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Smok Stick Prince Vape Pen Review


8.5 Final Score

If your a lover of vape pens then SMOK has your back, with the release of their new pen the Prince Stick. Featuring a huge 3000mAh internal battery and built around their hottest Prince Tank this vape pen performs to the highest levels. So there’s no wattage control, led screens, temperature control etc etc, but what you do get is a simple to use pen that can actually knock the socks off most vape mods too!

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Smok Prince Stick Starter Kit

Full In-Depth SMOK Prince Stick Review

New vape pen introductions seem to be limited at the moment, which is a shame for all those vapers who love the ease and convenience of these types of e-cigs. But thankfully SMOK have not given up on these products just yet with the release of the SMOK Stick Prince! Featuring a 3000mAh battery and their new Prince tank this vape pen is nothing short of awesome, producing some of the best clouds we’ve seen and a matching smooth flavor. But is this one of the best vape pens on the market, or should we look elsewhere? We take a look to see.

Colors available for the Smok Stick Prince


All vape pens are very similar in design, especially those produced by SMOK, it’s basically just a battery shaft with one button. Everything is automatic, so no setting voltage, wattage, resistance etc. Just fill your tank up and you’re all set to go! SMOK, however, have introduced their new flagship Prince tank to the product set, with a bulb look, and an intelligent led battery indicator, this pen looks slightly different.

The Stick Prince pens, as you would expect come in a variety of colors, and knowing SMOK, they will probably introduce much more over the coming months. Currently, you have the choice of black, red, blue, gold, purple, rainbow, green and of course stainless silver, but don’t expect your local vape shop to hold all the colors, it’s just not practical! If you’re looking for a bargain though, check out our vape deals area, where you will find this and many other vape products at crazy cheap prices!

The Prince TFV12 Tank

The Prince Tank

The full name is the TFV12 Prince Tank, which is an addition to their popular and top-selling TFV range.

The standard version holds 8ml and measures 63mm tall with a diameter of 28mm, making it a pretty big tank, at least with the amount of e-liquid it holds. This is thanks to the unique convex, bulb shape they have incorporated in the glass.

The EU version, however, had to remove this due to the TPD regulations limiting tanks to holding just 2ml.

The tank is a top fill device, incorporating they’re loved and patented locking system to avoid any accidental spills. The Prince tank is marketed as the baby of the famous Cloud Beast King, one of the best vapor producing tanks on the market.

SMOK have been clever here and basically designed the whole Stick Prince around this tank, meaning you get a beautifully made pen that was just meant to be, as opposed to a battery with a weird looking tank plopped on top!

Smok Prince Stick Starter kit box

The Kit

  • 1 x 3000mAh Prince battery Stick
  • 1 x TFV12 Prince Tank
  • 2 x V12 M4 Coils (0.17ohm Quad Coil)
  • 1 x USB cable, instructions and spare parts



Now we all know vape pens are not going to perform as well as box mods where you can adjust the wattage as the coil slowly wares away, but for a simple to use e cig this pen is one of the best e cig pens on the market.

Black version of the Smok Stick Prince

With the 3000mAh battery, it pretty much lasts the day for a full-on vaper like us, it also features an intelligent LED light indicator system that informs you of the battery life. One big thing to note though, as you can’t adjust the voltage it’s probably best to stick with the M4 quad coils. Any coil with more would significantly reduce the amount of vapor due to the lack of power the SMOK Prince Stick has.

That aside, the performance is awesome, it just works really well. Beautiful flavor with huge amounts of clouds.


To Conclude

If you like the look and simplicity of vape pens, then your simply going to love the Smok Stick Prince vape pen, it is one of the best e-cigs to quit smoking with and one that experts and intermediate vapers will also love for the convenience.

With the kit, you get the M4 Quad coils which work really well with the battery. If you want to try other coils bare in mind that the power produced by this pen might not match the same performance levels. Basically, stick with no more than quad coils!

Overall a great easy to use pen producing some of the best-tasting vapor available on the market, a strong recommendation from us!

We did some looking around to find the best prices on the SMOK Prince Stick, here’s what we found:

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VaporFi VAIO GO Review


Final Score

The VaporFi VAIO GO vape pen is small and convenient with a built-in rechargeable 2000mah battery, supports both mouth to lung vapers with a 1.5ohm atomizer and direct lung vapers with a 0.5 ohm atomizer making it perfect for those to try vaping for the first time and enabling the vaper to try both without having to buy separate pens. One huge advantage is easy to use features, simply fill with e-liquid, turn it on and you’re ready! No messing around with any settings!

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VaporFi VAIO GO Vape Pen in red

Indepth Review of The VaporFi VAIO GO Vape Pen

VaporFi have recently released a new vape pen to add to their family of VAIO products, but how well does this pen perform and who is it aimed at? In this VaporFi VAIO GO review, we take a close look to see.


Using The Device

To start, click the button 3 times to switch from on and off, we advise that before you fill up with e-liquid check that the right one is installed to suit your vaping. There are basically 2 types of vaping which this vape pen supports:

  1. Mouth to lung (MTL)– This is where you draw the vapor and hold in your mouth before drawing into your lungs. This is typical for cigarette smokers.
  2. Direct Lung inhale (DL) – As the name suggests, instead of holding in your mouth you directly breathe the vapor into your lungs. This is more typical for experienced/intermediate vapers.


Mouth to Lung and Direct Lund componentsSo if you’re using this as your first vape pen and use to smoke, then MTL will probably suit you best and you will need the 1.5ohm atomizer along with the black mouthpiece. It is one of the best e-cigs to use to quit smoking with.

The atomizer has the resistance etched onto the plating, so you can easily see the difference. Make sure you screw it down onto the top cap so the circuit is complete (do not over tighten), it may be preinstalled but loose, causing some performance issues.

Size of the VaporFi VAIO GOPrime the atomizer with some eliquid by removing the top cap and try to soak the cotton with eliquid. This helps prevent any initial burning taste that some new vapers experience. Fill the tank with the rest of the e-liquid to the line marked on the tank and your good to go!

If your a little confused about this mouth to lung and direct lung inhale terminology we use, then read our guide on the different types of vaping which should clear up any confusion!



To experience the best out of the VaporFi VAIO GO you need to play around with the airflow which is adjusted by turning counter-clockwise.

If you’re an MTL Vaper then it’s best with one hole showing if you’re a DL Vaper then open it up to the max!

So we were a little cautious as this vape pen has been designed for pretty much all vapers but with DL settings all set we were more than impressed with the vapor quality and taste.

Yes, it creates thick vape clouds especially if you use the higher VG content e-liquids. VaporFi hold a load of e-liquids that you can even custom blend, you can read more about their eliquids in our VaporFi e-liquids review

Top side profile of the VaporFi VAIO GO pen


As you can imagine, coming from one of the best e cig suppliers and manufacturers on the market, the VaporFi VAIO Go vape pen comes with just about everything you need to start vaping. The kit includes:

The all in one VaporFi VAIO GO vape pen

  • 2 Mouthpieces to support both mouth to lung and direct lung inhale vapers
  • 2 Atomizers to support both types of vapers
  • Spare O Rings
  • Micro recharging USB cable
  • User manual



The VaporFi VAIO GO Tank with lightsThe VaporFi VAIO GO has an internal 2000mah battery that is charged via the external USB cable that they provide. Although it makes the vape pen smaller, having the internal battery, it does mean that you can’t really carry a spare around with you, unless you buy another pen! Ok, so you can vape when it’s on charge, but it’s still not that convenient.

That said 2000mah is a great size and performs better than a single 18650 battery, so the pen would be had 2 external batteries!! There are, I suppose, compromises with all vape products, in this case, it’s size and usability vs battery convenience, but that doesn’t stop it being one of the best beginner vape pens on the market right now!



There’s no real display with the VaporFi VAIO GO except a series of light that light up the whole tank! This makes it ideal for those who just want a vape pen without any fancy settings that you have to play around with! The lights on the tank represent the battery life:

  • Green: Means your good and have 100% Battery Life
  • Yellow: 50% Battery Life Left, think about charging!
  • Red: less than 15% Battery Life Left, better get charinging!

These light indicators should show every time you click the fire button.



Take a look at the features within this quick video:



The advantages

  • Easy to use
  • Designed for both mouth to lung and direct lung vapers
  • High resistance protection, if the resistance is greater than 2ohms the led will flash for 15 seconds and shut off without firing
  • Button protection, if the firing button is pressed for longer than 10 seconds the vapepen will cut off until it is released
  • Overheat protection, the led will flash 3 times to indicate that the device is too hot

The disadvantages


  • Built in battery prevents carrying a spare
  • No adjusting of wattage to custom your vape experience
  • Price is relatively high for a vape pen


To Conclude

We really loved this vape pen as it creates great vape clouds and flavor without having to mess around or adjust any settings. Simple fill with eliquid, charge and click to fire, it really is that simple.  As this pen supports both MTL and DL inhale vapers it’s ideal as a first vape pen for beginners as they can start with MTL which they are probably used to from smoking and then move onto DL inhale vaping to experience a better vape without having to buy another pen.

The only real drawback is the price, but I guess it’s the same with lots of products; you get what you pay for!

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SMOK Stick X8 Review


Final Score

SMOK have released a number of vape pens over the years and one thing they have learned is the importance of the battery life. With the new Smok Stick X8 you get a built-in 3000mAh battery which is just awesome, it also features a TFV8 X-baby tank which is a great accomplice, producing a great tasting vapor that will make you want to vape more and more! All in all this is one of the best vape pens on the market, period!

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* Recommended based on shipping time and price!

An example of the SMOK Stick X8

In-depth SMOK Stick X8 Review

SMOK is back at it again, with yet another new entry in its already impressive line of great vaping products. This time, the company has brought us a new vape pen that it’s calling the Stick X8. It sells for less than $40 for the kit, which will probably spark a great deal of interest from new and intermediate-level vaping fans, especially for those who are looking for the best e cig to quit smoking with. But what do you get for that moderately-low price? Is the Stick X8 worthy of bearing the SMOK name? And why do certain members of our test team get so excited whenever they hear about a new vape pen offering, anyway? We’ll try to answer the first two questions in this SMOK Stick X8 review. That last question is one that’s better left to the psychologists…

Let’s jump right into this, shall we?

Colors available of the Smok Stick X8

Smok and the Power!

First, let’s stipulate something right out of the gate: we love SMOK. It’s a great company with a great reputation for providing vapers with high-quality, reliable products. Yes, they’ve focused a bit more than we’d like on subtle aesthetic changes in recent months, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve lost a step at all. They’re still one of the most innovative companies out there. So, you can imagine that we had high hopes for the X8, and fully expected it to knock our socks off.

The pen has a powerful 3000mAh battery. You heard that right: 3000mAh.

Impressed yet? You should be. In our tests, this battery provided us with all the power we needed to draw out some really impressive vapor clouds – and its charge lasted for far longer than we might have assumed if we were unfamiliar with that battery’s capabilities. Suffice it to say that SMOK made the right decision on the power front and we have no option to vote it as one of the best vape pens on the market. There are only a few things more annoying than a weak vape pen that spits out negligible spurts of vapor. This isn’t the case with this model though, thank goodness!


The Kit

The Smok Stick X8 KitThe pen comes in a kit, which is always handy to new vapers. After all, who wants to buy a product only to find out that they need three or four other products before they can actually use that first purchase? The kit comes in six different color options and includes a beautiful presentation box decorated in a volcano theme. It includes that powerful battery we mentioned, as well as the X-Baby tank, pre-fitted .25 Ohm coil and a spare coil rated at .13 Ohms. You also get other spare parts, charging cable, manual, and a handy vape band. Not bad at all.

The design is all SMOK sleekness, with a cutting-edge look that puts it a rung above its rivals in the marketplace. It’s 85 mm long, and easy to use. That’s because it has a single button to operate its vaping functions – a common enough design for vape pens. There’s the obligatory LED light as well, to let you know when you need to give it a recharge.



It’s a vape pen, so you’re obviously not going to get crazy power from it, but you can get output that ranges from 35 to 45 watts. Most diehard vapers will recognize that they can easily get large clouds of delicious vapor at those wattage levels. That great battery will ensure that you can achieve those clouds throughout much of the day, without frequent recharges and as we’ve already said this is one of the best e-cigs around for the intermediate vaper.

For a small device, it’s loaded with safety features as well. For example, there are safeguards to protect against low resistance and low voltage, as well as short-circuits. It’s always nice to know that your device is designed to protect itself and its user, right?

The SMOK Stick X8 laying on its sideThe inclusion of the X-Baby tank is brilliant, in our opinion. It offers a generous capacity of 4 ml and top airflow capability. You can also fill it from the top, which is a tremendous benefit for those who hate the messiness of using bottom-filling products – and that’s just about everyone we know.

In our tests, we had no dry hits, no leakage, and no flooding. Those are all concerns that we’ve had with other vape pens in the past, so it’s nice to see that SMOK focused attention on the smaller details. Quality matters and SMOK delivers – as usual.


To Conclude

Usually, we find at least one area to criticize, but this vape pen left us completely satisfied. That’s why we have no problem with giving it our highest recommendation. If you’re a pen user and want a product that offers great cloud production and reliable quality, then the SMOK Stick X8 is the right vape pen for you.


Smok is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and they have many models currently on the market:


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Apollo Ohm Go Package Evaluation and Offers


Ultimate Rating

When you’re comparatively new to vaping then the Apollo Ohm Go vape pen is likely one of the greatest pens to improve to from cigalikes, or for brand spanking new vapers who need to give vaping a very good attempt! The starter package comes with the whole lot you want and could be very straightforward to make use of. Merely cost the inbuilt battery, fill the tank with juice and also you’re good to go!

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Extra offers and coupons will probably be added quickly!

The Apollo Ohm Go vape pen in 3 colors

In-depth Assessment of the Apollo Ohm Go eCig

Should you’re a newbie or intermediate vaping fanatic who’s conversant in Apollo merchandise, then you definitely already find out about their nice cigalike choices. You could be much less conversant in their vaping pens, nevertheless, and that’s a disgrace. Apollo’s concentrate on the vaping group has resulted in a few of the greatest vape pens out there right now. On this Apollo Ohm Go package evaluate, we’ll look at certainly one of their extra common choices, and enable you to determine whether or not it’s proper on your vaping wants.

The Ohm Go vape pen is extra versatile than lots of its rivals, providing you the power to make use of both 1.Zero- ohm coils or these fantastic sub-ohm coil heads that present that additional increase of vapor that so many vapers crave. In consequence, this pen is ideal for sub-ohm lovers and mouth-to-lung vapers alike. What’s extra, it’s a stealth vape pen that gained’t draw loads of consideration to anybody who makes use of it.

What you get with the Apollo Ohm Go ecig

Whats In The Package?

The package comes with an awesome OHM 1900 mAh battery to energy utilization, and two coils: the Zero.5-ohm coil that’s already put in within the system when it arrives and one 1.Zero-ohm coil you can change out to should you favor. It additionally comes with a three ml Portal sub-ohm tank, one USB charging cable, and the usual consumer mannequin to information you thru setup and any questions that you simply may need about your new system.

The Ohm Go comes with a self-adjusting battery and presents pass-through charging by way of its micro-USB charging port. That latter level is a vital one since many customers get annoyed ready for his or her vaping units to cost. Move-through charging is turning into extra commonplace with these units, enabling vapers to make use of their units whereas they’re charging. For somebody on a price range, that may be an important function.

That is yet one more 510-thread product and provides spring-loading connections as you see on all the greatest e cig merchandise. It additionally makes use of the widespread and normal 5-button-click to energy on and off and has an LED mild that tells you when the battery is charging. The gadget additionally comes with various essential security options, together with short-circuit safeguards, safety towards low voltage and overcharge, and backside plate vents.Testing the Apollo Ohm Go pen


Our Checks

In our checks, we discovered this to be a strong, serviceable gadget that ought to be a pleasant entry level for anybody who’s transitioning from cigalikes to vape pens and mods. It will even be an excellent choice for people who smoke who’re making an attempt to give up because it produces extra vapor than the typical disposable e-cig. There are a number of key drawbacks for extra superior vapers, nevertheless, so let’s cowl these earlier than shifting on to any dialogue of the system’s greatest options.

The battery and tank on the Apollo Ohm GoFirst, the 1900 mAh battery might be an issue for critical vaping lovers. Whereas it’s marketed as being a 50W system, we expect that estimate is extraordinarily beneficiant. In our exams, we have been capable of generate roughly 30 watts on a constant foundation.

That’s sufficient to push out a average quantity of vapor – which ought to be enough for many newcomers and intermediate trigger vapers, however nowhere close to what most superior lovers will anticipate. That battery can also be unlikely to final you for any prolonged interval. Move-through charging functionality may assist to reduce that ache level, however it gained’t erase it completely for many critical vapers.

That energy output situation has an unlucky aspect impact, in fact. We did see some fairly spectacular vapor manufacturing, however we have been considerably postpone by the shortage of taste purity. To make certain, the style continues to be mild years forward of cigalikes. Nevertheless, it doesn’t start to match with the pure style provided by the perfect vape mods in the present day. Granted, that isn’t going to be a problem for many newcomers, so your mileage might range.


Who’s It For?

Then again, this gadget might be simply what novices want to maneuver past cigalikes or conventional tobacco cigarettes, so for instance for those who tried a number of the greatest ecigs to give up smoking and need to transfer onto one thing a bit of extra highly effective with out blowing your thoughts, then this perhaps good! The vapor manufacturing is admirable, and the style is superior to something we’ve encountered in disposable type. The lowered energy output makes for a barely cooler vaping expertise, which can attraction to many learners who are sometimes stunned by the warmth that extra superior mods typically generate. Add to that the tank’s nice design and sturdiness, and also you virtually definitely have one thing that ought to attraction to most newcomers to the vaping world.

One factor we want to add which Apollo truly point out on their website too, is that this system is actually meant for individuals to make use of with mouth to lung inhales, you possibly can study extra concerning the several types of vaping right here. With any such vaping we propose going no larger than a 6mg power of ejuice, ideally round 3mg, though this sounds fairly low, the quantity of vapor this system makes use of makes up for the shortfall of nicotine.
The Apollo Ohm Go E Cig in White

Our Abstract

Briefly, this can be a serviceable vape pen that shall be an incredible choice for its goal market. That market doesn’t embrace extra superior vapers, although – so it’s necessary to know that earlier than making the acquisition. We have been sufficiently impressed with the Apollo Ohm Go to advocate it to freshmen and different newbies, because it ought to meet all their vaping wants.

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eLeaf iCare Solo Evaluate


Remaining Rating

Pen-style units are quickly shaking off a popularity of not ‘packing the punch’ for people who smoke to kick the behavior efficiently. The eLeaf iCare Solo is an easy, small vaping gadget that kicks butt within the starter package class because of the utter simplicity of the refillable inner tank and atomizer.

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* Advisable based mostly on delivery time and worth!

The eLeaf iCare Solo in two colors

Full In-depth eLeaf iCare Solo Assessment

The eLeaf iCare vary is well-established, however eLeaf has tailored their know-how barely to make the tiny eLeaf iCare Solo even easier and simpler to function. Let’s see how their inner tank design works and discover out if it is likely one of the greatest e cig merchandise on the market:


Inner Juice Tank

The interior tank is fastened and can’t be eliminated. “Lock & Load” for a unit with an inner tank is a brilliantly easy operation: Fill the tank with e-juice, connect the IC head (coil) to the air pipe, decrease the unit into the juice and safe. So easy, so efficient making it one of the superb e cigs to give up smoking with!

Size of the eLeaf iCare Solo shown in a handThere’s a see-through panel on every broad aspect of the vape pen. The silver cylinder seen in the midst of the juice tank is the air pipe of the atomizer with the detachable coil unit (the IC head). It’s straightforward to control juice ranges, and the max juice degree indicator will forestall overfilling. The tank holds 1.5ml of e-juice.


Up Shut And Private:

eLeaf has standardized the colours and finishes of most of their vape pens to create a signature search for their iCare vary. The iCare Solo is not any exception and is on the market in Silver, White, Black, Cyan, and Purple. Nevertheless, the iCare Solo stands out from the remainder of the iCare vary with a singular form and measurement. Just like the tiny JUUL, the Solo could be very small and deviates from the normal spherical form of vape pens. The flattish pen is 18mm broad, 11mm thick, 104.5mm tall and weighs simply 31 grams.

The mouthpiece and firing button is an excellent white, besides in fact for the black pen which is a pure black all through. The atomizer and juice degree is clearly seen by way of the see-through panel on the entrance. Once you maintain the Solo up, the USB charging port is on the best aspect panel, on the similar degree because the firing button. There’s one small LED indicator mild on the left aspect panel.
The ELeaf iCare Solo features

Inner Battery:

The 350mAh battery can’t be eliminated in contrast to the normal 18650 batteries however this one is constructed into the underside a part of the Solo. It delivers a good 15W, which is greater than sufficient to offer a modest cloud of dense vapor. The battery doesn’t final very lengthy. Nevertheless, the 1A recharge fee signifies that it takes round 15 minutes for a full cost. Sensible-chip know-how protects the consumer and the battery with short-circuit safety.


Prime Refilling

The mouthpiece might be popped off and can reveal a rod that incorporates an airflow gap on the bottom. Unscrew the rod, gently raise the rod out of the tank, and fill as much as the max degree. You don’t need to search for the re-fill gap as a result of the half you simply eliminated incorporates the air channel. Fortunately, this implies you possibly can’t mistakenly drop e-juice down the primary channel. Refill, substitute the rod, tighten, and vape!


Higher Airflow

Though airflow just isn’t adjustable, the brand new iCare Solo has two small air movement holes at both aspect of the mouthpiece relatively than only one giant gap just like the iCare Mini. This association offers a tighter draw, so each MTL (mouth to lung) and DL (direct lung inhale) customers will have the ability to get passable vapor and style.
Side profile of the iCare Solo

Simply One Button:

That is an unregulated or auto-vaping system with no settings or changes. The hearth button prompts a tiny LED mild on the aspect panel. The colour modifications because the battery cost degree modifications.

There are three notification colours:

  1. Inexperienced signifies a 100% to 16%
  2. Yellow – 15 to six%
  3. Pink – beneath 5%


Single-Cylinder IC 1.1ohm Head:

eLeaf developed the IC 1.1ohm head, particularly for his or her iCare collection. It’s a very small single coil prepped with natural cotton. The package comes with two coils, one in every of which is pre-installed. This coil certainly produces adequate vapor, and a greater than enough taste.
The box of the iCare Solo


  • Pocket companion
  • Quick-charging built-in battery with USB charger
  • 1.5ml e-juice tank with max fill indicator
  • Straightforward to trace e-juice degree
  • Prime-filling with no risk of getting juice within the air channel
  • Pop-off mouthpiece
  • Straightforward to exchange coil – screw on and off
  • Very satisfying vapor and style
  • Appropriate for each MTL and DL vapers



eLeaf is doing properly in competing for one of the best vape pen merchandise available on the market with their easy to function however highly effective merchandise. The iCare Solo is sweet sufficient that even long-time vapers may flip to this super-portable little gem to maintain them in vapor throughout commutes and outings. We might advise people who smoke to start out off with e-juices made with nicotine salts somewhat than freebase nicotine, because the supply of adequate nicotine might be essential through the first makes an attempt at switching to vaping.

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Joyetech eGo Mega Twist Plus Deal!


Truth about Vaping Explosions

The Fact About Vaping Explosions – Are They a Fable?

June 17, 2017

$21.99 For the Joyetech eGo Mega Twist Plus and CUBIS Professional! Saving $33!!

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  • No coupon code is required!
  • BANG! $21.99 for a stunning Joyetech eGo Mega Twist Plus vape pen starter package!!!


Examine Out This Deal!

The Joyetech eGo Mega Twist Plus vape pen

This Joyetech eGo Mega Twist Plus Vape Pen Deal

The Joyetech eGo Mega Twist Plus starter package comes full with the CUBIS Professional tank, so has every part besides e-liquid to start out vaping! It comes with an enormous 2300 mAh inbuilt battery offering as much as 35 W which though sounds fairly low, it’s a lot beefy sufficient to deal with the only coils that include this tank. Customers can truly change the wattage by twisting the underside in increments of 5 watts, which is admittedly useful! You get coils as nicely for the tank! first of you get the QCS (Fast Change System) Coil which principally lets you rewich the coil, and the LVC (Liquid Valve Management) Coil which has an adjustable slot ring to regulate the wicking of the cotton which is fairly cool should you like dryer or wetter wicks and also you additionally get the zero.25 ohm NotchCoil DL which is manufactured for burning at round 25 to 70W vary.

Take a look at all our Vape Offers the place your positive to discover a discount!


Some Key Options:

  • 22mm Diameter
  • 150mm Size together with Tank
  • 2300 mAh inner chargable battery
  • Variable Wattage with Bypass Mode
  • Stainless Metal 510 Thread
  • USB Cable
  • Consumer guide
  • A number of spare elements



Verify Out This Vape Pen Deal!