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Double Comma Vapes eJuice Review


Final Score

If your after a smooth all day vape then Double Comma Vapes should be on your radar by now! They produce some of the nicest flavors we have tried for some time, without overpowering you so you can enjoy this vape for sometime. It’s common practise for vape juice manufacturers to stack flavoring so high that it tastes really good to start with, but after an hour or 2 you become sick of it, not with Double Comma Vapes though! This is one for the vaper who wants an e-liquid to use all day without switching!

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Full In-Depth Review of Double Comma Vapes E-Liquid

It’s always exciting to get a chance to try an unfamiliar line of e-juices, as it can sometimes introduce us to surprising tastes that we might have otherwise missed. We recently had the opportunity to try out the Double Comma Vapes line and were both excited and skeptical from the outset. We were excited because new tastes are always an adventure. We were skeptical, due to the low prices that these juices sell for. After all, how could an inexpensive e-liquid hope to compare with premium-priced options? In this Double Comma Vapes eJuice review, we’ll try to get the answer to that question.

First, let’s get that price issue out of the way. A 30ml bottle of Double Comma Vapes juice sells for just under $14 a bottle, while you can get twice that amount of juice for a penny shy of $25. That’s an incredibly low price fit for any budget. The juice comes in a variety of nicotine strengths, ranging from 0mg to 6, and is manufactured with an 80/20 ratio of VG to PG. Many premium juices are double that cost, so it’s easy to see why some might assume that these e-liquids must be at the lower end of the quality spectrum.

Our tests demonstrated something else entirely, as we’ll explain throughout this review. There are many flavors in their product line, we’ll review them and compare them to the other vape liquids on the market.

Nitrous Oxide eJuice from Double Comma Vapes

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide reminds me of many of the energy drinks I consumed years ago. It has that lemony flavor that most energy drinks offer, as well as an iciness that we found more than refreshing. While it’s not a straight menthol-type flavor, it’s easy to imagine many menthol fans enjoying this juice product.


Double Clutch Crunch

Cereal-flavored juices have been popular for years now, and Double Clutch Crunch seems perfect to meet those cereal-loving vapers’ taste needs. This juice tastes like Cap’n Crunch, but it’s the peanut butter variety rather than the regular cereal offering. As a big fan of peanut butter, this one was perhaps my favorite of the sweet juices – so I can’t recommend it enough. Others in our group were pleased with its taste profile as well.

Hot Wheelz eJuice by Double Comma Vapes

Hot Wheelz

Another great peanut butter offering comes in the form of Hot Wheelz – only this time, it’s peanut butter and grape jelly. As a fan of both the cream and the jelly, I was really looking forward to trying this one, and Double Comma didn’t disappoint!  This is a fantastic rendition of the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich, ideal to accompany your best vape mod!


Murcielago Macchiato

Coffee-lovers will be thrilled by this flavor offering – especially if they’re fans of iced coffee drinks. It’s reminiscent of the chilled coffee beverages you can get at specialty coffee shops, and offers that great coffee taste with a strong hint of frappuccino for good measure. It’s delicious – though probably won’t get you going in the morning like your regular cup of joe.

Countach Crumble eJuice by Double Comma Vapes

Countach Crumble

Countach Crumble is a sweet combination of peach and butter crumble cake. I’m not a big fan of peach flavored treats, but this seemed to be appreciated by others in our test group. The flavor is pure, sweet, and has a taste that stays with you long after you put down your vaping device. If your after a juice to help you vaping to quit smoking then this one may help!


Skyline Fuel

Are you a fan of grape drinks like Kool-Aid? If so, then Skyline Fuel may become your next all-day vape. This is a sweet grape variety that perfectly captures the essence of that classic drink, in the simplest way possible. While some e-juices try to subdue the grape flavor, offering just enough of a hint of grape to get your attention, Skyline Fuel blasts the grape into your mouth in a way that leaves no doubt about what you’re vaping!


Our Conclusion

The big question, though, is whether Double Comma’s line of flavors meets the high bar set by many premium manufacturers. In our estimation, there can be no doubt: it does! In fact, these products do more than just clear that bar. They leap over it in a single bound, shatter it in pieces, and roar out a challenge that the rest of the vaping world will be hard-pressed to ignore. There’s been a lot done in the industry to help to combat things like popcorn lung with the removal of Diacetyl etc and Double Comma Vapes stand by the quality of juices they provide.

Double Comma is a winner on so many fronts that it’s difficult to know where to begin. Price? Theirs are more competitive than most. Flavor? Pure and simple, and accurate to a fault! Packaging? Their product line offers consistent labeling that should help to secure their brand identity with ease. In short, this is a great line of juices, and we highly recommend them to sweet-loving vapers everywhere.

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GeekVape Aegis Review and Deals


Final Score

So if you want an indestructible mod, then the GeekVape Aegis needs to be in your pocket! With shockproof, waterproof and the beautiful aesthetics, this mod looks the part! Does it dance the dance? Well almost! It boasts the use of either a 26650 battery or using the adaptor you can use standard 18650 batteries. We found the mod works a lot better with the 26650, the 18650 battery just lacks that extra little push this mod needs, especially if you’re a bit of a cloud lover! When fully charged, there’s not much different to this mod and all the best units out there. Our only grumble is when the battery starts to discharge the performance goes downhill fast!

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In-depth Review of the GeekVape Aegis

If you’ve ever dropped a vape mod or other vaping device, chances are that you’ve experienced the frustration that can occur when an expensive piece of technology suffers damage from fall impact. It’s never happened to me (knock on wood), but I know friends who’ve experienced it firsthand. Many manufacturers have tried to remedy that problem by using durable alloys and other construction materials to make their devices more impact-proof. Few have succeeded. In this GeekVape Aegis review, we’ll take a look at one product that meets that challenge, and see if its other qualities can match its ability to survive bad luck and accidents.

2 Different side profiles of the GeekVape Aegis mod

The Company Behind The Name

GeekVape is one of the better-known manufacturers out there and has a nice track record of success, producing some of the best vape mods. That should inspire confidence – and it does. With the Aegis, the company brings us a vaping mod that offers a wide range of capabilities to go along with its sturdy construction, waterproofing, and impact resistance. This device is built to last and is designed to occupy a place in the tech world for many years to come.



First, let’s examine its features. The Aegis is a 100W temperature control device, powered by one of two different batteries: the 26650 and 18650. Infact we actually ranked this device as the best 26650 mod. That was a welcome sight for our test group since we have plenty of both on hand. The device exterior is designed around a rubber-coated C-frame for maximum survivability. The battery case inside that frame is covered with a leather exterior too. Features of the GeekVape Aegis box modIn short, it has layers of protection designed to ensure that it lasts and withstands most unforeseen events. It’s been described as “military grade” and with good reason!

If there’s one weakness in that design, it might be the screen. It’s an oversized display that provides easy access to information about settings and other details. However, it also looks like an area that could be vulnerable to any accidental impact in a way that smaller screens wouldn’t. That’s just speculation, though. For all we know, GeekVape took that into consideration and used durable glass in its construction.

Colors and designs of the GeekVape Aegis

Collection of Colors

The device comes in an array of color options, so you can likely find one that catches your eye. The basic color scheme remains consistent, however, with that black rubber on the frame. There are different colors for the fire button, leather, and stitching, though, that allow you to make your choice more personal. For us, the hardest part would be having to choose just one, since they all look so incredible.



Performance wise, there’s a lot to love about the Aegis. Despite using just one battery, the mod can achieve a power output of as much as 100 watts with ease. It offers variable resistance so that you can fire your device at ohms as low as 0.05. It also features many of the most cutting-edge tech benefits offered by other top-of-the-line product offerings, including TCR, watts curve, and other great features. This is science in modding at its best. Granted, it’s not exactly the perfect best e cig to quit smoking with due to the more advanced specs, but if your ready to move onto box mods and a little clumsy, then it’s a great choice!

The performance of the Aegis modIn our trials, we were looking for several key metrics to be met. Could the Aegis produce consistent power, sufficient for our vapor production and taste retention needs? How easy to use were the controls? And how enjoyable was the time we spent exploring this new mod?

Where power is concerned, we had no issues with the Aegis. In our testing period, we discovered that this is one reliable device, capable of providing sustained power for hours. That enabled us to achieve some pretty impressive vapor production that we weren’t certain we could get from this type of mod. Our taste tests were even more impressive, though, as we enjoyed pure e-juice flavor throughout our sessions. There was no drop-off in quality as the sessions wore on – indicating that the mod is designed to provide consistently pure flavor. Well done, GeekVape.

Introducing the GeekVape Aegis Vape Mod


The controls were surprisingly easy to master, and the button layout and performance was excellent as well. Whereas some mod buttons stick when you use them, we had no such problems with the Aegis. As noted earlier, the display provides quick access to information, and everything worked as it should.

The experience was enjoyable as well, right up there with all the best e cig products on the market. There was no frustration due to a steep learning curve, and no problems getting the mod to do what we wanted. That’s important and should signal that this is a great choice for newer mod users. Overall, the GeekVape Aegis performed at a consistently high level, earning it our unqualified recommendation. If you’re in the market for a great new mod, make this one your first choice.

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Joyetech Cuboid Pro 200W Review and Deals


Final Score

If you like touchscreen devices then the Cuboid Pro is going to be right up your street! The mod includes something called TAPTEC™ technology, which gives you a host of features like vibration when activated! With up to 200W of power running from dual 18650 batteries and a 0.1 to 3.5ohm resistance range this vape mod is up there with the best from a reliable manufacturer. A little heavier than your standard mod, due to all the electronics you get packed inside, this mod is going to suit those who love gadgets!

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The Full Joyetech Cuboid Pro 200W Mod In-depth Review

Joyetech continues to be a leading manufacturer of many of the best vape mods in the marketplace today. That trend seems to continue year after year – to the point where most of us take it for granted. With the release of the new Joyetech Cuboid Pro 200W, the company looks to continue its prominent place as an innovation leader. In this Joyetech Cuboid Pro 200W review, we’ll examine the device and see whether they’ve achieved their goal.

The Cuboid Pro Mod without a tank

It’s a Touchscreen!

Sorry, but I had to get that out of the way. Yes, Joyetech has released a mod that offers touchscreen capability – and not just any touchscreen, mind you. Analysts are already hailing this device as the most innovative touchscreen mod available to date. That might not seem like heavy accolades, given that the mod market is just beginning to adopt touchscreen technology, but it matters to those who love cutting-edge features.


The Cuboids

You may already be familiar with the Cuboid mod series; we had the Cuboid Mini, the Cuboid 200W and also the Cuboid Tap. They’ve earned a reputation for being among the best in their class, and the fact that the company keeps coming out with new mods in the line is a great testament to its success. The Cuboid Pro is a fine example of all that the Cuboid series has to offer, in a perfectly-sized 56.0 mm by 30.0 mm by 85.0 mm package. It has an oversized 2.4-inch touchscreen that is a joy to use, offering an easy-to-see 320 by 240 dpi resolution.

That touchscreen responds perfectly to the touch, making this one of the best uses of that technology that I’ve seen in any vaping device. The user interface is intuitive, offering hardly any learning curve at all. Those are all great features that are bound to endear this device to most users who are fortunate enough to hold one in their hands.

The other side of the Joyetech Cuboid Pro 200W


But enough about the touchscreen. There are, after all, a host of other great features that we need to cover. For example, the Cuboid Pro offers the type of power output that we’ve come to expect from that line and is flexible enough to cover variable wattage and variable temperature – with support for a variety of coil types. That output wattage ranges from 1 to 200 watts.

Battery compartment of the Joyetech Cuboid ProYou can also enjoy a variety of resistance levels. In VW mode, you can choose from 0.1 to 3.5 ohms, while in temperature control you can opt for 0.05 to 1.5 ohms. It’s likely that you can find something in that broad range to accommodate your vaping style! Temperature control permits temps ranging from 200-600°F – again ensuring that you have the flexibility needed to accomplish your vaping goals.

All of those features are powered by two replaceable 18650 batteries. That’s great news as well since we’ve always found that battery to be reliable and durable. Given all that is expected from any Cuboid product, it’s important to cover fundamentals like the power source. Joyetech always seems to be on top of important concerns like that.


The Kit

If you but this in a kit, it comes with the Aries tank from Procore. If you get it without a tank, you can choose from a variety of 510-threaded tank options. We didn’t consider the kit since we have so many different compatible tanks in our collection already, but that’s something to remember if this is your first mod purchase (and yes, that’s a spoiler; we’re going to recommend this device).

The Joyetech Cuboid Pro Mod kitWhat other technical capabilities lie within that gorgeous, box-shaped exterior? Well, what about a real-time display for the time? Did you ever wonder what it would be like to have your mod serve as a pedometer? Well, the Cuboid Pro boasts those features as well. Relax, though; it can’t make your coffee or give you a foot massage. That’s probably being saved for the next Cuboid offering.


To Conclude

On the downside (and there’s almost always a downside to everything), the fact that this is a touchscreen device means that your battery will drain quicker than usual. You can minimize that impact by keeping fully-charged spares on hand. Also, this screen is large so – like your cell phone – the display is vulnerable to breaking if you drop it. So don’t drop it.

Despite those caveats, I can’t help but recommend this great device as one of the best e cig devices in the mod category. Its power and ease of use make it well worth the price, and it performed admirably in our tests. If you buy only one new mod this year, this one should be at the top of your list.

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Apollo Ohm Go Package Evaluation and Offers


Ultimate Rating

When you’re comparatively new to vaping then the Apollo Ohm Go vape pen is likely one of the greatest pens to improve to from cigalikes, or for brand spanking new vapers who need to give vaping a very good attempt! The starter package comes with the whole lot you want and could be very straightforward to make use of. Merely cost the inbuilt battery, fill the tank with juice and also you’re good to go!

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In-depth Assessment of the Apollo Ohm Go eCig

Should you’re a newbie or intermediate vaping fanatic who’s conversant in Apollo merchandise, then you definitely already find out about their nice cigalike choices. You could be much less conversant in their vaping pens, nevertheless, and that’s a disgrace. Apollo’s concentrate on the vaping group has resulted in a few of the greatest vape pens out there right now. On this Apollo Ohm Go package evaluate, we’ll look at certainly one of their extra common choices, and enable you to determine whether or not it’s proper on your vaping wants.

The Ohm Go vape pen is extra versatile than lots of its rivals, providing you the power to make use of both 1.Zero- ohm coils or these fantastic sub-ohm coil heads that present that additional increase of vapor that so many vapers crave. In consequence, this pen is ideal for sub-ohm lovers and mouth-to-lung vapers alike. What’s extra, it’s a stealth vape pen that gained’t draw loads of consideration to anybody who makes use of it.

What you get with the Apollo Ohm Go ecig

Whats In The Package?

The package comes with an awesome OHM 1900 mAh battery to energy utilization, and two coils: the Zero.5-ohm coil that’s already put in within the system when it arrives and one 1.Zero-ohm coil you can change out to should you favor. It additionally comes with a three ml Portal sub-ohm tank, one USB charging cable, and the usual consumer mannequin to information you thru setup and any questions that you simply may need about your new system.

The Ohm Go comes with a self-adjusting battery and presents pass-through charging by way of its micro-USB charging port. That latter level is a vital one since many customers get annoyed ready for his or her vaping units to cost. Move-through charging is turning into extra commonplace with these units, enabling vapers to make use of their units whereas they’re charging. For somebody on a price range, that may be an important function.

That is yet one more 510-thread product and provides spring-loading connections as you see on all the greatest e cig merchandise. It additionally makes use of the widespread and normal 5-button-click to energy on and off and has an LED mild that tells you when the battery is charging. The gadget additionally comes with various essential security options, together with short-circuit safeguards, safety towards low voltage and overcharge, and backside plate vents.Testing the Apollo Ohm Go pen


Our Checks

In our checks, we discovered this to be a strong, serviceable gadget that ought to be a pleasant entry level for anybody who’s transitioning from cigalikes to vape pens and mods. It will even be an excellent choice for people who smoke who’re making an attempt to give up because it produces extra vapor than the typical disposable e-cig. There are a number of key drawbacks for extra superior vapers, nevertheless, so let’s cowl these earlier than shifting on to any dialogue of the system’s greatest options.

The battery and tank on the Apollo Ohm GoFirst, the 1900 mAh battery might be an issue for critical vaping lovers. Whereas it’s marketed as being a 50W system, we expect that estimate is extraordinarily beneficiant. In our exams, we have been capable of generate roughly 30 watts on a constant foundation.

That’s sufficient to push out a average quantity of vapor – which ought to be enough for many newcomers and intermediate trigger vapers, however nowhere close to what most superior lovers will anticipate. That battery can also be unlikely to final you for any prolonged interval. Move-through charging functionality may assist to reduce that ache level, however it gained’t erase it completely for many critical vapers.

That energy output situation has an unlucky aspect impact, in fact. We did see some fairly spectacular vapor manufacturing, however we have been considerably postpone by the shortage of taste purity. To make certain, the style continues to be mild years forward of cigalikes. Nevertheless, it doesn’t start to match with the pure style provided by the perfect vape mods in the present day. Granted, that isn’t going to be a problem for many newcomers, so your mileage might range.


Who’s It For?

Then again, this gadget might be simply what novices want to maneuver past cigalikes or conventional tobacco cigarettes, so for instance for those who tried a number of the greatest ecigs to give up smoking and need to transfer onto one thing a bit of extra highly effective with out blowing your thoughts, then this perhaps good! The vapor manufacturing is admirable, and the style is superior to something we’ve encountered in disposable type. The lowered energy output makes for a barely cooler vaping expertise, which can attraction to many learners who are sometimes stunned by the warmth that extra superior mods typically generate. Add to that the tank’s nice design and sturdiness, and also you virtually definitely have one thing that ought to attraction to most newcomers to the vaping world.

One factor we want to add which Apollo truly point out on their website too, is that this system is actually meant for individuals to make use of with mouth to lung inhales, you possibly can study extra concerning the several types of vaping right here. With any such vaping we propose going no larger than a 6mg power of ejuice, ideally round 3mg, though this sounds fairly low, the quantity of vapor this system makes use of makes up for the shortfall of nicotine.
The Apollo Ohm Go E Cig in White

Our Abstract

Briefly, this can be a serviceable vape pen that shall be an incredible choice for its goal market. That market doesn’t embrace extra superior vapers, although – so it’s necessary to know that earlier than making the acquisition. We have been sufficiently impressed with the Apollo Ohm Go to advocate it to freshmen and different newbies, because it ought to meet all their vaping wants.

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AIMIDI Tank T2 Armored 160W Assessment and Offers


Last Rating

The Tank T2 mod from AIMIDI is their latest vape mod to hit the market, with the TX 160W chip you’ll be able to hearth it from 7W as much as 160W of energy and a sturdy climate proof casing it seems spectacular! Holds 2 18650 batteries and is barely heavier than different mods available on the market however that is because of the design and options. Though we just like the design and the robust chassis, we are likely to have extra issues with tanks breaking slightly than mods, however on the entire, this system delivers, giving a responsive vape that each one forms of vapers will take pleasure in.

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Aimidi Tank T2 Armored 160W In-depth Evaluation

When you had an opportunity to attempt the Dice Plus DNA 200W, then you definitely’ve in all probability been ready to see what AIMIDI would come out with subsequent. Nicely, the wait is over! With the discharge of their new Tank T2 Armored mod, the corporate appears to as soon as once more take the vaping world by storm. On this AIMIDI Tank T2 Armored 160W evaluation, we’ll look at this new mod and see whether or not it’s all that we’d anticipate it to be.

Design of the Aimidi Tank T2 Armored vape mod

The Design

We’ll start with the gadget’s design because it’s clearly constructed to draw consideration. And let’s be clear: when you favor modern, mild vaping units, look elsewhere. The Tank T2 is not any shrinking violet and classed as among the best e cig merchandise within the vape mod class! The Aimidi Tank T2 is a thick, comparatively heavy vaping system that greater than lives as much as its identify.

Is it armored? You be the decide. The producers crafted it from a stainless-steel and polymer alloy mixture – which explains its heavier weight – and even included metallic armor on the edges. There’s additionally a construction-quality influence truss, which ought to assist to guard it towards drops and different disastrous impacts.

The Tank T2 can also be designed to be waterproof and is available in an fascinating array of colour choices that ought to attraction to a big cross-section of vaping lovers. These colours embrace trendy black, silver, blue, and pink – in addition to a camouflage end or military inexperienced choice.  We obtained the silver model, and it’s one of many best-looking mods we’ve seen in a while, however is it among the best vape mods? Let’s see.

The specification of the Aimidi Tank T2

The Specs

The Tank T2 clocks in at a good 321.5g, and measures 105.5mm x 71.1mm x 27.5mm. It’s a sturdy gadget that ought to stand up to even sudden accidents.  If that have been all there was to it, nevertheless, the Tank can be nothing greater than a paperweight – and that’s merely not the case. The system is a bit of powerhouse as properly, powered by two 18650 batteries that present it with a large vary of energy output choices: from 7 watts to 160 watts. You do have to buy them separetely, however we’ve a information on the best way to discover the most effective 18650 battery that ought to assist!

From a chip perspective, the Tank T2 depends upon the TX 160W chip, providing a complete of 5 totally different output ranges. The chip guides the gadget’s options and controls every little thing from its voltage output – a powerful 1 to eight.four volts – to its atomizer resistance, which covers a variety from zero.1 to three ohms. In our checks, we discovered that the mod offered constant and dependable energy output, with little drop off even because the batteries drew nearer to needing a recharge. That’s all the time a very good signal.

Features of the Aimidi Tank T2 Armored mod


This can be a gadget that’s loaded with options. It provides versatile temperature management, and help or Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and Kanthal coils, you possibly can learn extra about stainless and nickel coils right here. Relying in your desired setup, you possibly can obtain temperatures inside a good vary of 200 to 600 levels Fahrenheit – which must be greater than satisfactory to satisfy most vapers’ wants. You’ll be able to management the varied settings with ease from the almost 1-inch show display on the system’s exterior.

From that show, you possibly can change all of the related settings wanted to customise your utilization. For instance, you possibly can alter or monitor the temperature mode, in addition to the output. You possibly can handle your system’s energy output, to raised management its efficiency.

You can even management essential particulars like atomizer resistance. Lastly, you need to use the show to watch issues like battery life, or entry the gadget’s useful puff-counter to see what number of attracts you’ve taken. Every little thing is well-organized, straightforward to learn, and straightforward to make use of.

The packaging of the Aimidi Tank T2 Armored Vape Mod


Whereas the Tank T2 provides a very engaging design and a few very dynamic options versus say mechanical mods, the actual query on everyone’s thoughts is clear: how does it carry out? In any case, even the best-looking mods are nugatory if they will’t meet your vaping wants. We examined the gadget extensively, to see whether or not the chipset and configuration would stand as much as heavy utilization. We’re pleased to say that we obtained the outcomes we anticipated. The gadget was rumored to offer regular energy and consistently-high efficiency, and it definitely lived as much as these expectations.


To Conclude

Lots of people have in contrast the Tank T2 to Geek Vape’s Aegis 100W, which we now have featured in our listing of the perfect 26650 mods however that comparability will not be completely truthful. Sure, they’re each waterproof, however that’s the place any true similarities finish. The truth is that the Tank T2 is a extra highly effective system when it comes to sheer energy output. It’s not as refined in different areas, nevertheless, because the chipset appears to match unfavorably to the Aegis. For customers who simply need constant vaping efficiency with out the necessity for all of the bells and whistles, nevertheless, the Tank T2 Armored 160W is a tool that we will readily advocate.

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Apollo Challenger Package Evaluation and Offers


Ultimate Rating

Cigalikes are usually not for everybody however they’re an ideal product for many who wish to transition to vaping and quit smoking. The most effective cig-alike merchandise available on the market proper now’s the Challenger Package from Apollo e Cigs. With nice taste and delicate quantities of vapor to offer a clean and pleasant vape, the Challenger is quick turning into the preferred cigalike for people who smoke. When you have vaped earlier than, then this is perhaps just a little underwhelming and you could need to attempt both vape pens or vape mods.

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The Apollo Challenger Cigalike In-depth Evaluation

As widespread as e-cig mods and vaping pens have turn out to be, there’s nonetheless an enormous and rising marketplace for the much less superior disposable and rechargeable cigalikes. Apollo is among the better-known suppliers for these kinds of digital cigarettes and gives a variety of various digital cigarette choices. The corporate is an actual producer, with its personal analysis and improvement group. It additionally tries to offer a full array of merchandise to make sure that it serves the wants of each novices and superior vapers alike. On this Apollo Challenger Package assessment, we’ll look at a type of merchandise in an effort to determine whether or not an Apollo e-cig could be best for you.

The cigalike battery of the Apollo Challenger

Who’s It For?

If the identify Challenger sounds new, relaxation assured that it’s. Nevertheless, the package shouldn’t be as new or novel because it might sound and was previously referred to as the Excessive Package. The corporate promotes it as a transitional digital cigarette and claims that it presents a purer taste and throat hit than lots of its rivals. Apollo’s objective was to create an digital cigarette that people who smoke might really feel snug utilizing all through a mean day and to make one of the best e cig to give up smoking that they might. That meant utilizing a extra highly effective battery and designing a tool that would produce sufficient vapor to match with the typical burner cigarette.

Whats in the kit

What You Get

So, what do you get with this package? We’re glad you requested! The Challenger Package comes with virtually every part you have to get began in your vaping journey – proper out of the field. You obtain 2 Apollo Challenger batteries. We will’t stress how essential that’s in attaining your aim to start out vaping to give up smoking.

Many kits include just one, and that may find yourself being irritating for anybody who needs to really escape the smoking behavior. In any case, when one battery runs out of cost, what do you do in case you don’t have a second able to go? In case you’re a smoker, likelihood is that you simply revert to your burner cigarettes – and that defeats the entire function of switching to the vaping way of life.

Along with these nice batteries, you additionally obtain two chargers – one in your wall and one in your automotive, in addition to an instruction guide.

The cartomizers for the Apollo Challenger


Now, the Challenger doesn’t include cartomizers, and a few may be disenchanted in the event that they fail to get them organized once they purchase the gadget. Nevertheless, we expect that may be a good factor. By making you buy your cartomizers individually, Apollo ensures that you simply solely obtain the cartomizer flavors that you really want. Some corporations present samples that nearly all the time have no less than one taste that you simply wouldn’t dream of making an attempt. That’s a waste.

One other factor about these cartomizers, whereas we’re on the topic: they’re bigger than just about any cartomizer I’ve seen in recent times. That’s an apparent and intentional design selection and aligns completely with Apollo’s said aim of recreating the smoking expertise with out the dangerous results. These bigger cartomizers allow the gadget to supply extra energy, extra vapor, and purer style – all of the factor that new vapers need however so typically don’t know the place to seek out.


A Gadget For People who smoke

In the event you’re a consumer of a number of the greatest vape mods we now have reviewed, likelihood is that you simply gained’t even be involved in making an attempt this kind of system. Nevertheless, in case you’re a smoker or somebody who’s making an attempt to transition away from conventional cigarettes, that’s a completely totally different story altogether. Cigalikes like this are made to assist individuals such as you escape from dangerous tobacco merchandise, for an summary of a majority of these e cigs, check out our information on cigalikes, to know a bit of extra about them. Sadly, most aren’t as much as the duty. With the Apollo Problem package, nevertheless, that transition may be simpler than it’s ever been.

The open box of the Challenger cigalike kit

Let’s Check It

To check the gadget, we left our mods at house and carried the Challenger with us all day. The aim was to find out whether or not it might present the nicotine and taste we would have liked to get via the day, with out that feeling of deprivation that the majority critical vapers encounter once they use disposable e-cigs. Our efforts satisfied us that this gadget ought to be a really perfect product for transitioning people who smoke and different starting vapers.


To Conclude

We discovered that the Challenger offered loads of vapor for our nicotine wants. Granted, it’s not even remotely corresponding to extra highly effective, superior mods or among the best e cigs, however we didn’t anticipate that it will be. It did, nevertheless, present sufficient sustained energy for us to benefit from the vaping we would have liked in the course of the trials. Positive, we missed our mods at totally different factors in the course of the day – however we weren’t determined to get again to them both.

For the standard transitioning vaper, the Apollo Challenger ought to be greater than equal to the duty. Its batteries are long-lasting and supply sufficient energy to provide them the pure style and powerful vapor manufacturing wanted to imitate the smoking expertise. We extremely advocate it!

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Om Vapor E Liquid Evaluate, Coupons and Offers


Ultimate Rating

Shopping for eliquid is among the costliest issues when vaping, so we check out price range costs to seek out one of the best worth. We expect that Om Vapor offers not solely high quality e-liquid’s with some superior flavors, however their costs and offers are even higher! For those who undergo lots of juice and have not the time to combine your personal, we will advocate Om Vapor the place you will get the right vape for a fraction of the worth.

CHEAP Om Vapor Eliquid Offers & Coupons!

Om Vapor Repeatedly has some superb offers, we’ll hold you knowledgeable of all the newest and greatest under!


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Particular Offers Web page – Om Vapor’s Contests and Promotions – Secret hidden web page! – Get This Deal!


Extra offers can be added as quickly as they launch them! Bookmark this web page!

In-depth Assessment of Om Vapor

Om Vapor is an organization that’s dedicated to producing flavorful, protected vaping liquids. They produce their very own liquids in-house, and supply a variety of various tastes which are designed to offer one thing for everybody. Everyone knows that eliquids might be one of the crucial costly piece to vaping, particularly when you’ve got probably the greatest vape mods that create big tasty clouds, so Om Vapor has produced a line for the vaping fanatics. No less than, that’s what the corporate advertises.

My publicity to the corporate was restricted, till I lately had the chance to get my arms on a few of their juice. I instantly took it to our check group in order that we might give this product line the trial run that it deserves. On this Om Vapor e liquid evaluation, we’ll attempt to determine whether or not that is actually an excellent product line or whether or not it’s all simply a lot vacuous vapor.

To try this, right here’s our tackle a number of of the flavors that we managed to check. Consider, that is only a small sampling of their roughly 30-flavor choice. Nonetheless, it ought to present some clues about what sort of merchandise this firm gives, and whether or not one in every of them may be proper in your vaping wants. With out additional ado…

Mindful Monkey eliquid from Om Vapor

Aware Monkey

In fact, I needed to get Aware Monkey – if just for the identify. That is marketed as a mix of whipped cream, banana pudding, and vanilla wafer cookies. When you have a candy tooth, or love bananas, then this can be good for you. I’ve to plead responsible to each of these qualifications, and may truthfully say that this could be my private favourite of the bunch. It’s nice banana style, however with out that overpowering taste that so typically seems when something tries to imitate that fruit.

The Cobra ejuice from Om Vapor

The Cobra WTA

Okay, I grabbed one other responsible pleasure: strawberry ice cream. With this juice, that taste is minimize with the style of cake crumbs and whipped cream to offer a creamy dessert sensation positive to please the palate. Some in our group claimed that the cake crumb style was clear as a bell. In my opinion, I couldn’t detect it, however perhaps that was simply me focusing in on the ice cream taste. Regardless of! All of us appeared to agree that this juice is a winner!



This one is from the corporate’s Reincarnation line, and gives an exquisite mix of milk and honey. It’s a bit of style of the Promised Land in your vaping tank! I discovered this one to be extra milk than honey, however the mix was nonetheless nice. And whereas I want Aware Monkey for its wild style, that is one thing that I might be extra apt to vape every day. It’s mild, subtly candy, and a real pleasure to inhale.

Reality e-liquid from Om Vapor


In search of a brand new tobacco taste? Nicely, Actuality could also be simply the factor you want – as a result of who can’t use a dose of actuality every so often, proper? This juice gives a clean tobacco taste that’s softened by delicate hints of vanilla and caramel. That’s a mixture that I might by no means have imagined potential, nevertheless it one way or the other works. Pure tobacco style with out the tough chew? Who’d have thought it attainable? Om Vapor, in fact.


The Tiger WTA

This can be a nice breakfast-type providing, with milk and apple slices including a pleasant contact to the apple cereal base. I’m unsure if I might use it to switch my actual breakfast – not sufficient energy, thoughts you – however I undoubtedly take pleasure in a draw after that breakfast is completed. It’s scrumptious!

Selection of other Om Vapor juices

The Others

We haven’t tried the whole lot of their line of merchandise, however suffice it to say that their web site provides information about the remainder of their choices. They embrace fascinating choices just like the White Miso, peach, pear, apple, and floral-flavored Lotus WTA, in addition to the important thing lime and coconut cheesecake-inspired Omega WTA. There are flavors providing strawberry citrus pound cake (The Warrior), the inexperienced tea and tropical fruit mix Mantra, and Candy Honey Tobacco – which has a reputation that just about says every thing that must be stated.

The corporate’s costs are actually good they usually even supply low-cost pattern packs to be able to attempt quite a lot of totally different flavors to see which of them strike your fancy. That is good for many who have simply began vaping to give up smoking for instance. From our perspective and checks, we’d advocate that you simply give a number of a attempt, because it’s a digital assure that you simply’re positive to seek out one thing to your liking.

General, the Om Vapor e-liquid line is one which we discover tasty and intriguing and an ideal companion to one of the best e cig that you simply personal. I personally sit up for acquiring a couple of extra flavors (and a few extra of that scrumptious Aware Monkey, in fact) to see how their different choices measure as much as these we’ve already tried. Get yours immediately!

Verify Out Om Vapor’s Greatest Offers For Your self!


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Flawless Tuglyfe DNA 250W Evaluation and Offers


Last Rating

Flawless has a fantastic identify within the vaping world and their new mod, the Tuglyfe DNA 250W is a testomony to their high quality and information within the sector. The mod produces a excessive 250W energy score with its inner 1200mah battery. General we might have appreciated to seen a extra environment friendly battery or the power to make use of exterior 18650 batteries, however that’s our solely grievance as this is likely one of the greatest vape mods available on the market proper now.

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Extra offers shall be added as soon as we discover them!

The Flawless Tuglyfe DNA In-depth Assessment

Flawless has a brand new entry in its Tuglyfe line, and it’s referred to as the DNA 250W. Naturally, we couldn’t wait to get our palms on it to convey you this evaluation! Now, if you already know something concerning the Flawless label, then you already know one factor for positive: this can be a firm that prides itself on producing cutting-edge vaping units that aren’t simply surpassed by their rivals making them probably the greatest vape mod producers for the extra skilled vaper. Will the DNA comply with in that custom? On this Flawless Tuglyfe DNA 250W evaluation, we’ll present the reply to that essential query.

Make no mistake: Flawless is taken into account by many to be the premier high-tech vape design firm within the business in the present day. Their chipset is seen as probably the most superior piece of tech present in any vaping gadget, and the corporate all the time appears to do a really perfect job of designing their merchandise round its capabilities. At first look, the DNA’s listed capabilities appear to be in line with that document of documented success.

Red version of the Flawless Tuglyfe DNA 250W

It’s All In The Identify!

So, what’s the DNA all about, you ask? Properly, this can be a beautiful mod that gives an exterior construct designed with ergonomic rules in thoughts. It gives regulated wattage management in addition to temperature safety, a preheat function, and a number of onboard controls to give you all the pliability it is advisable to guarantee a customized vaping expertise. If that feels like fairly a bit for one vaping system to handle by itself, simply wait – there’s extra.

The DNA depends on the Evolve Escribe software program to handle its processes. As most skilled vapers already know, that software program has acquired a substantial amount of consideration for its potential to offer customers with a very custom-made vaping expertise that’s unparalleled in in the present day’s market. Together with the system’s highly effective chipset, that software program makes this some of the superior items of vaping tech we’re more likely to see – till the subsequent Flawless product involves market, that’s! In case your not sure if any such mod is best for you, take a look at our information on discovering the correct sort of vape, which ought to assist.


Such Energy!

The system produces energy that ranges from one to 250 watts and boasts a powerful effectivity score of 97%. Its temperature management options are equally spectacular, providing temperature decisions between 200 to 600 Levels Fahrenheit. That’s a fantastic vary that ought to meet most vapers’ wants. The place coils are involved, the DNA helps the complete vary of common decisions: Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Metal. We take a look at the distinction with the coils in our stainless or nickel coil information.


Physique Lovely

These options all arrive inside a strong, zinc alloy chassis that’s adorned with quite a lot of totally different engaging finishes. The corporate’s tugboat emblem can also be featured prominently on the outside, making this a very elegant piece of artwork – in addition to a strong illustration of all that trendy science and technological analysis can accomplish. Briefly, that is one futuristic wanting system that’s positive to start out up conversations wherever you’re taking it.
The side views of the Flawless Tuglyfe DNA 250W
The DNA comes with an inner battery and depends on the 1200mAh LiPo for its energy. Whereas we would like a pair of exterior 18650 batteries that may be changed every time we would like, this one appears able to doing the job it’s been assigned. Perhaps the corporate will do us a favor and rethink that problem in the event that they ever determine to replace this mannequin.

The black and red stripe version

Management is Energy

The controls are straightforward to make use of and embrace a big firing button, and an interface that gives three-button consumer management. Settings may be seen and altered from the gadget’s OLED display, which measures zero.91 inches. The Escribe settings may be accessed from that display as properly, permitting customers to customise many various features of the show. They will additionally configure the mod to make sure that it does what they should present them with probably the most satisfying vaping expertise, albeit, in all probability not one of the best vape system to give up smoking with, for knowledgeable vapers although, that is good.

In fact, there’s a host of different nice options as nicely, from the battery cell monitoring to the chip’s capacity to routinely sense temperature resistance. The gadget has a lock mode, energy lock mode, preset mode, and stealth mode – and that’s simply the beginning. The very fact is that the DNA presents so many desirable advantages that it’s troublesome to cowl all of them on this restricted area. Suffice it to say, that is one heavy-duty piece of cutting-edge know-how and among the best e cig merchandise in its class.


Efficiency and Abstract

On the efficiency entrance, there have been nothing however rave critiques from our check group. All of us loved the facility output and consistency that the DNA provided, and a number of other members of the group have already positioned orders for their very own private gadget. From my perspective, that’s concerning the strongest suggestion that any reviewer can ever supply. The underside line is straightforward: in case you love high-tech units and need an incredible mod that may sustain together with your altering tastes, then get the Flawless Tuglyfe DNA 250W now.

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Council Of Vapor Callisto Package Assessment and Offers


Last Rating

Council of Vapor have a loyal buyer base for good purpose, their merchandise all the time ship in high quality and aesthetics. The brand new Callisto package has an 80W energy restrict operating from a single 18650 battery, which can flip a number of vapors away, however for a small system that is straightforward to hold round with you the Callisto performs rather well. Excellent for many who need to transfer onto making an attempt vape mods or these skilled vapers who want a small system to hold round with them.

CHEAP Council Of Vapor Callisto Mod Offers & Coupons!


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We’ll replace this record because the product is launched!

In-depth Evaluation of the Council Of Vapor Callisto Package

Council of Vapor made its first main mark on the vaping business a few years in the past, when it launched the Mini Volt mini-mod. That gadget was a well-liked one in lots of circles and helped the corporate to construct a sizeable and constant base of followers. These followers will certainly be wanting to study extra about this firm’s newest providing, which is yet one more compact mod aiming to make it as among the best vape mods in its class however with much more superior options. On this Council of Vapor Callisto package evaluation, we’ll put this newest product by means of its paces and see whether or not Council of Vapes continues to be one of many prime mod producers within the business.



Let’s start with the system’s look. The mod itself presents a sporty, engaging design that ought to attraction to virtually any vaping fanatic. Even the extra skilled customers who’re use to mechanical mods will recognize this design! The show and controls are all straightforward to see and use, and the high-tech end consists of ergonomic options that make the Callisto an actual pleasure to carry in your hand. Even the location of the system identify appears to have been perfectly-conceived. There’s just one factor that we didn’t like: the shortage of colour choices. That is such a stunning product that it appears a disgrace to restrict the colour decisions to Stainless Metal and Gun Metallic Gray.

Black version of the Callisto Vape ModFortuitously, that was our solely actual grievance in terms of the Callisto. It’s a strong unit that gives the dependable efficiency that the majority customers anticipate. Sure, it’s compact, however it’s powered by a 18650 battery which you can swap out with ease – which is a superb choice for individuals who have additional batteries and don’t need to anticipate a recharge. We do recommend shopping for the perfect 18650 battery you’ll be able to afford as this gadget drains it fairly shortly. The truth that it makes use of one of many extra widespread batteries can also be a fantastic aid for anybody who needs so as to add a brand new gadget to his assortment and nonetheless keep away from shopping for quite a lot of totally different battery varieties.
The Callisto mod on its own without tank

The Callisto’s sporty exterior is the right measurement for snug use, measuring simply 78mm by 27.5mm by 41.6mm. It has a strong really feel to it, because of its zinc alloy development, and will stand as much as even heavy use with none issues. The battery door is straightforward to entry because it gives a pleasant texturized exterior moderately than the graceful floor favored by some fashions. These options assist to make this one of the crucial ergonomically sound units we’ve seen in a while.


Whats Happening Inside

In fact, that’s simply the surface of the gadget. Inside, the system is powered and managed by the corporate’s personal superior chipset. That chip offers the steerage wanted to handle the Callisto’s spectacular array of options – together with its highly effective firing system and a variety of temperature controls. Followers of temperature management will discover this system to their liking because it gives help for all the hottest coil varieties: chrome steel, Ni200 Nickel, and titanium. You’ll be able to study extra about chrome steel and nickel coils right here however the majority use stainless.

The tank on the Callisto

The Tank

The tank is a top-fill Windrunner that gives 2.5ml of capability on your favourite e-juice and unparalleled taste retention. We’d have most popular that the gadget comes with a bigger tank, to make prolonged vaping periods a bit simpler to handle, however 2.5ml is fairly near the usual tank measurement today. Taste is seemingly a precedence for the system since even the coil configuration appeared to be chosen with taste retention in thoughts.

Airflow wasn’t an issue both, because the easy-to-access airflow controls on the underside of the Callisto provided us the management we would have liked to get massive clouds of thick vapor. That, coupled with the setting controls for the gadget, made our cloud-chasing efforts a easy matter. Better of all, there was little by means of a studying curve, since this is among the extra intuitive vaping mods we’ve had the pleasure of making an attempt.

The complete Council Of Vapor Callisto box mod kit


So far as our checks went, the Callisto carried out admirably. We had heard that the vapor manufacturing may be a bit of sparse for some heavy customers, however our expertise was simply the other. With the Callisto, we loved large vapor clouds and nice taste. In different phrases, the Callisto did all the things that it claimed it might do – after which some. It’s not the perfect e cig to give up smoking with because of the direct lung inhale requirement, however when you’re able to up your recreation and luxuriate in vaping on a subsequent degree, then this package must be thought-about.


Remaining Ideas

Whereas we would like that such a gorgeous mod are available a wider array of shade choices, that’s a small element that shouldn’t detract anybody from contemplating this product. The truth is that the Council of Vapor Callisto package is a superb mod in each space of metrics that issues, making it probably the greatest e cig kits for its measurement and energy. That’s why we really feel snug giving it a full-throated endorsement and recommending it to all our readers. In case you’re out there for a brand new mod, get this system at present.

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Aspire Speeder 200W Evaluation and Offers


Ultimate Rating

Aspire design some fairly good wanting mods, and the Speeder 200W is not any exception. With a strong 200W mod and a tank that may deal with the delicate taste juices, this package is a superb addition to your assortment or an incredible mod to start out out with.

CHEAP Aspire Speeder 200W Offers & Coupons!


*$58.08 – Coupon “ASPIRE40OFF” – Full Package – Plus $four.99 US Delivery – Get This Deal!

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* Beneficial based mostly on delivery time and worth!

Full In-depth Assessment of the Aspire Speeder 200W Mod Package

Should you’re a fan of Aspire mods, you then’re all the time looking out to see what the corporate is popping out with subsequent. The mod business has seldom been extra aggressive, and the battle to provide you with newer and higher mods is intense. Aspire has historically been as much as that problem, although, so one would anticipate that its newest entrant into the market would proceed in that custom. With the introduction of the Speeder, we get a chance to see whether or not this well-known producer continues to be poised on the cutting-edge of vape know-how. On this Aspire Speeder 200W assessment, we’ll look at this new mod and supply our tackle this scorching firm’s latest product providing.

The Design

The Speeder 200W is an attractively-designed gadget, with rubber on the outside that makes it very snug to carry within the hand comparable trying to their earlier Aspire Zelos mannequin that was highly regarded however solely achieved 50W, this beast boasts 200W of energy! Its well-rounded, symmetrical, and ergonomically sound. It additionally is available in three beautiful finishes, together with gold, silver, and the compulsory black. The mod and tank are designed to match completely, making this one mod that you simply’ll be snug displaying off to all your folks! From a design standpoint, there’s nearly nothing to dislike concerning the Speeder and is among the greatest vape mod designs round.

The Aspire Speeder 200 Watt in 3 colorsIf you take a look at that outer casing, you’ll discover that the Speeder has a really strong and cutting-edge design. It’s clear that Aspire meant for this to be an interesting choice for the extra tech-minded vapers on the market, because it’s about as removed from a boring field mod as they might probably get. The Speeder has venting holes on the backside, which additionally occurs to be the place the battery door is situated. The up-down button is under the show display, whereas the hearth button is simply across the nook. Briefly, the design and placement of all of the important elements is nearly good.

The Specification

On the spec entrance, the Speeder boasts equally spectacular credentials. The gadget is comfortably-sized, coming in at 88mm by 31mm by 46mm, and a mean weight. The 2 18650 batteries it requires (they’re not included with the unit) ought to give you constant energy to realize output between 1 and 200 watts. Voltage ranges between zero.1 and eight.4V.

The Speeder is a temperature management gadget and gives temperatures that vary from 200℉ to 600℉. That’s positive to offer most customers with the pliability they should correctly customise their vaping expertise. You will have a number of totally different utilization modes to select from, together with VW, VV, Bypass, temperature management, and extra.

The show display is slightly below an inch, and auto-adjusts for ease-of-use. The controls are straightforward to make use of, so most customers gained’t have any hassle discovering the settings they want as they work to customise their system to go well with their wants. And sure, it’s an OLED display – providing crystal-clear presentation of all of the necessary knowledge it’s essential to see.
The Athos tank part of the Speeder Kit

The Tank

Whereas the gadget doesn’t present up at the doorstep with the batteries you want, it does include the whole lot else. Along with the Speeder mod, you additionally obtain a sturdy Athos tank and an additional drip tip – in addition to a glass tube. There’s additionally one additional A3 Kanthal AF Tri-coil head included within the package deal, 12 O-ring replacements, the USB cable you must cost your unit, a guide, and guarantee card.

The mod chipset supplies monitoring for each batteries to assist guarantee constant efficiency. In fact, as soon as we heard that, we couldn’t wait to get out arms on the Speeder to place it via its paces. We love a problem, in any case.


So, how did the Aspire Speeder carry out throughout out trials? Not surprisingly, it proved its value in each method that issues. Though it’s not precisely the perfect e cig to give up smoking with, we did loved the pliability that the gadget provided. The Speeder permits you to use broad bore drip tricks to maximize your vapor manufacturing, or smaller tricks to improve the flavour. We tried each choices, and located that they have been every very spectacular. We have been blowing big vapor clouds very quickly in any respect, and the Speeder appeared to take all of it in stride. We additionally discovered that the small tip flavor-enhancing choice offered persistently pure style all through our complete check session. Properly finished, Aspire!

Two Configurations

To adjust to the TPD Aspire have launched 2 variations of the package, the one distinction being both a 2ml or 4ml tank. Right here’s what you get within the package:

  • Speeder mod The package of the Aspire Speeder 200W Kit
  • 2ml Athos tank
  • Additional A3(Kanthal AF Tri-coil head)
  • Additional drip tip( Delrin vast bore drip tip )
  • Glass tube
  • USB cable
  • 12x O-rings
  • Warning card
  • Consumer Guide
  • Guarantee card



We have been very impressed with the whole lot that the Speeder has to supply and it is likely one of the greatest e cigs in it’s class. It’s a strong, well-made mod that has quite a bit to supply to nearly any vaper on the market at present. We additionally appreciated the truth that you will get your personal Aspire Speeder 200W mod on-line for round $80! Because of these options and that aggressive worth, we extremely advocate this mod for all intermediate and superior vapers.