. They are sometimes also included in
  • CBD Vape Oil: Made specifically to be vaped

Therefore it is obvious to state: Do not try to vape CBD Hemp oils that were not made specifically for vaping!

One huge advantage with CBD Vape Oil is that you can vape it in your regular vape mod or vape pen, just fill the tank as you would any eliquid, add additional flavors if you like and vape away!


CBD Extract from marijuana

Is CBD Marijuana?

When everyone talks about cannabis or marijuana they automatically think about getting high. In fact marijuana has 2 key checmical compounds:

  1. Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – This is marijuana’s most active ingredient and is the compound responsible for these mind-altering highs you experience when smoking cannabis.
  2. Cannabidiol (CBD) – This compound is not psychoactive so you will not experience this high, however, it does produce some changes to the body and is well known and documented for its medical benefits.

Note: Cannabis contains between 6-20% THC, whilst CBD Vape oil typically contains less than 0.3% THC as it cannot be withdrawn completely.

If your looking to vape cannibis then you best look at dry herb vaporizers as these devices have been specifically designed to vape, yes you’ve got it, dry herbs aka cannibis!

Is CBD Oil Vape Legal

Is CBD Vape Oil Legal?

This may seem weird, but CBD oil is not extracted directly from cannabis plants, instead, it comes from the 100% legal form of industrial hemp! This just means that the THC properties have already been removed (with less than 0.3%). This is available freely on the open market to be used as you would like.  From this hemp, the Vape oil is produced using other liquids such as PG and VG.

This process of producing the CBD Vape oil, make it 100% legal within all 50 states of the United States (including the District of Columbia).

The health benefits of CBD oil when vaped

Health Benefits of Vaping CBD Oil

There are a number of studies and medical uses of CBD which include the following:

  • Anti-anxiety
  • Anti-depressants
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Prevents plaque build up in your arteries
  • Anti-prokinetic
  • Stimulates bone growth and strengthens bones
  • Appetite control

These are just a small handful of uses of CBD oils.

Concentrates of CBD oil vape

What Concentrate of CBD Vape Oil Do I Need?

This is very hard to determine, as everyone is different in size and their responsive to CBD will also be different. As opposed to nicotine types of e-liquid it is recommended to start with a low concentrate at around 100-250mg and slowly work your way up to around 400-1000mg per 30ml bottle if need be. If you start too high, you may feel a little sick.  One thing to add, the higher the concentrate the higher the price!

Most CBD Vape oils are now nicotine free, but you can combine your e-liquids to get the perfect blend!


What Flavor CBD Vape Oil Should You Pick?

CBD vape oils are known to have a bit of an earthy and grassy taste, hence why many manufacturers of CBD vape oils mask it by adding additional flavors. This really is up to you though, as you know taste is very subjective!

Many vapers actually use half of their favorite e-liquid and half of the CBD Vape oil in their tanks, to produce their perfect tasting vapor!



The Best CBD Vape Oils

We take a look at the most popular CBD Vape Oils to give you a head start with the best on the market:


Blue Moon Hemp

Blue Moon Hemp Vape oil
Bottle of Blue Moon Hemp Pure vape oil
Blue Moon Hemp claims to have created one of the highest grade CBD Vape oils in the industry as they use no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers in their hemp. They have a number of options available from the Pure unflavoured oil where you can add your own eliquid, or some flavored premixed solutions.

Available at either 100mg – 400mg strength with a reasonable price considering the quality, this is top of our list!

Best Deal For Blue Moon Hemp

$27.99 – 20% Coupon “TASTIC20” – Blue Moon Hemp Oil in variety of flavors and strengths

Get This Deal!



Koi CBD Vaping oil
Koi CBD bottle vape juice
Koi CBD is known for using 100% natural and 99%+ industrial hemp to product their vape oil. They also state that their vape juices contain 0% THC and all laboratory tested in an ISO certified lab.

This quality in manufacture produces some of the best THC Vape Oil we have tried.

Currently, they have 6 different flavors available with the choice of strength from 100mg to 1000mg for each 30ml bottle.

Best Deal For KOI CBD

$29.99 – Variety of flavors and strengths made from 100% Natural CBD Isolate

Get This Deal!


Other CBD Vape Oils To Consider:

CBD Drip Vape ejuice

CBD Drip Vape Juice

CBD Drip offers a number of CBD forms including pills, and of course e-liquids! They have a number of options available including a Gold version which is meant as an entry level product containing just 14.5mg of CBD. The next level up is their Platinum version containing 58mg of CBD. Then their Onyx version, which contains 140mg.

Their RIX products contain a further 3 levels of concentrate: 500, 750 or 1500mg.

All their CBD products are manufactured from European hemp and can be either vaped directly or added to your current e-liquid.

cbd headshots oil

CBD Headshots

CBD Headshots is slightly different and meant to be used with another e-liquid of your choice! Again manufactured from European hemp in a cGMP certified, pharmaceutical grade laboratory.

The bottles come is a number of different concentrates including 90mg, 180mg, and 400mg per 15ml bottle.

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Why Is Vaping Considered as Smoking


Why do So Many Consider Vaping To Be Smoking

Me vaping a modLately there has been a massive upsurge in the amount of people vaping, this is mainly thanks to the development of vaping products and the release of some of the best e cig products the market has ever seen. I notice more vapers now than I do smokers.

I often find myself chasing after smokers to get a whiff of that divine smell being inhaled. Although I haven’t smoked for a long time I still enjoy the smell of a burning cigarette. The after smell, however, I do not like! For any vapers who still smoke or any smokers watching this, take a big whiff of an ashtray or one of those butt stubs in your local pub. This is what you smell like after a cigarette.


Nights Out

On a night out, I often stand in the smoking area sucking in those evil fumes. I have to stand out there now due to every pub and restaurant deciding that vapers are the same as smokers and must be banished to the same place as the other lepers. There is no logic behind them doing it. One place done it and told their friends so they have all now followed suit. I prefer being outside in the pissing rain freezing my ass off just to have three puffs on my top bit followed by a battle with the crowd to get back to where I was standing.

Vapinng a vape pen in the office

In The Office

At work I recently asked my boss for a vaping shelter as I don’t want to contaminate my lungs from those nasty cigarettes. Obviously I was testing my boss. I couldn’t really give a hoot about where I vape. As we are living in such a PC society, I thought I would push the boundaries. The answer I received almost instantly was no. I then justified my reasons and a week later one turned up and was put right next to the smoking shelter. Straight away it had people in the smoking shelter looking with envy, as this was a new, warmer looking shelter. It was like us vapers were now the kings.


Vapers Vs Smokers

It didn’t last long, as those ghastly smokers soon started throwing their litter and butts into our kingdom. A war had broken out between, what had so far been an integrated understanding for each other. Orange peel was the straw that broke the camel’s back. One of them had peeled their orange and stuck it to the internal walls of our palace. Enough was enough. I asked my boss if he could banish the smokers from the site as the pose a fire risk and that it would encourage healthier living with the staff.

The SMOK Stick X8 laying on its side

The following week I was greeted by an angry mob. They were crowded around me snarling, through their blackened teeth. Well what they had left of them. With all of them showing me what I had done and voicing their opinions, I smiled. I looked them all in the eye, made my way into the vapers kingdom, took a massive puff on my new Smok ProColor 225W mod and exhaled. It must have looked like a ninja dropping the smoke bomb and disappearing. The first victory for vapers in centuries. One of the smokers was heard walking away saying that the vape cloud they had been engulfed in smelt really nice.

Talking to a brick wall about vaping

Talking To a Brick Wall

All joking aside it does bring up a serious point, why is vaping considered to be the same thing as smoking by many when it clearly isn’t. I have many debates with people who have no knowledge of vaping and how vaping works and still I am talking to a brick wall. It appears that because vaping produces a cloud that looks like cigarette smoke and contains nicotine, which by itself is as harmful as caffine, they will not be persuaded otherwise! I say to them, do you consider the steam from a kettle boiling to be harmful and they say no! When I suggest the similarities to vaping, they all look at me with disbelief and that I am a mad man!

I go further as I use an RTA, I take the cap off so they can see the coil and the cotton dangling into the eliquid, when I explain the core principles, similar to the kettle we were just talking about, i.e. the cotton soaks in the e-liquid and the coil heats to vaporize the liquid thus producing a vapor, they still look at me with the words “yea BUT” soon to follow! Even when I talk about the history of Diacetyl and the scare of popcorn lung, explaining what vape manufacturers have done in order to prevent this, the words “yea BUT” still follow!


To Conclude

I have come to the conclusion that everyone seems to be an expert in vaping, or at least have an opinion of how harmful it is. I have learn’t not to talk about the healthy side of vaping to anyone who has not tried it or doesn’t want to understand how vaping actually works. Unfortunetely this subject always seems to come up whenever I vape around a non vaper or non smoker (actually the ex-smokers are the worst), so excuse me when I just punch them in the mouth when they comment, it just saves a lot of time!


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Vacationers Face 10 Years in Jail for Vaping in Thailand


Thailand and Vaping

Map of ThailandTravelling the world is an exquisite factor. You get to expertise totally different cultures, eat all types of latest meals and see beautiful individuals with whom you might or might not have a lot in widespread. Thailand, also referred to as ‘The Land of Smiles’ is among the most visited locations on the earth. It’s well-liked principally due to its lovely tropical local weather, fantastic seashores and affordability. It’s no marvel that it’s a favourite vacation spot for a lot of vacationers. However, as scenic and thrilling as this nation is, do you know that vacationers can face 10 years in jail for vaping in Thailand?

This covers all forms of vaping, so when you’ve got a mech mod that you simply assume is descrete sufficient to get away with, then assume once more! We might not even recomend the cigalike ecigs because it’s simply not well worth the danger!


Unusual legal guidelines it is best to know

As a vacationer, there are some legal guidelines belonging to your vacation spot nation that you could be not know. How would you? Until you’re a educated legal professionals, there are in all probability legal guidelines inside your personal nations penal code that you simply have no idea. That being stated, ignorance isn’t a defence in any nation. It’s subsequently essential to, on the very least attempt to educate your self about some legal guidelines that may instantly have an effect on your high quality of keep somewhere else.

A superb instance can be that vacationers face 10 years in jail for vaping in Thailand. In Thailand, the ban on vaping was launched as regulation in 2014. Foreigners discovered taking e-cigarettes or any vaping gadget into the nation face a steep effective or jail time. The issue is that the majority vacationers aren’t precisely conscious of this regulation and will face these fees as soon as they go to Thailand.

The ban dictates that you simply can’t convey e-cigarettes nor refills into Thailand. If discovered, these merchandise might be confiscated and the perpetrator fined or jailed for a time period of as much as 10 years. You’re additionally prohibited from promoting e-cigarettes or any comparable units.Vaping a vape pen If discovered promoting such gadgets, you’d face a hefty positive or a jail time period of as much as 5 years. There have been a number of British Nationals who’ve been arrested for the possession and use of e-cigarettes and vaporizers in Thailand.

So why have they banned vaping and digital cigarettes? Properly this goes again some years when little was recognized concerning the security of digital cigarettes, when many belived it might truly be worse for you than conventional cigarettes. You in all probability keep in mind the headlines the place newspapers and medical studies confirmed connections to vaping and popcorn lung, together with some footage and tales of ecigs exploding. All this early and fewer than credible analysis pushed Thailand to provoke a ban on the merchandise till additional discover. Many additionally consider that the tobacco business is paying tens of millions to maintain the ban imposed to enhance gross sales of their conventional cigarettes, everyone knows that the tobacco giants make nearly all of their cash in these nations, however to proove that is relatively troublesome!


Different legal guidelines you need to know

Though too many to record right here, there are different legal guidelines that Govern Thailand that each one vacationers ought to find out about; identical to there are weird legal guidelines in many various nations of the world. Probably the most excellent, but little recognized Thai legal guidelines which may have an effect on vacationers embrace:

  • Don’t litter in Singapore or Thailand.
  • You should put on a motorcycle helmet in Thailand.
  • Don’t tread on foreign money when in Thailand.


These are just some examples which may result in a really disagreeable encounter with the lengthy arm of the regulation in Thailand. As a result of the nation has been beneath army rule since 2014, there are very strict tips that govern each day existence. Though nonetheless very lovely and extremely welcoming to vacationers, it is best to liaise with an area simply to just remember to are usually not unwittingly breaking any legal guidelines that would land you in jail.


What are you able to do?

Our Advice on vaping in ThailandAs a rule of thumb, when travelling to any nation overseas, it’s best to review a little bit of the tradition and study a couple of issues about what can be anticipated of you when you land. For instance, it is very important study that it’s prohibited to point out public acts of affection in Dubai and so forth. All it will take is a bit of Google search and also you may save your self an entire lot of grief.
However simply to make sure that you’re on the protected aspect, speak to your consulate and go to the Overseas Workplace web site for the newest updates about your required vacation spot. You also needs to have a prolonged dialogue together with your journey agent simply to get a number of recommendations on what NOT to do whenever you land.

Moreover, to keep away from any blushes, write down an inventory of your favourite habits (consuming, listening to loud music, vaping) and all of the belongings you want to do when on trip. Use the record to cross-reference any legal guidelines that you simply is perhaps breaking do you have to indulge if you arrive at your vacation spot. One of the best factor is that the majority Overseas ministries are very happy to offer vacationers with this info, all it’s a must to do is ask and also you simply may keep away from being one other unlucky statistic and cautionary story. Be sensible and proactive to make sure that you have got an exquisite keep and a protected return.



In case your vacating or visiting Thailand and luxuriate in vaping, depart it at house! Don’t be tempted to cover it in your baggage as you perhaps fined round $500 and even imprisoned. Regulate their journey website to see if something modifications, however as of now, keep protected and luxuriate in your trip!

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The Greatest 26650 Mods


The 26650 mods are one of many hottest vaping strains in existence immediately. It helps that the batteries supply actual worth worth, sound battery life, quite a lot of energy, and reliability. With that stated, it’s solely pure that customers can be drawn to units that incorporate these batteries into their specs. In any case, the important thing to each nice vaping system is a superb batter, proper? Nicely, we expect it’s about time that everybody received to know a number of the higher mods that depend on these nice batteries. Listed here are our picks for one of the best 26650 mods out there immediately.


The Greatest 26650 Battery Mods We Would Advocate

Geek Vape Aegis

Geek Vape Aegis Offers & Coupons!

*$43.87 – Coupon “GEEKVAPE25OFF” – Vape Mod Solely – Plus $four.99 US Delivery – Get This Deal!

$64.60 – Coupon “ST15” – Vape Mod With 26650 Battery- Free Worldwide Delivery – Get This Deal!

$69.00 – Vape Mod Solely – Plus $6 Worldwide Delivery – Get This Deal!

* Really helpful based mostly on delivery time and worth!

The Geek Vape Aegis Mod

The Geek Vape Aegis is a contemporary vape mod that isn’t solely made with army commonplace shock testing however appears the half as properly! Utterly scratch and water proof, properly to a very excessive normal! Efficiency is admittedly good, with the choice to modify between the 18650 battery and 26650 battery, we’re really impressed! The facility can go as excessive as 100W and able to temperature management. Geek Vape are well-known within the business and a trusted model.

Why We Would Advocate It

  1. Mud proof, scratch proof, virtually indestructible, good for all events
  2. The newest 26650 Mod to hit the market from a trusted model
  3. Capacity to modify between an 18650 and 26650 battery
  4. Adjustable voltage as much as 100W
  5. Absolutely regulated and guarded field mod

Vaporesso Nebula 100W

Vaporesso Nebula 100W Offers & Coupons!

$38.25 – Vape Mod Solely – Plus $four.99 US Delivery – Get This Deal!

*$43.88 – Vape Mod With Tank – Plus $four.99 US Delivery – Get This Deal!

$62.99 – Coupon “DNA10” – Vape Mod With Tank – Plus $5 US Delivery – Get This Deal!

$67.91 – Coupon “ST15” – Vape Mod With Tank – Free Worldwide Delivery – Get This Deal!

* Beneficial based mostly on delivery time and worth!

The Vaporesso Nebula 100W box mod

The Vaporesso Nebula Mod is likely one of the greatest vape mods that Vaporesso have produced in current occasions, it takes one 26650 battery and may hearth as much as 100 Watts with its variable wattage settings. You may also use a standard 18650 battery on this mod when you want, however can solely produce 80W with this feature.

Why We Would Advocate It

  1. Variable wattage 5W-100W and Temperature Contol modes
  2. One of many newest 26650 Mod to hit the market from one other trusted model
  3. Capacity to modify between an 18650 and 26650 battery
  4. Absolutely regulated and guarded field mod
  5. Package additionally comes with tank and atomizers

Ijoy Solo Plus Mod

Ijoy Solo Plus Offers & Coupons!

$40.21 – Vape Mod Solely – Free Worldwide Delivery – Get This Deal!

*$40.49 – Coupon “DNA10” – Vape Mod Solely – Plus $5 US Delivery – Get This Deal!

$47.23 – Vape Mod Solely – Free Worldwide Delivery – Get This Deal!

* Advisable based mostly on delivery time and worth!

The Ijoy Solo Plus 26650 mod

We additionally like this Ijoy Solo Plus mod, resulting from its glossy design and straightforward controls. It presents nice flexibility to its customers and may hearth at a pleasant vary of resistance ranges. Wattage can run between 5 and 85W, making it a flexible gadget for nearly any vaper. As well as, it provides nice temperature management and a trusted model that stands behind its merchandise. How are you going to go improper?

Why We Would Advocate It

  1. Dry hit prevention know-how
  2. Variable wattage 5W-85W and Temperature Contol modes
  3. Newest 26650 mod from Ijoy a trusted model
  4. Absolutely regulated and guarded field mod
  5. Capacity to modify between an 18650 and 26650 battery

IJOY Limitless LUX 215W

IJOY Limitless LUX Offers & Coupons!

*$75.38 – Vape Mod With 2×26650 Batteries! – Plus $four.99 US Delivery – Get This Deal!

$75.65 – Coupon “ST15” – Vape Mod With 2×26650 Batteries! – Free Worldwide Delivery – Get This Deal!

$89.75 – Vape Mod With 2×26650 Batteries! – Free Worldwide Delivery – Get This Deal!

* Beneficial based mostly on delivery time and worth!

The IJOY Limitless LUX 215W 26650 Mod

One other 26650 mod from IJOY this time it’s the Limitless LUX twin 26650 field mod, that’s proper it might take 2×26650 batteries and thus able to firing something as much as 215W additionally with temperature management modes that help Nickel200, Titanium, and Stainless Metal coils! This mod is for the vapers who wish to vape at larger temperatures and but have the ability to vape all day with a single pair of batteries!

Why We Would Advocate It

  1. 2x 26650 batteries able to offering upto 215W of energy and temperature management of 300’F-600’F / 150’C-315’C
  2. One of many newest 26650 mods from Ijoy a trusted model
  3. Absolutely regulated and guarded field mod
  4. Interchangable sleeves to personalize your mod
  5. Capacity to modify between an 18650 and 26650 battery

Examine Out Our Listing Of The Greatest Field Mods


The 26650 Mods We Would Keep away from

The Flawless 100W 26650 Mod

The Flawless 100W

The Flawless is an lovable mod that appears so easy that you possibly can virtually mistake it for another digital system. It provides ease-of-use, wattage that may run as excessive as 100 watts, and temperature management. It’s additionally outfitted with kanthal coils however can use Ni200 and titanium as nicely. That flexibility lets you function at temperatures starting from 212 to 572°F.  Every part about this gadget is simply what its identify claims: flawless, or is it? We’ll get to that proper now!

Why We Would Keep away from It

  1. There have been some stories that this mod will get tremendous scorching, the air flow of the battery could possibly be considerably improved.
  2. Doesn’t appear to fireside low ohm coils at low wattages (under 50W), we tried a coil under zero.22ohm and had no luck in each regular mode and temperature management modes.


The Wismec Presa 100W 26650 modWismec Presa 100W

We love Wismec. They make a number of the most fascinating vaping units within the market in the present day. So, we’re happy to have the ability to embrace certainly one of their mods on this record. The Presa is a futuristic-looking system that has an easy-to-manage design and a fair easier-to-read show. Its use of the 26650 battery is right since all that energy must be harnessed correctly. The Presa provides that management that each vaper wants, and consists of an revolutionary hearth change that locks mechanically for elevated safety. It’s really state-of-the-art in each approach that issues.

Why We Would Keep away from It

  1. For some cause the temperature management mode has points with Nickel atomizers, the mod fails to acknowledge the resistance and flicks you again to energy mode.


The Congestus Dual 26650 Telescopic Mod in silverCongestus Twin 26650 Telescopic Mod

On the bigger aspect of the aisle, we’ve got one of many greater entries on this group: the Congestus Twin 26650 Telescopic Mod. This factor is bigger than most footage can precisely characterize, and there’s a cause: it has two of these highly effective 26650 batteries. As a result of, clearly, the one factor higher than one 26650 battery is a pair of them. That mixture provides all the facility you want and larger sustainability for any vaping session. For those who’re out and about, you’ll be pleased about the additional energy.

In fact, there’s a purpose that it’s referred to as the telescopic mod. It is advisable prolong it to make use of two batteries. When you select to forgo that choice, you’ll be able to simply use one and nonetheless get all the good advantages that this pleasant system has to supply.

Why We Would Keep away from It

  1. That is an previous mod, that has been round for a while, there have been some critical enhancements to vape mods because the launch
  2. This vape mod is simply large, utterly impractical for many who need to carry it round!
  3. This can be a mechanical mod, so no regulation and will solely be utilized by vapers who know what they’re doing!


The Boss 26650 ModThe Boss 26650

Who doesn’t love a mod that carries itself like a boss? Whereas it’s not likely one thing that everybody will be capable of afford – it comes plated with each brass and silver, thoughts you – that doesn’t imply that it’s not value a point out. This system is constructed to supply tremendously giant clouds of vapor, making it good for the cloud-chasers on the market. It’s additionally in all probability the only most beautiful vaping gadget we’ve laid eyes on in recent times – each easy and stylish, and loaded with energy. In the event you can afford one, get it.

Why We Would Keep away from It

  1. This mod was first launched in 2014 so arduous to get any help do you have to require it.
  2. One other mechanical mod, no regulation and thus ought to solely be utilized by skilled vapers.


There are others, in fact, however we expect that this group represents the 26650 mods class appropriately represented – with high quality, precision, and reliability. The 26650 battery continues to develop in reputation, and we anticipate that different new merchandise will emerge and pressure their approach onto lists like these sooner or later. For now, although, we will comfortably advocate all these fantastic units to any fan of this battery. That stated should you favor the normal merchandise then check out what we consider is one of the best e cig by sort, you’re sure to seek out the right product!

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What are Mechanical Mods?


Introduction to Mechanical Mods

Example of a mechanical box mod
Digital cigarettes and vape mods are superb units, and are available quite a lot of totally different varieties. Most vapers are accustomed to the standard cigalike e-cigarettes, vape pens, or field mods. There’s one other sort of mod, nevertheless, that’s turning into more and more common in recent times. It’s the mechanical mod – or mech mod, for brief. Many vapers haven’t any actual concept about what these mods actually do, nevertheless. So, what are mechanical mods? We’re glad you requested!


The Fundamentals

Most digital cigarettes are straightforward sufficient to know. They arrive with a battery of some type – both inner or exterior (most use the exterior 18650 battery) and a vaporizer, often a tank. That tank has an atomizer that creates the vapor from no matter e-liquid you select to make use of. It’s composed of a heating coil and wick, with the digital resistance largely decided by the kind of coil in use, the system’s energy, and the temperature it generates. With a lot of the greatest e cigs, these elements and results are all self-regulated.

Most mods available on the market at the moment are generally known as regulated mods and supply variable wattage and voltage. That is ruled and managed by a pc chip, with customers typically getting access to temperature controls that provide them management over the whole lot from wattage used to temperature generated. These mods are additionally usually outfitted with security options that shield the units and customers from hurt.

There are sometimes 2 kinds of mechanical mod; the usual mechanical mod that resembles a vape pen and the mechanical field mod, an instance of every is proven under:

A vape pen and box mechanical mod


Unregulated mechanical mod by Geek Vape

Regulated or Unregulated

With mechanical mods or mechs, you could have a completely totally different sort of system. They’re unregulated mods as a result of they lack the chips that sometimes coordinate the connection between atomizer and battery. Consequently, these units function at a continuing full output of voltage from the battery. There are not any actual electronics in these models, they usually thus rely completely upon the consumer to regulate their operations. That freedom provides many advantages however can pose distinctive dangers as nicely.



In case your considering of utilizing a mechanical mod, then we might advise you to get to know the security necessities of the batteries you’re utilizing. All of the horror tales within the paper you hear about vaping explosions are sometimes utilizing modified mechanical mods with batteries that can’t deal with the load. Fortunate for you, we have now an entire information simply wanting on the security recommendations on 18650 Lithium-Ion battery that you need to learn!

In fact you will get hung up on all of the well being points regarding vaping, like popcorn lung and the consequences of turning into hooked on vaping, however these considerations are associated to all vaping units and never simply mechanical mods.
Example of battery fire


Sub Ohm Vaping

These units are additionally ideally suited and to be trustworthy, primarily used for sub-ohm vaping. We’re not speaking about the usual sub-ohm vaping that you would be able to get from most of the self-regulated mods nowadays, however that high-level sub-ohm vaping most popular by most of the most critical cloud-chasers. Mech mods can be utilized with nearly any sort of coil which you can put in them, and also you by no means want to fret concerning the system not working correctly. Regardless of how low the resistance is, a mech mod gained’t balk on the prospect of firing itself up.

Regulated mods gained’t permit that flexibility since their security options forestall you from utilizing non-traditional elements. When the resistance is just too low with a type of mods, their chips merely refuse to function as regular. As you may guess, that flexibility allows mech mod customers to really customise their vaping expertise and benefit from the outcomes they crave.

The benefits of the Mechanical Mod


On the plus aspect, these units can supply incomparable flexibility and energy. Since there are not any regulating options, vapers who use mechanical mods can set theirs as much as meet their very own distinctive specs. They will customise their units as they see match, and don’t have to fret about digital circuitry interfering with their plans. That makes them a horny choice for hobbyists and tech-oriented vapers who need most management over their vaping expertise.

Lastly, mech mods supply different advantages. They’re extraordinarily sturdy since they lack the digital circuitry that sometimes wears down over time. They provide a easy design as properly, which is one thing that a variety of builders favor. Management, nevertheless, stays an important profit and continues to be the primary cause that mech mod customers choose these units.

Warning signIn fact, there are drawbacks. Whereas they seem easier than regulated mods, mech mods do include a studying curve. And probably the most essential elements of that studying curve includes studying to make use of your mech mod in a protected method. Keep in mind, these units don’t have the usual protecting options that the majority different vaping units use to guard customers and gear. That makes them extra harmful for novices to make use of, which is why most specialists advocate that new vapers and people unfamiliar with the know-how keep away from these primary setups. To be protected, you really do have to know the right way to deal with these units.



On the finish of the day, although, mechanical mods fill an essential area of interest want inside the vaping group. And that’s a distinct segment that’s rising with every passing yr, as many vapers get extra expertise with e-cig know-how and proceed to search for a greater vaping expertise. The development proper now’s shifting towards larger acceptance of mech mod vaping, so it’s one thing that the majority intermediate-level vapers will need to take a look at at a while or one other.

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How To Select The Proper Battery For Your Mod


Selecting The Proper 18650 Batteries

In the event you take pleasure in debate about batteries and deciphering obscure references to Ohms, wattage, discharge fee and Amperage, simply stroll into the midst of a dialog at a vaping conference! Though the topic appears considerably impenetrable to the brand new vaper, there’s truly an easy strategy to get vaping safely with out having to dive too deeply into the topic. We’ll get you headed in the best course in a number of very easy steps.

The Great 18650 battery

Li-Ion 18650 Batteries are the Bomb

Begin with one easy reality: Most of us grew up with AA and AAA batteries within the residence and have a favorite among the many Duracells, Energizers or others, however though 18650 batteries seem like a extra highly effective or souped-up model of an AA battery, they don’t seem to be the identical factor in any respect.

Li-Ion 18650 batteries are in a special class altogether, and we should train some care to make sure we don’t grow to be a battery explosion statistic, uncommon as they’re. If you wish to vape like a mini steam locomotive, you’ll want to seek out the suitable gear and match it to the right battery.

Asking ‘What’s the greatest 18650 battery?’ is like asking ‘What’s the greatest automotive?’. Greatest automotive for what? Like every little thing else we purchase, vapers should decide whether or not their batteries are match for objective. Now, we’d such as you to purchase a battery already so you will get vaping! So let’s take a look:


Life’s Huge Sliding Scale

A lot of the shopper decisions we make include some type of a sliding scale of execs and cons, elements that make an merchandise kind of appropriate for its function. Sports activities automotive house owners often love velocity and usually tend to buy high-speed tyres than a suburban taxi mum, who would in all probability choose to get extra mileage from her tyres.

When attending the social occasion of the yr, my associate may exhibit her outfit with a pair of killer heels, even when it means she will’t mingle as a result of her ft harm! The large sliding scale forces her to decide on between trend and luxury to get one thing that’s ‘match for the actual objective’.

Choice of pros and cons


The Battery Sliding Scale

You need to weigh up two main elements when choosing 18650 batteries, retaining in thoughts the symbiotic stability between these two specs. They’re:

  • Density – we often imply ‘how lengthy the battery can final’ or utilization time. Density is measured in milli-Amp hours (variously depicted as mAh or maH, MAh).
  • Discharge – we often imply the speed of present which the battery can ship, we have a tendency to think about this as ‘energy’ as a result of the upper the present, the upper the wattage output. Discharge is measured in steady Amps (A).

A 3000mah 18650 battery exampleIn concept, your 3000mAh battery ought to draw 3000 milliAmp for the interval of 1 hour, or 1000 milliAmp for 3 hours. In follow, cells will not be 100% environment friendly, however it’s a good guideline, so it’s clear that a 3000mAh will last more than a 1500mAh battery.

Within the perfect world, we might select the very best mAh and highest amperage battery attainable. Sadly, know-how isn’t there but, and the small measurement of those cells means there’ll all the time be a tradeoff between capability and excessive present.

Selecting a excessive energy battery means accepting decrease capability, and vice versa. This ‘sliding scale’ is non-negotiable and unavoidable: The upper the density, the decrease the discharge price. Batteries are getting higher although, and there are whispers that the inimitable Elon Musk is engaged on 18650 batteries that may quickly blow our socks off!

Because of this see-saw relationship between capability and discharge, batteries are grouped into three broad ranges: excessive capability/low energy, excessive energy/low capability, and a number of other variants that fall someplace in between. Your vaping gear will decide the place you go on the sliding scale.


Security of 18650 Batteries

Now this can be a essential topic, we have now all learn the headlines about vaping explosions, and most of the time it’s due to the battery that’s getting used. To cowl this topic pretty we have now a seperate article all concerning the security and dealing with of Lithium-ION batteries that you must learn!


Reverting to Battery Sort

To make issues simpler all spherical, the broad ranges have been additional categorised into 5 Forms of batteries. This helps new vapers, as a result of it signifies that that you simply simply want to decide on the right class in your specific mod. The battery varieties are labelled A-B-C-D-E.

The types of batteries abcde



Each producer has their very own color-coding system to assist customers select the right sort of battery. Simply keep in mind that each firm has their very own system; a inexperienced battery could also be a Samsung Sort A, however may be a special model Sort E. All the time examine the data printed on the battery to make sure you have the right battery ‘Sort’.



Extremely Excessive Density (As much as 3500 mAh) Excessive Density (As much as 3000 mAh) Medium Density (As much as 2500 mAh) Low Density (As much as 2000 mAh) Very Low Density (As much as 1500 mAh)
Very Low Discharge – As much as 10Amp Low Discharge – As much as 15Amp Medium Discharge – As much as 20Amp Excessive Discharge – As much as 25 Amp Extremely Excessive Discharge – As much as 30 Amp
Advisable utilization:
Not more than 30 Watts
Really helpful utilization:
30 – 60 Watts
Beneficial for
Regulated mods 40 – 80W
Advisable for
Regulated mods 60 – 120W
Beneficial for
Regulated mods 120+ Watts
Mechanical Mods
zero.4Ohm or greater
Mechanical Mods
zero.27 to zero.four Ohms
zero.19 to zero.26 OHMS
zero.15 to zero.18 OHMS
zero.14 to zero.12 OHMS
Common Voltage three.6V Common Voltage three.6V Common Voltage three.7V Common Voltage three.7V Common Voltage three.6V
LG MJI 18650
Samsung INR18650-30Q
LG HE2 18650
Sony VTC5

three Straightforward Steps To Select The Right Battery For Your Vape

  1. Take a look at your mod and examine whether or not it’s a regulated or unregulated (mechanical) mod. These two forms of mods differ. Mechanical mods are used solely by superior customers who possess a great information of batteries and could be ‘fine-tuned’ to heights of efficiency not attainable with regulated mods. Examples of regulated mods might be present in our listing of the most effective field mods. We haven’t truly reviewed any unregulated mods as they don’t seem to be advisable to the overall vaping group.
  2. Subsequent, take a look at the battery sort chart and select the right sort. For those who aren’t positive, sub-Ohm vapers ought to err on the aspect of warning and relatively decide a high-drain (excessive present/Amp) battery simply in case you flooring it in a second of utmost enthusiasm! The larger mechanical mods can draw critical present, and you will want batteries constructed for that objective. We advise that superior customers brush up on their ‘ohm’s regulation’ earlier than placing collectively their sub-ohm gear, and to fireside it with an applicable battery.
  3. Search for the most effective battery in school. We’ve put collectively an inventory with some good choices which might be discovered on our listing of the perfect 18650 batteries for vaping.


All Li-Ion Batteries Are Not Equal

Pause before you purchase re-wrapped batteries and by no means purchase recognized clones or the most cost effective manufacturers. It’s additionally good to seek out and help a trusted vendor who gained’t swap good batteries for fakes. A lot of the greatest e cig producers might supply their very own batteries, however do a little bit of digging to determine which model it truly is to be 100% protected. Be prudent when charging and storing your batteries and kit, and luxuriate in your vape!

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A Evaluate Of The Greatest 18650 Batteries For Vaping


18650 Batteries

There are few issues worse than to get caught brief with low batteries when you are out and about. Good batteries are usually not low cost, and we anticipate them to final some time. In a earlier weblog we checked out the reason for vaping explosions and it got here right down to the battery. Whenever you select the right sort of battery on your mod, you improve the security – and enjoyable issue – of your vaping expertise. Listed here are a number of information that bear repeating:


Fast Battery Information

Things to know about 18650 batteriesThe most effective field and vape mods requires a provide of long-lasting power, and the battery have to be able to discharging at a good price, for lengthy durations, at excessive capability.

  • Sturdiness is expressed in milliAmp-hours.
  • Discharge fee (Amperage or Amp) is how a lot present you possibly can draw from the battery at any given time. This can be a essential issue for sub-ohm vapers.
  • Wattage is decided by the mod (automated setting in case of a regulated mod, customized setting in case of a mechanical mod).
  • The larger the present (Amp) score of the battery, the upper the wattage you’ll be able to vape at.
  • Customers who vape at excessive wattage want extra Amps.
  • Customers who vape at low wattage want decrease Amps. Decrease Amp-rated batteries present longer vaping occasions.
  • Utilizing a low Amp battery at excessive Wattage will overwhelm the capability of the battery. It might overheat, construct up strain and vent, and even explode.


Things to consider before you buyEarlier than You Purchase

  • Lithium-Ion batteries begin to degenerate once they depart the manufacturing unit, whether or not you employ them or not. All the time examine the manufacturing date of a batch.
  • Attempt to maintain a report of if you begin utilizing the brand new batteries and the way typically you recharge them. If the batteries are of poor high quality, you’ll shortly discover and may keep away from a repeat purchase.
  • All the time pair your cells and mark them with a sticker to make certain you don’t combine them up. Matching a battery that’s virtually spent with a brand new battery will have an effect on efficiency markedly.
  • Check new or suspect batteries with the right gear.
  • Onboard recharging could also be handy, however it’s a good suggestion to take away used batteries from the mod and substitute with batteries charged on an exterior charger because it helps to maintain the cost ranges completely even in your pairs.
  • If a Li-Ion 18650 battery weighs lower than 40 – 44g, it might be a pretend.


Safety signSecurity First

It doesn’t matter what model you purchase, watch out for unscrupulous operators. Batteries are purported to be manufactured underneath stringent high quality laws in ‘clear rooms’ to stop any stray particles from getting into the battery. Low cost batteries from China are flooding the market, and generally, we all know nothing of their fame or willingness to stay to manufacturing guidelines. Check every battery rigorously, monitor temperature whereas in use, and repeatedly look at for indicators of decay.  Check out our 9 Security and Dealing with Ideas article which ought to cowl a lot of the security precautions.

Properly-Recognized Battery Manufacturers

The market leaders resembling LG, Panasonic, Sony and Samsung do a number of R&D to make sure they keep on the head of the pack. Additionally, you will be conversant in Hitachi, Kokam, Toshiba, SAFT and BYD.
Backside Line – Purchase with confidence.


Little-Recognized Battery Manufacturers

Because of the excessive demand for Li-Ion batteries, a number of latest producers have stepped into the fray. A few of these corporations merely copy good merchandise. A notable few corporations corresponding to LeClanche, Amperex, MicroVast, Electrovaya and Johnson Controls additionally do their very own improvement and might be considered the ‘Up & Comers’ of the business.

Backside Line – Assist so as to add to the status and physique of data by holding good data of their efficiency.


Re-Wrapped Battery Manufacturers

Example of a rewrapped 18650 batterySome customers are involved concerning the security and high quality of re-wrapped manufacturers. The battery manufacturing course of is just a little like baking a batch of brownies – though you employ the identical elements and course of, there could also be tiny variances within the last product.

That’s the reason producers check every battery and classify it based on stringent necessities. High quality batteries go into the A-bin, and there are B and C-bins for batteries that present slight variances from the norm. Batteries from the B and C-bins – and typically A-Bin batteries – are bought to different corporations who re-wrap the cells with a PVC coating and promote it underneath totally different model names.

A lot of the corporations who re-brand function with excessive care and goodwill, however there are disreputable operators within the business who use this chance to promote inferior or unsafe merchandise as ‘re-brands’. They even declare extreme efficiency ranges, so the subsequent time you see a battery rated at larger than 30Amps, be warned, it’s definitely not true!

Backside Line: Purchase with nice warning. Re-wrapping corporations don’t do costly R&D and may, subsequently, provide high quality merchandise at a lower cost, however all the time examine that it’s certainly a re-wrapped battery and never an inferior product masquerading as a re-wrap. A few of the re-wrap manufacturers have earned their very own following. You might have seen a few of these names come up: Pegasus, Orbtronic, Robiton, NiteCore, GTL, Efest, Basen, EagleTac, UltraFire, Vamped, EnerPower, Xtar, Fenix and lots of extra.


The Battery Class Desk

This desk has been in use within the business for some time and helps customers to select the suitable batteries for his or her gear. As know-how improves and producers handle to cram each excessive capability and excessive discharge scores into their newer batteries, the strains between the beforehand clear classes for batteries (5 varieties, from A to E) are blurring and also you’ll see increasingly overlap between the ‘varieties’. In case you are unsure, somewhat err on the aspect of warning. Sub-ohm vapers ought to moderately purchase high-drain (excessive Amp) batteries than by chance wreck their battery with extreme excessive Wattage calls for.

Extremely Excessive Density (As much as 3500 mAh) Excessive Density (As much as 3000 mAh) Medium Density (As much as 2500 mAh) Low Density (As much as 2000 mAh) Very Low Density (As much as 1500 mAh)
Very Low Discharge – As much as 10Amp Low Discharge – As much as 15Amp Medium Discharge – As much as 20Amp Excessive Discharge – As much as 25 Amp Extremely Excessive Discharge – As much as 30 Amp
Beneficial utilization: Not more than 30 Watts Really helpful utilization: 30 – 60 Watts Really helpful for
Regulated mods 40 – 80W
Beneficial for
Regulated mods 60 – 120W
Really helpful for Regulated mods 120+ Watts
Mechanical Mods zero.4Ohm or larger Mechanical Mods zero.27 to zero.four Ohms MECHANICAL MODE zero.19 to zero.26 OHMS MECHANICAL MODE zero.15 to zero.18 OHMS MECHANICAL MODS
zero.14 to zero.12 OHMS
Common Voltage three.6V Common Voltage three.6V Common Voltage three.7V Common Voltage three.7V Common Voltage three.6V


Samsung INR-30Q



Sony VTC4/5

Samsung 25R

Sony VTC5



A Assessment of Our Picks

LG MJ1 – LG INR18650MJ1. 3500mAh, 10A (Categorized as Sort A)

LG 18650 Battery3500mAh is the very best protected capability available on the market, and the MJ1 is right to be used with mods with a 30W or decrease wattage which may help resistances of zero.4ohm and extra. Though it’s a comparatively new battery and fairly costly as well, it has already gained many devoted followers.

Place To Purchase The LG MJ1


Samsung INR 30Q – Samsung INR 18650-30Q Hybrid. 3000MAh, 15A (Categorized as Sort B)

Wonderful three,000 mAh capability however the amp restrict is greater than the typical at as much as 15A, because of the addition of nickel (hybrid chemistry) to the battery. It may possibly help resistances as little as zero.27ohm. It’s very reasonably priced and reliable.

Place To Purchase The Samsung INR 30Q


LG HG2 – LG H2 18650. 3000 mAh, 20A (Categorized as Sort B, C)

Though the LG INR 18650H conforms to Sort B with its 3000mAh, it provides a 20 A most steady discharge which makes it appropriate for Sort C. This hybrid battery life benefit means it is a wonderful selection for sub-ohm vaping. It presents an extended battery life at 3000mAh; nevertheless, the 20A discharge present makes it a excessive drain battery appropriate for mods in Sort C. It is extremely widespread amongst sub-ohm vapers as it’s extremely suitable with all variable voltage/wattage mods and it’s extremely reasonably priced.

Place To Purchase The LG HG2


The LG He2/He4 18650 batteryLG HE2 / HE4 – LG 18650 HE2/HE4. 2500MAh, 20A (Categorised as Sort C)

The HE2 and HE4 batteries supply good battery life at 2500mAh and 20A steady discharge restrict. Some customers discover that the HE4 is able to extra charging cycles than the HE2. Each the HE2 and H4 is reliable and straightforward to seek out and stays a favorite high-drain vaping battery

Place To Purchase The LG HE2  Place To Purchase The LG HE4


Sony VTC4 / 5 – SONY US18650VTC4 / VTC4 18650 2000mAh, 30A (Categorised as Sort C, D)

Medium capability 2000mAh battery and the three.7V working voltage makes it appropriate for mechanical mods. Amperage is as much as 30amps. It’s meant for highly effective mods that may help wattage between 80 and 120W and a coil resistance of zero.15ohm. Opposite to media stories, the VTC4/5 batteries haven’t been discontinued and are manufactured by Sony in China. The Sony US18650VTC5: 30 A – has a 2600 mAh capability and 30 A restrict.

Place To Purchase The Sony VTC4  Place To Purchase The Sony VTC6


Samsung 20R / 25 R – Samsung INR18650 20R / 25R 18650 2000mAh 20A/2000mAh 22A (Categorized as Sort C, D)

The Samsung INR18650 20R batteryThe 20R has a 2000mAh capability. The 25R has a 2,500 mAh capability however has suffered a small lower in steady present (from 22A to 20A). Both method, you gained’t be disillusioned, although the Samsung 18650 25R is extra widespread than the 20R.

Place To Purchase The Samsung 25R


LG HD2 – LG ICR 18650 HD2 2000mAh, 25A (Categorised as Sort D)

The LG HD2 is called top-of-the-line vaping batteries because of the 25A discharge price. The two,000 mAh capability shouldn’t be excessive however sufficient. This hybrid (NMC) chemistry battery is safer than different ICR choices.

Place To Purchase The LG HD2


LG HB6 – LG HB6 18650 1500mAh, 30A (Categorized as Sort E)

No contest – the LG HB6 changed the HB2 and HB4 with a capability of 1500mAh and excessive 30A discharge fee. At a mean voltage of three.6V, it may be used with energy mods and at very low resistance, although they don’t final lengthy.

Place To Purchase The LG HB6


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Is Popcorn Lung Inevitable For Vapers?


Popcorn Lung: Exploring Vaping Security

Lungs with popcornPopcorn’s distinctive, scrumptious and pervasive buttery odor immediately floods me with reminiscences of flicks, film theaters and nice huge glass containers full of fragrant goodness. I used to be involved to study of one thing referred to as popcorn lung a number of years in the past, and the brand new affiliation of the odor of recent popcorn with a debilitating illness has someway tainted my golden reminiscences.


‘Popcorn Lung’ makes Headlines

In 2015 and 2016, some sensational articles in publications like Mom Jones and the Huffington Submit publicized a Harvard Faculty of Public Well being report which said that almost all of 51 vaping e-juice of their laboratory check contained the chemical diacetyl. The research identified that diacetyl had been linked to instances of a extreme, irreversible respiratory illness referred to as Obliterative Bronchiolitis (OB).


Controversy across the Harvard Research

Whereas the research identified factual findings, a few of the media managed to overlook the purpose of the research utterly. Their articles did not level out that ‘regular’ cigarettes additionally include diacetyl, in portions far higher than that discovered within the e-juice Harvard examined. Cigarettes include over 100 occasions extra diacetyl than the degrees present in even the perfect e cig merchandise, however earlier tobacco research concluded that the extent of diacetyl in cigarettes was not sufficient to trigger popcorn lung in people who smoke.

Chemical sign for Diacetyl

The Fact about Diacetyl in Vaping

Headline-chasing and irresponsible reporting has created the impression that vaping is extra harmful than smoking and inevitably results in popcorn lung. Michael Siegel, a Boston College professor, summed up the controversy by saying that the media typically create “a scare by omitting a key piece of data” and that such media techniques can result in “perverse public well being outcomes.” Sensational headlines promote extra papers, however we should always always remember two essential details:

  • Nicotine doesn’t kill people who smoke. Tar kills people who smoke.
  • Eradicating tar from smoking is a more healthy strategy to get a nicotine repair than flamable cigarettes.


Nevertheless, we have to discover a method to get our consumption of nicotine with out exchanging one hazard for an additional, and that’s the reason the Harvard report is a vital piece of the puzzle, although it doesn’t include all of fact. Britain’s Nationwide Well being Service (NHI) has revealed a extra balanced report on the matter, which is certain to be up to date as extra analysis outcomes turn into out there.

Defining diacetyl

What’s Diacetyl?

Diacetyl is a chemical used extensively within the meals business to imitate a wealthy buttery taste in sweet, microwave popcorn, and lots of different meals. The FDA accepted it as protected for consumption as a taste ingredient, however inhalation of excessive ranges of airborne diacetyl may be dangerous. The Occupational Security and Well being Administration (OSHA) recommends air sampling, closed techniques and air purifying respirators in manufacturing crops, and in 2011 really helpful a short-term air publicity restrict of 25 elements per billion (ppb). Diacetyl has been present in vapor created by quite a few digital cigarette flavors as we reported in our “Fact about Diacetyl” article again in August final yr. Acetoin and a couple of,three pentanedione are different probably dangerous substances additionally present in e-cig vapor.


Diacetyl and Popcorn Lung

The illness has been informally termed “Popcorn Lung” as a result of its first notable look was in a microwave popcorn manufacturing unit in Jasper, Missouri, the place staff recurrently inhaled the synthetic butter taste diacetyl. After eight former staff on the Gilster-Mary Lee popcorn plant had developed Bronchiolitis Obliterans, the Nationwide Institute for Occupational Security and Well being (NIOSH) advisable respiratory safety for staff in microwave popcorn crops and the flavoring manufacturing business.

Xray showing signs of popcorn lung

What Causes Popcorn Lung?

There are a number of causes for this uncommon illness: Collagen Vascular illness, viral an infection e.g. HIV, transplant rejection in some organ transplant sufferers, emergency oral administrations of activated charcoal, drug reactions and extra. Nevertheless, this often uncommon illness gained notoriety as a result of confirmed hyperlinks with publicity to poisonous fumes like ammonia, mustard fuel, ozone, sure industrial dyes, diacetyl, nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, chlorine, phosgene and a number of other different chemical compounds.


What’s Popcorn Lung?

Bronchiolitis Obliterans is a illness that causes irritation of the tiny bronchioles (airways) of the lungs. The irritation leads to scar tissue formation in, and obstruction of the bronchioles, with extreme shortness of breath, a dry cough, wheezing and tiredness. The prognosis is poor. Remedy might embrace immunosuppressive drugs and corticosteroids to sluggish the irritation, and a lung transplant. It’s a extreme, often deadly illness, however it’s thankfully uncommon.


Is Popcorn Lung a brand new Illness?

Preliminary descriptions appeared way back to 1956, however the first specific description solely appeared in 1981. It isn’t new, however elevated incidents implicate trendy industrial life because of the definitive hyperlinks between Popcorn Lung and publicity to sure poisonous fumes.

Are vapers at risk

Who’s in danger for of getting Popcorn Lung?

Business our bodies have warned that nylon flock staff who use polyamide-amine dyes are in danger, as are battery staff who inhale thionyl chloride fumes, staff at flavoring manufacturing crops and staff who’re uncovered to flavors comparable to diacetyl in meals processing crops.


How Widespread is Diacetyl in e-Juice?

A minute amount of Diacetyl is used to acquire a buttery-tasting vapor in some sweet and creamy-tasting vapors. Minty, citrus, and spicy flavors don’t often include diacetyl, whereas most vanilla, chocolate, and creamy flavors might include it. Acetoin and a couple of,three pentanedione (two different probably dangerous substances) typically exchange or complement diacetyl. These are all authorized, if probably harmful, components and could also be listed merely as ‘Pure and Synthetic flavoring’.


What can I do to Forestall Popcorn Lung?

In case you are involved about it, ask your producer for an inventory of components. It might be higher to keep away from diacetyl, however take into account two (in)handy truths:

  1. E-Juice incorporates solely traces of the substance whereas cigarette smoke incorporates as much as 100 occasions extra – plus many different toxins in addition.
  2. 2,three pentanedione which is usually used as a alternative has not been confirmed to be safer than diacetyl


No matter flavors you select, all the time buy solely from respected distribution and manufacturing corporations. If potential, select a model that may supply unbiased testing outcomes that confirm their claims. It’s essential that producers comply with good manufacturing rules and high quality management.


As a Vaper, Ought to I be involved about Popcorn Lung?

People who smoke who flip to vaping to give up smoking can be inhaling diacetyl at ranges far, far decrease than the quantity in cigarettes. That makes the hazard much less, no more. Nevertheless, although vaping has been described as ‘as much as 95% safer’ than smoking, it’s potential that future analysis will show that determine to be barely optimistic. Customers have a private duty to maintain up with analysis on the security of vaping.