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Change Your Life and Start Vaping CBD Today

Historically, the intake method has been one of the biggest stumbling blocks for the
medical marijuana movement, with patients restricted to smoking the herb for its
benefits, and putting up with the smoking side effects. Thankfully, this is no longer
the case, with CBD products available in many other safe forms. In this guide, we will
look at vaping, with a focus on the equipment and CBD e-liquid on sale at

The emergence of CBD and medicinal cannabis oils is helping to take marijuana
mainstream, with its use to treat children with rare epilepsy making national
headlines courtesy of a CNN documentary. Charlotte Figi, a young girl with Dravet’s
syndrome, was administered CBD after other prescription treatments failed, and her
remarkable recovery struck a nerve with the nation, who have since demanded a
novel approach to medical marijuana.

More than half of U.S. states now have some type of marijuana legislation – a few
states have both medical and recreational programs, others have advanced medical
programs and more apprehensive but keen states (particularly traditional
Republican state) have brought in ‘CBD-only’ legislation. Since Colorado became the
first state to legalize recreational marijuana in 2014, a few others have followed suit –
notably California, which voted to do so in November 2016.

vaping cbd

How CBD e-liquid is treating a nation

E-liquids, or electronic liquids, were initially developed for nicotine products, to
encourage smoking cessation – it’s the combustion of plant matter that really causes
harm from smoking, not the nicotine itself. The CBD industry is also on board with e-
juice products to offer users a safer consumption method.

CBD products are derivatives of marijuana, but unlike regular bud or cannabis
products, they are not intoxicating, because they’re either infused with less than the
0.3 percent federal THC limit, or contain no THC whatsoever. THC is a psychoactive
cannabinoid, and the most famous molecule in marijuana, but in such low quantities,
it simply cannot get you stoned. All CBD products sold at meet
federal requirements.

Furthermore, CBD is not physically addictive and there’s no risk of overdosing. So
feel free to enjoy the therapeutic substance in whatever potency you deem necessary.
Large doses of CBD can be very sedating, and you may find the effects level off at
some point.

vaping cbd

Why should I vape CBD e-juice?

Inhaling vapor is the fastest way of getting CBD into your bloodstream, as it’s
absorbed through the lungs. For those dealing with sharp onsets of pain, slow-release
edibles and creams cannot deliver the near-instant relief that vaping CBD e-liquid
provides. The body does develop a tolerance to CBD over time, but with low, mid and high potency e-liquids all stocked at, you’ll always be able to find
an appropriate product.

Slow-release products are better when you need a long medicating session, perhaps
to treat insomnia issues. Creams, on the other hand, are perfect for combatting
localized aches, pains and skin issues. meets your edible and
topical needs too!

CBD vape oil can be enjoyed flavored, unflavored and combined (usually) with other
e-liquids. Advanced users look to perfect their concoctions for efficient medicating
and maximum taste. The majority of CBD e-liquid sold in the United States is
manufactured using CBD extracted from industrial hemp. A peculiar strain in the
cannabis sativa family, hemp has very low levels of THC.

However, because CBD concentrations also happen to be quite low, a lot of plant
material is required to produce CBD oil products. Therefore, the best CBD vape oil
companies use the first-class CO2 extraction method to guarantee purity in the oil.

vaping cbd

How to use CBD vape oil

As you become more experienced with CBD vaping, you’re bound to pick up tricks to
perfect your medicating sessions. For novices, try the following:

Shake the bottle: Before you do anything, shake your CBD e-liquid bottle to
dislodge any residue that may have accumulated at the bottom of the container.

Use a low-strength product: Start out with a low-strength CBD e-juice, perhaps
only 25mg total CBD. Fill your tank with 15 to 20 drops of vape oil, or invest in
disposable cartridges which make for a much cleaner vape experience.

Slow, relaxed inhales: Every vaporizer will come with its own, specific vaping
instructions, so be sure to follow these. Otherwise, we suggest first-timers take it
slow with steady draws and increase the dosage only when comfortable.

Who should take CBD e-liquid?

Various mental and physical ailments can be eased with CBD. The molecule’s anti-
inflammatory qualities make it a possible treatment for arthritis, while its
anticonvulsant properties tackle dangerous seizures. There are few viable medicines
for anxiety and depression, and many are hearing about the anxiolytic and anti-
depressant features of CBD and giving it a try.

Vaporizers, especially portable devices and vape pens, offer users very discreet CBD
consumption. Blazing up at work or in public would never be realistic, but vaping
doesn’t attract anywhere near the same attention. And most would assume that
you’re vaping general nicotine e-liquid, not a cannabis derivative, if that’s your

Why vaping is safecbd e-liquid bottles

Vaping has its detractors, with some accusing it of being as dangerous as smoking.
But the facts show up these mistruths for what they are.

For starters, inhaling a cool vapor with no burning is clearly far less risky than
inhaling burning plant matter with well-known carcinogenic side effects. Also, when
smoking marijuana, cannabinoids are often loss through the burning. Therefore, no-
burn vaping is a more conservative and efficient way of medicating.

Head to for all your vaping requirements

Like what you’ve read about CBD and want to try the ‘Cinderella molecule’ for
yourself? Check out’s expansive selection of CBD vaping
solutions. From starter vape kits to high-potency e-liquids, fulfils
the desires of beginners and seasoned CBD vapers. Want to branch out from vaping?
There’s many concentrates, creams and edibles to experiment with too!
Ready to kick addictive prescription medication out of your life forever? Wait no
longer and start your CBD journey today!

Check out our list of the best CBD vape oils, edibles, vape pens, and pet treats to find out which one best meets your unique needs.

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MLK Day: Cannabis and Civil Rights


Happy MLK Day!

For our international readers, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is an American federal holiday marking the birthday of its eponymous civil rights hero. Dr. King was the chief spokesperson for nonviolent activism in the Civil Rights Movement, which successfully protested racial discrimination in federal and state law. Dr. King was assassinated in 1968, four years after the passage of one of the great U.S. laws of the 20th century, the Civil Rights Act of 1964. His death also came two years prior to one of the 20th century’s most controversial and insidious laws, the Federal Controlled Substances Act of 1970 (CSA).

Don’t forget that cannabis is a civil rights issue.

As cannabis business lawyers, we write about cannabis law topics every day of the year on this blog, but we seldom address pure social issues. When it comes to cannabis, however, it is sometimes difficult to separate law and policy. This is because the federal prohibition of marijuana in the United States has had a racially disparate impact on non-white individuals, especially black and Latino Americans. That should come as no surprise to anyone: It is well documented that former president Richard Nixon wanted to link marijuana use and its negative effects to African Americans and hippies, who he perceived to be his enemies, when he signed the CSA.

That was almost 50 years ago, but in a way, not much has changed. Although the Trump Administration has instated policies that make it more difficult to track drug arrests, publicly available FBI data reveals that 1,572,579 marijuana-related arrests occurred in 2016, comprising 42% of all reported U.S. drug arrests. This is 10,000 more marijuana arrests than were made in 2015. Thus, marijuana arrests are increasing, even as more states legalize possession and sale of the plant. It is profoundly regrettable that non-white individuals are arrested for marijuana crimes on a grossly disproportionate basis to whites, today and historically, despite lower levels of consumption overall. Most arrests are made for simple possession of small amounts of pot, and are made at the state and local level.

As far as federal enforcement and policy, both the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigation operate under the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice (DOJ), which is headed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Mr. Sessions has a long and well-documented history of fervent opposition to marijuana. Since his confirmation in January of 2017, Sessions has made various attempts to strengthen the hand of federal agencies in prosecution of marijuana-related crimes. Most of these attempts are either aggressively or latently anti-civil rights. These attempts include:

  • reversing a DOJ policy to combat draconian federal sentences for drug-related convictions (which affect blacks and Latinos disproportionately);
  • reversing a DOJ policy phasing out federal private prisons (which impound blacks and Latinos disproportionately);
  • calling for an inquiry into the link between marijuana and violent crime (likely to target blacks and Latinos disproportionately);
  • reinstating the controversial and legally problematic police tool of asset forfeiture, which allows law enforcement to seize property of individuals who have been suspected of, but not charged with, crimes (in violation of everyone’s civil rights, but to affect blacks and Latinos disproportionately);
  • petitioning Congress for funds to prosecute the retrograde War on Drugs, including recreational and medical marijuana (still more racially disparate impact);
  • importuning state governors with “serious questions” about their state cannabis programs, in an apparent effort to challenge the legitimacy of those programs (latently problematic); and
  • ripping up the Cole Memo, which gave some cover to marijuana businesses.

Jeff Sessions has been dogged by allegations of racism throughout his career, and his fusillade of anti-civil rights actions begs the question: If a racist were in charge of criminal justice for the United States, what would he do? The answer is literally everything listed above. Unfortunately, there may be more to come.

The War on Drugs started out as a war on minority groups, and not much has changed in 50 years. If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today, it is almost certain that he would be advocating for an end to the War on Drugs, starting with removal of marijuana from Schedule I of the CSA. Until that happens, and in honor of Dr. King, here are some ways you can pitch in to reverse the racist, immoral and counterproductive state of federal law with respect to cannabis:

  • demand that your Senator co-sponsor to the Marijuana Justice Act;
  • demand that other public officials in your state finally step up to de- or reschedule marijuana as relates to the CSA;
  • support organizations across the political spectrum, from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition (RAMP), with respect to their efforts to end federal prohibition;
  • support trade groups like the Minority Cannabis Business Association, which promote diversity in the cannabis industry; and
  • support and advocate for city and state programs that aim to help disadvantaged communities cash in on marijuana legalization.

Dr. King died 50 years ago, but his legacy continues to resonate and expand. On this day honoring one of our greatest leaders, it is important to remember all of the reasons we strive to put an end to prohibition, including the most important ones.

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Joyetech ESPION With ProCore X Starter Kit Review


9.2 Final Score

Not only does the new Joyetech ESPION and ProCore X tank look great but it also performs really well too. The new vape mod from Joyetech has been a long time coming, but they have made no mistakes with this masterpiece! The ProCore X tank performs near on identically as the SMOK TFV8 and the dual 18650, 200W mod is simple to use and well designed. Just awesome!

CHEAP Joyetech ESPION Deals & Coupons!


Joyetech ESPION Mod Only (no tank):

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Joyetech ESPION Starter Kit Incl ProCore X Tank:

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* Recommended based on shipping time and price!

In-Depth Joyetech Espion and ProCore X Starter Kit Review

Joyetech has released some really good mod kits in the past, but of late they seem to have relatively quiet. So how does their new Joyetech ESPION 200W mod compare with the best vape mods and how good is the kit complete with the ProCore X tank? Well, let’s take a close look to see.

Joyetech ESPION 200W mod kit views


Apparently, they have gone with a business style, whatever that means! But what we do know is you get a rather classical designed mod with a 1.45” rather large adjustable color TFT display with a standard interface making it easy to use.

It is a dual 18650 batter mod capable of managing up to 200W which should see most vapers happy and with a variety of color option, if you like the design, you’ll find one you like!

The ProCore X tank has been placed in the dead center of the mod, making it very balanced in the hand, with a large firing button to the side, and adjustment buttons under the display. Overall we kind of liked the design, it seemed to sense some form of quality and class which is always a good thing!



Clicking the fire button 3 times accesses the menu where you can adjust all the familiar settings such as wattage mode, temperature mode, coil type etc. Including a specific area where you can lock in the coils resistance and make fine-tuned adjustments if required.

The display gives you all the information you need such as individual battery indicators, wattage/temp, coil resistance, and amperage along with a nice large clock with a date that changes to wattage indicator when making adjustments or firing the mod.

The ProCore X Tanks

The Tank

The ProCore X tank comes with a number of atomizer heads you can choose from, but within the kit, you only get the 0.4-ohm ProC1 and the 0.25-ohm ProC1-S, which are 2 of the most popular resistance. You can also purchase a 0.15 dual coil, 0.2 tri-coil, and 0.15 quad coil head, so plenty to choose from if you don’t like the standard coils.

The tank is top filled via a slide a hinge top cap which reveals 2 holes, which is always good as you want one hole to allow the air to escape whilst filling. It also features dual adjustable air flow controls at the base of the tank.

There are 2 versions available of this tank, one at 2ml capacity to meet with EU TPD regulations and the standard 4.5ml capacity tank for the rest of the world! Does all this make it one of the best sub-ohm tanks on the market, well actually it’s pretty close to the SMOK TFV8 Tank, so yeah it does!

Performance of the Joyetech Espion Kit


The flavor and taste of this mod kit are pretty good really and very close if not the same as the Smok as we previously said. Obviously, this is all reliant on the ProCore X tank. With the huge amount of coils available it makes it pretty compatible with most vapers, although as all the resistances are below 1-ohm, someone looking at e-cigs to quit smoking may find this a little hard to get used to, at least to start with.

As for the vape mod itself, well as it’s easy to use and a good looking mod it performs really well so no real complaints. Some people have complained about the delay after the device is asleep for a while and your first vape. We didn’t really experience this so it may be just the real early releases.

Basically, if you’re looking for one of the best e cigs then the Espion mod kit will not let you down!


To Conclude

The Joyetech ESPION kit is the best kit, in our opinion, that Joyetech has released to date, so well done Joyetech. The tank is awesome and as good as SMOK’s, the device is so simple to use and the device performs to a really high standard. All in all, this is a great vape mod that will suit most vapers.

We took a look around and contacted some vendors to get some of the best prices for this mod, check them out:

Joyetech ESPION Deals


Joyetech ESPION Mod Only (no tank):

$45.6- – Joyetech ESPION mod only – Get This Deal!

$49.25 – Joyetech ESPION mod only – Get This Deal!


Joyetech ESPION Kit Incl ProCore X Tank:

*$60.29 – Coupon “dna10” – Joyetech ESPION Starter Kit – Get This Deal!

$65.25 – Joyetech ESPION Starter Kit – Get This Deal!


* Recommended based on shipping time and price!

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Weekly News (Jan. 15, 2018)


2017 Awards Company of the Year Factory of the Year New Company of the Year Packaging Top 10 Top 25 News Altadis Sues Figaro Cigars Over Fleur-de-lis Use Casa de Montecristo Acquires Tampa Humidor, Will Open 2nd Tampa Location FQ Proper Launch Scheduled for Feb. 3 Freyja 12 Due to …

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Sessions Made His Move, Now What?


The worst.

If your New Year’s resolution was to stop paying attention to the news you may have missed that last Thursday U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions formally rescinded the Cole Memo – which we covered here and here. By rescinding the Cole Memo, Sessions, whose outdated and prohibitionist stance on cannabis is well documented, has sown uncertainty in the states that have legalized cannabis use. This is especially true for the states that have legalized and are regulating adult-use cannabis businesses and individual rights.

To some extent, cannabis businesses are already feeling the effect of this new and uncertain landscape. But in following up on his antiquated stance on cannabis, did Sessions overplay his hand? Will this be a Pyrrhic victory for the prohibitionist crowd? With recent polls showing that 64% of Americans support legalizing cannabis (even 51% of Republicans support legalization) Sessions might have done cannabis proponents a favor by bringing the federal government’s stance into the national spotlight. So the next question everyone’s got to be asking themselves is “what do we do now?”

The most pressing thing that we can do is get Congress to extend the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment (“RBA”) and include adult-use cannabis into its provisions. We covered the RBA a couple of weeks ago but in case you missed it, here’s the Cliffs Notes version: the RBA is a federal budgetary provision that prohibits the Department of Justice from spending money to interfere with the implementation of a state’s medical cannabis laws. The RBA has proven to be a valuable protection for medical cannabis businesses as evidenced by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in U.S. v McIntosh. In McIntosh, the Ninth Circuit ruled that the DOJ could not use funds to go after medical cannabis businesses that were operating in compliance with their medical cannabis state laws.

The RBA provides medical cannabis businesses with some protective certainty (at least for those states under the Ninth Circuit’s jurisdiction), but moving forward there are two glaring concerns: 1) the RBA only applies to medical cannabis businesses; and 2) since the RBA is a budgetary provision it needs to be included in the federal budget and that budget is set to expire on January 19! The likelihood of a Republican led congress including adult-use cannabis into the RBA prior to January 19th is pretty slim, but if Republican Senators like Corey Gardner and Lisa Murkowski are serious about protecting their respective states’ residents, they will need to hold Trump and Sessions’ feet to the fire.

Legally compliant cannabis businesses have always had to deal with a level on uncertainty and risk when it comes to federal government but there’s been one industry that’s remained afraid to openly engage with cannabis businesses: the banking industry. Many observers feel that Sessions’ main goal is to slow the growth and investment in the cannabis industry by keeping cannabis businesses from obtaining bank accounts. If you want to know what a cannabis business owner has to do find proper banking, take a look at this recent piece in the New York Times Magazine where my colleague in our Seattle office, Robert McVay, was interviewed. Cannabis businesses had a difficult enough time finding banking options when the Cole Memo was in place and that won’t get easier any time soon.

To be sure, Sessions has taken an odd and extremely hypocritical stance. He fancies himself a states right guy (when convenient) and a law and order guy (always), but he would rather have cannabis businesses dealing in cash, placing everyone at greater risk. It’s time that our elected officials make access to banking for the billion dollar state-legal cannabis industry a priority. Making sure cannabis businesses have access to banking services will only increase compliance, since cannabis business that continued to operate in cash-only would immediately be flagged by regulators as suspicious. To that end, we all need to press our regulators to support the Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act (“SAFE Banking Act”). The SAFE Banking Act would prohibit a federal banking regulator from penalizing a banking instituting from providing services to a cannabis business. The SAFE Banking Act was introduced by Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) and currently has twelve co-sponsors (8 Democrats, 3 Republicans, and Bernie).

In the House of Representatives there’s the Respect State Marijuana Laws Act (“RSMA”) that was introduced by Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) which would amend the Controlled Substances Act (“CSA”) so that its provisions would not apply to a person acting in compliance with a state’s cannabis laws. The RSMA is basically an attempt to codify the Cole Memo it had twenty-four sponsors prior to Sessions revocation of the Cole Memo -it now has thirty-seven!

It’s also time to gather support for the Marijuana Justice Act (“MJA”) that was introduced in the Senate by Senator Corey Booker (D-NJ) on August 01, 2017. The goal of Mr. Booker’s bill is to remove marijuana from the CSA and end the federal government’s criminalization of cannabis. As of this writing only one other Senator has co-sponsored the MJA, Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR). While the Cole Memo was still in place a number of senators probably didn’t fell the necessity to co-sponsor the MJA, so it will be interesting to see if that calculus will change under the new landscape.

Those of us that live in California can expect that our state government will push back against this federal encroachment against the will of Californians – as California hasn’t been afraid to take the Trump administration head on. Other states have also sued the Trump administration and although states exerting their rights are a good thing, cannabis rights (personal and commercial) will ultimately be decided on the federal level. Sessions has made his position on cannabis clear, it’s now up to Congress to speak for the people.

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Study: Federal Marijuana Legalization Would Generate 1 Million Jobs


According to a new study, nationwide marijuana legalization could create over 1 million new jobs within the next 10 years. Information from New Frontier Data’s study indicates that the federal government would generate at least $131.8 billion in federal tax revenue in the first 8 years of national legalization. And, with federal legalization, at least 782,000 jobs could be created immediately.  New Frontier Data also forecasts that the marijuana industry could employ as many as 1.1 million people by 2025, including growers and retailers.

Colorado’s legal recreational marijuana industry created 18,000 full-time jobs and generated $2.4 billion in economic stimulation just one year after they legalized it, according to Newsweek. New Frontier Data’s study suggests that this trend could be sustained on national levels.

Giadha Aguirre De Carcer of New Frontier Data said, “If cannabis businesses were legalized tomorrow and taxed as normal businesses with a standard 35 percent tax rate, cannabis businesses would infuse the U.S. economy with an additional $12.6 billion this year.”

Marijuana Policy Group says that increased demand would stimulate economic growth from the legal industry. The marijuana industry, for instance, supports other industries such as lighting, commercial real estate, agricultural supplies and various tech companies.

Photo: The Cannabist

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Best CBD Pet Treats 2018

Koi Health Bites CBD Dog Treats – Our Favorite

Each one of these delicious dog treats are jam-packed with 22mg of the purest CBD available. Your furry little friend will thoroughly enjoy these bone-shaped dog treats, which are just as tasty as any regular dog treat you can get from the store. So if your dog is a picky eater, no worries! They won’t even know that these incredible treats are actually giving them the incredible health benefits of CBD.

Each bag includes 10 CBD infused dog treats. If you’re serious about giving your puppy the benefits of CBD, you can’t go wrong with Koi.

Koi cbd pet treats
Koi CBD pet treats

Shop Now

Diamond CBD Pet CBD Food Additive

This liquid is designed to be added to your pet’s food or water bowl. This additive is available for both dogs and cats in a variety of different flavors.

Simply add 8-10 drops to your pets food or water bowl once per day to help your dog or cat feel more relaxed and in control.

diamond cbd pet food
Diamond CBD pet food additive

Shop Now

Benefits of CBD for pets

CBD products for humans have been exploding in popularity lately. CBD vape juice, edibles, and vape pens have been flying off the shelves as people seek out a natural treatment for their pain, anxiety, or depression.

The good news is that the incredible benefits of CBD aren’t limited to humans. If your dog or cat is starting to get old or recently fell sick, they may feel tired and stressed out. As a pet owner, it can be a horrible feeling knowing that there’s nothing you can do to help.

Many people have reported that giving their dog or cat CBD has helped to dramatically improve their pet’s mood. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll get the same results for your pet, but if nothing else has worked it’s definitely worth a try. If it can help make your furry member of your family feel a little bit better during the rough times then it’s well worth the money.

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J.R. Reynoldson

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The Tax Act and Cannabis Employment Practices


Look out for a change in tax deductions for employer provided benefits — at least for some businesses.

President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (the “Act”) into law on December 22, 2017.  The Act contains several sections that will impact companies that work with cannabis businesses and provide important indications of where states might be going with taxes in the coming year. As for the Act itself, its sweeping provisions went into effect on January 1, 2018.

Note that much of the Tax Act’s deductions and credits won’t apply to cannabis businesses due to IRC 280E, but these deductions and credits are still important to many ancillary businesses that serve the industry, and which may not be subject to 280E (we recommend that anyone with questions as to where they fall seek advice from their CPA or cannabis tax attorney). If these credits and deductions prove to be popular we may see states enact similar changes that will directly affect cannabis business themselves.

On the employment front, many cannabis businesses obtain employees through staffing agencies. Those agencies should will be subject to these new tax deductions and credits. We may see an influx of agency recruits, or a decrease, depending on how the recruitment companies take advantage of these deductions and how the new laws remove deductions for benefits provided to employees.

Sexual Harassment Settlements

Prior to 2017, we didn’t hear much about sexual harassment in the workplace. One reason for this is because a majority of sexual harassment settlements contain nondisclosure agreements. A nondisclosure agreement typically prohibits the employee from discussing the sexual harassment suit, its result or even the fact that harassment was ever alleged. Currently, employers are allowed to take a tax deduction for settlements paid out for sexual harassment and sexual abuse, regardless of the terms of the settlement agreement. That’s finally changing.

Going forward, employers cannot deduct settlement payments related to sexual harassment if the settlement agreement contains a nondisclosure agreement. Employers can receive a tax deductions on sexual harassment settlements that do not contain nondisclosure agreements. Payments in sexual harassment suits can be huge–meaning the tax deduction can also be huge. (Bill O’Reilly paid $32 million to one female accuser.) This will force employers to carefully consider how sexual harassment suits are settled, which is a welcome change. States might follow suit. Plan now how to handle sexual assault cases so you don’t have to make this decision.

Paid Leave Credit

Paid family and medical leave is a significant benefit for cannabis employees. Providing paid family and medical leave can attract highly qualified employees and help retain those employees. In what has been described as the first step towards a “nationwide paid family leave policy”, the Act provides employers incentives to provide paid family and medical leave—admittedly in a very complicated fashion.

Employers can qualify for up to a 25 percent tax credit for providing paid leave for qualifying employees under the Family Medical and Leave Act (FMLA). Employers qualify for the credit by providing at least two weeks paid leave equal to at least 50 percent of the employee’s regular wages. At a minimum, employers will receive a 12.5 percent tax credit for providing paid leave. The credit incrementally increases based on the percentage of regular wages the employee receives. The paid leave credit is only applicable to employees who earn less than $72,000 and have been employed at least one year. Paid leave must be provided separately from vacation leave, personal leave, or other medical or sick leave.

The Paid Leave credit expires in 2019 unless extended by Congress. Some congressional members have suggested Congress is considering enacting separate legislation that requires paid leave. Paid sick leave requirements are already in effect in several states, including those with cannabis laws.

Pay attention to expenses related to paid leave, and consider whether this a feasible option for your cannabis business. Several states already have paid leave and more are likely to follow. If your state does not already have paid leave that applies to your cannabis business, you should assume they will enact similar tax incentives soon.

ACA Individual Mandate

The Act removes the Affordable Care Act individual mandate to purchase health insurance. At first glance, this does not seem like it would affect your cannabis business, but staffing agencies employing more than 50 full time employees. are required to purchase healthcare for their employees. Employees that are recruited to your cannabis business are considered employees of the staffing agency. The ACA’s individual mandate was designed to work with the employer mandate to provide health insurance. The employer mandate is still in place. Employers with 50 or more full-time employees are still required to provide health insurance.  Without the individual mandate, it is likely insurance premiums will continue to rise unless Congress acts to reform health care.

Further, given the mandates were designed to work together, there is a strong suggestion that Congress will start to undo the employer mandate. It will likely come in the form of fewer reporting requirements or a complete removal of reporting requirements. This means that staffing agencies may reduce the number of recruits they have out at a time to avoid the employer mandate of the ACA, meaning you will have less of a pool to pull from.

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California Cannabis Trademarks: The “Legal Use In Commerce” Debate


In California, trademark use comes before registration.

It was big news for California cannabis business owners when the California Secretary of State’s office announced that it would be accepting applications for cannabis-related trademarks under limited circumstances. Until January 1st, one of the biggest hurdles for California cannabis brand owners had been the inability to secure California state trademark registrations for their marks. But we are still receiving a lot of questions from clients regarding whether they are actually eligible for those registrations, particularly when they have not yet received their temporary or full license from the state, or even when they are not yet operating.

As we’ve discussed before, one of the key requirements for obtaining a California state trademark registration (or a federal trademark registration, for that matter) is that you must be making lawful use of the mark in commerce at the time of your application. For any state trademark application, this means you must be making lawful use of your mark in commerce within that state. This requirement has created a good deal of difficulty for those seeking to enter into cross-state brand licensing deals, but it’s also creating some confusion here in California, where it isn’t always clear what “legal use” of a mark entails.

The California Secretary of State’s office has indicated that it will accept trademark applications for goods and/or services that fit within an existing classification code from the USPTO’s Identification of Goods and Services Manual. While it will be easy to register for things that fit squarely within the USPTO specifications, like retail services, registering for cannabis products themselves will prove less clear cut. So every application must specify goods and/or services that the applicant is actually selling, and the sale of those goods and/or services must be legal under state law. Note that mere token sales of goods or services are insufficient to support trademark registration.

To sort through the requirements for a successful state trademark application, it’s useful to go back to the basics of legal trademark use under federal law.

One of the key considerations in any trademark application is that it doesn’t matter how clever the wording of your specification of goods and services is, if you aren’t actually selling goods or services that comply with the relevant law. For example, under federal law, calling your goods “dried herbs,” “dried plant matter,” or “agricultural goods” will not fool the examining attorney if what you are actually selling is cannabis.

How this will play out at the state level, however, is less clear, where the sale of cannabis is now legal for those with a state license (we are intentionally taking a conservative position on this, as a trademark registration that is open to challenge and cancellation down the line could end up doing an applicant more harm than good). As under federal trademark law, you must actually be selling the goods you specify in your application, and the goods you are selling must comport with state law. The Secretary of State’s office has taken a rather ambiguous position here, but we think it’s the best they could do given the lack of legislation amending California’s trademark law. Until the state establishes a specific class under which businesses can register their marks for cannabis products, we expect to see trademark applications with intentionally vague specifications of goods and services, which won’t benefit anyone, including trademark owners.

And remember that this determination does nothing to increase your odds of obtaining a federal trademark, even though the state has deemed your use “lawful.” An applicant must have a bona fide intent to use their marks lawfully (under federal law) in commerce under Sections 1 and 45 of the Trademark Act, 15 U.S.C. §§ 1051, 1127.

Note that even an application filed on an intent-to-use basis could be rejected if the record indicates that the identified goods or services are unlawful, because actual lawful use in commerce is not possible. Many applicants have tried and failed to make an argument that because they sold goods only in states that allow for the legal sale of cannabis, their current and intended use therefore constitutes lawful use in commerce under the Trademark Act. The USPTO has repeatedly rejected this argument, citing a decision that “the fact that the provision of a product or service may be lawful within a state is irrelevant to the question of federal registration when it is unlawful under federal law.” In re Brown, 119 USPQ2d 1350, 1351 (TTAB 2016). In other words, the federal interdiction against cannabis will control over state law cannabis legalization.

The takeaway here is that lawful use in commerce will be key to obtaining a California State trademark registration that will hold up in court, and provide you with adequate brand protection. It’s better to hold off on filing your trademark application until you are certain you meet all the legal requirements under trademark law, than to rush and file an application that could be subject to cancellation. We cannot stress enough the importance of engaging with an experienced trademark attorney to ensure that your application is viable before you file.

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iJoy Diamond PD270 234W Starter Kit Review


6.7 Final Score

The design on the new iJoy Diamond PD270 234W Starter Kit is certainly cool, but for a larger mod that supports dual 20700 batteries, we were left a little disappointed. The taste from the Captain X3S Sub-Ohm Tank is a little muted and the battery life was not as good as we expected.

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Indepth iJoy Diamond PD270 Mod Kit Review

The new dual 20700 battery mod, the Diamond PD270 from iJoy is a cool looking mod that has the power to last. The design is pretty unique, but does this mod have what it takes to be one of the best vape mods on the market? We take a close look at this starter kit to see.

Design of the Ijoy Diamond PD270


The design is obviously based on the multi-faceted diamond look, and they have definitely pulled it off, slick edges and nice color combinations to make this mod a real head turner, but does this make it one of the best vape mods? Well, we’ll have to wait and see!

The screen has been well placed in the center of the front panel, with a big diamond design fir button on the side. Overall the whole look of this mod is fantastic and very classy.

Because it holds 2 x 20700 batteries which are about 3000mAh each it is a rather large mod. The mod itself (without the tank) stands at 92mm high and 50mm width with 34-35mm depth.

So for the added power, the slightly rather larger size is required, we will have to see if it’s well worth it!

Uses the same 5 click on and off and 3 clicks to enter the menu screen where you can adjust mode, wattage and everything else you expect from a standard mod.



With the dual 20700 batteries, you have the wattage range of 5W all the way up to 234 Watts. The LED screen is a little disappointing as it’s not color, but does show all the important features like individual battery indicators, wattage/temperature, voltage, puff counter etc.

Within the starter kit, you also get the Captain X3S tank, which has been well reviewed and even marked as one of the best sub ohm tanks currently on the market, not currently in our top 5 list, but still a good all-rounder. This is a great selling point and makes a great companion to this mod.

Profiles of the Ijoy Diamond PD270 mod kit


The Starter Kit

So the Diamond PD270 is sold as part of a starter kit and typically includes the following:

  • The Diamond PD270 234W Box Mod
  • Captain X3S Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 2 coils, the X3-C1 0.4-ohm and X3-C2 0.3 ohm
  • Spare glass tank and spare o-rings
  • 18650 battery tubes to allow use of smaller batteries
  • USB cable and instructions

Colors available on the Ijoy Diamond PD270



Black version of the Diamond PD270 kit

Adjusting the power to around 80W with a new coil it takes probably half a tank to break in the coil. All coils need a little time to break in, but once this is done you can really start tasting the flavor coming through.

The airflow is particularly good on the tank, but with it wide open a lot of the flavor was actually lost. Although we personally prefer heaps of airflow with the Diamond PD270 kit, it probably performs it’s best at half open. We have to say we were a little underwhelmed with the overall performance in comparison to the best e cigs that are available.



  • The mod is a little on the larger side making it a little clunky in appearance
  • You need big hands, or it doesn’t sit that well in your grip
  • Fire button has been designed to suit the mod but is relatively small
  • Slightly muted flavour with the Captain X3S tank


To Conclude

Considering the awesome design on this mod we have to say we were a little disappointed with the feel and the performance of the Diamond PD270 kit. Just a little too big and not really worth the tiny extra battery life you get. If you love the look then be sure to check out our vape deals area where you may find this mod and others like it at crazy, low prices!

A muted flavor, and disappointing battery life considering the size, probably one we wouldn’t recommend for the average vaper. We did have a look for the best deals and found some good ones:

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