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SMOK G Priv 2 Review


Final Score

Released pretty soon after the original the version 2 upgrade is now here. The SMOK G-Priv 2 is certainly an improvement, both in ergonomics and functionality, producing a 230W output controlled by a new, sharper 2 inch color touchscreen panel to set a trio of output settings, preheat and a host of other stuff from their new SMOK chipset, this mod packs all the features any new or experienced vaper needs. Coupled with the TFV8 X-Baby Beast Tank, this kit is hard to beat.

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Indepth SMOK G Priv 2 Review

SMOK’s been hit-or-miss with us lately, with several products that have caught our attention and a few that have left us flat. Still, we’re big fans of the company, so we were eager to test out the new SMOK G-Priv 2 in hopes that this latest version of the Priv would give us reason to cheer. In this SMOK G-Priv 2 review, we’ll examine its capabilities, put it through its paces, and see whether this device is all we hope it might be and see if it’s one of the best vape mods on the market.

The Smok G Priv 2 mod in different colors

Smok Tech

If you’re familiar with SMOK, then you can understand why we’re so high on the company. SMOK always seems to push the envelope when it comes to innovative vaping technology. A few months ago, they broke the mold once again when they released the fantastic original G-Priv 220. That device was filled with all the power any user could wish for and included a handy and well-designed touchscreen that we were sure would change the industry forever. Now, it might seem as though it’s a little too early for the company to introduce an update for that model, but this is SMOK we’re talking about – and they seem to have a good sense of what the market needs, and when.


The Upgrade

Side view of the Smok G Priv 2So, what does this update to the G-Priv involve, you ask? Well, let’s note the obvious before we get into the finer details. Aesthetically, this is a streamlined look that is much more attractive than the original. It’s being touted as “slimmer” and that certainly seems to be the case. It’s also supposedly a more durable device than its predecessor – though we didn’t put it through any stress tests to confirm that notion.


G-Priv 2 Features

The G-Priv 2 is outfitted with 510 threading – making it compatible with most other components in the market. It relies upon 2 high amp 18650 batteries to provide it’s 1.0 – 230.0 W of wattage. Of course, those batteries are not included in the package, so be sure that you have some on hand if you want to use your SMOK as soon as it arrives at your doorstep. Batteries can be charged via the device’s micro-USB charging port.

It offers variable temperature control for nickel, titanium, and stainless steel 316, with temperature control that ranges from 200 to 600 F – or 100 – 315 C, you can read more about stainless and nickel coils here. That’s more than enough variance to ensure that the product accommodates the widest possible spectrum of vaping needs. In temperature control mode, you can achieve resistance ranges of 0.06 – 3.0 Ohms. If you opt for variable wattage instead, you can enjoy a range of 0.1 – 3.0 Ohms.

Like its predecessor, the version 2 comes with a touchscreen display. It also offers shatter-resistant glass, an OLED display screen to monitor and alter settings, and a solid zinc alloy construction that is sure to provide most users with all the durability they’ll ever need in a vaping device. It comes with oversized airflow slots that are designed for optimal customization and a huge central airflow chamber. Perhaps best of all from a design standpoint is that the G-Priv 2 can accommodate that wonderful X-Baby Tank (it even comes with the mod if you buy the kit), which means that it can achieve e-liquid capacity of 4 ml!

The packaging of the G Priv 2 Kit


So, why is that latter point so important? If you’re not into huge clouds of vapor, then the Baby Tank might be something that you’re unfamiliar with. For those who’ve used it, however, it needs no introduction. This thing is a tank atomizer that can flood your room with thick, flavorful vapor. Together with this tank, the G-Priv 2 should be an unstoppable cloud monster that meets all your cloud-chasing needs.

Granted, it’s not the perfect tank for those who are trying e-cigs to quit smoking, but for the more experienced vaper, who want to experience more vapor, this kit is wonderful!

With that said, you can probably guess how our tests went. Yes, the mod provided all the power that we could ask for – and then some. Wattage was consistently good, and we found everything to be extremely convenient to use – with almost no learning curve. In an age where companies sometimes change things just to change things, SMOK’s consistency is refreshing.


To Conclude

That’s why we are so happy to recommend this product to vaping enthusiasts – and especially those who are thrilled at the prospect of achieving the largest clouds without modifying their vaping rigs. With the SMOK G-Priv 2 is one of the best e cig mods out there and there is no need for customization, no special techniques, or other tricks and tactics. Instead, you get a thoroughly well-conceived vaping device that is focused on helping you produce as much thick., flavorful vapor as possible. In other words, SMOK knocked this one out of the park.


Smok is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and they have many models currently on the market:


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Smok Priv One Kit Review


Final Score

If small and cute is your thing, then the SMOK Priv One might be a mod kit that’s on your list, after all, it does produce some lovely flavors and is generally a great mod. For us though, it just doesn’t live up to expectations, yes, it’s better than their competitors, but not enough so to drop everything and rush out to buy it! The smallish 920 mAh battery is enough for a few hours of continuous vape, but an all day vape, no, we don’t think so. If your looking for a vape mod that you can carry in your pocket and not vape every other minute then the Priv One should be considered.

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In-depth Smok Priv One Vape Mod Review

It seems like we’ve been reviewing a lot of SMOK products of late, as the company has been pushing out an array of new products recently like their popular SMOK Procolor 225W Mod. If there’s one thing that we’ve noticed over that time, it’s that many of these new offerings seem to be minor aesthetic upgrades over the company’s previous market entries. That’s not a bad thing, mind you – especially when you consider that SMOK is already one of the most cutting-edge vaping manufacturers in the industry today. Still, we’d be lying if we said that we weren’t a little disappointed in the company’s failure to introduce anything radically different in terms of functionality. In this Smok Priv One review, we’ll see if they break that recent trend with this new product.

The design of the Smok Priv One


First, let’s get one thing out of the way: this device is clearly designed to compete head-to-head with the SV Mi-One. It has a similar body shape, similar dimensions, and even similar capabilities. Again, that’s not a bad thing. However, it’s important to note so that no one assumes that SMOK pulled this basic design out of the ether. Most casual vapers wouldn’t be able to differentiate between the two without a lengthy period of examination.

The Priv One is one of those all-in-one and some argue one of the best vape mods that is great for new vapers and MTL fans alike. It comes with a deliciously simple rectangular design that is relatively short – though it’s slightly larger than the MI-One. The atomizer is built into the design, and the unit comes with a firing button that is much easier to use than the Mi-One. It’s amazing what a slightly-enlarged button can do when it comes to added convenience.

The specification of the Smok Priv One vape mod

Vapor, Taste and Power

Another plus is the coils that SMOK uses for this device. The included SMOK Stick AIO Core coils are extremely well-made and carry a 0.6 Ohm rating. The device’s atomizer translates that into clouds of delicious vapor, thanks to the wonderfully-conceived top airflow control capabilities. At the lowest power settings, you can easily fill a room with the vapor from this device.  Alternatively, you can opt for coils with a lower Ohm rating and focus on flavoring, it does take a little playing around to figure out which vape is right for you but these types of mods generally cater for all. With those low-rated coils, you can get this unit cranking at about 60 watts. That produces a vapor that retains the great taste of your favorite e-juice.

Keep in mind, that these details are all superior to the MI-One – demonstrating that SMOK was committed to beating out that rival in many of the areas that matter most to experienced vapers. And it would be nice to think that the company succeeded in rivaling the Mi-One in every area of concern – but that didn’t happen. There are several areas in which the Priv loses out to that competitor offering.

For example, take the battery. The MI-One offers a 1100 mAh battery to power its activities. Surely, SMOK had to at least consider besting that – right? Not a chance. Instead, the Priv One was designed to run on a 920 mAh battery that you can’t even swap out for an alternative. Why? Who knows. And then there’s the juice capacity. The Mi-One comes with a large 3.5 ml capacity. You would think that SMOK would at least match that. You’d be wrong again. The Priv One can hold only 2 ml of liquid.

Granted this type of mod is really designed for those smokers looking for the best vape and really a step up from the cigalike devices like the Juul ecig, so it’s not going to produce huge amounts of vaper, but it’s small and convient so perfect for carrying around with you.

The size of the Smok Priv One in a hand


Now, here’s the thing about that juice capacity. In our tests, the Priv One was a thirsty little device. With a larger e-juice reservoir, that wouldn’t be a problem. With a mere 2 ml capacity to its name, however, we quickly grew tired of the refilling process. In our view, that’s a real distraction from vaping enjoyment and something that SMOK should have realized before they released this product.

The question is this: does the Priv One’s better coil features and design improvements make up for the less powerful battery and reduced juice capacity? Our review team went back and forth on this issue and ultimately concluded that it does not. The Priv One is a decent device, but we cannot in good conscience recommend it over its rivals, given its inconsistent success in besting other devices.


To Conclude

None of that is to suggest that the Priv One is in any way an inferior vaping device. It’s not and infact SMOK have been known to produce some of the best e cig products in the world. But the Priv One just isn’t so dramatically better than its competitors that it warrants a full-throated recommendation. So, if you need a mod and like the SMOK brand, give this a shot. If you’re looking for a large tank and major power, however, look elsewhere. It’s as simple as that.


Smok is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and they have many models currently on the market:


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SMOK Stick X8 Review


Final Score

SMOK have released a number of vape pens over the years and one thing they have learned is the importance of the battery life. With the new Smok Stick X8 you get a built-in 3000mAh battery which is just awesome, it also features a TFV8 X-baby tank which is a great accomplice, producing a great tasting vapor that will make you want to vape more and more! All in all this is one of the best vape pens on the market, period!

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* Recommended based on shipping time and price!

In-depth SMOK Stick X8 Review

SMOK is back at it again, with yet another new entry in its already impressive line of great vaping products. This time, the company has brought us a new vape pen that it’s calling the Stick X8. It sells for less than $40 for the kit, which will probably spark a great deal of interest from new and intermediate-level vaping fans, especially for those who are looking for the best e cig to quit smoking with. But what do you get for that moderately-low price? Is the Stick X8 worthy of bearing the SMOK name? And why do certain members of our test team get so excited whenever they hear about a new vape pen offering, anyway? We’ll try to answer the first two questions in this SMOK Stick X8 review. That last question is one that’s better left to the psychologists…

Let’s jump right into this, shall we?

Colors available of the Smok Stick X8

Smok and the Power!

First, let’s stipulate something right out of the gate: we love SMOK. It’s a great company with a great reputation for providing vapers with high-quality, reliable products. Yes, they’ve focused a bit more than we’d like on subtle aesthetic changes in recent months, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve lost a step at all. They’re still one of the most innovative companies out there. So, you can imagine that we had high hopes for the X8, and fully expected it to knock our socks off.

The pen has a powerful 3000mAh battery. You heard that right: 3000mAh.

Impressed yet? You should be. In our tests, this battery provided us with all the power we needed to draw out some really impressive vapor clouds – and its charge lasted for far longer than we might have assumed if we were unfamiliar with that battery’s capabilities. Suffice it to say that SMOK made the right decision on the power front and we have no option to vote it as one of the best vape pens on the market. There are only a few things more annoying than a weak vape pen that spits out negligible spurts of vapor. This isn’t the case with this model though, thank goodness!


The Kit

The Smok Stick X8 KitThe pen comes in a kit, which is always handy to new vapers. After all, who wants to buy a product only to find out that they need three or four other products before they can actually use that first purchase? The kit comes in six different color options and includes a beautiful presentation box decorated in a volcano theme. It includes that powerful battery we mentioned, as well as the X-Baby tank, pre-fitted .25 Ohm coil and a spare coil rated at .13 Ohms. You also get other spare parts, charging cable, manual, and a handy vape band. Not bad at all.

The design is all SMOK sleekness, with a cutting-edge look that puts it a rung above its rivals in the marketplace. It’s 85 mm long, and easy to use. That’s because it has a single button to operate its vaping functions – a common enough design for vape pens. There’s the obligatory LED light as well, to let you know when you need to give it a recharge.



It’s a vape pen, so you’re obviously not going to get crazy power from it, but you can get output that ranges from 35 to 45 watts. Most diehard vapers will recognize that they can easily get large clouds of delicious vapor at those wattage levels. That great battery will ensure that you can achieve those clouds throughout much of the day, without frequent recharges and as we’ve already said this is one of the best e-cigs around for the intermediate vaper.

For a small device, it’s loaded with safety features as well. For example, there are safeguards to protect against low resistance and low voltage, as well as short-circuits. It’s always nice to know that your device is designed to protect itself and its user, right?

The SMOK Stick X8 laying on its sideThe inclusion of the X-Baby tank is brilliant, in our opinion. It offers a generous capacity of 4 ml and top airflow capability. You can also fill it from the top, which is a tremendous benefit for those who hate the messiness of using bottom-filling products – and that’s just about everyone we know.

In our tests, we had no dry hits, no leakage, and no flooding. Those are all concerns that we’ve had with other vape pens in the past, so it’s nice to see that SMOK focused attention on the smaller details. Quality matters and SMOK delivers – as usual.


To Conclude

Usually, we find at least one area to criticize, but this vape pen left us completely satisfied. That’s why we have no problem with giving it our highest recommendation. If you’re a pen user and want a product that offers great cloud production and reliable quality, then the SMOK Stick X8 is the right vape pen for you.


Smok is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and they have many models currently on the market:


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Smok ProColor 225W Mod Kit Review and Best Deals


Final Score

SMOK have finally released an upgrade to the Alien kit that was one of their biggest selling vape mods of 2016. Introducing the Procolor 225W kit, with an improved protective finish to prevent the paint chipping and a color LCD screen this mod is beautiful. The few improvements probably don’t warrant an upgrade from the original Alien kit itself, but nevertheless, this mod is one of the best on the market and we just loved it!

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* Recommended based on shipping time and price!

In-Depth Review of the Smok ProColor Mod Kit

Smok is one of the most respected brands in the e-cig industry, so it will always have fans lining up to check out its newest product offerings. That’s certainly true for us, as we’ve been waiting to get our hands on its latest product since rumors first broke that the company was working on an Alien update. While that latest product doesn’t use the name Alien, make no mistake: the ProColor is an updated version of the Smok Alien in pretty much every way that matters. So, what do we think of it, you wonder? We’re glad you asked. In this Smok ProColor Kit 225W review, we’ll analyze this little mod and see whether it was worth the wait.

The box and packaging of the Smok Procolor kit

The Kit

First, let’s note that we’re reviewing the kit – and with Smok, that means we need to mention the packaging. Smok branding is top-of-the-line, and that always shines through in their packaging decisions. In this instance, the kit comes in a great-looking box adorned with the mod’s image on the outside. The goodies, though, are really on the inside of the box. This kit obviously comes with the ProColor mod, which is neatly packaged in a Styrofoam container to protect it during shipping. The kit also includes the micro-USB cable needed for charging, coil heads, spare o-rings, and Smok’s own Big Baby Best sub-ohm tank and extra glass tube. It’s a really nice package with almost everything you need for your vaping adventures.



Features of the Smok ProColor ModThe dimensions of the ProColor are almost identical to that Alien device: 85 mm tall, 46 mm wide and 30 mm in diameter. It also has an eerily-similar design, from the side-firing bar to the hinged battery door. Sure, they made a few minor changes to the old Alien design, but it’s still obvious that the two devices are closely related from a design standpoint. If you like that old Alien kit, then that’s probably a good thing. I loved it, in fact we classed it as one of the best vape mods at the time it was released.

There are also some meaningless features that seem out of place on a vaping device, including an array of lights designed to give you a light show. Why? Who knows, it seems all the best e cig manufacturers are doing it these days! Personally, I’ve always found these types of features to be a waste of design space, and wonder why companies sometimes act like they view these things as toys. If I want a light show, I’m certainly not going to look for it in a vaping device.

On the plus side of the equation, Smok has reportedly taken to heart the many complaints it received about its products’ finish. More attention has been given to the ProColor’s paint job, and the company now provides a clear coating that will supposedly prevent the type of paint-chipping seen with the Alien. Time will tell, but that would be a clear improvement over the Alien.

The display on the Procolor mod

The Display

The display is very attractive and manages to pack in a lot of information in a limited space. You can view details about everything from atomizer resistance to voltage, and even have access to a puff counter. The menu is easy enough to manage, though the reliance on using different presses of the device’s firing bar was actually pretty inefficient – especially when you consider that there are so many other ways to handle that type of navigation. Even a simple mistake can leave you starting at the beginning of the navigation process. That’s a mess.

The device does have temperature control and preheating capabilities – as well as memory mode. Of course, this too has to be accessed using that strange firing button navigation system. Good luck with that. So is this mod really for the expert vaper? Well no not really, if your looking for an e cig to quit smoking then this unit can help too, it’s features are easy to use and has many options for the vaper, like the use of both sub ohm and regular atomizer heads to support mouth to lung and direct lung inhales, put simply this mod covers it all so you won’t need to upgrade once your vaping experience expands.

Battery life seems to be about average, which is what we expected. If yours is fully charged before you leave the house for work, it will likely serve you throughout the day. It’s powered by two 18650 batteries, so there are no surprises there.

Multiple colors of the Smok ProColor 225W Mod kit


As for performance, that’s where the rubber really meets the road. First, let’s dispense with the 225W label that some people seem to view as a promise. While this device is rated for 225 watts, we didn’t get it to perform at those levels. For us, it maxed out at about 190-200 watts – but that’s actually a very impressive number. Many devices don’t actually reach their rated wattage capability, so we’ve come to expect that.


To Conclude

The ProColor was adequate, in our view. Alien owners may not find the minor technical upgrades to be worth their investment, but new buyers should be very happy with the device, it does pretty much everything! Overall, we found the Smok ProColor Kit 225W to be a great mod that should meet most users’ needs.


Smok is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and they have many models currently on the market:


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SMOK T-Priv Kit Review and Deals


Final Score

We have always liked the SMOK offerings to the vaping market, but as we have tested many products the T-Priv just doesn’t give us anything new to be impressed with. That said you still get a quality mod that you would expect! Exceptional performance with a great design giving you a great vape that competes with the best on the market. If however your looking to upgrade your current Smok Mod, then save your money and wait, the new functionality is just not there!

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T-Priv Mod Only

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* Recommended based on shipping time and price!

Full In-depth Review of the SMOK T-Priv Kit

If you’re a fan of the products offered by SMOK Tech, then you no doubt eagerly anticipate every new innovation they bring to market. And let’s be honest here: there are few companies out there with a better understanding of their market than SMOK we have been a keen fan since their release of the Smok Alien Kit last year, which is still voted as one of the best box mods on the market! The company almost always hits its mark. So, you can understand why we have been so excited to get our hands on the new SMOK T-Priv; we just couldn’t wait to put it through its paces. In this SMOK T-Priv Kit review, we’ll do just that – and see whether this latest entry into the vaping marketplace is good enough to earn our recommendation.

The design of the SMOK T-Priv


Let’s begin with the design. The outer casing is a work of futuristic art and looks like something that Optimus Prime himself would be proud to carry around. From an aesthetic standpoint, this device is about as cutting-edge as anything we’ve seen come down the pike in quite some time. The shell is highly-detailed and covers a layer of LED panels that you can use to give you a little light while you vape.

This is not your typical, sleek mod design, to be sure. Instead, this is a device that hearkens back to a time when we were all accustomed to technology’s hard edges and even harder angles. Of course, SMOK has given those aesthetic details their full attention, as everything from the feature placement to outer finish showcases their commitment to getting it right.

Those LED panels are customizable too –  so you have the ability to alter the transitions, use different color effects, or schedule their illumination cycle. I’m personally ambivalent toward these types of “features” – since I’ve always believed that companies do better when they focus on their core competencies – but for those who really appreciate these types of bells and whistles, this will probably be a real selling point.

The battery door which houses two 18650 batteries offers what we’ve come to expect from SMOK. It’s easy to manage and seals up well without any glitches. SMOK also marked the contacts, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty determining the right way to place your batteries into the device. Again, this is no surprise, given SMOK’s impressive track record with such things.
Designs available for the T-Priv box mod

The LED Screen on the T-Priv mod


From a technical standpoint, this device has much to offer. It includes variable wattage and temperature control modes, with different settings for each. There’s a puff counter for those of you who like to track such things and menu options that allow you to change your LED colors and activities. These and other features are all managed from the device OLED screen – which is probably the one thing that I didn’t really like about the T-Priv.

If you’re accustomed to a slightly larger screen – like the Smok GX2/4 – then the T-Priv screen may take some getting-used-to. It is smaller, and that can make the details seem less impressive than they might otherwise be. Of course, SMOK tried to compensate for that change by limiting the amount of raw data that you see on your screen, but that didn’t really impress us. In fact, it seems a real shame to create one of the most gorgeous mods we’ve ever seen and then take a step backward on the information display.

Performance of the T-Priv box mod


On the performance front, we found the T-Priv to be pretty good. It’s quite large and feels bulky in the hand – not a bad thing, necessarily – but that size isn’t really accompanied by the anticipated increase in power. In our usage, the device seemed to function about as well as comparable mods – which suggests that it doesn’t really contain any new capabilities that make it stand out from SMOK’s previous offerings.

In other words, this is one of those instances in which the company created a great new design to house its standard mod functions. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, mind you – but it’s something that you should keep in mind if you plan on buying this device expecting it to be a major upgrade over prior SMOK products. Yes, it looks much better – but that’s about it.


To Conclude

Packaging of the T-Priv mod kitBasically, this is a mod for those who simply want a really attractive device with the usual features or SMOK fans who are driven to buy everything that the company makes. If you’re in need of a new mod, this is surely a competent, reliable product to add to your collection and as it holds the SMOK name competes as one of the best e cig products available. If you already have SMOK products that are meeting your needs, save your money – since this device probably won’t be a major improvement over what you’re now using.


Smok is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and they have many models currently on the market:


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Smok GX2/Four Mod Assessment


Ultimate Rating

Torn between the SMOK GX350 and a sleeker mod for going out and about? Now you don’t have to decide on. The brand new SMOK GX2/Four is designed to function with both two or 4 high-amp 18650 batteries. You possibly can take your trim Gx2 and increase energy output all the best way as much as 350W for insane vaping – in lower than a minute. Don’t purchase a super-mod for house, and a trim mod for journey, get the SMOK GX2/Four as an alternative! Smok has determined to marry their GX2/Four 350W vape mod andTFV8 Massive Child tank and promote it as a package. What an exciting mixture – packing this killer set of drugs is assured to make you the focus!

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Full In-depth Assessment of the SMOK GX2-Four Mod Package

SMOK is on the forefront of utmost vaping with their highly effective mods and excellent Alien chipset which is clearly from the favored SMOK Alien package. The GX2/Four supplies lunatic energy and leading edge management in a single super-sexy package deal.


Battery Bomb

The field incorporates two totally different units of battery covers. The usual cowl is for 2 batteries (220W), and the bigger cowl is for whenever you use 4 batteries (a stupendous 350W). The brand new SMOK GX2/Four is designed to function with both two or 4 high-amp 18650 batteries. The field accommodates two totally different units of battery covers. The usual cowl is for 2 batteries (220W), and the bigger cowl is for whenever you use 4 batteries (a stupendous 350W). The battery cowl is a clip on/off

The battery backs showing 2 optionsThe field accommodates two totally different units of battery covers. The usual cowl is for 2 batteries (220W), and the bigger cowl is for if you use 4 batteries (a stupendous 350W). The brand new SMOK GX2/Four is designed to function with both two or 4 high-amp 18650 batteries. The field incorporates two totally different units of battery covers. The usual cowl is for 2 batteries (220W), and the bigger cowl is for whenever you use 4 batteries (a stupendous 350W).

The battery cowl is a clip on/off design with a small latch, and the change between two and 4 cell configuration is an easy operation. There’s a micro-USB port for updating firmware and a separate charging port.Once you use two batteries in GX2 mode, the mod measurement is 26mm broad x 46mm deep x 87.2mm excessive, and it weighs in at 137.2 grams. Though it’s the smallest 220W mod available on the market, it’s a powerhouse all the identical.

If you use two batteries in GX2 mode, the mod measurement is 26mm broad x 46mm deep x 87.2mm excessive, and it weighs in at 137.2 grams. Though it’s the smallest 220W mod available on the market, it’s a powerhouse all the identical and we now have to say as you primarily get 2 mods in 1, that is one among if not the perfect vape mod available on the market proper now, wow!

If you use 4 batteries in GX4 mode, the form modifications from a rounded rectangle to a ‘rhombus’ (I might describe it as a considerably uneven diamond form with rounded edges), now measuring 59mm vast x 44mm deep (nonetheless 87.2mm excessive) and it weighs in at 204.9 grams. It’s virtually double the unique measurement, and other people with small palms might discover it considerably unwieldy. The sides are nonetheless rounded, and the outline that leaped into my thoughts is … ‘voluptuous.’ There you could have it, people – a buxom mod!

SMOK GX2-4 colors of the vape mod

Up Shut And Private

The SMOK GX2-4 Box Mod kitThe GX2/Four is a smasher – sheer intercourse attraction, whether or not it’s in 2 or Four battery configuration. It’s made from chrome steel with a troublesome new paint end in jewel tone colours with matte black accents: there’s gold, silver, purple, lapis blue, ruby pink and emerald inexperienced.

The firing bar is a panel operating down the aspect with a clickable prime half, and that is the place sheer design genius is available in. The (initially bizarre!) asymmetrical placement of this firing panel on the brief rounded aspect signifies that the firing button stays completely accessible, whether or not in 2 or Four-battery config.
SMOK GX2-4 Vape Mod OLED Screen

The Raddest Show

Love the rad OLED show on different SMOK mods? It’s proper right here, and the crisp zero.96inch show neatly tabulates details about mode, voltage, temperature, resistance, amperage and battery degree in each two- and four-battery configurations. The one distinction is that battery degree indicators change from A/B batteries to AB/CD batteries. Neat!


Impeccable Connections

The gold-plated 510-connector’s spring-loaded contact factors guarantee tight connections with all of your equipment. The SMOK GX2/Four comfortably handles atomizers as much as 30mm diameter though you’ll get overhang from 24mm because the connector doesn’t sit proper within the center.


Aliens Amongst Us

The Alien chipset controls a temperature vary of 100 – 315C, and atomizer resistance from zero.06 Just like the Hcigar VT250S it’s suitable with titanium, chrome steel, and nickel heating parts and has an environment friendly preheat system. The consumer is protected against brief circuits and electrical mishaps like overcharging and overheating. Onboard charging of the batteries is quick and supplies balanced charging of the person cells, and there’s a pass-through function which lets you vape when you cost.
The Chipset delivers information


Tied Up with the TFV8 Massive Child Tank

The TFV8 Huge Child tank is already a market chief as a result of its versatility and wonderful controls (see our evaluation right here). The EU model holds 2ml e-juice, however the normal model is considerably bigger at 5ml. The package arrives with V8 Child-Q2, and V8 Child-T8 coil heads and the deck will settle for virtually something you’ll be able to throw at it.
The box and kit with the SMOK GX2-4


  • The sexiest twin mod package available on the market – or double up your energy with 4 18650 batteries utilizing one or the opposite of the 2 included battery covers
  • Quick and balanced onboard charging for particular person battery cells
  • True accuracy for personalised settings together with niceties akin to Gentle, Regular and Arduous pre-heat settings
  • Energy Vary: 1W to 350W (Four cells)
  • Spring-loaded 510 threading enables you to use your favourite equipment
  • Exact temperature management with all coils (SS / Ti / Ni200)
  • Temperature Vary: 100°C to 315°C
  • Brief circuit, low resistance, low voltage, over-temperature and reverse battery safety



We’ve damaged the specification in 2 so you’ll be able to see the distinction with the two totally different choices inside this vape mod:

Specification for the GX2 and 4 modes


Even probably the most finicky superior consumer will typically need to experiment – do extra, attempt extra, really feel extra with this vape mod. Granted it’s not the most cost effective such as you’ll discover in our vape offers, however the GX2/Four will allow you to do extra and do extra efficiantly! Are you all the time pushing the boundaries of the recognized and experimenting with the Orthodox? That is your mod for positive!


Smok is likely one of the main producers of digital cigarettes they usually have many fashions presently available on the market:


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SMOK OSUB Plus 80W Mod Assessment

Ultimate Rating

Within the OSUB Plus 80W, SMOK made some enhancements on their OSUB 40W mod whereas staying within the ‘pocket mod’ class. They’ve added an additional 40W and twinned the mod with the superb Brit Beast tank’s TFV8 Child-Q2 coil heads for some critical vapor manufacturing means. It’s not a big gadget, however because of SMOK’s selection of a Brit Beast TFV8 tank this modest-looking mod is a monster cloud maker. The place the equally ‘specked SMOK G80 caters for style fiends, this moveable 80W mod caters for cloud-lovers.

Really helpful retailer: Purchase the mod from GearBest.

Full In-depth Evaluation of the SMOK OSUB Plus

Aside from a barely bigger measurement, it’s visually just like the smaller 40W OSUB with its properly rounded corners and the identical show positioning and management buttons. The starter package comes with; The Brit Beast tank with two V8 Child-Q2 twin coil heads of zero.4Ω, USB cable and an additional glass tube in case you crack or break the tank. The unit is constructed round one 3300mAh battery which is why the mod is a bit of bulkier than its predecessor, the 40W OSUB.


Extra Highly effective Battery:

A single 18650 detachable battery supplies the extra strong additional wattage. The battery might be recharged utilizing the USB cable supplied with the package or changed with a recent battery as wanted. Any bigger battery would make the gadget a lot chubbier, so this can be a good compromise between energy and portability.  You need to rise up to eight hours’ vaping at about 50W, so the battery life all the time is dependent upon your vaping sample, however heavier utilization on the 80W capability would require extra frequent recharging, clearly!
SMOK OSUB Plus Mod in silver

Clear and Modern Look:

With dimensions of 75.5mm excessive, 54.5mm extensive and 25mm thick it’s a little chubbier than SMOK’s 40W OSUB, though it has the identical clear look. The system is completed in a long-lasting zinc alloy and is on the market in black, matt silver, gold, a Royal Purple and the, by now, immediately recognizable signature SMOK multicolor end. The LED info and management system is on the broad aspect panel the place it’s straightforward to learn and manipulate. However does this make it the most effective field mods available on the market, properly we’re not too positive!


New Firing button Design:

The shiny new lateral firing bar is new. Solely the highest a part of the bar prompts with a satisfying ‘click on really feel’ – so the stationary backside a part of the bar prevents unintentional firing. The locking/unlocking system supplies additional firing security. Apart from the reset button and battery venting holes, all of the controls are on the aspect and are neatly specified by a line all down the broader flank of the unit. The LED show is on the prime, adopted by the up/down buttons after which the micro-USB port which permits for upgrading firmware and fast charging by way of micro-USB cable. 


Purchase The SMOK OSUB Plus Field Mod!


The auto-safety system takes care of unintentional or over-zealous firing by slicing the circuit if crucial. The OSUB Plus 80W LED format is acquainted, however the show appears brighter than that of the G40 OSUB. Details about mode, temperature, voltage, amps, resistance and battery degree is on the market.


Beastly Little Tank:

The Smok Brit Beast tank in black
The Brit Beast TFV8 tank is an incredible asset to this mod. The Commonplace Version holds 3ml e-juice with an honest prime fill opening and the inevitable Delrin drip tip, all packed right into a modest 53mm excessive by 22mm diameter sized package deal. The Child Beast has earned a justifiable popularity for not leaking in any respect, good airflow placement and high-quality coils which all makes for environment friendly e-juice use.

The airflow system could be adjusted with pin-point accuracy for both MTL or direct lung hits with its means to set it for an ethereal draw. That is similar to all the perfect e cigs available on the market proper now and we like it!


Coiled Up:

The TFV8 Child comes with two V8 Child-Q2 cores and zero.four Ω twin coils, considered one of which is pre-installed, however the tank additionally has a temperature management perform Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Metal coils.
Colors available of the SMOK OSUB Plus


The Full Osub kit

  • Pocket sized vapor monster
  • High quality tank twinned with 80W energy to fulfill energy vapers
  • VW / TC mode
  • Large resistance vary to experiment with
  • Clever atomizer recognition permits consumer to depend on auto settings, however skilled customers can use guide settings to regulate wattage (increments of zero.1W between 1W to 80W) and temperature (increments of 5 levels between 100C – 315C)
  • You may as well change between 5 output modes, from Minimal by means of Regular, Smooth, Onerous and Most settings
  • Security cut-off



With an growing variety of 80W mods available on the market, vapers now have loads of decisions between good all-rounders, cloud monsters and taste beasts.  The SMOK OSUB 80W is an effective choice on this class as it can undoubtedly fulfill cloud chasers, regardless that the average measurement makes it very moveable. Just like the SMOK G80, it’s a very engaging various to giant mods as it’s compact, very moveable and delivers the vapor as promised.

Purchase The SMOK OSUB Plus Field Mod!


Smok is among the main producers of digital cigarettes they usually have many fashions presently available on the market:


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SMOK Spirals Plus Tank Evaluation


Remaining Rating

The SMOK Spirals Plus tank is proof of SMOK’s dedication to taste junkies. It’s the extra highly effective model of their unique Spirals Tank and supplies a fair deeper, daring taste expertise with its 4 absolutely adjustable backside air slots and a big spiral coil construction which serve to push taste proper into your mouth. Mouth-to-lung vapers: Rejoice!

Really helpful retailer: Purchase the mod from VapeSourcing.

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The Full In-depth Evaluation of the SMOK Spirals Plus Tank

The Spirals Plus is an improve from Spirals Tank because the considerably bigger chassis homes an enhanced four ml e-juice capability however a fair higher taste efficiency. SMOK provides the tank with a pre-installed zero.6Ω coil head, zero.3Ω coil head, and zero.55Ω single-coil RBA deck with spare screws, natural cotton and an additional glass tube which permits customers to construct their very own deck. You additionally obtain elements and a consumer guide, and the standard beneficiant complement of spare screws, spares, and o-rings.


The Spirals Plus Tank Up Shut and Private

The Spirals Plus tank is available in silver, gold, blue, purple, inexperienced and SMOK’s new trademark multi-color end, with the basic tank form that options the atomizer on prime of the juice tank. The bottom diameter is 24.5 mm with a 48 mm peak.  The drip tip is longer than traditional which saves the tank from wanting chunky. Designed to suit all one of the best field mod makes, this factor appears good!
Top fill tank

Prime Filling Tank

The fill port is accessed by screwing off the Delrin drip tip. This extra prolonged drip tip makes it simpler to grip, however in case you favor a shorter or ‘regular’ drip tip you should use your favourite 510 drop tip. There are two fill holes, and like most tanks, it is best to take care to not get juice into the airflow tube.


Airflow Benefit

That is the place the Spirals Plus shines because the airflow system is the key to explosive style.  There are 4 airflow slots – noticeably smaller than most different superior tanks – so that is the right tank for lovers of a tighter draw. It’s all backside airflow, which you regulate by manipulating the management ring. You possibly can obtain very delicate management with clockwise or counterclockwise turning to regulate the 4 small air slots. You can begin with absolutely open air holes, after which regulate down till you hit your candy spot.

Colors available for the SMOK Spirals Plus Tank

Purchase The SMOK Spirals Plus Tank!


Decking It Out

The Spirals Plus comes with the identical coils because the Spirals tank –  and they’re noticeably smaller than SMOK’s beastly vapor vary of tanks just like the TFV12 and the TFV4/eight.  SMOK’s selection right here makes good sense as a result of this tank concentrates on taste relatively than large clouds.
Coils for the SMOK Spirals Plus Tank
I recommend you attempt the zero.6Ω coil for pure mouth-to-lung vaping. It provides you a reasonably tight draw and never a lot vapor, however provides a completely rad style! The draw goes to really feel fairly tight and the vapor manufacturing somewhat unimpressive, nevertheless, the flavour is completely wild, with a robust throat hit.

The zero.3Ω coil-head additionally provides implausible taste however with a greater vapor manufacturing. If you wish to experiment additional, the SMOK Spirals Plus tank package deal additionally comes with an RBA base so you’ll be able to experiment with totally different coil builds to decrease the resistance.


Comparability With Unique Spirals Tank

Comparing the Spirals Plus and Spiral tanksThere are a selection of variations however the main one being the tank capability with the Spirals Plus tank having fun with twice as a lot measuring in at 4ml. For that, you do should sacrifice a further 2.5 mm in diameter, however for the quantity of vapor and e-liquid this tank will get by means of, it’s properly value it!

So is that this tank well worth the improve for these already proudly owning the unique Spirals Tank? We must say no! The vapor produced is just about the identical as they use the identical atomizers so keep on with what you’ve received or for those who’re actually after a brand new tank, discover with one thing just a little totally different.


Wicking It Down

Drip a couple of drops of e-juice on the cotton wicking earlier than putting in it, however it’s just about normal going, and also you don’t need to go to an enormous effort simply to stop leaking.  There’s one very vital function to a SMOK Spirals Plus tank, which is the extraordinarily low juice consumption. You could not get beastly vapor, however you’ll certainly get a couple of hours of style on every tank of e-juice.

This tank works rather well with the opposite SMOK e-cig merchandise available on the market, however seems actually good on the SMOK G150!



  • 4ml capability with top-filling system
  • Uncomplicated construct with sub-ohm coils
  • Straightforward e-juice saturation and very low e-juice consumption
  • Phenomenal taste
  • Wonderful throat hit – good for MTL vapers
  • Vital vapor regardless that the main target is on taste
  • No-fuss operation



This tank is just not for cloud chuckers – this tank is for style lovers and MTL vapers who take pleasure in placing out an honest cloud only for the enjoyable of it. MTL vapers will actually adore this sub-ohm tank. Really helpful for ex-smokers who nonetheless take pleasure in that throat hit, and taste chasers of all stripes, nevertheless in case your a smoker who doesn’t wish to a lot of a throat hit then it’s greatest to take a look at one thing just like the Halo G6. For those who already personal a vapor beast tank, however take pleasure in a bit selection or want a extra ‘discreet’ vape, the SMOK Spirals Plus tank is is an excellent selection.

Purchase The SMOK Spirals Plus Tank!

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SMOK Skyhook RDTA Tank Assessment


Remaining Rating

SMOK hails their Smok Skyhook RDTA tank as one other ‘cloud beast’, and we needed to learn how it compares to SMOK’s well-known TFV8 Cloud Beast tank. In the event you do not thoughts the awkward refilling it is a magnificence, it fires up something you’ll be able to throw at it, and the patented new floating two-post construct deck cranks up the flavour and cloud manufacturing to absolute monster ranges. The 5ml capability and fine-tuning options make it one of many prime tanks at present obtainable. Calling the flavour junkies of the world…!

Advisable retailer: Purchase the tank from GearBest.

Use our hyperlink to get it for $22!

The Full In-depth Smok Skyhook RDTA Tank Evaluation

This huge boy options backside and aspect airflow, an honest 5 ml e-juice capability, and the choice of conversion to RDA (and in case you are questioning why that’s necessary, you possibly can study extra right here). SMOK all the time supplies a beneficiant package deal, and the Skyhook RDTA tank comes with a superb provide of equipment. There’s a pre-assembled tank, a further glass tank and RDA barrel, loads of cotton, a single-coil adapter, Allen key, and the standard spare screws and o-rings. Don’t let the RDTA description confuse you since this tank can hearth at virtually any wattage.

Simply so your clear, this isn’t a alternative tank for the Smok Skyhook mod, because the identify suggests, it’s a new product all collectively and utterly unbiased and can be utilized on any field mod that fires sub ohm coils.


The Skyhook RDTA Tank Up Shut and Private

The Skyhook RDTA tank is available in silver, gold, black and a multi-color end, all made with the trademark SMOK skilled machining and construct high quality. At a fast look, there are not any apparent design modifications, and it has a basic form with the atomiser on prime of the juice tank.

The bottom diameter is 24.5 mm, and it’s 61.5mm excessive – barely bigger than the Wotofo Troll RTA so it clearly means enterprise. The tank presents a strong 5 ml juice capability, and admittedly, it wants each little bit of that capability. Like most superior tanks, it’s thirsty!


The Skyhook RDTA Tank broken down

Prime Filling Tank

The fill port is situated within the metallic ring which surrounds the deck, and you need to both flip or take away the barrel to get to it. Take note of the markings once you refill the tank, as a result of there are three holes of which 2 are backside airflow slots. The fill port is marked with little drop icons to distinguish them from the airflow slots.

Now many individuals, together with ourselves have a troublesome time filling this tank up, for the most effective outcomes we discovered utilizing a syringe to ensure the liquid truly will get in there and never leak everywhere. After you have mastered this although the remaining is all good! Why they couldn’t make it as straightforward as their TFV12 Tank we’ll by no means know!

The metallic ring is fused to the deck, which signifies that the fill port will all the time be on the identical aspect of the deck the place the cotton leads enter the tank. You can’t flip that metallic ring, and you must nudge the wicks out of the best way once you refill. This can be the weakest a part of the design of the SMOK Skyhook RDTA tank – it may be slightly irritating till you get used to this. It’s, nevertheless, not a deal-breaker.


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Airflow Benefit

The airflow on the Skyhook RDTAThere are two totally different airflow techniques, which is the key to the good taste manufacturing, and that is the primary purpose why the Skyhook RDTA tank stands out from the gang. There are beneficiant airflow slots on each side in addition to two giant backside airflow slots on both aspect of the deck simply beneath the coils. These two vent techniques can be utilized individually for medium airflow, or collectively for a really ethereal hit.

In a nutshell: Taste junkies will in all probability use solely the underside airflow because it pushes the style straight to your style buds. Cloud chuckers will get the most effective outcomes by opening each the airflow techniques for a extra ethereal hit, or utilizing simply the aspect airflow for a denser hit. SMOK’s design right here is nice – if you wish to shut off the underside airflow utterly, use the quick-change spare barrel that comes together with your tank.


Decking It Out

Decking of the SMOK Skyhook RDTAThe Velocity-style, two-post deck has a variety of room for wicking materials which permits environment friendly e-juice saturation. It’s straightforward sufficient to construct on, and with such beneficiant publish holes, you’ll discover that you need to use virtually any coil on the market. SMOK ships the Skyhook RDTA tank with two large Fused Clapton coils. When setting it up in RDA mode you employ the identical deck, however wicking is just a little totally different as you will have to trim the leads considerably shorter to ensure they juice properly.

Utilizing it alongside the most effective field mods, we thought this tank is up there with the perfect and the flavour is simply excellent making it our tank of selection. It might have scored lots larger if SMOK would have paid extra consideration to the refilling of this factor!


Wicking It Down

The wick slots are big. These outsized wick slots make it very straightforward for the juice to succeed in the coils, so you must use a bit extra cotton than regular to ensure they’re sealed up. Which means for those who don’t use a superb amount cotton the Skyhook RDTA tank might leak, so use loads of cotton and fill the huge wicking slots proper up. So long as you have got adequate e-juice, these large wick slots additionally forestall dry hits.The Skyhook RDTA Tank kit



  • 5ml capability with top-filling system
  • Uncomplicated construct with virtually limitless coil adaptability
  • Big wick slots for dense wicking which permits full e-juice saturation and prevents dry hits
  • Taste, taste, taste when utilizing solely the underside airflow
  • Saturated vapour with excellent density – attempt opening each airflow techniques
  • Fast change utilizing the spare barrel if you wish to use simply the aspect airflow



This tank comes with a great provide of equipment and spares, and the general high quality is superb. It may be used as an RDA, and because of the distinctive airflow choices, the SMOK Skyhook RDTA tank may be really helpful as a really versatile tank for each cloud chasers and taste junkies. We will heartily advocate it as a primary RDTA!

Purchase The Sigelei Kaos Spectrum!


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Smok Vape Pen Plus Package Assessment


Last Rating

The success of SMOK’s different vaping pens within the entry degree market has prompted them to extend their vary considerably. Pen-style units are often the primary level of introduction to vaping for a lot of people who smoke and different first-time vapers. The SMOK Vape Pen Plus improves on their Vape Pen 22 and can also be considerably higher than their entry degree SMOK Stick AIO, Just like the AIO, the Vape Pen Plus is a wonderful Day Buddy and work-day companion for vapers, however can present a barely extra satisfying vaping expertise.

Really helpful retailer: Purchase instantly from VaporDNA.

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SMOK Vape Pen Plus Full Evaluation

The SMOK Vape Pen Plus is a light-weight pen-style vape package that’s considerably thicker than different slimline vaping pens however continues to be straightforward to pop right into a bag or pocket for handy vaping anyplace you need. Let’s take a look on the variations between the SMOK Vape Pen 22, and SMOK’s newer vaping pen units, the SMOK AIO, and the Vape Pen Plus. The good information is that the SMOK Vape Pen Plus is an enchancment on their Vape Pen 22, with some absolutely suitable elements.

You will discover an excellent number of greater and extra superior mods, however most vapers wish to have a discreet go-to gadget which they will use anyplace and anytime with out sacrificing style and the satisfaction of an enormous, fats cloud of vapor. However does this make it the most effective vape pens available on the market? Properly let’s now take a better look:

The Vape Pen Plus in your handConstructed-in battery: The 3000mAh Lithium battery is an enormous leap from the Vape Pen 22 and the AIO’s 1600mAh to offer a greater vapor output and final for much longer. In case you are a really heavy vaper, the Vaper Pen Plus comes with its personal Micro-USB charger which you need to use together with your laptop computer or pc to recharge. That is a chic and handy answer for know-how customers.

Break it Up: Simplified upkeep is straightforward with the power to utterly take the Vape Pen Plus aside to wash or change out each particular person half. When you’ve got any spare elements for the Vape Pen 22 left over, you’ll be able to slot them in because the coils are suitable.

Prime refilling: The SMOK leak-proof glass tank is a agency favourite and straightforward to refill. Simply screw off the rotary cap and drip-feed your selection of e-juice into the slot. Nevertheless, the Vape Pen Plus pleasantly surprises with a relatively giant capability for gear as compact as this pen – it presents a 4ml tank. This minimizes refilling and even heavy vapers might get via an entire day with out having to refill the tank.

Refined appears: The Vape Pen Plus is barely thicker than its secure mates, however it’s nonetheless a glossy and classy piece of kit! The ever-popular black, silver and sassy 7-color combine colours mix seamlessly with the Pyrex glass parts to complete off its trendy look.

Sturdy development: SMOK used a high quality chrome steel to ensure long-term use, and the whole package weighs simply 125g. The diameter is 24.5mm, however it’s barely shorter at 118.4mm lengthy.  Good Pocket-size!

Security options: Security has grow to be normal with non-negotiable built-in options, and all SMOK vape pens supply smart-chip know-how with a number of automated protecting options. Which means the eight seconds cut-off system and short-circuit safety is current and that your security is ensured with each low resistance and low voltage safety techniques.

Only one button: It’s fantastically easy – you by no means want to observe readings or settings. Just like the AIO, the one button is an influence on / energy off setting, however this button can also be an clever LED indicator that makes use of easy alerts to let you already know when it is advisable cost.  The indicator blinks four occasions if you take a puff, however will flash 15 occasions to point a low battery warning. The flashing signifies that the voltage is under three.3V and that it is advisable to recharge the battery.

What is in the Smok Vape Pen Plus kitTwin coils: The Vape Pen Plus comes with two zero.25Ω twin coils, certainly one of which is pre-installed in your stick and prepared to be used. The zero.25Ω provides you some large clouds of vapor – be warned, it isn’t the proper gear for stealth vaping! The mixture with the superb SMOK e-juice wicking system delivers nice style.

Clean airflow: Two holes within the battery prime half present the airflow system for a clean draw.


Actual Advantages

  • Trim and attractive pocket companion
  • Compact however sturdy development
  • Straightforward-charge with built-in battery and a complimentary USB charger
  • Bigger tank capability than many different pen-style vapes
  • Lengthy battery life
  • Sensible vapor clouds and style!
  • On a regular basis vaping and the right standby vaping answer


The Specifications of the Smok Vape Pen PlusSpecs

  • 4ml tank capability
  • 5mm diameter, 118mm peak with a complete weight of 125g
  • Chrome steel development with trendy ending
  • Battery 3000mAh
  • Connector – commonplace 510
  • 2 twin coils zero.25Ω (1 coil comes pre-installed, plus you get a spare)
  • USB charging cable
  • Consumer guide
  • Spare elements



Easy, straightforward, nice style and vapor which is all we would like from one of the best e cigs.  Like SMOK’s AIO it’s a fantastic starter package for newbies but in addition for mild to medium vapers, or simply an additional unit to maintain useful in case you run out of batteries or end up in a state of affairs the place you don’t need to take your mod alongside.  The prolonged battery life and beneficiant tank capability make it a fantastic choice for on a regular basis vapers who don’t need to fuss with mod cons.


Smok is likely one of the main producers of digital cigarettes they usually have many fashions at present available on the market:


  • Smok G80 reviewSmok G80 – In case your all in favour of field mods, however don’t need to carry an enormous brick round with you then the Smok G80 have to be checked out. With an 80W inbuilt battery and a 2ml tank this mod produces nearly as good vapor as the large canine!

    Smok G80 evaluate

  • The SMOK G150 KitSmok G150 – The G150 Package options an enormous built-in 4200mAh battery and the TFV8 Huge Child tank. The vapor produced is nice and the mod has all the newest options you’d anticipate making it one to take a look at.

    Smok G150 evaluate

  • Smok G-Priv 220 reviewSmok G-Priv 220 – That includes a contact display management and a 5 velocity heating system that is a type of field mods packed of options. Recognized within the business as one of many prime producers Smok’s newest releases by no means disappoint and the G-Priv 220 is not any exception!

    Smok G-Priv 220 evaluation

  • Smok QBox ReviewSmok QBox – One of many smallest field mods available on the market, however paired with the TFV8 Child tank this factor delivers. With an enormous 1-inch display that is arguably one of the best field mod available on the market for portability and efficiency, if energy just isn’t your concern.

    Smok QBox evaluation

  • Review of the Smok AL85Smok AL85 – Nicknamed the child Alien package after the success and recognition of the unique Alien mod. The AL85 options the same specs however with one big distinction; it’s measurement! IF your after a smaller field mod that delivers each taste and vapor then the AL85 could be for you!

    Smok AL85 assessment

  • SMOK GX 350 Quad reviewSmok GX 350 Quad – That includes four x 18650 batteries, this factor is a beast of a mod! It’s comparatively small too and in addition has the choice to work of simply 2 batteries. The package comes with the TFV8 Tank which is well-known and trusted as among the best tanks available on the market. All in all, an excellent package!

    Smok GX 350 Quad evaluation

  • The AIO Smok StickSmok Stick AIO – If vape pens are your factor, then it’s essential take a look at the SMOK Stick AIO. This multi functional pen makes vaping straightforward and better of all of the flavors are nearly as good as any field mod!

    Smok Stick AIO assessment

  • Stick V8Smok Stick V8 Package – Using the TFV8 Child tanks and an enormous 3000 mAh battery the Smok Stick V8 is likely one of the greatest vape pens available on the market. Nice vapor quantities and nice style, what extra might you ask for?

    Smok Stick V8 assessment

  • Alien KitSmok Alien Package – Probably the greatest, if not one of the best field mod available on the market proper now! The Alien package is small and but so highly effective, taking 2 x 18650 batteries your positive to have sufficient energy for all ranges of vaping. Additionally options the TFV8 Child beast tank, which is acknowledged as the perfect tank available on the market!

    Smok Alien assessment

  • The Smok SkyhookSmok Skyhook – Nicknamed the Aliens cloud machine, this field mod is utilizing all of the tech from the Alien package and specializing it for the TDA and RTA customers. Should you just like the style of your personal coils and cotton, then this field mod must be in your stock! Nice tasting and nice options.

    Smok Skyhook evaluation