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Smok ProColor 225W Mod Kit Review and Best Deals


Final Score

SMOK have finally released an upgrade to the Alien kit that was one of their biggest selling vape mods of 2016. Introducing the Procolor 225W kit, with an improved protective finish to prevent the paint chipping and a color LCD screen this mod is beautiful. The few improvements probably don’t warrant an upgrade from the original Alien kit itself, but nevertheless, this mod is one of the best on the market and we just loved it!

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In-Depth Review of the Smok ProColor Mod Kit

With Smok Procolor 225W Kit in silverSmok is one of the most respected brands in the e-cig industry, so it will always have fans lining up to check out its newest product offerings. That’s certainly true for us, as we’ve been waiting to get our hands on its latest product since rumors first broke that the company was working on an Alien update. While that latest product doesn’t use the name Alien, make no mistake: the ProColor is an updated version of the Smok Alien in pretty much every way that matters. So, what do we think of it, you wonder? We’re glad you asked. In this Smok ProColor Kit 225W review, we’ll analyze this little mod and see whether it was worth the wait.

The box and packaging of the Smok Procolor kit

The Kit

First, let’s note that we’re reviewing the kit – and with Smok, that means we need to mention the packaging. Smok branding is top-of-the-line, and that always shines through in their packaging decisions. In this instance, the kit comes in a great-looking box adorned with the mod’s image on the outside. The goodies, though, are really on the inside of the box. This kit obviously comes with the ProColor mod, which is neatly packaged in a Styrofoam container to protect it during shipping. The kit also includes the micro-USB cable needed for charging, coil heads, spare o-rings, and Smok’s own Big Baby Best sub-ohm tank and extra glass tube. It’s a really nice package with almost everything you need for your vaping adventures.



Features of the Smok ProColor ModThe dimensions of the ProColor are almost identical to that Alien device: 85 mm tall, 46 mm wide and 30 mm in diameter. It also has an eerily-similar design, from the side-firing bar to the hinged battery door. Sure, they made a few minor changes to the old Alien design, but it’s still obvious that the two devices are closely related from a design standpoint. If you like that old Alien kit, then that’s probably a good thing. I loved it, in fact we classed it as one of the best vape mods at the time it was released.

There are also some meaningless features that seem out of place on a vaping device, including an array of lights designed to give you a light show. Why? Who knows, it seems all the best e cig manufacturers are doing it these days! Personally, I’ve always found these types of features to be a waste of design space, and wonder why companies sometimes act like they view these things as toys. If I want a light show, I’m certainly not going to look for it in a vaping device.

On the plus side of the equation, Smok has reportedly taken to heart the many complaints it received about its products’ finish. More attention has been given to the ProColor’s paint job, and the company now provides a clear coating that will supposedly prevent the type of paint-chipping seen with the Alien. Time will tell, but that would be a clear improvement over the Alien.

The display on the Procolor mod

The Display

The display is very attractive and manages to pack in a lot of information in a limited space. You can view details about everything from atomizer resistance to voltage, and even have access to a puff counter. The menu is easy enough to manage, though the reliance on using different presses of the device’s firing bar was actually pretty inefficient – especially when you consider that there are so many other ways to handle that type of navigation. Even a simple mistake can leave you starting at the beginning of the navigation process. That’s a mess.

The device does have temperature control and preheating capabilities – as well as memory mode. Of course, this too has to be accessed using that strange firing button navigation system. Good luck with that. So is this mod really for the expert vaper? Well no not really, if your looking for an e cig to quit smoking then this unit can help too, it’s features are easy to use and has many options for the vaper, like the use of both sub ohm and regular atomizer heads to support mouth to lung and direct lung inhales, put simply this mod covers it all so you won’t need to upgrade once your vaping experience expands.

Battery life seems to be about average, which is what we expected. If yours is fully charged before you leave the house for work, it will likely serve you throughout the day. It’s powered by two 18650 batteries, so there are no surprises there.

Multiple colors of the Smok ProColor 225W Mod kit


As for performance, that’s where the rubber really meets the road. First, let’s dispense with the 225W label that some people seem to view as a promise. While this device is rated for 225 watts, we didn’t get it to perform at those levels. For us, it maxed out at about 190-200 watts – but that’s actually a very impressive number. Many devices don’t actually reach their rated wattage capability, so we’ve come to expect that.


To Conclude

The ProColor was adequate, in our view. Alien owners may not find the minor technical upgrades to be worth their investment, but new buyers should be very happy with the device, it does pretty much everything! Overall, we found the Smok ProColor Kit 225W to be a great mod that should meet most users’ needs.


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