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SMOK T-Priv Kit Review and Deals


Final Score

We have always liked the SMOK offerings to the vaping market, but as we have tested many products the T-Priv just doesn’t give us anything new to be impressed with. That said you still get a quality mod that you would expect! Exceptional performance with a great design giving you a great vape that competes with the best on the market. If however your looking to upgrade your current Smok Mod, then save your money and wait, the new functionality is just not there!

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T-Priv Mod Only

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Full In-depth Review of the SMOK T-Priv Kit

The SMOK T-Priv mod with tank kitIf you’re a fan of the products offered by SMOK Tech, then you no doubt eagerly anticipate every new innovation they bring to market. And let’s be honest here: there are few companies out there with a better understanding of their market than SMOK we have been a keen fan since their release of the Smok Alien Kit last year, which is still voted as one of the best box mods on the market! The company almost always hits its mark. So, you can understand why we have been so excited to get our hands on the new SMOK T-Priv; we just couldn’t wait to put it through its paces. In this SMOK T-Priv Kit review, we’ll do just that – and see whether this latest entry into the vaping marketplace is good enough to earn our recommendation.

The design of the SMOK T-Priv


Let’s begin with the design. The outer casing is a work of futuristic art and looks like something that Optimus Prime himself would be proud to carry around. From an aesthetic standpoint, this device is about as cutting-edge as anything we’ve seen come down the pike in quite some time. The shell is highly-detailed and covers a layer of LED panels that you can use to give you a little light while you vape.

This is not your typical, sleek mod design, to be sure. Instead, this is a device that hearkens back to a time when we were all accustomed to technology’s hard edges and even harder angles. Of course, SMOK has given those aesthetic details their full attention, as everything from the feature placement to outer finish showcases their commitment to getting it right.

Those LED panels are customizable too –  so you have the ability to alter the transitions, use different color effects, or schedule their illumination cycle. I’m personally ambivalent toward these types of “features” – since I’ve always believed that companies do better when they focus on their core competencies – but for those who really appreciate these types of bells and whistles, this will probably be a real selling point.

The battery door which houses two 18650 batteries offers what we’ve come to expect from SMOK. It’s easy to manage and seals up well without any glitches. SMOK also marked the contacts, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty determining the right way to place your batteries into the device. Again, this is no surprise, given SMOK’s impressive track record with such things.
Designs available for the T-Priv box mod

The LED Screen on the T-Priv mod


From a technical standpoint, this device has much to offer. It includes variable wattage and temperature control modes, with different settings for each. There’s a puff counter for those of you who like to track such things and menu options that allow you to change your LED colors and activities. These and other features are all managed from the device OLED screen – which is probably the one thing that I didn’t really like about the T-Priv.

If you’re accustomed to a slightly larger screen – like the Smok GX2/4 – then the T-Priv screen may take some getting-used-to. It is smaller, and that can make the details seem less impressive than they might otherwise be. Of course, SMOK tried to compensate for that change by limiting the amount of raw data that you see on your screen, but that didn’t really impress us. In fact, it seems a real shame to create one of the most gorgeous mods we’ve ever seen and then take a step backward on the information display.

Performance of the T-Priv box mod


On the performance front, we found the T-Priv to be pretty good. It’s quite large and feels bulky in the hand – not a bad thing, necessarily – but that size isn’t really accompanied by the anticipated increase in power. In our usage, the device seemed to function about as well as comparable mods – which suggests that it doesn’t really contain any new capabilities that make it stand out from SMOK’s previous offerings.

In other words, this is one of those instances in which the company created a great new design to house its standard mod functions. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, mind you – but it’s something that you should keep in mind if you plan on buying this device expecting it to be a major upgrade over prior SMOK products. Yes, it looks much better – but that’s about it.


To Conclude

Packaging of the T-Priv mod kitBasically, this is a mod for those who simply want a really attractive device with the usual features or SMOK fans who are driven to buy everything that the company makes. If you’re in need of a new mod, this is surely a competent, reliable product to add to your collection and as it holds the SMOK name competes as one of the best e cig products available. If you already have SMOK products that are meeting your needs, save your money – since this device probably won’t be a major improvement over what you’re now using.


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