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Wotofo Bravo RTA Review


9.2 Final Score

The Wotofo Bravo RTA tank is one of the best RTAs to be released to the market, with an innovative airflow system that improves flavor and tastes any true vaper is really going to really appreciate. Designed to make it easy to build your deck and guide holes to improve accuracy for saturating your cotton, this RTA just seems to perform, leaving the vaper wanting more and more.

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Wotofo Bravo RTA Tank

In-depth Review of the Wotofo Bravo RTA Tank

Wotofo has been relatively quiet in the RTA space for a few months now, but alas they release a gem named the Bravo RTA. We take this rebuildable tank atomizer for a spin to see how good of a flavor it produces and compare it with the other RTA’s on the market.

Design of the Bravo RTA


Wotofo is releasing a number of color options on the 25mm Bravo RTA, including your standard black and stainless steel look, but also blue, rainbow and a blingy gold version that does actually look pretty cool!

The Bravo RTA is a standard 4ml capacity although if you live in the EU it is reduced to 2ml with the placement of a silicone sleeve, which can be removed to make it 4ml! This is just a way that Wotofo have got around the TPA regulations in the UK.

You get 2 replacement glass tanks, one which is a bubble glass increasing the capacity to 6ml which is a nice touch. You also get spare o-rings, 3 fused Clapton coils and cotton, pretty much everything you need to build the tank except e-liquid of course!

On top of the tank is the 810 resin drip tip for better flavor and vape experience, which seem to be becoming more common on all the best e-cigarette products. It is a top fill tank, but you do have to unscrew the top cap to reveal the 2 filling ports, there are fewer threads on the top cap though to make it a little quicker to refill.

On the base of the tank are the airflow control where you can adjust the airflow to suit, this provides a really good amount of flow fully open, so no complaints there.

The deck on the Bravo RTA

The Deck

The deck consists of a dual post and clamp system, which in our opinion is the easiest design to work with, really easy to install the coils and good to see in an RTA as they usually appear only in RDAs. You can check out the differences from RTA to RDA’s here.

There are 4 wicking holes on the base of the deck to allow your cotton to soak the juice, but it is advised not to overfill the holes with cotton or you’ll end up getting a lot of dry hits, which to the vaper is just pure hell!

The holes are there as a guide on where to place the cotton, and not to fill up the base plate. This improves saturation and airflow and specifically designed to guide the user to build the ultimate coil setup and it works!

Performance of the Bravo RTA


One the deck is built, wicked and the tank resembled and filled with juice, it’s time to vape this baby!

Vaping time! Wow, the flavor of this tank is huge, it really does make you sit up and think; was that just a fluke, but vaping it again doesn’t disappoint! We don’t know how Wotofo have done it, but the design of this tank really does enhance your vaping experience.

The clouds are nice and thick, and depending on the juice you choose is really smooth to match. We were just stunned with this tank and so pleased that Wotofo has released this RTA after a bit of a break, what a way to come back into this market! All you need is one of the best vape mods and you’re in good shape!


To Conclude

Wotofo has released just a stunning RTA with the Bravo and one that will be on our list of the best RTAs of 2018. Some people have complained about a whistle produced by the unique redirected airflow system design, although we didn’t experience that ourselves we still think it’s worth the sacrifice of a whistle for the pure smooth and enhanced flavor you get.

Overall we think the Wotofo RTA tank is one of the best on the market right now. What’s not to love! We took a look around and found the best deals online:

Wotofo Bravo RTA Tank Deals


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Top 5 Sub-Ohm Tanks


Sub ohm tanks are responsible for transforming the vaping market, ever since the first release back in 2014 these types of tanks have single-handedly kept vapers vaping! To complement the best e-cig or vape mod, you need a good tank, so which are the top 5 Sub-Ohm tanks on the market?

Well to answer that question we have to consider a number of factors like (but not in any specific order):

  1. Capacity – The amount of eliquid the tank holds, higher the better really!
  2. Flavor – How well the tank delivers the flavour from the juice.
  3. Coil longevity – How long a typical coil will last without needing to be replaced.
  4. Airflow – How clear is the airflow and what adjustments can be made.
  5. Cloud content – How much cloud does it produce


So let’s get on with the list of the best sub ohm tanks.


Number 5

The Cleito EXO by Aspire

Aspire Cleito EXO

The Cleito EXO from Aspire is a really well-made tank featuring an easy to adjust top airflow control and made from PCTG and a chemically resistant tank. This is with the aim of enhancing the flavor from your vape and boy does it perform its task! The Cleito Coils are based on the Clapton coils with large wicking areas which also improve the saturation of the organic cotton, avoiding any of those unnecessary dry hit. The coils come in both 0.2-ohm for wattages around 50-75 watts and 0.4-ohm sizes for wattage around 40-60W.

Overall many users are really happy with the improved flavor generated by using the Aspire Cleito EXO. The only drawback we could see is the limitation of adjusting your airflow.

The FireLuke Sub-Ohm Tank

Number 4

FreeMax FireLuke Sub-Ohm Tank

FreeMax the were one of the first to introduce a bubble like tank system to allow a larger capacity of juice. With a top fill and bottom airflow control along with sextuple coil system this tank delivers in taste, volume of cloud and taste.

The tank holds 5 ml of ejuice and as you would expect has a number of different coil options to choose from.

Nice smooth airflow, but with multiple coils you’re going to need more power so really only a dual 18650 battery mod will do! Check out our list of the best vape mods to help. The tank also comes in a whole range of designs and colors making it easy to match both your mod and personal taste.


Number 3

HorizonTech Arco 2 Sub-Ohm Tank

The Arco 2 Sub-Ohm Tank

The Arco 2 Sub-Ohm Tank from HorizinTech is a little secret tank that’s been hiding in the background of most review sites for a longtime but one tank that should be considered!

With this tank, HorizonTech has introduced a parallel 0.2-ohm coil system which produces some of the best flavors from a coil we have seen, not sure if the flax paper they have also installed in the coil makes any difference, but this coil just works!  They have a number of designs available some include a colored glass option whilst others are clear.

Overall an awesome flavor and vapor produced by this tank, their new innovative flax paper parallel coil system is one great producing coil! Make sure you check out our vape deals page as many of these tanks often appear at crazy discounted and cheap prices!

The TFV8 Sub-ohm Tanks from SMOK

Number 2


Whether it’s the Big Baby Beast, X-Baby, TFV8 Cloud Beast, or any other design based on the TFV8 coil these tanks rock and probably one of the most popular out there right now. It’s true that SMOK produces a lot of different version of this tank and are constantly tweaking the design but in our opinion, the TFV8 has it all.

You just have to look at all the starter kits that include this tank, to see how well it works with all sorts of setups! Most of these tanks hold around 5ml of juice, have a top fill system with a top sliding cap to make it even easier and really decent airflow. This particular tank seems to be a favorite with smokers who are looking for the best e-cig to quit smoking as the resistance and coil choice is so vast.

The taste and vapor content are really good here and with an easy to adjust airflow and multiple coils available it doesn’t take long to tune in your perfect vape!


Number 1

The Crown 3 Sub-Ohm Tank

Uwell Crown 3 Sub-Ohm Tank

Well as the name suggests this is the 3rd version of this tank, and they seem to have got everything right at last! Well the other version wasn’t that bad either!

Again another 5ml tank which seems to be a common amount with our top 5, it also boasts an anti-leaking top fill system with dual ports to allow air to escape, a simple plug and pull system to replace the coils. The 3 slot adjustable airflow is mounted on the bottom and the coils are the vertical mounted with 3 wicking slots.

Overall this tank produces some of the best flavors and vape clouds on the market, regardless of the e-liquid flavor we tried. Not really sure why as there is no real great innovative technique used here, but sometimes things just work and that’s certainly the case with the Uwell Crown 3 Sub-Ohm Tank.

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Hotcig Centaur RTA Tank Review


Final Score

The Centaur RTA Tank from Hotcig is a single coil rebuildable tank atomizer that produces some really lovely and smooth flavors. If your a single coil lover then this tank is really going to impress. With 2 gold-plated posts on the build deck, and a nice selection of varies airflow controls this tank is a beauty. Overall an amazing RTA that fits well in anyone’s collection of tanks!

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The Hotcig Centaur RTA Tank in black

In-depth Hotcig Centaur RTA Tank Review

We have a new entry into the RTA tank market, which may come as a shock to some people when they stop to consider how oversaturated that market sometimes seems to be. The new entry comes courtesy of HotCig and is called the Centaur. As with any new product, the Centaur will be competing against many more established manufacturers within the vaping community. In this Hotcig Centaur RTA Tank review, we will take a look at this product in depth and see whether we think it’s something worthy of your attention.

Coupled with a decent box mod, is this tank one of the best e cig products on the market right now? Let’s take a look:

Two color versions of the Hotcig Centaur RTA Tank

What You Get

The HotCig Centaur RTA is a new single-coil device (24mm) that offers a host of benefits for builders. If your unsure about RDA’s and RTA’s be sure to read our guide to help. The Centaur offers a single coil build deck that is large and easy to build on. That deck comes with gold-plated posts (two) that each has a 3mm terminal post. The wicking slots are oversized, clocking it a 4mm by 6mm, so builders should have no problem navigating the terrain.

You also get an innovative airflow system that includes dual-sized, 5-slot capability. You can adjust that to get the airflow needed to match your vaping preferences, making this a great customizable device. We tried a variety of different airflow settings to analyze the system’s potential benefits and were pleased with their spot-on results. We think you’ll like it too – especially if you’re one of those vapers who have very specific vapor needs.

Top and bottom view of the Centaur RTA TankThe tank section is also customizable and allows you to use an extension piece to increase liquid capacity from 2 to 4 ml. That’s a tremendous benefit since most of us go through 2ml so fast that the smaller tank would be impractical. 4ml seems to be about right for most ordinary daily use since it’s enough to avoid multiple refills throughout any individual vaping session. The extension piece can be added with a minimal effort, so that’s a real boon as well. Of course, the top-fill capability is always welcome, since it minimizes spill and leak potential. You just remove the top cap and pour the juice down through the slots.

The tank with its single coil system doesn’t require huge amounts of power, but it is recommended to use one of the best vape mods to get the most out of it!


Flavor is not a problem either. The device has a number of airflow channels that help to preserve the juice’s original flavor in a way that many tanks do not. We tried out many of our testing favorites and were impressed with how well the natural taste was maintained in each instance. We even ran taste tests using several different devices, and the Centaur handily matched or bested each competitor.

Of course many vapers have their preference in using either stainless steel or nickel coils and each will give you a slightly different flavor, but this tank can support both, so it’s up to you. We use standard clapton coils as we love them and really think they bring the most flavor out of a tank!



We pored over the tank with a fine-tooth comb and was incredibly impressed with the craftsmanship. The device uses quality materials and appears to have been designed and manufactured with the highest level of care and attention. Everything is solid and durable, and seamless from top to bottom. Add to that the ease with which the deck permits customization for builders, and you have all the makings of a great RTA offering.

Hotcig Centaur RTA Tank broken apart

The company also sent along with everything you need to get started. That includes the Hotcig Centaur RT, one high-quality 4ml Glass Segment, a handy Chimney Extension, and the spare parts and o-rings needed to get things done. There’s also a tool to assist you with construction, and the usual user manual that every buyer has come to expect. All in all, that’s quite a bit of value for the price.

The device sells for about $45, but you can find it for less than $40 if you shop around online.

From an aesthetic standpoint, there is much to love about the Centaur. It is a gorgeous piece of craftsmanship, with sleek lines and just the right amount of design accents to enhance its appeal. The box and parts to the Centaur RTA TankThe gold top and crystal-clear glass give it a high-tech yet elegant look that should make it a popular choice for those who place a premium on appearance.



From a performance standpoint, the device is equally as attractive. That large deck is perfect for building, and the sturdy construction makes it a great option for those who are tired of tanks that leak. Simply put, that was not a problem during our tests.


To Conclude

For a first entry, the Centaur does its makers proud. For a single coil RTA, this is definitely worth considering. Hotcig deserves credit for getting so much right in this initial venture, and we can all hope that this is a sign of even better things to come. If you’re in the market for a new RTA and haven’t settled on an option yet, we recommend that you take a closer look at the Centaur. We think you’ll like what you see.

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Innokin Thermo RDA Tank Review


Final Score

If you believe that the RDA Tank gives better performance then the Innokin Thermo RDA is not going to disappoint. Delivering a smooth custom vape that hits all the flavor notes built into the e-liquid, this RTA tank is just awesome. Featuring a well design-build deck with 2.5mm holes to fit most coils and smooth air flow control this tank should be one on you buy list!

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Side view of the Innokin Thermo RDA Tank

Indepth Innokin Thermo RDA Tank Review

When it comes to RDA tanks, we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. And, at times, it can sometimes seem as though there’s nothing new under the sun. We’ve been hearing some buzz from RDA fans recently, however, and soon discovered that they were all excited about a new Innokin RDA tank that was supposedly the ‘hot thing’ in the RDA and RTA market. Naturally, out test group wanted to get in on the action to see whether the hype was deserved. In this Innokin Thermo RDA tank review, we’ll test the product to see what we think.

Quick note to avoid confusion: Although this is describes as an RDA Tank, technacally it is actually an RTA! You can read more about the difference between RDA and RTA here!

Both sides of the Thermo RDA Tank

The Design

Let’s begin with the first thing most vapers are going to notice: the aesthetics. At first, glance, this is like no RDA we’ve ever seen before. It has a really large glass top and gold-plating that really catches the eye. We soon discovered that the device comes in 25 or 27mm, and includes a squonk pin and great capacity for deck building – including a dual post option. Overall, the Thermo offers really clean design, with elegant lines and no real negatives to speak of.

Your not going to want to run this tank on anything other than a vape mod with variable wattage, so if your old mod isn’t up to the job then take a look at some of the best vape mods on the market right now, there’s a lot of choice!



And then there’s the packaging. This is something that we weren’t expecting, as the product shows up in a cylindrical package, with the clear outer casing so that you can see that gorgeous RDA nestled securely in its case.  My first thought was that someone had sent me a pack of CDs by mistake since the case so closely resembles that packaging style! Even more impressive, there’s a velvet bag inside that contains everything you need for the product – including:The packaging of the Thermo RDA Tank

  • The Innokin Thermo RDA –25mm or 27mm (whichever you ordered)
  • 4 gold plated cross-head screws (spare parts_
  • Squonk pin
  • An assortment of gold-plated grub screws (used when you switch between deck designs
  • 4 4-ml Clapton coils
  • Spare O-rings
  • An extra glass tank
  • 2 velocity-style post holes
  • Cotton
  • Hex key
  • The obligatory and all-important user manual


That’s a nice assembly of components that should provide most users with a good base of materials for their vaping needs. The RDA tank offers two airflow capabilities: the fixed-bottom airflow, and the adjustable airflow at the top. That inner top cap is a tornado-style feature that aligns well with the device’s proprietary wide-bore drip tip. You might also want to stock up on some more vape cotton, as we seem to go through it pretty quickly, but it’s cheap enough!



That gold piece that we mentioned is in the middle of the device and is designed to prevent spit-back. That’s a great little feature, and it worked extremely well in our tests – eliminating one of our most common complaints about devices like this. And be honest: you don’t like that spit-back either.

The Thermo RDA Tank broken down

The product uses innovative airflow channels strategically located to redirect airflow using what is being described as a ‘windstorm system.’ That seems to help the product deliver those really huge vapor clouds, while still maintaining purer flavor than most other tanks. In our tests, that seems to have been the general consensus. We were impressed enough to launch into one of our patented impromptu cloud-chasing competitions – which I lost, by the way. I always come out on the short end of those battles, it seems.

The Thermo RDA Tank bottom and side view


The juice well is really deep as well – about 8ml! That’s important since this tank seemed to be a thirsty little devil. That’s common any time you’re producing that much vapor, which is why it’s been so frustrating to see so many otherwise-sound companies provide so many products with minimal juice capacity. Larger tanks equal less frequent interruptions for us – and when we’re testing products, our convenience is a major factor in determining whether we recommend them to buyers. In this instance, we loved the capacity, and never felt inconvenienced.

Seriously, though – if anyone complains about an 8-ml tank in this age of tiny capacity, they’re really missing out on the bigger picture here! The majority and that’s including all of the best e-cig products generally have smaller tanks to support the TPD regulations that came into play across Europe.

The Build pins on the tankThe device assembles and disassembles with ease, so you won’t have to worry that you’ll struggle with your building efforts. It’s solid but easy to work with. That was a bit of a surprise, especially when you consider how elegant everything looks. We expected more of a struggle.


To Conclude

On the negative side, we did have trouble finding compatible drip tips and ended up sticking to the one that came with the RDA. That was a minor disappointment, however, and one that we quickly got over as we started to chase those clouds.

Overall, the Thermo RDA tank is a really great product that delivers on its promise of huge clouds and pure flavor. We highly recommend it to RDA-fans everywhere. We tested ours on the new Smok ProColor Mod and it just sang, an awesome experience!

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GeekVape Griffin 25 Plus RTA Assessment


Remaining Rating

When you’re a Geek Vape fan, you then’re virtually definitely looking out for his or her newest product choices. Even for those who haven’t been a fan previous to the discharge of the Griffin 25, that nice system ought to have no less than had you giving the corporate a re-evaluation. Now, with the discharge of the Griffin 25 Plus, Geek Vape is solidifying its standing as some of the progressive producers within the vaping business as we speak. So, what makes this gadget so nice, you ask? On this Griffin 25 Plus assessment, we’ll present all the reply you should make you sit up and take discover of this nice product.

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* Advisable based mostly on delivery time and worth!

The Griffin 25 Plus Tank by GeekVape

In-depth Assessment of the Griffin 25 Plus

The very first thing that you simply’ll discover whenever you obtain your Griffin 25 Plus is that it seems to be lots like the unique mannequin which you’ll be able to examine in our Griffin 25 evaluation. There’s a purpose for that, in fact: its outer shell is just about unchanged. Actually, the actual variations contain the modifications and enhancements that have been made on the general atomizer construct. In different phrases, you must begin out with at the least a primary familiarity with the Plus when you already personal the unique model. When you don’t, don’t fear; this system is straightforward to make use of so there’s no steep studying curve.


The black version of the Griffin 25 Plus

The Packaging

Don’t be alarmed when your Plus arrives, or assume that they despatched you the fallacious model by mistake. Geek Vape used the identical packaging orientation with the Plus, aside from the label on the field. That package deal comes with the RTA, which has already been assembled on your comfort, as properly a ceramic adapter that can be utilized with a single-coil setup, an additional tube (Pyrex, in fact), Geek Vape’ personal little screwdriver, and spare o-rings, screws, and Delrin prime cap.  In different phrases, nearly every little thing you want on your gadget, after which some. That is fairly normal with all the perfect tanks lately, so don’t really feel that GeekVape is delivering extra for the cash!



The gadget’s tank is able to holding as much as 5 ml of e-juice, so it’s large enough to deal with most prolonged vaping periods or be sure that you don’t run out of liquid in the event you’re out and about. It is perhaps the identical measurement as its predecessor, however this tank comes with bigger juice move management slots than that first Griffin. That gives higher management than its predecessor and must be an interesting choice for anybody who needs higher flexibility in his or her vaping expertise.  RTA’s are rising in popularity than RDA’s primarily we expect due to the comfort of carrying the ejuice round, however you’ll be able to learn the primary variations between RTAs and RDAs right here.



There are additionally enhancements within the airflow controls. The slots now click on to safe themselves in place throughout any adjustment. There’s additionally an expanded cowl – manufactured from chrome steel, in fact. That gives some added sturdiness and will assist to guard your gadget from minor accidents.

The Griffin 25 Plus build deck and wicking system


The Essential Distinction From the Griffin 25 RTA

The large modifications come on the construct deck degree, although. This deck is far bigger than the primary Griffin 25, which ought to inform you what the producers had in thoughts once they designed it: extra room on your builds! Like its predecessor, the deck has two posts, however they’re bigger and include a lot bigger publish holes. That ought to open up your construct choices tremendously because you’ll have higher entry and room to experiment with totally different wires whether or not they be chrome steel or nickel.

Some won’t like the brand new wicking system because it includes a radically new sort of wick slot. They’re not full of cotton, however as an alternative, require you to place the leads correctly to dam juice from leaking into the atomizer chamber. We’ve even heard a couple of individuals recommend that this setup may hinder environment friendly wicking and dilute the vaping expertise – however these fears turned out to be unfounded. In our experiments, we discovered that there was no distinction within the vaping expertise from some other wick system we’ve used.
Components of the Griffin 25 Plus Tank

The sizes of the Griffin 25 Plus Tanks

Skilled Vapers

This isn’t your on a regular basis common vaping gadget, and might be an excessive amount of for rookies to deal with, however in case you use it with probably the greatest vape mods available on the market, you’ll be very glad certainly with the efficiency. You’ll want to know a bit bit about coils and wire, and the way to place every part correctly. For veterans or anybody with even a bit expertise with such issues, it’s a simple gadget to make use of. And when you get it setup and able to go, you’ll be amazed at how properly it performs.


In our exams, we persistently produced large clouds of vapor. Actually, vapor manufacturing was so intense that we couldn’t resist a bit of impromptu contest to see who might get probably the most out of their Griffin 25 Plus. The consensus from the check group was that the flavour is about as pure as what we noticed from the unique model, however that’s a constructive too. The one disadvantage could be in e-juice consumption. Be forewarned: this can be a thirsty unit! We examined this tank with the perfect 26650 mods, so we gave it a very good thrashing!

General, we just like the enhancements we see within the new Griffin 25 Plus, and extremely advocate it for intermediate and superior vapers in all places. Get yours in the present day!

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Goon 22 RDA Deal


The best deal for the SMOK GX2/4

Smok GX2/four Mod Deal!

June 23, 2017

$44.99 For the Goon 22 RDA by 528 Customized Vapes!


Present Standing: LIVE! In Inventory!



The 528 Custom Goon 22 RDA in silver and black

This 528 Customized Vapes Goon 22 RDA Deal

So many critical vapers contemplate the Goon RDA as one of the best rank available on the market and there’s good purpose, the flavour manufacturing is simply superb! RDA’s are recognized for producing the perfect taste, however Goon appear to have the ability to produce probably the most!



  • 22mm Diameter
  • 1/2″ Drip Tip
  • Commonplace 510 Connection
  • Replaceable bridges
  • Gold Plated Bridge Submit and Metal Clamps
  • Mirrored Triple-Gap Airflow


Take a look at all our Vape Offers the place your positive to discover a discount!


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